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Hidden among Aristocrats

Hidden among Aristocrats


In old England, where marriages are arranged for optimal money opportunities and disobedience can lead to disownment, not everything is as it seems.

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The post Edwardian period, Yorkshire, England. Ridged class structures keep a huge distance between the wealthy and the poor. Wealthy noble families married off their children young, to other high class families. Disobedience was not tolerated, and marriage between high and low class was cause for disownment from the family. You married for money- not for love. The high class were expected to be perfect- they were trained from birth to not step a toe out of line. And if a child was to, they would be punished severely. Any fight in you was squeezed out at a very young age.

A war was coming, and men were being gathered to go off to battle. Although they were told that it was a simple scuffle between countries, it was really so much more. Werewolves were revolting against the humans. For so long, they had been hunted and killed to keep their existence to become known. And for a long time, it worked. The entire species was near extinction when they went on a massive spree, biting any human they came across. When they felt they were strong enough, they began to attack. It has become almost impossible to keep them hidden now, although they certainly try.
Werewolves have lived amongst the humans, unbeknown to them. Some have even married humans, and gotten to a powerful enough level where they can influence reporters, keeping the horrific stories of entire towns ripped to shreds out of the papers. But the wolves are coming, and they want blood.


Being a werewolf is not a pretty thing. They can work, raise a family just like any other human. But there's a catch. If they don't shift frequently, they become ravenous when the full moon is out. The wolf in them comes out, more hungry and cruel then ever.
The wolf gene is passed down from parents- even if just one parent is a werewolf, their child will have the same fate as them. Wolves abandoning their pack and having a child with a human is very, very rare. They are usually born into a pack. Werewolves can tell if another person is a werewolf or human, even before their first change. They usually change for the first time when they are about thirteen. Packs often have scouts that find packless werewolves that don't know who they are, and befriend them so when their first change comes, they take them to the pack and they are adopted in.

But werewolves can also be bitten. If a human is bitten by a werewolf, they will change immediately. The first change is very long and very painful, for Changlings and natural-born werewolves. It can take anywhere from four to ten hours. If another werewolf doesn't help them through their first change, they will likely die. When a werewolf bites a human and helps them through their first change, they are bound together. They can sense each others feelings, and speak to each other telepathically. Once a werewolf bites a human, they are completely responsible for the confused and overwhelmed Changling. They have a hard time controlling changing back and forth between human and wolf, and the world is now so bright it hurts their eyes, and every noise hurts their ears. Werewolves often take their Changling away from the rest of the pack until they have fully adjusted, which can take anywhere from weeks to months.

The Families
(If you take a female, please take a male aswell. It is not nessisary, but it is greatly appreciated. Also! I'm very, very hesitant about changing the face claims. I know they aren't super well-known, but its good to explore different face claims.)

The Blackwood family
They are a very wealthy and well-known family. They have many workers, and their children are to be married off. The lady of the house died when most of the children were quite young, and the eldest daughter ended up raising them for the most part. But what the father doesn't know, is every single one of his children is somehow very involved with the werewolves.

_____ Blackwood | 45 | FC: Cillian Murphy | Head of the household | He has always been very gentle and trusting with his children, but after he lost his wife he became more strict and intends to marry off his children very soon. He is very intelligent, yet also very stubborn and hardheaded. He has no idea werewolves exist, let alone are living with him. |Open

_____ Blackwood | 24 | Eldest child | FC: Freya Mavor | She is like a mother to the other children, being very tender and affectionate. She can be very naive, and her brothers are often very protective of her. She is pregnant with the child of the eldest werewolf, and with the help of her siblings, is desperately trying to hide it. She is quite far along. | Taken

_____ Blackwood | 23 | Second Eldest child | FC: Keegan Allen | He is very intelligent and quick-witted. He is very mind mannered, never one to start a fight. But do not underestimate him- if his family is so much as looked at in a way he doesn't like, he will not hesitate to defend them. He found himself intoxicated by the Second Eldest werewolf, and the rp starts a week after he was bitten- he is in hiding with his younger sister and the werewolves | Open

_____ Blackwood | 21 | Middle child | FC: Nathalie Edenburg | To say she is opinionated would be an understatement. She is a feminist, and believes highly in having her own choice in who she marries. She is very stubborn although usually is quite placid, she is not afraid to let everyone know how she feels about something. She has fallen really, really hard for the Middle werewolf, but being the Independent woman that she is, she refuses to get too close | Open

_____ Blackwood | 19 | Youngest male twin | FC: BriBry | He can be the sweetest perso you have ever met, or the worst enemy. Overall, when he is around his loved ones he is very affectionate, kindhearted, and supportive but he takes a long time to warm up to people. He is very, very protective of his family, especially his twin. He seems to always be able to tell how his loved ones are feeling, and is very wise for his age. Although he doesn't completely trust her, he is enamored by the youngest werewolf | Reserved

