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Hidden Identities

Hidden Identities


Complicated lives mesh when a bond is formed, how will they overcome the obstacles created by their true identities? Only time will tell…. [ OPEN 1x1 ]

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You meet each other at an internet café while on vacation in Hawaii, both of you are playing the same game and you strike up a conversation. One thing leads to another and your characters team up in game and you’re taking the game-world on together full force! Afterwards he invites her for dinner and she accepts, the evening goes wonderfully and despite the painfully obvious connection you both stand by your no kissing on the first day rules – even if just barely, and are reluctant to get too attached because of who you are.

The rest of the week goes by wonderfully, that is until he has to leave to go back to his real life as hers begins to call her back too……they keep up with one another in private via the game but long for each other day in and day out. Finally one of them can’t stand it and plans a surprise visit to the other's country, but what happens when their real identities are exposed and threaten to prevent their happiness?? Enter blackmail, family drama, and the paparazzi.

How they meet and how they stay in contact can be changed around as we talk things out, but the premise remains the same – they meet doing something they both love and they stay connected via the internet somehow.

Now the name of his RP is Hidden Identities for a reason, both characters are either political royalty or popular celebrities who were looking for a break from their real lives and during that break meet one another. Neither recognizes each other because one will be from another country – simply vacationing in America during their “break”……


Valerie Kay Bush|26|Political Advisor/Media Relations|TAKEN

Val is the adopted daughter of US president Barack Bush*, the first Independent elected to office. Being the oldest daughter of the president’s six children she plays a more active role in some of the president and First Lady’s pet projects than the other kids and is constantly sought after for interviews. In the public’s eye she’s incredibly suited for the political life/limelight, well spoken, beautiful, and well liked – even by those who disagree with her father on political issues. However in reality she isn’t suited for all the pressures the limelight and being from a famous political family brings, and desperately wants to live a normal life away from it all.

*Yes, the President in our RP will be "Barack Bush." Why? Because I'm sick and tired of the partisan failures in both parties and all the negativity that comes from both sides, so I wanna bring them together, by force, in my own little xD


XXX is a popular K-Pop star from the top selling K-Pop group XXX. Girls from all corner of the globe would kill to spend a minute with him and he’s currently making more money than he knows what to do with – the perfect life many would say. However the pressure of constant practicing, a dating ban imposed on the members of his group, and the general lack of a social life makes his job a lonely one at times. He’s the consummate performer and absolutely loves his job, he just hates how lonely it can get at times, so when his group is set to go to America for a week to shoot a new Music Video XXX looks forward to be able to walk the streets of Hawaii without being recognized left and right. A break from it all is just what he needs, and he plans to enjoy himself.

*If you wish to make your character a musician from somewhere else other than S. Korea, I understand, but they need to be from a foreign country.....preferably other than Europe. =)

RP Starting Point/Mutual Expectations:

So this RP will start with both our characters arriving on a beautiful Hawaiian island. I figured my character would be in Hawaii with the first lady and her sisters and that your character would be staying in the same hotel with your band-mates. If the internet cafe storyline is okay with you, then I figured it would be inside the large 5-star Hotel complex and private - meaning only hotel guess with ID can use it.

In terms of writing expectations from a 1x1 partner, you'll HAVE to be good with coming up with NPC's for his family members, and etc. situations along the way. Don't just write "he said bye to the family and went to the store, five hours later walked the dog and then slept." Am I asking for a huge 10 paragraph explanation about waking up, talking to the family, walking the dog, and eventually going to sleep? No, but throw in a few extra details here and there via NPC's and random thought-up scenarios! I HATE feeling like I'm the only one to trying to add to the storyline with NPC's/plot-twist.

Also, Since I'm currently in school I might come across a couple days I can't post, but generally speaking I like to post at LEAST twice a week! More would be great, an it would be nice if you could do the same. Oh, and for the record, I LOATHE super-short posts. I don't get how people RP like that to be honest, so while your post doesn't have to be 4-5 paragraphs each and every time you reply, aim for two please! :D And no ebonics or text talk please, I'm not a spelling Nazi since typos can happen to all of us - especially if you type as fast me! (rofl) But, if you're constantly butchering words along with grammar - that could be an issue.

In regards to the face-claim of Zico.....I think he's a decent pick for the role - IF you choose to keep with the K-Pop angle, but if you have another guy in mind and have to change it - okay. Just NO WAY to these ppl:
ANY guy from Twilight,
Justin Beaverboy,
Zac Efron,
Disney/Nick guys,
and did I mention ANY guy from Twilight or current Disney/Nick!?? xD

Finally, everyone on here seems to have their own little way with CS's so I'm figuring there's no need for a CS guideline - feel free to use whatever layout/structure you like! A history section isn't 'really needed unless you don't mind providing one[i'll be doing one myself]. Just make sure you have the basics; An age, name, birthday, appearance[description & the gif above, or just the picture if you don't like writing out physical descriptions], and personality section!!

Also, I'll update the status in the description from "OPEN" to "CLOSED!" when the role is taken.
Thanks for visiting!


Toggle Rules

There will be no reservations for this RP. However many people wanna take the male role, can apply. Once CS's are in I'll pick which one I like best and go with that person. If only one person applies then voila - you get it. But say four people make CS's then I'll pick from all four once they're in.

After you mention you're interested in the OOC, or via messaging me, you'll have 72 hours (3 days) to get your CS in before I choose. =)

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Character Portrait: Valerie Kay Bush


Character Portrait: Valerie Kay Bush
Valerie Kay Bush

The eldest Daughter of President Barack Bush.


Character Portrait: Valerie Kay Bush
Valerie Kay Bush

The eldest Daughter of President Barack Bush.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Valerie Kay Bush
Valerie Kay Bush

The eldest Daughter of President Barack Bush.

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Re: Hidden Identities

Oh no he doesn't have to be the leader, he can take on any role in the group! =)
Got my CS up btw - woo!!

Re: Hidden Identities

Quick question.

Is the male idol expected to be the leader of the group, or could he fulfil another group role? Say, the maknae? Not saying that's what he'll be if so, but I just thought I'd ask.

Re: Hidden Identities


Awesome, I definitely look forward to reading it!! I should have my own CS up tomorrow too! =)

Re: Hidden Identities

Hey. Just shooting you a message here to say that I love the idea of this RP so much and I intend to submit a character for it!

It's like 2am here, so kind of a weird hour to be making characters, but I'll probably have at least a WIP sent in some time in the morning (for me).

Hidden Identities

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