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Hiruka Sorayuki

"Open your eyes and see the lies shattering around you, that is when the true face of reality is exposed."

1.4142135623731 · 602 views · located in New Haven (Japan)

a character in “Hidden In Plain Sight”, originally authored by chrian., as played by RolePlayGateway




"Behind a mask that humanity always put up lies a horrifying face. And I know have the power to smash all of it."


Hiruka Sorayuki
"It's not really that cool, but I treasured it because my mom named me that."

"Yeah, officially an adult now."

"Oh, is my hair confused you?"

"Konichiwa, watashi wa Nippon karadesu."

Theme Songs
Face of Fact (Resolution Ver.) | KOTOKO
Fortissimo - the ultimate crisis - | fripSide

"We are going on a voyage to the truth. What are you thinking so deeply about in the Face of Fact?"


Hiruka is a tall, slender man with pale skin. He stands about 6'2'' and weighed about 156 Ibs. His eyes color is light-colored brown, but when using his ability, his eyes will turn into more of a gold color. The most notable feature that someone would notice when they first met Hiruka probably is his long, blue hair which gradients into a lighter blue color. Hiruka's clothes often include a white and blue jacket. Underneath is a navy long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans and a blue studded belt. He wears matching shoes with dark blue leg warmers. He wears a blue and black glove on his right hand and his watch on his left wrist. Another trademark trait from Hiruka is that he often wear a large, retro headphones that hang around his neck.
"I don't know why but some people from both genders try to hit on me just because I have a cool look, as they said."

Hiruka is usually a calm and caring person. He smiles often and is very kind to others, offering his help in any way he can. He can also stand up for himself and know when to hold his ground when he's being insulted or preyed upon. He isn't afraid about revealing his true feelings and can be straightforward at times, whether he knows the person or not. Despite the fact that he used to getting involved with many different kinds of colorful people, Hiruka doesn't judge others based on appearances or personal preferences. He would rather get to know them better first, showing interest in their personalities and themselves as people. Although his ability proves to be quite powerful, fighting would be the last choice he'd choose when there are no other ways to deal with the matter. Hiruka is also a person who hardly ever loses his temper. But due to his ability to perceive reality, sometimes he can be suspicious with a certain people who weren't closed to him.
"When you felt like you don't have anyone to go to, I'll be that one."

  • Music || Hiruka has always been fond of it ever since he was small. Which is why he is often be seen with his headphones.
  • Piano || Though he might not looks like it, he's actually play it quite well.
  • Reading || He also reads a lot and it was one of his hobbies.
  • Wandering || Especially at nights, he enjoy to felt the cold breeze against his face.
  • Make friends || Meeting new people and be able to be friend with people like him make Hiruka happy.
  • Hang out with friends || He enjoys being near with people that he can trust.
  • Technology || Hiruka was quite well-versed with this major.
"Hmm? I'm quite an easy-going person, hehe."

  • Gossip || Although he is quite talkative, he doesn't like people talking about others' private life.
  • Dishonesty || Because no one could lie to Hiruka due to his ability, he just want them to tell the truth.
  • Noises || But who doesn't? Although with just a clap, he can make the whole area around him go silent.
  • Crowd || He will feel really unpleasant if he was surrounded with too many people.
  • Milk || It sicks him just by the taste.
"I don't care how nutritious milk, or dairy products can be. I felt sick just by the smell of them."

Hidden Ability
Reality Manipulation/Essokinesis: With the power to manipulate the face of reality itself, he can use it to change anothers perception of the situation in which they're in. Depending on Hiruka's power, he may alter something as tangible as physics to something inconceivable like logic. However, because of the complexity of this ability, he hasn't mastered it fully and couldn't alter the inconceivable logic of this very world just yet. But even that so, his ability proves to be quite powerful. As he began at Medium-Level, he can perform a seemingly impossible feat (e.g he can erase gravity, allow himself to jump from a skyscraper to the ground without getting any scratches). The more his power grow, the more complex laws he can control. He may also be able to impose his laws onto others. At his current strength, he can perform his ability mainly by these means:

Alternate Dimension Creation || Hiruka can create an alternate reality right in the middle of the world we lived in. To put it in a different way, it is isolation dimension that separates Hiruka and those around him in different plane of existence as normal humans. As long as Hiruka and the people he tag along with him stay in this realm, everything that happened within this dimension will not affect our world. He can create a dimension in an area ranging up to the size of a park. But if he was affected during the process, both he and the people presented in that alternate reality will immediately pulled back to the original world.

Imagination Manifestation || Hiruka can bring any materials, beings or tools originating from his imagination into existence. However, basic knowledge of things, creativity and desire for things to happen are needed so that he can manifest his imagination effectively. The more complex objects in his mind that he wants to create, the more energy it will cost him and it would put a great strain on him if he reaches his limit. But mostly, Hiruka only created small objects that he needed to use or projectiles to launch at his opponents in combat.

