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Jay's Charactahs!!!

Raquel Teixeira

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a character in “Heroes: Us or Them”, as played by Jaybt9


Raquel Teixeira
"Where am I? What is this place? Who are these people? I go home!"
-Raquel Teixeira


Name: Raquel Teixeira

"The girl who can communicate with animals", "The Amazon"
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Place in Time: 2011
Relatives: Alexandra Teixeira (mother), father unknown
Animal Mimicry: Raquel has the ability to mimic animals, such as a Cheetah's speed and vision, a chameleon's ability to blend, the senses of a wolf, etc. Many of these abilities were self-taught, learning from real-life animals. This mimicry ability even benefits her by communicating with other animals, learn to speak their language, which can even have her "command" animals to do things, such as attack others.

Personality: In Brazil, Raquel is quite intelligent and friendly. She likes to communicate with people, and even animals. In other places, however, she is really silent and reserved, since she doesn't know them, nor speak their language. She does have difficulty speaking English, since all her mother spoke in front of her was Portuguese. After Raquel's first encounter with poachers from another country, Raquel doesn't trust foreigners, and, in fact, dislikes them.

Appearance: Raquel stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall, weighing 120 lbs. She has a light brown complexion, with grayish-green eyes. Her hair is dark brown with brownish red highlights. The length of her hair being slightly below her chest area. She has a slender figure with a slight six pack. She likes to show her legs, so she wears shorts, since there never is a day in Brazil when it's cold.

History: Raquel was born in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, by an Afro-Brazilian zoologist (ethologist) mother, and an unknown father. Alexandra had a secret relationship with Raquel's father, and she would ask her his name, but he would never reveal it to her. He later disappeared after Raquel's birth, and was never heard from again. Alexandra presumed that he was dead.

As a child, Raquel was practically raised in the Amazon Jungle talking to animals, an ability by her mother. Raquel used to have a pet Cheetah named Sol that she communicated with more than she did with anyone else.

At the tender age if 10, a group of poachers from Germany arrived in Brazil, who people believed were just travelers. While they were in the Amazon forest, Raquel was also there with her pet. While the poachers shot and killed Sol instantly, they also believed her of being an animal, so they decided to shoot at her. That was the day when she first discovered her ability of mimicking animals by running as fast as her pet, and jumping on trees like a monkey, struggling to evade herself from the violent and heartless poachers. Luckily, she escaped from them, but she felt sad of Sol's death. Furious, she decided not to trust anyone outside of her country.

At age 17, Raquel was known to foreigners as a "legend" being named as "the girl who could communicate with animals". Foreigners, specifically hunters, thought of this as an opportunity for her to attract animals so they can kill them and sell their fur. Foreigners were on a "wild goose chase" for her all around Brazil, until one from the United States had finally found her, and even shot a tranquilizer gun at her.

Waking up, she realized that she was held captive in another country unlike her own-The United States. Nearly escaping captivity, she ventured around this city of New York, finding any clues to take her back to her hometown. Her first encounter was a man named Travis, who was forced to another mission, and, therefore, abandoned her. Her second encounter was a man close to her age: Michael, another evolved human like Raquel, who assisted on helping her back to Brazil, but he couldn't help alone.

Her trip and entrance to Pinehearst started out horribly, but once the CEO, Arthur Petrelli, gave them the opportunity to join his team of evolved humans, Raquel and Michael agreed. Her first mission was to find information on Mohinder Suresh, whom she had barely known about, so her presence served no purpose.

After Arthur's death, Raquel assumed that her motive was thwarted, or canceled from then on, but her relationship with Michael had developed more to the point that she wasn't so homesick. Since Michael was the leader, from then on, Raquel assisted him throughout missions. The first one was invading the school, finding out information as to who killed the late CEO of Pinehearst. During that time, Michael's abilities were beginning to evolve, which worried Raquel because of his power beginning to turn to greed. The next mission was at Miami, where Michael, Raquel, and other Pinehearst members, were to search for Amahon Nakan. However, their mission had to wait as they struggled to save people after people from a team of natural disasters.

Her relationship with Michael progressed romantically, and they were soulmates for quite some time, until Raquel soon discovered his instant infidelity.
This caused her to run away from Pinehearst, which was being invaded at the time as well by Chinese soldiers. Stuck with no path to turn to, a human male had arrived to the scene, making her hitch a ride with him to his family town in Georgia. While Michael remained in charge of Pinehearst, before it later disbanded, Raquel stayed in Georgia with Darry Floodhouse until a wedding invitation from the engaged couple Emmett Baehrens and Gabriel Gray (Sylar), caused Raquel and Darry to reunite with Michael at the wedding in bitter terms. That same day, however, Raquel discovered that Darry was only using her as a revenge plot against Michael for having an affair with Amber, his former girlfriend. She also discovered that Raquel was going to be used by Darry as a sexual toy to share with people when the opportunity was right. Something that his former girlfriend was used for. In retaliation, Raquel brutally assaulted Darry inside of the church, and possibly killing him. After the assault, Raquel exited the church in a bloody dress, on her own once again.

