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a character in “Heroes: Us or Them”, as played by FunnyGuy



Michael is just a guy that's blindly walking through life trying to grasp a hold of his purpose.


Age: 21


Appearance: Standing 6 feet tall and weighing 185 lbs, Michael has quite the muscular build after working as a construction worker. Michael skin complexion is a copper shade of brown, slightly tanned. His eyes are visibly brown with a very little red tint in some lights. His hair is black, growing a bit after it was buzzed a week ago. His attire is plain and straightforward, wearing wife-beaters and plain jeans, as he doesn't care how he dresses.


Michael is very strong minded and doesn't care what others think of him. Michael likes to things his own way and doesn't like doing things that don't benefit him. He doesn't see himself as a freak, he sees himself as a gifted human being that is meant for greatness. Michael is quick minded but never comes up with concrete plans, especially under pressure. Michael can sometimes think that he's invincible, but he always tries to see the most positive way to get out of a situation. Out in the open, Michael is quite rebellious, and usually self-centered, only relying on himself, since he was practically raised that way by his father. He spent his childhood living the "code of the streets" only staying loyal to the code, which is why he is tough, brave, soft-spoken, and when tested, he is belligerent. He tends to hold so much anger inside of him to the point it explodes later on, not being able to control it at times. He tends to hit objects, and usually blames others as well, in order for him to calm down. He is, however, a bit curious of unknown situations. For instance, Raquel, a foreigner who know knowledge of the English language in need for a way home. This was also a time he became a caring person.There have rarely been times in his life that he smiles. One of which was around his mother during his childhood. After moving out to another location, Michael tends to treat some things too seriously, and is occasionally depressed and angry at his mother for not taking him with her.



Molecular Fusion

Michael has the ability to merge his body with matter and energy, but only if he comes into contact with it. He can change the matter or energy into different shapes while he's merged with it.

Molecular Mimicry
Michael also possesses the ability to convert his body into anything he has come into contact with.


Michael was born in the streets of Queens, NY. While most pain and suffering surrounded the roads and corners, Michael's pain and suffering came from his very own home. The king of that home was his abusive drunk father, while his mother and sister moved out to live a better life, but was threatened to leave her son; something that Michael never knew about.

Michael has lived his life as a thug, but only for himself, and not others. At the age of 12, he discovered his matter manipulation ability, during his encounter with a gang of men. All of which attempted on trying to assault him with bats, yet failed as they only merged with him. His eyes closed, Michael never visibly saw his ability during the altercation. However, the thugs did, retreating from the young helpless boy. Michael, after the ordeal, just stood there confused.

Barely going to school, he instead worked as a construction worker at the age of 15 to get himself by, since his father wasn't doing much for him. Michael practically raised himself, yet was going the wrong directions, such as robbing convenience stores and defending himself from many thugs that irk the night, and from his father. One night, he and his father literally began to fist fight, yet his father's fist didn't force his way onto him, only merging to Michael's skin. Another day that his powers were witnessed, but this time Michael witnessed it himself. His father, also witnessing it, immediately called him a freak, and kicked him out of the house.

From 16 to now (at age 18), Michael only lived off the streets, and still working in order to help himself financially. For shelter, he stayed at his boss' home, but was told to take his GED, for which he did, and at the same time, learning his newly-discovered ability.

During the time, many humans with special abilities were hunted by a resistance formed by the American government. Michael tried his best to hide his ability, yet was sighted by his boss, forcing him out of his house, and out in the streets again.

He at least hoped for some sort of miracle to guide him to shelter. While walking around the city, he saw a woman with unkempt hair crying with her back against the wall. At first, he didn't want to help this woman, but he felt sorry for her crying. As he approached this woman, her Portuguese dialect lead to confusion, so he used his ability to read her thoughts, and was able to learn about her more, and what her main motive was.

Assisting her, Michael and the woman proceeded onto New Jersey with the money he contained to go to Pinehearst, a facility helping humans with special abilities like his and the woman's. Their entrance, however, was thwarted by a group of guards, ending up with them being held captive. The CEO of Pinehearst, Arthur Petrelli, assisted on letting the woman go home, but he has a better job for them: to improve their abilities and to help assist Petrelli in a group of his own. Michael, and the woman agreed.

After Arthur's death (two months after Michael joined Pinehearst), Michael discovered a way to complete Arthur's serum for manifesting abilities. Moments after doing this, Michael heard his calling, and decided to succeed Arthur Petrelli as the leader of Pinehearst. Michael's first objective was to get rid of Peter by attacking the school for specials, but he ended up fighting the powerful special, Nick Vinel. Their battle was legendary, and just when Nick thought he had killed Michael by absorbing him, Michael managed to to take full control over his body, leaving Nick "non-existent."