Reality Perception || Hiruka can perceives reality, allowing him to sense truth even if it is hidden. If he is questioning someone, he will automatically know if his target is lying and sense the truth.


Hiruka was born and raised in Hiroshima, where he has a pretty normal childhood like any other children would. Since the day he was born, he has always been a special child the eyes of his family. He grew up normally and well, except for the fact that his hair has strange blue color naturally, but no one seemed to mind that anyway. Hiruka has always been a nice kid and he has many friends around him. But just as when Hiruka thought that his life will just continue to go on as a straight line with a peaceful and normal life like every normal person, his parents were succeeded in winning two positions in the Council of the Empire.

After they were raised to those positions, they were moved to New Haven. Hiruka was only about 13 years old back then and little did him, nor do his parents know that they're going to meet their demise sooner or later. Although both of his parents had hoped that New Haven would be a place where Hiruka would continued to grow into a fine man that his parents had always hoped him to grow into. Until one day, both of his parents were killed while they were on a trip to the Black Lands to do some "businesses" that the Emperor required them to do because of the creatures that emerged from that land. And it turns out that they have no protection.

The news hit Hiruka hard. Losing both of his parents was a big shock to someone at his age back then. He can't remember how much he has cried in front of his parents' dead bodies. Because he had no relatives or guardians, the Council offered to send him to an orphanage, but he refused. He knows that he has to take care of himself without relying on anybody. So because of that decision, they would send Hiruka money for his living as compensation and an apartment where he has to lived all by himself. At first, it was hard for Hiruka and not a single day that he didn't miss his parents. But as time went on, he soon get over it and his life although was never the same again, it was a life that he could at least be satisfied with.

However, at times, he felt lonely because there were no ones around who truly understands him. Until the day when he was 15, when there was a transfer student who've caught his eyes from the first sight. After keeping up his courage, he managed to get acquaintance with him, and found out that both of them shared the same past. Between them developed a mutual understanding as they found out that they also have so much in common and soon, they became the best of friends. As time goes on, Hiruka began to have deeper feelings towards his best friend. When he found out, he thought that it was wrong of him to have such feelings with a guy. But no matter how much he denied, it can only grows. They've been together ever since then even though Hiruka can only keeps the feelings to himself. But somewhere in his heart, he still hoped that he'd be accepted.

It has been 5 years since then and Hiruka has learnt how to do everything by himself. The Council continued to send him money, but asides from that, he also find himself a part-time job besides from school. Despite everything that has happened, Hiruka still keeping the smile on his face and was always is a nice and kind person in everyone's eyes. But, what he has never expected is that another big twist which is soon to come will change his life, forever...


  • Hiruka is secretly a bisexual.
  • People often said that he has a nice voice, but he sucks at singing.
  • He is quite athletic and can run quite fast, whether if he is using his ability or not.
  • For some reasons, he has had long hair ever since he was small, but he has never got them cut.
  • Reading manga and watching anime has always been his habits, some complained that they were childish but he didn't seem to care.
  • His text color will be #2b47d6

Characters Opinion

Face Claim:
Aoba Seragaki | DRAMAtical Murders


So begins...

Hiruka Sorayuki's Story

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#, as written by chrian.


There was a green field up in the hill. From here, you can see the whole city glittering with colorful lamp lights. And it was the greenest and softest grass field that a person could have ever seen and felt in their life. The night breeze blows gently, sending some dandelions flew with it to the boundary. The starry sky was shining and only complimented for the illuminating moon as its lights shining through the whole place elegantly. On the field, there was a big cherry blossom tree with its flowers slowly drifted with the wind through the horizon. A truly romantic scenery.

Hiruka slowly made his way onto the top of the hill. From afar, he can see the beautiful cherry blossom tree blossomed in this lovely evening. As he got nearer, he can saw that a young man who is about his height with a short white hair, wearing Hiruka's school uniform was standing next to the tree. Although he can only see his back, Hiruka can guess that the young man are gazing towards the busy city and enjoy the breathtaking view.

As Hiruka approached him, he spoke up with his usual gentle and appealing voice. But he didn't realize that his face has got reddened already. "Kyoru-san...?" Realizing that, the man turned his back and smiled to Hiruka. "Good evening, Hiruka-kun. So, you've finally came?" The man spoke with such low voice that made Hiruka's heart skips a bit.

"Y-Yeah. So... why did you call me here?" Hiruka smiled softly then turned to another direction to hide his blushing face. His best friend has never called him out like this before. After all, his best friend was also the person whom he developed deep feelings with. And he found out that he was a lot more sensitive anytime he went near Kyoru recently, though he didn't know why.

