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Yuki Ishihara


0 · 1,034 views · located in New Haven (Japan)

a character in “Hidden In Plain Sight”, as played by Keen




NAME: Yuki Ishihara (雪 石原)
Yuki means snow. I wonder what kind of child they were expecting me to be given that name. Pure? Cold? Beautiful?

AGE: Seventeen
A number like any other, apparently it means I'm almost an adult though I don't feel much different than I did last year.

GENDER: Female
I'm not that flat am I?

FC: Chihaya Kisaragi || The Idolm@ster

A people who have lost their homeland. Reminded constantly by that dark blemish on the otherwise blue horizon.


ImageHIDDEN POWER: Hydrokinesis
A straightforward and simple ability that allows its user to manipulate water at-will in all its physical forms. The ability is hardly impressive or profound as others but it is a reliable one with few drawbacks. A much more potent power when near bodies of water or in rainy conditions to use as a larger source of manipulable material this power is however still usable in all but the driest of places by drawing moisture from the air, or even organic matter in a pinch though these methods are far less efficient. This is a rather flexible and versatile power that has uses both in and outside of combat Yuki has a few techniques she prefers to use.

Ice Shaping || Of all the physical states water comes in Yuki seems most adept at the manipulation of water in its solid form, ice. From biting and sharp blades of frost to slick sheets of ice upon the ground to protective barriers, in a fight this specific ability is Yuki's bread and butter.

Screen || Whether plumes of steam or a thick fog Yuki can create an obscuring screen of liquid in a gaseous state. This is mostly a defensive ability but can also be used to help launch surprise attacks. The idea of using this to create poisonous gases out of liquids has crossed her mind but isn't something she has ever put into practice.

PERSONALITY: Couple of paragraphs so others can get a feel for your character
Reserved || Honest || Loyal || Thoughtful || Shy || Independent || Kind

+ Music
I inherited my love for music from my mother. No matter how much I've lost in life music has been my ever faithful companion, I simply can't imagine a life without it.
+ Rain and snow
I've always preferred colder weather and there's just something tranquil and beautiful about the rain and snow. A last bastion of nature's beauty that can still reach us even in the hearts of our cities, it sounds a bit poetic doesn't it?
+ Coffee
I'm probably addicted to the stuff by now but a cup of coffee has become part of my morning rituals. And my afternoon ones as well... Ugh, I don't even want to think about how much I've spent on coffee this week alone. The cafes are so expensive but they're so good! I can't resist.
+ Martial arts
I think my father wanted a son, ever since I was young he pushed me to participate in sports like kendo and judo. I was never too serious about it but I found it fun at least. Once my mother passed however he became... A bit more zealous in his insistence of my participation in such things. I think he wanted to make sure I could defend myself so he wouldn't have to lose someone again.

- The Darkness
I didn't just lose my home to it, my mother's grave is still over there in that land swallowed by darkness. The idea that I'll never be able to visit her resting place again is... Painful. I'm sorry mom...
- Bullies
Exercising your power over those weaker than you is despicable. It is my believe that the responsibility of those with power is to protect those without.
- Loud places or people
Is it too much to ask for some peace and quiet?
- Spicy food
I've always had quite the low tolerance for spice, it was the source of many dinner disagreements back home.


HISTORY: well yeah.

OTHER: Extra things to add if needed like colour of text via the hex number or something


So begins...

Yuki Ishihara's Story

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#, as written by Keen
A collaborative post by Keen and AvalonKnight

Yuki stirred under her covers on another quiet morning, her internal clock had decided to wake her before her alarm did. Intent on silencing the machine before its disruptive noise shattered this morning's serenity she sat up and reached over to flick the switch to turn the thing off. With a moment spent to stretch her arms and rub her eyes Yuki kicked off the covers and hopped out of bed, shivering slightly at the sensation of her bare feet on the cold floor.

