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Hidden High school: New hope

Hidden High school: New hope


A high school hidden in the forest is not all what it seems, some students from the previous semester have returned as well as some new. (Remake)

910 readers have visited Hidden High school: New hope since Surfergirl created it.


Hidden High School

We are pleased to announce that you have been accepted into our school to study and train yourselfs. The school year starts within a week today so we hope to see you on the opening ceremony, if you agree to accept. Now you will not be the only breed of monster or special ability user there, there will be others. Some like you, while other completely different. The school policy does not allow any out of class power using or special abilities unless it is during the free day which is on a friday to sunday. In the envelope you will find a list lessons you need to chose from. Just to remind you this school is a bording school. Good luck and hope to see you soon.


"Secrets of the Unknown"

A hidden high school in the middle of the forest seems empty on the outside. But when you enter it, everything changes.
The school it self is protected by a barrier that gives the appearance of a normal high school in the middle of the forest. Well to human's anyway.
Oh did I say humans? Well I better tell you now then. This school is for monsters and people with gifts.

Hidden high school was established many years ago by each of the clans in the supernatural world, this was done to ensure future children would have a safe place and secure environment for them to learn in.

Now after the previous semester where a group of students seemed to have many adventures ended. Some students leaving to go into hiding, or to take over clans or even integrate into the human world. But some of the previous students have returned as well as some new students.

Now what adventures will the students have this year?

Beginners class of monster history
Advanced class of monster history
History of special abilities
Strategy and tactics

Monster Species-

Werewolfs are a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or an anthropomorphic wolf-like creature, either purposely or after being placed under a curse and/or lycanthropic affliction via a bite or scratch from a werewolf, or some other means. Most wolfs that attend the school has the werewolf gene in their blood by inheriting it from their families. The school does have the odd few that had been infected. Werewolves are often attributed strength and speed far beyond those of wolves or men. Only allowing two

Vampires are mythological or folkloric beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood# of living creatures. Like werewolfs they can be made by being infected by vampire venom. Or they were born like it as it is in their family. Most vampires that attend the schools are born like it, but there is the odd few that had been turned. Vampires have increased strength and speed as well as one special ability. Only allowing two.

Witchcraft, in historical, anthropological, religious, and mythological contexts, is the alleged use of supernatural or magical powers. A witches a practitioner of witchcraft. witches study magic from a spell book nearly all witches have to read incantations to cast a spell or summon a creature. But there is rare cases where they don't need to speak or even have a book with them to do this. There is two types of witches. Those who use spells and the other where they summon a monster or familiar to fight for them. Only allowing two.

Dragons are a reptilian creature, sometimes winged and able to breath fire. The dragons come in all shapes and sizes and are able to take on the form of a human, but they bear the mark of a dragon somewhere on their body. Each dragon is a different colour depending on the element that they control. Each dragon control one element which they are able to use in human and dragon form. Only allowing two.

Also known as faery, faerie, fay, fae. Fairys are a type of mythical being or legendary creature, a form of spirit, often described as supernatural.
They are able to be big or small changing their size depending on what they feel like, they always have wings showing and are unable to hide them from the view of supernatural beings but humans are unable to see them. Fairys are able to control one element or something to do with music. Only allowing two.

Shapeshifters are beings that are able to change their appearance. There is shapeshifters that are able to change human forms as well as turn into some animals. But there is the rare case where an animal has the gene of being able to turn into a human but they will always show a characteristic of what they look like even in their human form. Only allowing two.

A divinity or supernatural being of a nature between gods and humans. Demon's blood is able to turn a immortal being mortal as well as healing wounds. But only if purposely being used for that reason. Demon blood is also able to create bonds between people, something like werewolf mates, if someone was to ingest a small amount of demon blood they gain an attachment to the demon who the blood came from. Demons are normally affiliated with fire so they usually have that as an ability, they are also much stronger and faster than an average human. If near an angel they can cause them physical pain, and the angel is able to cause them pain as well. But demon's and angels are able to build a tolerance against this if they are around the said demon or angel a lot. Demon's tend to be very good looking and attract human and supernatural. Only allowing one.