Kyoru smiled. His smile was so bright that Hiruka could almost think that he it was even brighter than the moon itself. "Actually, I have something that I wanted to confess. And I figured that speaking it when we're at this place really set up our mood, don't you think?"

That's it, every words that his best friend said made him felt breathless. He still smiles gently, but his face now is almost as red as a tomato already. As he stood on the opposite with Kyoru, he has to resist the urge to ran towards him and embrace him right there.

But everything that happened after that, although he could already guess, he still felt so surprise. Kyoru stepped right up to him and hugged him tightly. He closed his eyes as he leaned his head onto his best friend's shoulder. He couldn't felt any happier.

"Hiruka-kun, daisu..."

Suddenly, the alarm goes off as loud as it could right when it ticks 6:00 AM, awaking Hiruka which caused him to almost fell off his bed. He let out a groan as he sat up, fully awakened. He reached his hand to the bedpost and turn off the clock. Right now, Hiruka felt a bit disappointed. Just a dream... yeah, how could it ever be a reality? He let out a slightly depressing sigh. This isn't the first time that he has such fantasies in his dreams though. Some of them were a lot more... well, intimidating than this so it was kinda that he got used to it. Although... it'd be nice if they were true. He thought sheepishly before shaking his head and let them out of his mind.

He stretches his arms and yawned tiredly then scratches his naked back, still feeling a bit snoozy. His hair was messy and draped over his shoulders. Hiruka doesn't really remember when was he has taken up a habit of sleeping topless but he finds it pretty nice and cool and he was living all by himself so it wouldn't have any problems anyway. Hiruka pulled away the blanket that covered him from his waist down and got down from the bed. He put his feet into the slippers and stood on the wooden floor while placing the blanket and covered his bed.

Hiruka's room was actually quite spacious with every facility that he needed, all thanks to his savings from working and the compensation money. Although his room wasn't as big and fancy like when he still live with his parents in their old house, he still feel comfortable for having such cozy place where no one can disturb him or telling him what to do. He walked towards the window and unravels the curtains, letting light to enter the room. As he opened it, he could felt the sunlight on his skin. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It was a nice morning and the air was still fresh from the aptitude of his apartment.

After that, Hiruka turned his back from the window and went to his wardrobe. He didn't have a lot of clothes but still enough for him as he only wears clothes that he felt comfortable the most. He grabbed his uniform and closed the wardrobe and carried it with him into the bathroom. He undid his belt and strips off the only piece of clothes on his body which are a black trousers and his underwear. Hiruka stepped into the shower booth as he turned on the faucet and the water poured out.

He closed his eyes as he felt the warm water streamed through every inches of his skin, relaxing him. He took a shampoo lotion nearby and squeezed out a considerable amount and began to wash his hair. Having long hair could proves to be a small challenge when you wash your hair as it was a bit tiring but he wasn't really bothered. He washed his hair from the top of his head to the tip on his shoulders and finally washed away all the foams. After cleaning every pinch of dust off his body, he turned off the faucet, grabbed the towel then ruffled his hair with it then dried himself and covered from his waist down with that towel.

Getting out, he walked towards the sink, brushes his teeth and dried his hair with the hairdryer. Combing and fixing his hair a bit, he get dressed and got out from the bathroom, took his school bag and then his room. With that said, Hiruka went to the kitchen, made some espresso and toasted some loafs of bread. Putting a pan onto the stove, he turned on the fire and made some sunny-side eggs. After the coffee and the breads are done, he carried and placed them on the table with the eggs.

"Itadakimasu." He clasped his hands and said to himself then enjoyed his breakfast. After he finished, he put the plates and the cup into the sink. Hiruka can wash them later when he got home. After that, he looked at the watch. The monorail would arrived soon, better get going. He thought as he took his school bag and got out of his apartment, locked the door and went to the station.

After get on the train, he sat at an empty seat and lazily looking out at the windows as the scenery passed by. Everything is still so peaceful and he hoped that it'd stayed that way. It took about 10 minutes to get to The Academy but it doesn't matter since it is still early for school to begin. When he got there, he walked into the elevator and went to the top building. Upon arriving at the Academy, Hiruka went to his locker to change his shoes and headed for his classroom. When he walking on the halls, there were a couple of cleaning bots doing their job. When Hiruka reached the classroom, the door slided itself and he walks in but he saw that no one was there yet, except for one of his classmates, Saiko Kibashi.

"Ohayo, Saiko-san." Hiruka smiled and greeted Saiko as he went to his table. Hopefully that today will be a nice day.

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#, as written by Byte


The familiar, sweet-hearted tone from her mother prompted the adolescent to avert her eyes from her book and onto the slightly taller, and older, woman standing in the doorway.

“Jeg kommer til å arbeid.”