After the attack on the school, Michael came to the conclusion that Peter wasn't going to be a problem, since he hadn't shown himself when the school had been decimated. He took Pinehearst to Miami to recruit Amahon, a special with the ability to bestow abilities. While in Miami, Michael had a run in with Jonathan Araya and Tyrone. After a display of the abilities he gained from Nick Vinel, Jon Araya fled Miami with no damage to it. From the Miami mission, Michael ended up recruiting Amahon and Tyrone... and leaving with a few people he could test the formula on. Before creating the formula as a serum, Michael fused the mixture into his body, gaining a limited version of Amahon's ability.

With the government putting pressure on specials, Michael decided to pay a visit to Washington D.C. He retaliated against the government by bestowing an ability to Obama; The ability of the exploding man. Michael also bestowed Patricia, a worker in Pinehearst, with a charisma based ability. When Amber, tried freeing her Darry, she was caught by Michael, but instead of being killed, Michael forced her to join Pinehearst for Darry's freedom.

Not long after D.C., Michael was confronted by Voice, his true leader. Voice gave Michael his first orders. One was to kill Angela Petrelli. He ordered Tyrone to go out and take care of it. He was also told to stop Jonathan Araya's plans and form an alliance with the Carnival. Michael had thought he would be spending his time with Raquel in Brazil, but his duties kept calling to him. He was stressed and overwhelmed while in Brazil, but managed to multi-task with the use of Nick's abilities. He managed to save Tyrone, free Molly Walker, form an alliance with Samuel Sullivan, kill Ando in order to to bring Jonathan's plans down, and spend time with Raquel. He was having a great time in Brazil, until he found out that one of his energy constructs had been attacked by none other than Nick Vinel's father, Jante.

Jante and Michael fought, with Michael barely winning. He managed to defeat Jante in the same manner as Nick, gaining more power than before.

When Michael returned from Brazil, he went on his own personal mission to get rid of of his past. He went to New York and killed his father. He then went to the city where his mother was located. In a failed attempt to find her, decided to make a wish to the special Carmen. Carmen granted the wish in exchange for sex. NYC was destroyed in the process of this. Michael found his mother and sister, and fought them until he found out the truth of what really happened with his mother and sister all those years ago. He left his family and headed back to Florida.

He was then confronted by Voice a second time, and given another set of missions after a run in with a racist store owner. Michael ordered the Pinehearst group to go to China to get more test subjects, and told Raquel of his deceit with Carmen. Michael went to Micah Sanders in order to gain his trust. Michael gained the location of Lisa, a special who could manipulate abilities, in exchange for healing his father. Michael headed back to his suite after he sent Raquel and Amahon to capture Lisa. At the suite, Michael was being seduced by Tracy. She failed, but Michael realized that he was very susceptible to being seduced by women. He after the failed attempt by Tracy, Michael recruited her. Michael decided to go save Lisa from Amahon's specials, and kept her with Pinehearst. Michael was beginning to feel like he didn't need to kill anymore if it wasn't necessary. He informed the Oskins of Nicole's danger instead of killing her as ordered by Peter from the future. Michael then came face to face with Peter Petrelli of his timeline. Peter demanded that the formula be destroyed. Michael and Peter brawled for a bit, but Michael obliged to the destruction of the formula. Michael then found that there was another source of the formula that was stolen from him. He also agreed to free Nick Vinel from his body.

Amber ended up seducing and sedating Michael, which led to him being captured and taken into Building 26. He set free by Patricia and Alexander Slovok, and had Jante's full power unlocked. Michael was able to fight Kurt until he fled. He then staged his fight with Mishi, and won. Together with Peter Petrelli, Michael managed to stop the Chinese invasion.

After words, Michael lavished his life as a national hero and figure. He gave pride to specials and made them somewhat acceptable. With Jante's abilities and such a high reputation, it seemed impossible for the man to make enemies. He, Mishi, and Nathan Petrelli had uncovered their plans as the Petrelli Resurrection Group (PRG) to revive Arthur Petrelli. The three thought their hard work would make a great change to the world. Unfortunately, Arthur had plans of his own. He sought to betray his three loyal followers. During a vicious battle against Arthur, Michael lost the powers he had gained from Jante Vinel. With the loss of such a valuable power, a new one presented itself in a way Michael still can't explain.

