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It was a kingdom of beauty. Untouched by time. A regular Utopia.

Ruled by a kind hearted king and a tender queen, who were said to be in the favor of the Gods,the kingdom flourished into a land unlike any other. Creatures worthy of the Gods themselves inhabited the land, and there was peace. Still, despite all the beauty and wonder the king offered her, the queen grieved over her lack of ability to bare children. The king, distraught over the queens pain, pleaded to the Gods to gift them with a child.

As was said, the Gods did favor the rulers of the land, and they headed to the gentle kings plea. When spring approached, so with it came Alexander and Scarlett, the beloved children of the kingdom.

The queen, as it was in her nature, soon took in a child from the streets, a young male who they called Pip with eyes blue as ice and hair as dark as tar. He was to be the playmate of Prince Alexander, but would soon prove to be the demise of our beloved rulers.

Springs passed throughout the kingdom, and the three grew into adolescence. In this time the queen had passed away due to infection leaving the king to rule alone with his beloved children, but he too way growing weary and he soon called the three into his chamber. He reached tenderly for his children and offered them a but a small smile before taking his last breath. So came the time for Alexander to take the throne, and that my friends is where our tale takes place.

Pip, who had been raised as though he too was a child of the king and queen, felt enraged that he was not entitled to the throne. Gathering an army of wicked hearted fiends, Pip reeked havoc on the land and murdered Alexander taking the throne as his own. A dark shadow covered the kingdom and life dribbled away until there was nothing left but sorrow and dread.

Scarlett, who was thought to had been killed along with her brother, took to the forest in search for those who would fight for the land that was once so pure and beautiful. Dressed in red, she soon became known as Little Red Hiding Hood. The Gods, taking pity on the girl, sent for their children of earth, the demi-gods, to act as her champions and fight the evil that had corrupted the land.

Pip(19): Evil ruler

Demi-Gods: Male and female. You can fight for "Little Red" or Pip.

Wanderers: Regular people that once lived in the kingdom. They meet Little Red and travel with her.

Fiends: Pips followers. Out to kill this so called "Little Red" and her followers. They are mortals who have become twisted and evil under the influence of Pip.

Feel free to make your own :D

Included in Profile:
What you are: Demi-God(and who your parents were. Use this site: http://library.thinkquest.org/CR0210200 ... /gods.htm#), Wander, Fiend, etc.
Age: Humans are 17-25
How you ended up where you are now:
Who you fight for:

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