The steady sound of her footsteps was the only source of noise as Yuki walked out to the kitchen, her arms crossed over her chest in an attempt to ward off the cold as the large white shirt she wore swayed about with each step. These lonely mornings were something she had grown used to over her time spent here, she had been living alone in this small apartment ever since they had been forced to evacuate. Finding some discomfort in the silence Yuki began to hum a gentle melody to herself as she began to prepare her usual morning coffee. The smell of the coffee beans instilled a breath of life into the sleepy girl as a smile spread across her lips. This little coffee born reverie and humming session was rather rudely interrupted as her ears perked up at the distant sound of her phone chirping to life back in her bedroom.

Hastily she finished the preparations for her coffee and before jogging back to her room, easily spotting the small glowing screen that laid not far from her pillow. With a single swift motion she scooped the electronic device up and began tapping and swiping at the virtual surface to see the expected message the promptly popped up. As with every morning it was a text from her father with the simple greeting of "Good morning". Yuki smiled and returned the message with a good morning of her own before returning to the kitchen to resume preparing coffee and breakfast before carrying on with the rest of her usual morning rituals. Now clean, fed, and clothed, she closed the door on her empty apartment, the time had finally to head out for another day of school.

Down outside her apartment she unlocked her bike from a rack and hopped on. It was her only mode of transportation since the move here and she had gotten quite a lot of use out of the thing. With a moment spent to place a pair of earbuds into her ears and to select a playlist of music she was on her way. It was a route she had ridden many times, nearly everyday in fact during her previous school year and so it had become an almost mindless task. The loud shout of a girl however brought her focus back into reality. She must have been quite loud to make it through the music that hummed into her ears, and German too if she heard correctly. With the commotion she slowed her pace as her gaze scanned over to identify the source of the distressing noise. A young blonde woman seemingly cursing at the rear end of the quickly disappearing tram. Making a quick judgement of the situation she rolled herself closer to the girl and removed one of her ear buds.

"Excuse me... Did you need a ride to the Academy? I've got some room on the back of my bike here if you want to tag along." She gestured towards the back of her bike where a rack was installed and currently not in use.

Willow quickly turned towards the voice that she assumed was talking to her. She was offering her a ride? Oh thank goodness!
From behind Willow could hear another train pulling in but the fact was it would be quicker to get a ride from the girl since Willow was technically supposed to be at the school already so that the school could sort out her work and schedule. If she had waited to board this train then she would have to wait another ten minutes for it to set off.

“Yes please” Willow chirped happily as she walked over to the girl and took a seat on the back of the bike.

” My name is Willow Haven, I’m new to this school it’s my first day” Willow introduced.

Yuki gave the girl a nod and waited for her to get situated on the back before taking off once more. It wasn't a very long ride to the academy from here and she figured it was better to err on the side of safety and only went at a moderate pace. Yuki kept her eyes looking forward as she pedaled forward, "I'm Yuki, Yuki Ishihara. So are you a first year then? Or are you transferring in? I'm starting my 2nd year here today." Her gaze fixated upon their destination in the distance. She wasn't usually much of a conversationalist and in truth this wasn't the most comfortable situation for her, but it simply wasn't in her nature to ignore someone in need of help.

"I'm a transfer from Germany" Willow told her polietly but she could sense the girl was uncomfortable so Willow stayed silent the rest of the ride to the Academy. She watched as the scenery passed by, her thoughts traveling back to the first time she had arrived in Japan. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she did not realize how close to the school they were until Willow felt the bike come to a hault. Glancing around Willow noted that they had arrived. She jumped off the bike and thanked Yuki for the ride before excusing herself and rushing towards the school. She made her way to the head office where they were waiting for her.

"I apologize for being late" she said politely to the lady at the front desk, who in response nodded and told Willow to take a seat and that someone would be with her shortly.

Yuki only raised a brow as the girl sprinted away. "Guess she really was in a hurry..." With a shrug Yuki popped her earphones back in and rode her bike over to lock it up before heading up to her classroom. There were a few students who had arrived before her but no one she wanted to talk to so she made her way over to her desk and took a seat, her gaze wandering over and out the window as she waited for another day of school to begin.