With PRG disbanded and Arthur and Peter dead, Michael tried to focus on his new organization, Purge.

Name: Christopher Evans
Nickname: Chris
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Place in Time: 2015
Relatives: Thomas Evans (Father), Martha Evan's (Mother)

Powers: Effect Field/Aura

Is the ability to generate a field or aura which produces a certain effect. The Aura that Christopher surrounds himself or others in can vary in effects, but can only use each effect one at a time. Below is a list of the Auras' different modes and capabilities.

Accelerator Aura- the ability to generate an aura or field which accelerates anything within it.

Black/Dark Aura- Aura that shrouds from light, may even shroud from heat from the sun and radiation or make it seem to dark to see through the aura.

Personal Gravity Aura- Allows control of gravity surrounding him. Christopher can use it to cause his personal possessions or projectiles which head his way to revolve around himself; or he could use this ability to make himself lighter or heavier. The user of this ability could even use it to shift his center of gravity.

Repulsive Aura- creates a powerful offensive aura or energy field which pushes objects or people away from the user. It can be used to push foes into walls, knock them unconscious, and the like. The user can even use it to keep from hitting objects by repelling themselves up or away.

Tractor Aura- is the ability to psychically or psionically attract objects to oneself. One with this ability could draw foes into the line of an attack, or pull allies out of the way of an oncoming danger, or to pull oneself closer to a desired subject. This ability can also use gravitation on objects, to move them toward oneself or move oneself toward an object, if the object is sturdy enough to resist being pulled itself. It functions as the exact opposite of Repulsor Aura.

Christopher may be able to do more when he advances his ability, such as using the power of two different aura's at the same time.

Personality: Christopher is positive thinker, and truly believes in justice. Unfortunately, Chris's belief in Justice was skewed after being locked away in Honolulu. They ran multiple tests on his strange ability, in order to figure out a way to combat it later. He's level headed unlike most specials who have gone insane in some point in their lives due to their ability. Christopher prefers to work solo, but not because he's anti social, it's because he would hate for someone to get hurt if they tried to assist him. Christopher likes being sarcastic, especially when tension is high. He's humble, and nowhere near cocky. He actually hated his for a while.

Appearance: Image

Christopher stands at around 5'4 and weighs about 125 lbs. He usually dresses casual, not trying to impress anyone. Most likely wearing jeans, sneakers and shirt under a jacket or hooded sweatshirt

Bio: Christopher was born in a wealthy part Tampa, Florida. His childhood was close to perfect. He was an only child, so his mother and father's attention was solely on him. They had traveled to different countries, ate at magnificent restaurants, and saw world wonders. Christopher saw everything as a beautiful paradise, until his abilities had manifested during a pick-up football game in the elementary schoolyard. His exposure had been accepted by his parents, but word spread like wildfire. He was soon bagged and tagged by the company. They weren't planning on keeping Chris there. Instead, they wanted him to gain , a simple control over his ability. He was returned to his home at the age of thirteen, but when the government started the hunts, his family was killed while they tried to help him escape. Christopher, frozen in shock, was captured and taken to Honolulu for tests until they figured out his ability. They would have disposed of him afterward, but a a jail break happened. He didn't know who or what caused this, but who he was after was clearly apparent to him. The name, Emile Danko came up many times while in captivity, and his goal was to silence him. Too bad, Danko was killed before he could even get a lead on the man. Trying to seek safety, Chris met up with a man named Tyrone who had an ability similar to his. After many ups and downs, Chris parted ways with his first ally in the cold world. Chris then stayed with a woman named Rose before going to the School for specials. You could say he traveled a lot. At least until he was recruited into Purge by Michael Henderson.

Name: Eli James
Age: 18
Date of Birth: June 27th

Power: Genetic Absorption

This ability allows him to alter his genetics based on what ever biotic subject he last came in contact with. He can use this ability to shapeshift into a animals and people or apply their genetics to his own body

Basic Description/Picture: Image

Eli is usually seen wearing dark colored clothing and switches between suits and casual wear depending on his mood. He stands at exactly 6 feet and weighs about 165 lbs.

Basic Summary of Personality: Eli can be described as laid back and cool headed. Even the way he does things show how relaxed he is. The only time you might see him a bit frantic is when danger is looking him face to face or if something unbelievable happens.

