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Filex Excalibur

"Hi, my name is Cornelius Filex Excalibur, bi you can call me Filex."

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a character in “Hidden High School: New Semester”, as played by IAmAlien


Name: Cornelius Felix Excalibur
Nickname: Filex
Age: 17
Monster or gifted: Monster - Shapeshifter - Animal to Human Rare Gene
Ability: Magic - Filex studies magic, the same type of magic used by a witch.
Human form: Filex's human form is more of a human-lizard hybrid considering his rare trait of being an animal that's able to shape shift into a human. Image
Monster form: Filex's monster form is actually his original form as a Leopard Gecko Lizard. Image
Personality: Filex has a bit of a curious personality. He tends to find himself in, how can this be put, difficult situations. Though he is rather clumsy, shy, and very kind hearted, he can be evil if he really wants to.
Weapon choice: If really needed, an bow-n-arrow, a short dagger, and his side bag full of various equipment.
Classes: Strategy and tactics, Healing, break, Chemistry, Survival, lunch, Advanced class of monster history, end of day
History: Filex, being a natural lizard, was born into a shapeshifter colony of lizard who could all turn into a hybrid cross between a lizard and a human. They called themselves The Argonians. Sadly for Filex, he had trouble staying in his natural lizard form, so he was believed to have been adopted by a normal shapeshifter family where he didn't need to worry about turning into his natural lizard form.
Theme song: Outside - Hollywood Undead
Extra: None

So begins...

Filex Excalibur's Story


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Drago effortlessly swished through the forest, his long dragon body flowing around the trees like water between your fingers. Oh, how Drago loved being in his dragon form verses his human form. He was happy to be going to a school like this. Though he'd rather be out flying through the sky. He slowed his speed as he came closer to the edge of the forest. Standing there, hanging on the trees, he looked out to the school. He watched the cars go by. He watched the students. His glowing green eyes on his golden orange dragon would could be seen from the break in trees where he was standing. His wise mind thought of making a entrance, thought of flying up out of the trees and shooting a bolt of fire into the air creating a firework affect, he thought of turning into his human with a flip of his massive dragon in midair. But Drago decided against it, deciding it wasn't the wisest thing to do while people were driving around.

So, Drago turned to his human right then and there amongst the trees. His head bent back and his long tail went up. He turned to a large burst of what looked like fire that caught nothing. The burst of fire turned in to long lines of twirls that, if you looked closely, gave an appearance of small dragons. This made Drago smile slightly as he stood among them, watching with his glowing green eyes. Then, before his eyes, he was in his human form in the stance of a fighter with his back slightly bent, his legs spread apart, and his hands up by his chest in fist. Shaking his head and rubbing his hair as he started out of the trees small sparks of glowing orange light, like fire, shot off him in streams of small dragons. He let out a small breath, smoke coming from his mouth as he did and twirling almost magically upward considering the slight breeze was going to the left. Drago readjusted the backpack on his back that held all his materials then started toward the school, watching out for cars as he did.

As Drago walked through the courtyard and eyed all the students with his glowing green eyes, an other small creature emerged from the forest. It was a small creature, a lizard to be exact. To be even more exact, it was Filex. Filex, yes, the lizard that has the rare gene to shift into a human. Yes. Filex was in his lizard form at the moment. He crawled out of the forest and stop right in the middle of the rode all of the cars were pulling up. Then, right in the middle of the rode, Filex shifted into his human form, which was more like a human-lizard hybrid. His body bent and grew larger. Though he had the common figure of a human, he was mostly lizard like with scales, a tail and all. He shook his whole body once he was grown. Turning in a circle, he picked up his bag that he had used a spell on to shrink and grow with him. Along with his clothes of course. Standing in the middle of the rode, Filex was nearly hit by a car, now filled with screaming people from just seeing a lizard grow right in the middle of the rode. "Oh, dear me, I'm sorry." Filex said steeping aside. He could hear a few people, most likely student, laughing at him from the gate. "I'm such a loser." He said to himself quietly before starting to wonder around the courtyard of the school, not knowing much what to do.