The young woman nodded, slowly raising from her chair and closing to book before shelving it onto it's respective spot on the bookshelf. While Kjerstin had lived in New Haven for the majority of her life on this rotten planet, and was fairly fluent in Japanese because of that, her mother did not have that luxury and preferred to speak her native tongue while at home. A preference that Kjerstin seemingly shared.

“Frokost er i kjøleskapet?” She asked, approaching her mother expectantly in the hopes that breakfast had been prepared. It would make the start of her day a little less stressful. Considering that her mother was about to head out for work meant Kjerstin had about half an hour until she too had to leave for another mundane day at school.

As boring as it was, however, she never attempted to skip a single day. It was a nice change of scenery, and the rowdiness of her classmates and fellow students were a welcomed distraction from the bleak and often quiet atmosphere that apparently hung around the Lindholm house.

“Ja. Ha det gøy på skolen i dag, kjære.” Her tender lips pressed gently on Kjerstin's forehead as she wished her daughter a nice and productive day.

“Du også.” Kjerstin returned the kiss with a slight bow of her head, waving her mother goodbye as she exited into the hall that separated the abundance of apartments in one of New Haven's many skyscrapers- Although in hindsight, maybe it was a small apartment complex.

Kjerstin hurriedly packed her bag and slung the single, large strap over her shoulder before closing the door to her room and making her way to the kitchen to grab the sandwiches that were left in the fridge. She made sure to pack a few for lunch while leaving one as a snack, or breakfast, on the go, and left the apartment with the same hastily rushed attitude she always had. She didn't want to be late...

While sitting out the long trip inside a, thankfully, spacious and close-to-empty wagon, Kjerstin quietly hummed the song that jammed through her headphones at present, her head swaying from side to side as she admired the view that glared at her from the other side of the window. It was rather peaceful, albeit gargantuan with all those towers almost dancing under the light of the morning sun. The streets slowly but surely swamping with crowds of pedestrians rushing out and heading for work, school or maybe just to get a sniff of fresh air managed to bring a smile on Kjerstin's face – In spite of the fact that she herself was never a fan of being in the middle of that growing crowd.

And then the monorail stopped at her station that was only a few minutes of walking away from her school. Again, with a rushed walk Kjerstin ran out of the cabin and into the busy streets to anxiously navigate herself to the academy, where she took a moment to change her shoes and store a few things at her locker before taking the elevator to her assigned floor.

“Ohayou...” Kjerstin seemed to whisper as she entered the classroom, only slightly nodding at her already present classmates, Saiko and Hiruka, before taking a seat at her table.

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The dawn had nothing on Dmitri. He was up before his alarm, and already doing laps through the neighborhood he lived in. It was right on the cusp of the slums. So, on occasion a froth of garbage leaked from it and into his morning routine. This morning a dog had chased him around an entire block. Surprisingly enough, it added it a bit of ‘oomph’ to his usual regimen—that and a lot of expletives.
Curse word. Curse word. Curse word. “…that dog come from?” Dmitri asked no one in particular as he climbed the stairs to his squashed apartment. He ducked as he entered. The Japanese boy wasn’t that tall. It was just that these apartments seemed to be created for school girls, midgets, or maybe midget school girls. That was only exemplified by how cramped the shower was. If he dropped his soap, it just stayed down there until he could get out and bend over to retrieve it. His kitchenette consisted of a mini-fridge, something like looked like a Bunsen burner, and a sink constantly went ‘drip drip drip you will go insane drip.’ Also his living room was his bedroom—the futon served as a couch and a bed. While Dmitri had never enjoyed the lap of luxury, at least his family’s house had numerous rooms and enough headspace that he didn’t nearly blind himself on a daily basis. But whatever funds his father could allocate for him went into this shanty, and obviously it wasn’t a lot. Though Dmitri was sure that his father could give a bit more.

Dmitri’s alarm blared at that moment. He quickly dried his hair off and grabbed his school uniform from the closet. Most of his clothes existed in small piles of ‘shit mountains’ here and there, except for his uniform. He had gotten a few slaps on the wrist because it had been as crumpled as a paper bag. They didn’t seem to mind that he failed to tie his tie, or that he tucked his slacks into his boots on a daily basis. Maybe they assumed it was his form of expression. Or maybe they assumed Dmitri would snap and rage through the hallways breaking faces. As much as he didn’t want rumors of his past to propagate, sometimes they came in use.
He rammed his baseball equipment into his bag and threw it over his shoulder along with his school bag. “Just one more shit year,” he told himself. Dmitri then tucked his unruly black hair into his cap and slid his headphones over his ears.