An angel is a pure spirit, they have been hunted a lot other the past hundred years by the supernatural and the human world, this is due to this blood being addictive and the cost of their feathers. Unlike demon blood, angel blood is able to turn a mortal, Immortal hence why they were hunted. Due to them being hunted it is very rare to come across a half angel, let along a pure angel. You can tell the difference between the two by their appearance and the colour of their wings, half angels tend to have grey or black wings and have slightly darker hair, whilst a pure angel would have pure white wings and light hair. Like demon blood, angel blood is also able to form bonds between people who ingest it. Angels don't have an exact affiliation with any element and some are known to control more than one, but every angel has a connection to spirits and aura's, they are also stronger and fast than an average human. If near a demon they can cause them physical pain, and the demon is able to cause an angel the same pain. But they are able to build a tolerance against this pain if they are round the said demon or angel a lot. Angel's tend to be very attractive like demons and tend to attract humans and supernatural. Only allowing one. Taken!

The gifted appear to be human but they are enhanced humans, they are like monsters but are able to see what they truly are like other monsters.
But they appear to be human. Gifted beings have many different abilities from other species, some are able to control elements whilst other have super strength. Only allowing two.

Character Skelly:
Monster or gifted: (If monster write species)
Ability: (E.g. Fire, super strength. Maxim two unless spoken to me)
Human form: (Anime pic and description if wanted)
Monster form:( Remove if not needed)
Weapon choice:
Classes: ( It goes, two classes, break, two classes, lunch, one class, end of day.)
Theme song:

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Character Portrait: Saint Questrian "Dust Fingers"
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The first day of a new term at Hidden High, the feeling of a new start. Or at least for most it was, others were returning simply because they had to. As one might expect on the first day of term a lot of people new to the school would be lost or confused. Saint Questrian was one of those new people. One step on campus and he already was lost. The tall, white haired teacher was one of the stranger sights at the school. Wearing a white lab coat over a pink dress shirt and blue tie with black sweats and sock-less feet clad in sandals. Not the best looking professor in history but he was the best that could be done.

As he walked slowly onto campus down the main road he had a cargo bag slung over his right shoulder with his fingers loosely keeping it from falling by a strap. In his left hand was a piece of paper that he read behind round glasses as he walked, not paying attention to the students he almost ran into. He occasionally said "Excuse me, pardon me." to people as he passed by in a lazy uncaring voice. The piece of paper was the manifesto for the school along with a map of the campus. He had a red X over what was supposed to be his classroom.

Coming to the main building he awkwardly climbed the steps, taking extra long strides because of his sandals. Many of the students stared in his direction as he went up these steps, rather staring at something they thought they would never see. Saint entered the main office after his navigation of the stairs and waved at the head secretary. "Hellooo!" He gave her a wide smile and lowered his hand. "I'm ah, here to get my schedual for the day? I'm the new teacher..." His voice trailed off as she held out another piece of paper, yellow this time. Saint grabbed it and added it to his growing stack in his hands. "Thanks! I'll be off then!" He exited the dead silent office.

His expression changed to a rather dismantled look. "Well, she was creepy." He said this allowed and went back down the stairs in a similar fashion as to when he went up them. Travelling towards the class rooms he traveled the halls looking for his classroom. "3B....3B.....Oh, here it is." Saint opened the door to the classroom and stepped inside. As it was before any classes the room was empty. Saint looked at his schedual that said his first period was English. Going to the desk and setting his cargo bag on the floor behind it he placed the papers ontop of the desk and rummaged inside his bag.

The bag had an extension spell on it so it could hold many times greater a space than it normally would. And so, he had alot of things stored in it for his classes. Bringing out a stack of books he started to spread them from desk to desk, one each. The books were all different from each other and consisted of very old renaissance novels and plays. Moving back to the front desk he points his finger at the sky and whispers a simple spell. A purple ring of energy in complex patterns spiraled around the tip of his finger. He pointed at the chalk and it floated in the air, flowing his finger as he spelled out his name across the board reading "Professor Saint Polain Questrian" and then wrote out the name of the class under it "English Literature".

Setting the chalk back on the side of the chalk board Saint turns and used a similar method for moving his desk from the middle of the front of the class to the farthest wall from the door, without even rustling the papers. He then began to unpack a variety of other books onto the top of his desk, extra pencils, and a laptop he had aquired just to help him teach. He had not mastered the use of it's so called "track pad" but he would learn eventually.

