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Argentina (Diego C. Gonzalez-Ramirez)

"Let's just relax and have some dulce de leche, si?"

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a character in “HetaOni: The New Beginning”, as played by KuruLesperance



Country/State/Micronation/Etc: Argentina
Human Name: Diego Carlos Gonzalez-Ramirez
Day of Independence: July 9, 1816
Physical Age: 20
Height: 5'10
Weight: 160lbs
Powers: Healing Touch - Simply by a touch, Argentina is able to heal half of your health.
Sucker Punch - A strong blow to the stomach effects Steve/Tony.
Weapon: A Spanish rapier.
Personality: Argentina's hard-headed, stubborn, and arrogant, not giving up at all until the end. Though at times, he can be sarcastic and amusing, and often obsesses over dulce de leche. (Short, but well, I'm doing other stuff and multitasking like a crazy person. xD)
Continent: South America
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

So begins...

Argentina (Diego C. Gonzalez-Ramirez)'s Story

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#, as written by Kaire23
Alisia jumped as the plate crashed. She didn't like that she was so easy to scare. She nodded slightly as California went to check what happened. She didn't take her eyes off of the way she went after she left. She was a bit scared and didn't want to let her guard down. Suddenly, she heard California's scream. She saw Kazakhstan run and quickly ran after him. She didn't like that sound at all. The next thing she saw was California, on the ground in her own blood. She immedietly felt tears streaming down her face as she covered her mouth to muffle a scream. She rushed in after Kazakhstan and sat down on her other side. Trying to contain her sobs, she put a hand over her eyes and closed them. The blank glare didn't suit her.
"This can't be happening..." She said quietly, fear taking over her voice.
"This must be just a bad dream.... A nightmare." She stated, shaking her head slightly while closing her eyes as if that would wake her up somehow. The feeling of death was in the air and it felt like it was just suffocating her.