Dmitri wouldn’t even take the damn monorail if there was an easier way to get to the school. Unfortunately there was not. He always ended up taking an entire set of seats to himself—trying to catch up on the sleep he lost earlier. Of course he heard the slurs thrown his way about how he took up a row. He responded with his favorite finger.
The Academy loomed over him, one of the many fingers of the city that reached towards the sky. New Haven probably would never have been established had The Darkness not consumed Northern Japan. Dmitri would probably not be here if it wasn’t for that either. The Darkness had cast a nasty shadow over the entirety Japan. People were escaping the inevitably of it through viler and viler means.
The monorail sign flashed and drew him out of his dark thoughts. Right. No time to reminisce. Even if he did every day.

On his way out, Dmitri probably hit more than one student with his oddly disproportionately large bag. “Sorry,” Dmitri would say. “That you are in my way.”
The fight with his locker would prove that the struggle was real for anyone in an extracurricular activity. Many students were privy to him kicking his bag into the nook for a few minutes until he could get it closed well enough. Somewhere in all of that he forgot to change shoes and take off his hat.

As he made his way into the Academy, Dmitri may have taken a bit too much joy hopping over the maintenance bots. They beeped aggressively at him. Probably a proximity warning. He high-fived a few of the other baseball players, and participated in the daily heckling ritual.
“Well maybe if your pitching didn’t suck Kosuke,” Dmitri would open with. There would be an exchange of insults before he realized he was going to be late for homeroom if he didn’t high step it.
Before it was all over Dmitri ran through a few people’s vidscreens. The blue and white of the pixels nearly blinded him. He swatted it away like gnats, which completely destroyed the users’ display. He didn’t have time to stop and apologize, not that he really wanted too.
More of his favorite finger followed that.

Inevitably he slid into homeroom to find it mostly deserted. Dmitri rolled his eyes. All that rushing was for nothing. He threw his bag over the back of the chair and sat with a bored ‘plop.’ When he placed his feet on top of the desk he realized that he had failed to change shoes. Who gave a shit anyway, he thought. He would just tuck his legs underneath the desk before class started.
The Norwegian chick was there, Ker-indigestion-something. Then two of the Japanese kids. The skeevy kid with blue hair, Hir-ccup. And then Miss Prissy, at least that is what Dmitri internalized her as, Sake-o. He really needed to start remembering his classmate’s names. Eh, probably not.
Dmitri didn't say anything. He ignored the formal greeting all together. What was the point? This wasn’t a business meeting. His tie wasn’t even tied. And these people sure as hell weren't his friends.

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#, as written by Jedly



The pinwheel revolved in Jido’s retinas; he laid there aimlessly, watching the numbers slowly increase until the process was complete. His eyes dilated and blinked a few times, just to check their operational status. The android’s neck pivoted to view his surroundings. He was resting on top of white bed sheets, his limbs frozen rigidly in place and his back straightened on a streamline axis. ”And… lean forward.” As if he acted upon audible command, the student sat up and glanced down at his chest. At the moment, a black chord was embedded in his opened chest cavity, while the cover which protected his internal circuitry was hanging outward on its hinges. His integrity was an amalgamation of flashing LED lights, rotating gears and silent circuits, all centered around one central port. Said port was currently occupied by the transporter of electricity, which was currently lodged firmly inside of him. With a single motion, he gracefully yanked the power chord out and let it fall with a thump on his sheets.

”Oh, I have school today. It’s Monday, right?” Doubt and unsurety lingered in his voice. He had been asleep for the entire weekend, after all. Jido had gone through a process which he upheld on a monthly basis, a way of charging his internal battery. Since it does seem strange for a student to go complete off the radar for two days, he commonly refers to the timespan as ’that time of the month.’ His friends are left in such disbelief and awe, that they are unable to formulate a response and simply skip onto another subject. The android’s joints still felt stiff, he had to go through a few exercises before finally feeling fully awake.

Jido pressed the chest compartment back into place then quickly dressed himself. After slipping on his jacket and straightening his tie, he briskly walked down the stairs to the bottom floor. The robot and his guardian were lucky to live in a decent house. It was the government’s way of thanking the remaining members of the company which produced the Aegis 3.0 Assembly Line. The fleet of animatronics prolonged the events of the disaster, even though it was only by a little, they still bought the fleeing upper class some time. They were only able to transport his creator’s lab assistant and himself, and now they both lived in the ‘better’ part of New Haven. It was on par with what used to be classified as middle class. But now, it was considered to be a privilege to thrive in such arrangements.

The second floor consisted of a kitchen and a living room, connected by an open hallway which leads to the entrance. The android stopped by the kitchen first and was greeted by his guardian. The middle-aged man was sitting at the table, sipping on a cup of newly brewed coffee. ”Ohayo, Sir.” Jido fluently bowed then treated himself to some of the beverage. ”Ello, Jido. You better hurry up, and make sure your cavity is properly locked. Wouldn’t want your chest to unhinge in the middle of class, now would we? I’m sure some of your friends would leak themselves on the spot.” The man chuckled then took a sip, while indulging himself with that day’s newspaper. Jido let out a sigh at the man’s pun, but anxiety kicked in and forced him to double-check his cavity. After crafting himself a basic grilled cheese sandwich, he proceeded outside of the door with his satchel hanging on his shoulder. ”Oh, and remember to verify you cache later today. Haven’t done that for a while, right?” Jido shrugged and took a bite from his creation, ”Will do.” The man raised an eyebrow at the boy, ”Your fly’s undone.”