So begins...

Jay's Charactahs!!!'s Story

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#, as written by Jaybt9
Las Vegas, Nevada

The city of lights was quite active during the day. Everyone went to perform their own personal deeds and hobbies. Sheridan Street was no different. A group of people were in line at a hot dog stand. Instantly, a sudden brush of wind pushed through the crowd of people into the alley. Newspapers, loose clothing, and other objects flowed like a current towards that direction.

In the alley was an ethnic woman, sitting on the dirty concrete with her back against the brick wall. She reminisced about the day where everything had changed in her life. The day at the wedding. She remembered a man in a business suit yelling her name out of anger:


Raquel was physically weak from the amount of starvation that she was suffering for weeks. She couldn't even resort to using her primitive abilities as well as she normally could, besides using her chameleon abilities to steal food. It wasn't in her character to steal food, but there are times when desperation causes someone to do those type of things, especially since she had no one to turn to whenever she was down and out. She had no way to have physical contact with her mother, who was still in Brazil.

With her cool-colored dress still stained in blood and her hair in slight disarray, she had to evade pedestrians and others as they may have caused some suspicion, leading them to believe that she may have either witnessed a murder, or committed one. In reality, she was the latter than the former. Hopefully, no one else caught sight of the murder.

Raquel still felt mixed emotions about everything. Just everything within the United States. With Darry trying to use her for sex, and unfaithful Michael still in her head, Raquel didn't know what kind of resolution that she needed to achieve. She figured that standing on her own two feet would be best for her.

Raquel reached a card out of her small purse that she still carried since the wedding. She quickly observed it; the Purge, located in Washington D.C. Sadly she didn't even know where she was. After the wedding, she just walked to whatever direction was leading her to. She figured that one solution could be to call the Purge and have them pick her up.

With the little amount of change she had, she went to search for a payphone around the neighborhood. Her chameleon ability was still activated, so nearby pedestrians wouldn't catch sight of her. With a little bit of difficulty, she eventually found a payphone that wasn't occupied, hurrying to it. After putting the change in the payphone service, she waited for the dial tone. Dialing the numbers to the Purge Headquarters, she awaited for a response on the other line.

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#, as written by Jaybt9
A female voice that Raquel had found to be…unfamiliar, answered the phone. It was a step longer to the direction that Raquel was taking.
“Umm….” Raquel hesitantly paused as she was gathering the words in her mind for what to say, “I would like to speak to….Patricia, please.”
“Patricia?” Sarah questioned as she heard the name of her predecessor come from the caller. Giving a confused face, she sighed. “Patricia Banks you mean? The nice little petite girl that everyone loves? If you mean her, she doesn’t work here anymore… buuut I think I can forward you over to her office at Pinehearst.” Sarah added. The receptionist twirled her hair with her index finger as she awaited the response. She simply wanted this call to be over as soon as she could so she could go back to chatting on Facebook.
Patricia being “absent” was almost a letdown for Raquel, as she sighed in disappointment, but when the receptionist said that she could forward the call, Raquel found this to be a relief.
“That’s fine.” Raquel responded to the receptionist’s helpful suggestion. The receptionist quickly transferred to the office, while Raquel waited in patience.
“Please….answer.” Raquel said to herself, still holding the phone to her ear.
Patricia had been sitting in her office, almost looking like Michael Henderson’s female image. She was looking over the performance of the new technology division established, and she couldn’t help but be impressed with their track records. She was halfway through when her phone suddenly rang. She wondered who it could be before answering.

“Hello, Patricia Banks speaking.” She answered with lovely voice.
Raquel’s raging heartbeat nearly sank at the sound of a recognizable, serene voice. Patricia Banks, the same woman who was able to settle the wedding dispute not too long ago. Patricia was Raquel’s only hope on survival.
“Pa-tricia” Raquel hesitantly announced while looking at the area around her, “This is Raquel, Raquel Teixeira. You had sent me your business card at the wedding.”
It took Patricia a moment to piece together what Raquel was talking About As it had been a long while since Gabriel Gray’s wedding. Remembering the day brought a smile upon her face before she replied to Raquel. “Oh… Is everything alright, Raquel? I’m here to talk if you need it.” Patricia said with concern. She didn’t know if the woman was interested in Purge or just seeking some guidance, but she was sure she had whatever Raquel needed.
“I am…okay.” Raquel shyly responded. In reality, she wasn’t okay. Her health was deteriorating at the lack of food and water. It was as though she was a wild animal.