Saint settled into the desks chair and lit a white candle on his desk sitting in a gothic candle holder. He was ready to teach, and just as he had finished unpacking the bell for first period rang, and as it did he expected kids to come into his class or perhaps since it was the first day be in the wrong place. Just like that, the first child entered his room and took a seat automatically, not even looking at Saint at all and slumped his head into his backpack using it as a pillow. Another one came and then another, soon most of the seats were taken up.

Saint watched quietly and pretended to be reading one of his books as he waited for the bell signalling the end of passing period so he could begin the class. The last few students came in at the last minute just as the bell rang for the period to start. Standing up Saint put his book on his desk and presented himself to the class. "Welcome to my class everyone. First day of school again, ready to get back to work. If anyone wishes to know it is my first day here as well. New teacher I guess, so if I am having trouble I won't mind if you give me a hand. And in return I wish for us all to get along in here, otherwise rules will have to come into play." He could tell his speech was boring some of them, and he didn't blame them. He had gone through a similar process when he was in school, though that was a long time ago.

"Now then, this as some of you may know is an English Literature class. That means we are going to have to read. I know, reading is not for everyone but at least try to not drag behind when we read. Speaking of which, each of you have a different book sitting on your desk. These books will be your personal project to research. At the end of the semester each of you will choose one character in the book you read that resembles you in some way. But before we get to that, you will each read your books at least once through and we will discuss each one in turn. We will also be reading several other books as a class together and we will learn about the inspiration of the authors for these books. Any questions?" His long talking had put a couple of them to sleep already. Well, it's there grade at least, so he can't force them to pay attention.

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Character Portrait: Saint Questrian "Dust Fingers"
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Character Portrait: Markus


Character Portrait: Astley

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Character Portrait: Zyaku Yukanna
Zyaku Yukanna

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Character Portrait: Jinichey Niazawa
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Re: Hidden High school: New hope

Well, I posted awhile ago and no one else has o-o wondering who else is gonna respond.

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

Also I would like to inform everyone that Posting will now be open! I KNOW that all the roles haven't been filled but I feel if I wait any longer it will officially be dead!

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

It did last for a while!
And yes Angel I'm more than happy for you to make up some pre-existing relationships. I'm not entirely sure how many are first years but you can come up with idea's for future references!

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

Well I havto say Angel that, Surfergirl's original Hidden High School was the first RP I ever joined and that lasted for quite a bit actually.

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

Anyone wanna make pre-existing relationships with my two characters OR plot for the future whilst waiting for this to get going?:)

I actually really enjoy monster school roleplays and the last one I was properly apart of actually went on for years and was quite amazing! Not expecting something like that to ever happen again but would be nice to be apart of another goodin.

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

Hi sorry all for my inactivity! I've currently been doing exams at university! I'm studying to be a doctor so it's a lot of stress! I will finish my character tomorrow! And will then make a start on the plot line to let everyone know! And yes the teacher character is acceptable:D

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

Hey all! Just wanted to introduce myself onto the page ^-^ I hope no one minds I posted a teacher character, not sure if that is what is being looked for but too late now.

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

Is this role play closed??

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

Yeah... I'd like to reserve a gifted human, please. :)

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

Interesting RP... I might try for a female Vampire or human, but I can accommodate to whatever role is left.

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

I'd like to reserve a Fairy if at all possible, please.

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

almost done just have to find pics/avatar decide on looks

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

Finished with my first character Dimitri. I hope you like him^.^

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

I've already submitted WIP's for my Dragon Boy Markus and Faery Girl Astley. Can't wait to see everyone elses submissions!

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

I'm fine with all that :) And everyone is more than welcome to play two characters :) ALSO! The character 'sheet' Is only basic, if you want to make it all pretty and add more information im fine with all that

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

Hi! I'd like to reserve a Vampire please


Re: Hidden High school: New hope

May I reserve one Witch, please?

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

I'd like to reserve a werewolf and dragon

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

Aww I wanted an angel until I saw it was taken XD Okay are you able to play two characters? If so I would like to reserve a male dragon and a female Faery.

Re: Hidden High school: New hope

Ohh man gutted wish I could have been the demon! Nevermind! would like to reserve a shape shifter =)