”No it’s not!”

"I see your pigmentation drive is fully operational. Voice is a little high there, though. Might want to recheck your pubescence emulation system."

Jido had arrived at the station, breathing heavily as he gasped for breath. ”Damn axels… He muttered to himself while attempting to circulate oxygen through his mechanical imitation of lungs. The android had already finished his meal on the way, but a hand was still tightly wrapped around a coffee cup. Unfortunately, the monorail was pulling away just as he set foot on the platform. ”Guess I’ll have to wait until the next ra-”


The android cocked his head and swiveled towards the shout. His eyes rested on another student in the same uniform as himself, who was also in the same state of unrest. ”She missed the monorail as well. Oh well.” The android glanced at the expression of the other surrounding humans. It was amazing how none of them suspected of his origins. He had to hand it to his creator, that woman was as brilliant as she was elegant. But at this point, she was presumed dead. She was no longer a directive in his life, only a mere figment of the past. He was programmed to go through life at a brisk pace, remain on par with human beings and sink into their endless crowds. It was a subtle and leisurely existence for an android, at least he wasn’t forced into decimation like his brethren. The student simply took timed sips of his beverage while waiting for the next scheduled transport to arrive. As the next monorail came to a screeching halt, its doors slid open to give leeway for the flow of commoners. Jido remained standing and hung tightly to one of the ceiling grips. Civilians shuffled and bustled around, trying to make as much room as possible in the clumped car. It was thanks to pinpoint calculations of the laws of gravity and motion that the automaton’s beverage didn’t spill on anybody. He could only grunt and keep a stoic complexure as he felt his personal space be intruded upon. ”...Too many chests rubbing against my back right now. Just stay calm. Think of tomorrow. Yada… yada… This is why I hate the late rail.”

After finally arriving on campus, Jido briskly paced his way to his building. He let his chest expand, now that he had been given his own breathing room. ”That was a hassle. A painful one at that. Welp, time for classes.” With a few tactful weaves of the hallways, he ended up at his classroom door. ”And I made it on time. Nice.” Jido eased the sliding doors open, then advanced into the classroom. ”Ohayo. Robocop is in the classroom.” Such a title was truly ironic, since it was only coined due to his calm nature. His friends knew nothing of his robotic origins. ”Sorry about being unreachable over the weekend. It was… that time of the month again. I had to lay down a lot.” And he said all of this with an unbroken facade. Not even his lips quivered in temptation to make an expression. ”Sorry Lindholm-san, didn’t get to finish that book yet. You know, the one about Japanese deities? Kinda interesting how creative people were back then. I will do so this weekend. I’ll return it to you shortly.” He slung his satchel over the back of his desk seat, then plopped himself down comfortably. Four members were already present. The titan of a student known as Hiruka, the clumsy Saiko, the super jock Dmitri, and the easily flustered Kjerstin. The extents to which he was affiliated with them varied. For the most part, he was on good terms. ”I believe Nagata-san and the rest of our class should be arriving soon. Who knows, maybe we got some new students?"

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Distrust evident in her eyes Kaida clung tighter to her sisters hand. She didn't trust this new man at all. Rich as he might be, they didn't need him. Kaida was perfectly capable of taking care if both her sister and mother.

Her mother sent her a pleading look as they walked about the house. Well, most of them anyway. Tessa was sat in her wheelchair while that man pushed her around. She looked intrested as he pointed to diffrent places around them but Kaida didn't hear a word of it. Taking note of her mother's gaze she just squeezed her sisters hand as the continued.

'You'll love it here kids. It's exciting and there's so much to do. You see, New Haven is-' The man talked on and on but now Kaida was just focused on the sights. It really was diffrent then their old home. Roomier, cleaner, and much much less smelly.

Kaida supposed this place would be the best for her sister to grow up in. It would be so much easier for her to get around and the doctors had to be great.

Yes. Kaida would live here despite the man also being present. She'd do it for her sister.

'I told you. I can't go.'

Kaida let out a moan and sunk dramatically to the floor. 'But Tessaaaaa. I can push you. Or carry you. I'll do your work, please just don't make me go to school alone!' She was now on her knees at the foot of her sister bed. Kaida had been begging for an hour to no avail.