“Well…I just wanted to ask you something.”Raquel stated, beginning to form a proposal. “You did mention if I ever wanted to… to give you a call?”
Patricia listened to Raquel, glad the woman was able to say she was alright. She wondered how her relationship with that Darry guy was going. According to Michael, there was no way the man would bring the relationship back, but how could he be so certain? When she asked about work, Patricia smiled with glee. She was happy to get more people into Purge, even if she wasn’t even working there anymore.

“Oh, so it’s work you’re looking for. You should have called for Mike, but I can help you too. Do have any form of transportation? You’d need to register in the Washington D.C.”
Transportation. This was quite a large speed bump for Raquel to hop over. The only ways of transportation she had was from Pinehearst, and Darry’s car, still in Georgia. There was also her cheetah ability to gain speed of 75 miles per hour, but her body was too weak and hungry to trigger it.
“I don’t have any….unfortunately.” Raquel responded, hoping for another option.
Patricia kept her upbeat smile up, even with Raquel’s bad news. Patricia had always been positive with life, even before obtaining her ability.

“Give me your location and I’ll see what I can do. Just a warning though, Michael runs Purge, which means you’ll see him a lot. I’ll let him know that you’re interested in recruitment.” Patricia said.
Raquel looked around for any clues revealing where she resided. Her running away from the wedding caused her to go wherever a straight road took her. She didn’t know where she was now.
Raquel was aware of the consequences that would head her way once she joined the Purge. The head of this group of unique humans was the same man who tore her heart of shreds. The same man who she couldn’t bear to see for the rest of her life. However, she had to learn to rely on herself than some stranger.
Still inside of the telephone booth, she channeled her inner-ability, taking a deep breath, and looking at pitch darkness. Her sight changed from darkness, to a world of colored sharpness, like a bird. She took a glance her surroundings for a name of the city, or state. Nothing helped her as all she could see were pedestrians after another strolling around her in various bright and dark colors.
In front of her, however, was information involving “Directory Assistance”, which included the words “Within this area code”, and 11 numbers below it. She assumed that the last seven was an operator number. Before the seven were 3 numbers: “702”. “702” must have been the area code.
“The area code is…702.” Raquel responded.
Hearing Raquel’s answer, Patricia could do nothing but bite her lower lip. This wasn’t going as smoothly as she thought it would, but Patricia knew she wasn’t at a loss.

“Give me a sec.” Patricia said as she rested the phone down on the desk. She then opened up her browser on her laptop. She quickly looked up the 702 area code and easily found that it was the area code of Las Vegas, Nevada. “This is almost perfect!” Patricia exclaimed before putting the phone back to her ear. “Okay, I’m going to need you to… Oh god, what’s a good place… Oh! There’s a casino hotel called Luxor. If you don’t know where it is, just ask whoever you can. It looks like the Sphinx with a pyramid behind it! There’s no way you can miss it. I think I can get a helicopter over there that’s just making its way from San Francisco. They’re the only Purge guys I can actually get a hold of. A bunch of misfits, but they’re top notch.” Patricia said now with a smile on her face.
Raquel sighed in disappointment once again after hearing Patricia’s response. A step closer to Raquel’s goal, but it would still involve some work, some navigating, or a different vision for her ability.
“Okay….I’ll be sure to meet them….there.” Raquel stated in closing, “I would like to…..thank you for your help. It was……greatly appreciated.”
“Raquel, you know you don’t need to thank me. I’m just doing what any friend would do.” Patricia said modestly. There were times when she questioned whether she was using her ability subconsciously or just using her natural charisma. Either way, she seemed to always get what she wanted. She may not have been able to destroy buildings or incinerate people, but her ability wasn’t one to be taken lightly.
“I just want to make sure you’re okay. Oh, and you might want to hurry up. These guys might be a little impatient. Anyway, I’ll see you sometime if you get into Purge. Hope everything works out. Bye!” Patricia slowly hung up the phone, disconnecting the call. She hung up this way to give the other person to say goodbye before completely hanging up. Not only was it faster, but it made her seem less rude when she was in a rush. She wondered if she should tell Michael about his new recruit, but shook her head with a smile.
“I sooo want to hear about how his face looks when he sees her again.” She said to herself before continuing with her previous work.