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Magix's Characters

Just read em.

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a character in “Heroes: Us or Them”, as played by Magix


Name: Zane Raiken

Song 2:
Song 3:

Appearance: This is pretty much him except he dresses in normal clothing, staying toward light colors, and has white hair.


Approx. 135 lbs
Approx. 6' tall


When he is traveling at the speed of light this is how he looks in his armor-


Personality: He has become cold and distant from the world. He cares about only seeing that justice comes to those who deserve it and nothing else. an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. He brings justice upon those, whose victims cannot. He will help people as long as it doesn't interfere with his plans. However he hates his brother with a passion. He lives to kill him. he longs to kill him. He wants nothing more then to bring justice to his brother and will do anything to see that happens.



Light Manipulation. He has been shown capable of manipulating pure light.
He can use the light to fire blasts, both concussive or capable of burning the target, creating a shield that burns anything inside, and create light constructs, such as swords or shield. He can also release blinding flashes of light to incapacitate his opponent. He has been shown capable of becoming invisible by manipulating photons.

Light Speed Travel: He's capable of moving at speeds close to light by surrounding his feet with light, and then gliding using said light. For protection against the hazards of high speed travel, he creates an armor of light around himself. The strength and speed of his blows also increases due to the momentum.

Pure Light Form: He can turn his entire body into pure light, and move at the speed of light, and also remain intangible to physical and most energy attacks. He can shift body parts independently.


Bio: He used to be a bubbly happy kid. His parents gave him to his Mother's sister when he was born. They didn't have the means to raise him. However he lived a good first few years of his life. He frequently saw his parents from about the age of 2. All was going right for him. Then good news came when he was about 7. He was going to be a big brother. He was so excited at first. After his brother, Magix actually came though, he lived with their parents. Zane wondered why Magix was special enough to live with them. Why couldn't he? His parents also stopped coming by together. one always stayed home with magix. This made him resent his brother a bit though he still did love him. Then at age 11 he got some good news.

His parents had finally gotten jobs and could finally take him back. They could be a family. Zane was ecstatic. He couldn't wait to go home, even though he loved his aunt, she couldn't replace the void he felt without them. This wasn't a long lasting happiness though. A few days before he was supposed to go with them, his parent's were brutally murdered, by his brother. He never met his brother. It didn't matter though. His sorrow turned to anguish and anger. Hatred of his brother consumed him. the one who had it all and took it all away from him just as he was to get it as well. He cursed his brother and hated him with all his being.

Zane continued to live with His aunt for the next 6 years, while Magix was taken in by some company. Zane didn't know what this company way at the time but he would find out. At the age of 17 his aunt passed away. Leaving him just a little money and some files on this company, he fled his life. He had one thing in mind, One target. His brother. He became very adept with his ability during many years with his aunt. So breaking into the company was an easy mission. He was able to dig up information on Magix as well as his aunt and Parents. Apparently His parents and aunt were at one point part of this company. That's why the company watched Magix. To protect him from hurting others, and to control him like a tool. Zane had also learned though, that Magix had escaped the clutches of this company a few months prior to this time. They had no leads. Zane decided they wouldn't get any.

He destroyed every piece of information on Magix he could find. No one would get his prey. Magix was his. For years he searched him out but came to a bypass. He ended up getting a job working with a Private investigator. He was a normal person but saw Zane's ability as an invaluable skill in the business. Zane learned many things over the years and amassed quite a bank account. Now he was back on his search for his brother. Despite not knowing his brother, or where to find him, he was now closer then ever. Magix Raiken was one of the FBI's most wanted men. Zane had a lead and was going to follow it. The names he had to go on, Claire Bennet and Angela Petrelli. They were linked to him somehow. Now it was time to find out how.

Note: He is about 7 years older then his brother.
Note 2: The story has already played out with his brother. Magix won't be making an appearance in this rp without certain character(s) returning.


Name: Jill Oskin


Appearance: Image

Her right eye is crimson with the Oskin birthmark in it, and her left eye is a bright crystal blue.
Approx. 115 lbs
Approx. 5'9" Tall


Personality: A warm personality yet can be very cold at times. She often uses her feminine charms to get her own way and she doesn't care who she hurts in doing so. Of course if that doesn't work, she's not above eliminating an obstacle. She is very selfish and often looked upon as cruel. However Eternal Youth has allowed he to think she is God's gift to the world and immune from following the laws it abides by.


Ability: Age Manipulation
She can affect and control the age of any creature or object. She can turn mountains to sand, or make a lion a cub with just a flick of her wrist. The bigger the object the more time she would need to focus on it, however nothing is immune from feeling her ability. Unlike with many abilities, her's is passive. Even if she were to die, the damage she had done would've already been done, and there would be no one left to reverse it. To use her ability she just needs to focus on an object. The greater the focus the faster it works however the opposite is true as well.


Jill's one of the oldest members of the Oskin family. An approximate age would be 142. She lived a normal life for the most part. Her powers hadn't manifested until her early forties. When they did however, she immediately practiced with them on unwilling test subjects. After killing quite a collection of people she became very adept with her ability. Finally once she gained enough control and skill, she aged her self back down to her greatest years, her mid twenties. Being part of the Oskin family she too has the family trait of the right eye. Her eye awakens more frequently then most do however. Through her many years she learned to control the power of the eye. Although on a few occasions when she really loses her temper the eye get's the better of her and it will take some time before she is in control again. After gaining her powers she cast her family aside. Her whereabouts are currently unknown and have been for many years.

A bunch happened with her last rp too, but way too complicated to get into. Shouldn't be too hard to follow IC but if you have any specific questions don't hesitate to ask.


Name: Keith Eastmend


Appearance: Image


Personality: Keith is a quiet person and very coolheaded as well. He doesn't try to take on more then he can handle and if he comes across a problem he can't handle, his life is worth more then his pride. He feels there is no shame in living to fight another day. His personality get's more complicated as time goes on and the company he keeps. It still affects his mind as if he were a child.


Space/Time Manipulation - Has the ability to control time and space at will

Mass Shifting - He has the ability to control the mass of an object. He could make a feather weigh a ton, and bus way an ounce if that's what he wanted.

History: Complicated to explain. The brief history over the last rp, He's a 6 year old kid who was transformed using Jill's ability to make him 17 years old. After a bunch of stuff, he's now romantically involved with Elle and stuff. So yeah.

So begins...

Magix's Characters's Story