Her sister sighed. 'Kaida.' She said quietly. 'I can't go to school anymore. It was fine when I just couldn't walk but now I can barely sit up on my own. I wouldn't make it.' With a bit of a struggle she patted her sisters head. It was clear this conversation was over.

Kaida let her head fall limp on defeat. 'Fine. But you have to help me with my work. You're the smart one here.' Tessa giggled, and nodded.

Kaida spent the next few minutes hunting for her school uniform. She normally wouldn't bother but Tessa insisted she looked good for today. After about ten minutes and some silent curse words Kaida was dressed in a semi-presentable way.

'Later sis! I'll see you when I get home.' With a kiss placed on Tessa's forehead Kaida was ready to go. She didn't bother going into her mom's room. She and Giro would still be asleep. They normally didn't wake up until Tessa called them.

Kaida reached the monorail just as the doors started to close. With a flying leap she lurched forward and entered the car just as the doors slammed behind her. A few people gave her a glare but Kaida just leaned against the wall. The thoughts of others was something she didn't need to worry about at the moment.

Reaching the campus Kaida was the first out. She continued in a slow pace towards her class, not really wanting to get here now that it was so close. Still she reached it soon enough. Kaida stood outside her classroom, staring at the door. She really, really did not want to walk in that door.

But she had promised Tessa and Kaida never broke a promise to her sister. Taking a deep breath she mentally prepared herself and opened the door.

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#, as written by chrian.


Sitting at his table, Hiruka just quietly sat with his chin in his palm while gazing outside of the windows, waiting for his classmate to arrive. Although he got along quite well with the others, there's only a person who he's dying to meet everyday when he got to school. And of course, that person is no one other than his best friend, now also his crush, Kyoru. He let out a sigh. Must be sleeping in again, that's so him. He thought than turned his head back and watched as the cloud slowly drifted on the blue sky. From their class's aptitude, there's nothing that they could see other than clouds and sky anyway.

As time passed by, his classmates arrived one by one. The first one was Kjerstin, the Norwegian girl. She's always been a hard-working person but somehow she seemed a little bit quiet. But Hiruka and the girl was in good terms, even though they're not that close. She's quite intelligent too and sometimes she can be, well, easily flustered. As she walked in, she whispered something that Hiruka didn't really catch, but he guessed that she was saying hello to him and Saiko. She went straight to her seat and settled down quietly.

A while later, another person arrived. Hiruka can already guessed who is it before they enter the room. Dmitri... That guy has never really got along with the rest of the class though. Hiruka has tried to scrap up some conversation with him before but all he received were some annoying yells. Though, that wasn't seem to bother Hiruka much. He shrugged as Dmitri just barged into his seat while putting his legs onto of the table, and that is when he realized that the guy didn't change shoes before entering class. Hiruka let out a quiet sigh. Oh well, he's just a typical don't-mess-with-me guy. The class won't be that colorful if there aren't any guys like him.

And, there's come another person. As the door slide, an oaky hair poked in and then an average-height boy walked in. ”Ohayo. Robocop is in the classroom.” Jido greeted. Sometimes, Hiruka did wonder why did they nickname him like that. Maybe because he was always been a calm person? He just quietly shook his head then looked on and gave the boy a smile as Jido made his way into his seat which is right in front of Hiruka's, "Ohayo, Jido-san."

”Sorry about being unreachable over the weekend. It was… that time of the month again. I had to lay down a lot.” He said with a blank expression. Yeah, the guy has always been nowhere to be seen during the time that he called "that time of the month" in a monthly routine. Hiruka wondered why did Jido always seemed to have vanished from the face of the Earth during those two days and where did he disappear to. What is even stranger is that the boy always gone missing on weekends, not weekdays.

Hiruka shrugged and stop thinking about it. Everyone has their own secrets and Hiruka absolutely have no intention to be curious about them. "I was thinking about hanging out at a new karaoke place I've just found out with Kyoru-kun back then and I intended to invite you too. But you was being unreachable during the last weekends so... yeah. Maybe next time we could go together?" Hiruka smiled. Despite that Jido was kinda odd sometimes, he was a really good friend. ”I believe Nagata-san and the rest of our class should be arriving soon. Who knows, maybe we got some new students?" Jido spoke.

"Kaida-san should be here soon. And yeah, hopefully there will be some new students today. I've heard that there was going to be a batch of them so I wouldn't surprise if we're going to have a new friend or two." Hiruka replied. He then leaned his back onto his chair as he put on his headphones while waiting until the all of his classmates to arrive.

As he set his eyes outside of the window again, his thought drifted along with the clouds. He was thinking about what would he do after he finished high school. Should he continue with college? Just the money that they sent him every month combined with his wages at several places that he works at are already more than enough to scrap up a living for him already. But he has always been fond of technology and computers, so perhaps he could follow that major? He couldn't decide just yet. He gave a quick glance around his class. Come to think of it, now that I realized I'm really a giant.

