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a character in “Hezenattin the Leaves of Fate”, as played by Ulfunn


Krein Haar

♦ Name : Krein Haar

♦ Role : Paladin and Priest of Eleora

♦ Gender : Male

♦ Height : 6'8"

♦ Appearance: He wears his armor for the most part with the exception of his helmet which he only puts on in combat. He has bright grey eyes that show his growing wisdom and age. When he takes off his armor there is basic clothes that could be seen by anyone. When traveling he will wear a robe over his armor so he doesn't draw attention to himself. He has a shaved head and a medium sized beard and on his face and body he has marking and runes of prayer to his goddess Eleora. His structure and build are intimidating and give a clear definition of his skills in warfare or combat.

♦ Age :42

♦ Face Claim :Harkyn from Lords of The Fallen

♦ Power :He has the power to call upon the lightning spear which he summons rarely for it is not ment to be used often and only when needed. He has the general power to cast light where it is needed. He can heal people but to a limit. He can feel other peoples suffering and hatred. He also has an almost inhuman strength which allows him to wield his giant sword with ease and speed.
Lightning Spear very limit on use

♦ Personality :Determined and loyal to bring light in the world and to end the suffering of man and to his goddess. He is very harsh but fair he sees mankind as a twisted thing that needs to be healed and he fully believes that his goddess will help with the healing. He is devoted to his faith he is also never been filled with hate since he became a priest even when in combat he does not let anger or hatred enter him. To him killing or fighting is a sad task that needs to be carried out. Other than that he is actually a very warm and cheerful man.

♦ History :Born into a city slums he never would have had a chance of becoming anything good or clean. He took to pickpocket early just to feed himself and to care for his dying mother. By the time he was twelve his mother died and he was on the streets and fighting to survive he became part of a gang when he was sixteen and was made a killer in the gang. He ended up joining a group of mercenaries when he turned eighteen and fought for a year before he encountered Eleora in the flesh and after seeing her he actually fell in love with the goddess because of the pain she went thorough after that he swore his life to her and promised to carry out her wishes. He served her loyally until she disappeared from the world but that didn't stop him from teaching about his goddess and helped those he could bringing light into the world and stopping darkness when he could. When he turned thirty he received a message from Eleora about the child of light and he then immediately went to the child and protected her from a distance making sure she was safe. Waiting for his next orders.

♦ Likes :Eleora. the idea of peace, knowledge, food, music, drink, light smoking, and seeing other happy.

♦ Dislikes :Evil, warfare, hatred, necromancy, darkness, and snakes

♦ Strengths :Combat, Drinking, plant healing, survival, hunting, scouting, and bartering

♦ Weaknesses :Stealth, magical healing, areas with no light anywhere, water(heavy armor), not defending people, ranged combat.

♦ Fears : A world filled with war, losing to darkness, not being able to protect the child of light.

[center]♦ Relationships : He loves the Goddess of Eleora but he knows it is a foolish idea so he swore service to her.

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