History: Eli was born in Cleveland, Ohio, living what seemed to be an average life until his ability manifested. HE thought he was a freak at first, but soon found interest in the ability. When Purge was founded, he went to find out what it was all about. He should have been reluctant like most, but he had nothing else going for him. The most he ever did was work at a warehouse, smoke marijuana, and listen to his iPod.

Eli would admit that joining up with Purge was a big move. Not only did it pay more, but he was able to understand his ability a lot more. His ability even caught the eyes of Michael Henderson, and soon he was requested to be in special group.

Name: Mao Hong
Age: 48

Power: Disruption

Basic Description/Picture: Image

Basic Summary of Personality: Mao is a man of a few words....

History: (Can be brief/to be revealed)

Please submit a writing sample of about two (2) or three (3) paragraphs. (Can be past works, links to posts, etc etc)

So begins...

Purge Database's Story

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Friends in the Shadows

On the other end of Raquel’s call a woman picked up speaking loud and clear, thought it wasn’t Patricia.

“Hello, you have reached Purge, Sarah speaking. How may I help you?” Sarah asked as politely as possible. She had recently been hired, but was showing to be as good of a receptionist as Patricia had been. She often aimed of one day flying up the corporate ladder like her predecessor did. The young woman figured that pleasing Michael Henderson was the key, or in her mind, pleasing his “needs.” Sadly, she never caught him at a great time. The man always seemed too busy for anything these days.

As if on cue however, Michael in the flesh, exited the elevators and was headed out. She guessed he was done for the day and this was her chance. Sadly, she realized that she was still on the phone. Rolling her eyes, she sighed before speaking again.

“Can you hold on for a sec? Thanks.” Sarah said before putting the phone down. “Mr. Henderson! Goodnight! Um… Can’t wait to see your handsome face tomorrow!” Sarah said with a charming smile. Michael had turned to the receptionist with his own smile and waved before looking to Leksi who was right behind him with a smirk. It was easy to ignore someone in Michael’s shadow, and that’s exactly what Sarah had done before picking the phone up again. “Hello?”

When Michael arrived home with Leksi, he noticed someone in front of his door. Parking into the driveway, his eyes never seemed to leave the figure in the dark.

“I wonder whose visiting?” Michael asked Leksi before exiting the car with a smirk. “Gabe? What are you doing here?” Michael asked before turning back to look at Leksi. “Oh, don’t tell me this is like a checkup? Look, I’m going steady. I know I switched girls since the last time I saw you and I know it looked like I was dating Patricia when I went to your wedding, but this one might be a keeper… Are you here for a checkup?” Michael asked unsurely.

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#, as written by Jaybt9
A female voice that Raquel had found to be…unfamiliar, answered the phone. It was a step longer to the direction that Raquel was taking.
“Umm….” Raquel hesitantly paused as she was gathering the words in her mind for what to say, “I would like to speak to….Patricia, please.”
“Patricia?” Sarah questioned as she heard the name of her predecessor come from the caller. Giving a confused face, she sighed. “Patricia Banks you mean? The nice little petite girl that everyone loves? If you mean her, she doesn’t work here anymore… buuut I think I can forward you over to her office at Pinehearst.” Sarah added. The receptionist twirled her hair with her index finger as she awaited the response. She simply wanted this call to be over as soon as she could so she could go back to chatting on Facebook.
Patricia being “absent” was almost a letdown for Raquel, as she sighed in disappointment, but when the receptionist said that she could forward the call, Raquel found this to be a relief.
“That’s fine.” Raquel responded to the receptionist’s helpful suggestion. The receptionist quickly transferred to the office, while Raquel waited in patience.
“Please….answer.” Raquel said to herself, still holding the phone to her ear.
Patricia had been sitting in her office, almost looking like Michael Henderson’s female image. She was looking over the performance of the new technology division established, and she couldn’t help but be impressed with their track records. She was halfway through when her phone suddenly rang. She wondered who it could be before answering.

“Hello, Patricia Banks speaking.” She answered with lovely voice.
Raquel’s raging heartbeat nearly sank at the sound of a recognizable, serene voice. Patricia Banks, the same woman who was able to settle the wedding dispute not too long ago. Patricia was Raquel’s only hope on survival.
“Pa-tricia” Raquel hesitantly announced while looking at the area around her, “This is Raquel, Raquel Teixeira. You had sent me your business card at the wedding.”
It took Patricia a moment to piece together what Raquel was talking About As it had been a long while since Gabriel Gray’s wedding. Remembering the day brought a smile upon her face before she replied to Raquel. “Oh… Is everything alright, Raquel? I’m here to talk if you need it.” Patricia said with concern. She didn’t know if the woman was interested in Purge or just seeking some guidance, but she was sure she had whatever Raquel needed.
“I am…okay.” Raquel shyly responded. In reality, she wasn’t okay. Her health was deteriorating at the lack of food and water. It was as though she was a wild animal.

