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Mizuki Hinatsu

"I will fix the mistakes that my father left behind"

0 · 600 views · located in New Japanese Empire

a character in “HIDDEN _ In Plain Sight”, as played by Astraline


    Head of Sciences,
    Daughter of Hiro Hinatsu,
    Royal Advisor




The Ability to Control and Manipulate Water


Standing at 5'6" Mizuki is a elegant woman with a slim build. With her long black hair and fair skin it is easy to compare her with a beauty straight from Feudal Japan. Her fascination with traditional Japanese attire attributes to her fashion, as she usually wears kimonos even when in the lab. Since she was not able to bring her wardrobe with her during the mass evacuation just a few months ago she has to make do with the one that she was wearing at the time; a black kimono with a fitting obi and imprints of red flowers at the bottom. Over the kimono, she wears a yellow haori with beige dots on it. She hopes to acquire more on the market for when she gets the time

subject: Your Lab
Although what you have done to your lab is within the regulations in terms of remodelling, as Head of Internal Affairs I must address my concerns about the whole water thing you have going in your lab. Being on top of the building doesn't mean you can have a water canal that goes around your room, that includes the giant bath that you have in the middle of it. But I know you, you've been different ever since we evacuated but I trust that this will somehow be beneficial to your research.

You are still the same old eccentric Mizu.
Head of Internal Affairs


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          Pillars of Eternity

          Threads of Harmony and Discord

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          Boundary of Purity





Hiro Hinatsu _ DECEASED

Mizuho Ishii _ ALIVE
Daughter of Deceased Co-Worker

It all started with a cry out for help. A newborn babe, held in the arms of her mother, while her father watches over them both with tears of joy streaming down his face. They are both scientists, one in String Theory and the other in Quantum Physics, they can offer her the world on a silver platter. [wip]

So begins...

Mizuki Hinatsu's Story