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Chrono De Valliere

Short Man skilled with a bow and arrow, doubles knives(throwing knife and saxe knife) and skilled in unseen movement

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a character in “Hezenattin the Leaves of Fate”, as played by buritosrfood


Name: Chrono De Valliere
Age: 18
Gender: male
Race: human
Appearance:brown hair, double knife scabbard, an unsettling cloak suited for camoflouge, leather boots, leather vambraces, leather tunic, cowl, green eyes
Occupation: ranger
Likes: quietness, nature, his weapons, his horse(name: pyre),
Dislikes: questions, rude people, hyper people, being center of attention, crowds, anything else social, common annoyances, loudness, stuck up nobles,
Skills: Uncanny skill with a bow(such as extreme fire rate,accuracy,and power) Also great skill with his two knives(throwing and in melee) Last skill is the uncanny ability to moved silently and unnoticed even in public places
Weaknesses: Melee people with big weapons(bigger than swords such as axes that double knives can't block) (only if they get close enough are they a weakness) Also other rangers/mages that can range back with skill
weapons: below
personality: below
backround/history: below


Serious, enjoyable, determined, humble, courageous, sly, secretive, unsocial, caring, expressionless


equipt with a yew longbow and a quiver of 24 arrows, a double knife scabbard holding a high quality saxe knife and throwing knife, Carries tools such as basic medical equipment, compass, their cloak, and a specially bred ranger horse smaller than normal horses but built with high stamina and can only be ridden by their owners through a secret phrase.


Chrono always loved his bow and arrow he had since he was a kid and trained almost everyday and hunted for his family. Growing up was a pain since he was in a poor family. They ate mostly whatever he caught int he woods. He had one friend named Lucas who was a wizard but had moved away to other wizards at the age of 13. Chrono grieved but still kept up his family. Chrono is now 18 and decided to leave home and adventure. That is were he is now.

So begins...

Chrono De Valliere's Story