Well yeah, both him and Kyoru were the taller than any of their classmates. Some of the girls even nicknamed them the Double Tower of their class. It's nothing really to be proud of, but it was nice having people looking up to you, right? As time passed by, more students arrived and the classroom was getting crowded. And finally, his best friend arrived.

Just seeing him can already make Hiruka's face got reddened a bit already. Kyoru was smiling brightly while greeting his classmates. Hiruka's heart almost skipped a beat at the scene. "Ohayo, Hiruka-kun." Kyoru smiled to his friend while went to his seat, which is right next to Hiruka's.

"Y... Yeah, ohayo..." Hiruka spoke with a smile, trying to be as normal as he could. Both of them then chat to each other about all stuffs like they always did. And Hiruka couldn't feel happier. With that said, the time went by until all of the students and their head teacher arrived, marking the beginning of today's session.

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Quite honestly he hadn’t thought about his past ever since he arrived at New Haven. What was the point of dwelling on the past when the future looked just as bleak? Nehemiah sighed with an unamused expression as he watched the TV in front of him blare on about destruction and chaos. Was there anything else the news could report on besides the negative? He was going to be late for school that much was apparent as the time clicked away without him making a single move to get ready. Finally a knock jarred Nehemiah from his thoughts and he glared at the door.

“Yes?” he responded.

“You’re going to be late for school Miho,” a female voice as gentle as the voice of an angel came from beyond the door. “Besides, it’s the beginning of a new year at the Academy.”

“Don’t remind me,” Nehemiah retorted as he pushed up in the bed into a sitting position. “The thought alone is why I’m still in bed.”

“Nehemiah Namikawa, get out of that bed this instant!” his mother warned as she knocked one last time, “you have fifteen minutes.”

Nehemiah could hear her footsteps as she made her way down the corridor and into the kitchen. As much as he loathed going to school, he knew his uncle would want him to better his education and go to college. This pathway was simple to accomplish, but it’s easier said than done. If it isn’t one thing with the teachers at the Academy, it’s another with the various cliques and awful excuses for human beings that attend the school. His friends had all dispersed after past events. Some went to America, some went to the UK and some just moved to different parts of Asia too far to remain in contact. Even online communication wasn’t enough to keep them all together. One by one they dropped off the radar until only a select few remained. Nehemiah sometimes wondered if it was worth the hassle to make new friends. It irritated him that there were so many missed opportunities, but he wasn’t even sure if he was ready for more relationships to form. Sliding into the shower, he let the warm liquid ease his troubled mind, and when the bathroom was filled with steam, he made his exit. Towel dried and ready to go, he partook of the chore known as getting dressed. One by one he pulled on a piece to his outfit, and when he was done with that, he began to accessorize. A necklace around his neck, a bracelet to add attention to his perfectly manicured hands, it was all meant to show that he was a guy just like any other guy but his facial features betrayed what he was going for.

The ride to the Academy was a peaceful one. Nehemiah sat on the monorail with his head tilted back and his eyes closed. He was blissfully aware of his surroundings but he didn’t care in the slightest. The bell dinged signaling that his stop was next. Gazing out of a nearby window his mind began to delve into the world of divination. It was scary when his mind decided to wander into the future of others around him. This time it was no different. He sensed death, darkness; it all came rushing at once. The stench was unbelievable and as the monorail rolled up to his stop, Nehemiah scrambled to get off before puking on the lovely marble that supported his feet. On lookers seemed worried for him, one even managing to touch his shoulder and ask if he was alright.

“I’m fine,” he replied panting slightly. He would be fine. It wasn’t the first time this had happened. He was afraid to tell anyone. He didn’t know what this was, or how to control it, or if it was controllable. He didn’t have time to worry about it though as the clock was ticking and he’d be late soon if he didn’t arrive at the Academy.

Putting himself back together, he hurried off towards the Academy. Passing familiar faces, he smiled and waved and as he neared the famed steps of the Academy, he couldn’t help but wonder what this year would hold.

“Hi Neho,” a familiar voice rang out as Nehemiah turned just in time to be tackled with a hug by a overly exuberant young girl. Nehemiah laughed softly before pulling the girl off of him realizing her to be one of his friends that moved away.

“Mia, what are you doing here?” Nehemiah asked in surprise.

“Well you see my dad moved back while my mom stayed in California, so I had a choice to make and it wasn’t easy. Dad was called back on assignment,” Mia replied still with a unnerving grin on her face.

“Guess that means you’re back for a while huh?” Nehemiah replied as the conversation began. The two talked for a while, walking down the hall and entering the Academy. The conversation lasted the entire walk until Nehemiah had to go to class.

“Catch you later Mia,” Nehemiah said giving her a friendly kiss on the cheek before entering the classroom and finding his table.