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Leonis Vipointe

Have you ever seen someone split into 5 parts?

0 · 205 views · located in The Districts and Capital

a character in “HG; Hunger Games”, as played by Axel4win


District: 2
Weapon of choice: Explosives, Grenades, Mines, tnt, ect
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Personality: Sadistic to be blunt, he enjoys watching things explode and the shapes they make. He doesn't get close to people unless the benefit him and plans on disposing them when the no longer do anything good for them
History: District 2 is none for military tech. of course explosives had to be made there. at age 6 Leonis got his hands on some defect mine parts and rigged it up to the neighbors dog, not knowing what would happen. When the explosives went off Leonis laughed at it and wanted to do it again. So every day for the last 6 years Leonis would take the defective parts and rig them up to animals just outside the district and watch them blow up. After watching several Hunger Games Leonis decided he wouldn't let the Career tributes get all the fame and Volunteered as Tribute to the current Hunger Games.

So begins...

Leonis Vipointe's Story