_____ Blackwood | 19 | Youngest female twin | FC: Anna Speckhart | She is definetly the rebellious child. She is very freespirited and lighthearted, willing to do anything for the thrill of it. She refuses to blindly follow her father, and marry some stranger who will never love her. Despite her uncaring attitude, she is really very loving and kindhearted. Once you get under her skin, she is very sweet and loyal. She is very close to her twin, and when the rp starts she will just be waking up after her first, very painful shift. She is in hiding with her brother and the other wolves | Taken

The pack
Most of them have been hiding among the family for their entire lives. A few were adopted in, but all follow their Alpha female without a question. They work for the family in various ways

_____ Snow | 45 | Pack Alpha | FC: Nicole Kitman | She is not someone to be messed with. She is extremely protective of her pack, and will stop at nothing to keep them safe. She is very careful, and doesn't trust any human after her husband was killed by them, five years ago | Open

_____ Snow | 24 | Eldest pack member, future alpha | FC: Max Irons | He grew up with that family, and has been close to the Eldest daughter since they were children. He is very gentle, and witty. He loves to tease his loved ones, although it is all in good nature. He is very protective, and intelligent. He knows about the eldest daughter's pregnancy, she wants in hiding as soon as possible, but they can't just put the whole family in hiding and keep giving their father fake stories. As his mother gets older, he is the strongest wolf in the pack | Open

_____ Snow | 23 | The Alpha's only daughter, second eldest pack member | FC: Gage Golightly | As her mother's only daughter, she is used to getting what she wants. She is reckless and doesn't get attached easily. In the home, she is known for sassing anyone who tells her to do something. Despite her 'I don't care' attitude, she has fallen hard for the Second eldest Blackwood | Reserved

_____ Snow | 20 | The youngest Snow ; Middle | FC: Chris Zylka | He can be quite the hothead. He is always up for a spirited debate, and never stays mad long. He can be very impulsive and rebellious, although occasionally somewhat clueless with things. | Open

_____ Grace | 18 | Lily Loveless | Youngest pack member | If two words come to mind when you think of her, innocent and naive. She doesn't think her words or actions through before going off and doing them, something that often gets her in a lot of trouble. She is stubborn and very opinionated, and doesn't like to take orders from anyone no matter the consequences. Without realizing it, she can be quite the flirt, especially when around the Youngest Male Twin. | Reserved

_____ Teir | 20 | The youngest male, he was adopted into the pack four years ago | FC: George Shelley | He has earned himself a 'badboy' reputation. He is very slow to trust, and is very protective of his pack- he will not hesitate to snap at anyone who is rude to anyone in his pack. He often comes off as being cold and uncaring. He can be impulsive, but usually is a sweetheart once you get to know him. He found that he had fallen hard for the youngest female twin, soon after befriending her. After a year of growing closer and closer to her, he bit her | Open

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1.) Posting: There needs to a minimum of 350 words. A MINIMUM. Simply 350 words is frowned upon- the bigger, more descriptive, and captivating a pot is, the better. I mean, if you give like three sentences, how you you supposed to reply? Explain how a character is feeling, what her expression is like, how she is holding herself. You need to give the other rper a lot to go on, so they can know how to react.

2.) Characters: The bigger, the better. People need to know how your character is going to react- mostly so they can know how to start up drama. We need to know how to rub your character the wrong way. Remember, the more drama, the better. Placid characters are insanely boring. If they are very agreeable and just 'sweet, nice, and shy' nobody is going to want to interact with them. The first part of the password: your favorite movie. A solid paragraph or two at LEAST for the personality, and even more for the history. Explain what shaped them into the character that they are, and what makes them tick. Everyone has tons of flaws- NO CHARACTER SHOULD BE PERFECT.

3.) DRAMA: This is what keeps the rp going. Spark fights, and make rivalries. People are going to want to get in on it. I recommend making two of the packs have some big rivalry- maybe something happened between the two male alphas and the packs can't stand to be around each other. This is what causes a large inflow of posts, and ultimately keeps this rp going on for a while.

4.) Relationships: Pre-making relationships really helps. I often find a character like my own, them pm the rper and ask if they want to make a character good friends, siblings, rivals, or even former-lovers. It gives the characters someone to interact with, so they aren't just wondering around aimlessly. But please, keep it PG-13.

5.) Reserving: If a character is reserved, I will allow others to compete for the role, but I am fair and will give the rper that is first to reserve very slight of a better chance. The second part of the password is your favorite quote from that movie. Also, again, if you reserve a female it is GREATLY appreciated if take a male aswell.

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