Breydon Arkwright

Could you find the right steps forward without knowledge of the footprints you left behind?

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a character in “Heterochromia”, as played by Riareous



Hello My Name is:

Please Call me:

My Birthday is:
June 12th, 23

Well Obviously I'm:

Oh I'm:
A patient - Stable Condition

It's Been:
15 years

~ . ~~ . ~

My Shampoo?:
Boot-lick Brown.

I Don't Need Glasses:
Central HC Flip-flop Teal with brown circling the iris.

Does This Make Me Look Fat?:
160 lbs

Well I Think I'm:

~ . ~~ . ~

Aren't I Pretty:

Jaunting forward his hair protrudes in clusters, having always been carelessly hacked at. His eyes have central heterochromia and thus a reason behind his early procurement. A series of diagonally dashed lines feature from his left temple down though he swears he'd be damned if he could remember how or why. At the age of 8 a comminuted compound fracture left an assortment of splatter scars and weak tendencies with his right arm, this led to him becoming left handed.

~ . ~~ . ~

Well I'd Honestly Prefer:

Hate Is Such a Strong Word:
His memory

~ . ~~ . ~

I'm Speshful!:

Not say reserve, B is "contained", it takes a lot to batter him out of the solid ground his mental state stands. He's not sure what his take is on people in general and has little to no inhibitions about social customs or etiquette. Despite the lack there of, of social conditioning he isn't dangerous albeit quite forward, although he can't stand all eyes to fall upon him. Inquisitive by nature but this doesn't necessarily make his conclusions right or indeed full, at present he chooses to believe his dad is on site. B is illiterate, it wasn't that he never learnt it's just that he doesn't remember, like a lot of things from his past. He likes to carry a book around on occasion; it's more a comfort that he used to be able to absorb pages than the frustration he no longer can.

This One Time!:

B couldn't reconstruct a single piece of his pre-admission past; it's not like a movie where there'd be a bracelet or a special rock to anchor to. The damage to his memory was so great that B couldn't remember his full name, just a letter. At aged 8 B went into hospital with a serious fracture and just never returned. It's hard to know why he lost his family, his memory and so much time; he just knew he wasn't the only one.

The More You Know:

When alone he often recites to himself what he has learnt or deducted that day, he tries desperately to keep his mind active. Noisy atmospheres are calming to B, it enables him to leave himself behind, embracing the words around.The darkness to B represents home, as his memory cannot provide another.

Crying always helps.

~ . ~~ . ~



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