“Well…I just wanted to ask you something.”Raquel stated, beginning to form a proposal. “You did mention if I ever wanted to… to give you a call?”
Patricia listened to Raquel, glad the woman was able to say she was alright. She wondered how her relationship with that Darry guy was going. According to Michael, there was no way the man would bring the relationship back, but how could he be so certain? When she asked about work, Patricia smiled with glee. She was happy to get more people into Purge, even if she wasn’t even working there anymore.

“Oh, so it’s work you’re looking for. You should have called for Mike, but I can help you too. Do have any form of transportation? You’d need to register in the Washington D.C.”
Transportation. This was quite a large speed bump for Raquel to hop over. The only ways of transportation she had was from Pinehearst, and Darry’s car, still in Georgia. There was also her cheetah ability to gain speed of 75 miles per hour, but her body was too weak and hungry to trigger it.
“I don’t have any….unfortunately.” Raquel responded, hoping for another option.
Patricia kept her upbeat smile up, even with Raquel’s bad news. Patricia had always been positive with life, even before obtaining her ability.

“Give me your location and I’ll see what I can do. Just a warning though, Michael runs Purge, which means you’ll see him a lot. I’ll let him know that you’re interested in recruitment.” Patricia said.
Raquel looked around for any clues revealing where she resided. Her running away from the wedding caused her to go wherever a straight road took her. She didn’t know where she was now.
Raquel was aware of the consequences that would head her way once she joined the Purge. The head of this group of unique humans was the same man who tore her heart of shreds. The same man who she couldn’t bear to see for the rest of her life. However, she had to learn to rely on herself than some stranger.
Still inside of the telephone booth, she channeled her inner-ability, taking a deep breath, and looking at pitch darkness. Her sight changed from darkness, to a world of colored sharpness, like a bird. She took a glance her surroundings for a name of the city, or state. Nothing helped her as all she could see were pedestrians after another strolling around her in various bright and dark colors.
In front of her, however, was information involving “Directory Assistance”, which included the words “Within this area code”, and 11 numbers below it. She assumed that the last seven was an operator number. Before the seven were 3 numbers: “702”. “702” must have been the area code.
“The area code is…702.” Raquel responded.
Hearing Raquel’s answer, Patricia could do nothing but bite her lower lip. This wasn’t going as smoothly as she thought it would, but Patricia knew she wasn’t at a loss.

“Give me a sec.” Patricia said as she rested the phone down on the desk. She then opened up her browser on her laptop. She quickly looked up the 702 area code and easily found that it was the area code of Las Vegas, Nevada. “This is almost perfect!” Patricia exclaimed before putting the phone back to her ear. “Okay, I’m going to need you to… Oh god, what’s a good place… Oh! There’s a casino hotel called Luxor. If you don’t know where it is, just ask whoever you can. It looks like the Sphinx with a pyramid behind it! There’s no way you can miss it. I think I can get a helicopter over there that’s just making its way from San Francisco. They’re the only Purge guys I can actually get a hold of. A bunch of misfits, but they’re top notch.” Patricia said now with a smile on her face.
Raquel sighed in disappointment once again after hearing Patricia’s response. A step closer to Raquel’s goal, but it would still involve some work, some navigating, or a different vision for her ability.
“Okay….I’ll be sure to meet them….there.” Raquel stated in closing, “I would like to…..thank you for your help. It was……greatly appreciated.”
“Raquel, you know you don’t need to thank me. I’m just doing what any friend would do.” Patricia said modestly. There were times when she questioned whether she was using her ability subconsciously or just using her natural charisma. Either way, she seemed to always get what she wanted. She may not have been able to destroy buildings or incinerate people, but her ability wasn’t one to be taken lightly.
“I just want to make sure you’re okay. Oh, and you might want to hurry up. These guys might be a little impatient. Anyway, I’ll see you sometime if you get into Purge. Hope everything works out. Bye!” Patricia slowly hung up the phone, disconnecting the call. She hung up this way to give the other person to say goodbye before completely hanging up. Not only was it faster, but it made her seem less rude when she was in a rush. She wondered if she should tell Michael about his new recruit, but shook her head with a smile.
“I sooo want to hear about how his face looks when he sees her again.” She said to herself before continuing with her previous work.