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Azimuth "White" Carson

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a character in “Hide to kill or kill to hide”, as played by RolePlayGateway



Azimuth Carson
Real Name: Azimuth Carson
Agent Name: White
Age: 18
Organization: The Council
Day Job: Shop Assistant. He also is a Novelist (but hardly famous)


Personality: During the day he's a bright and cheerful person, talking to almost everyone he meets and helping them in any which way possible. He's caring and kind. It's only really an act though, he's a pretty cold person and won't show anyone mercy. He tries his best to keep himself calm but if something goes wrong, he does curse a bit.


Preferred Weapons: Dagger, Poison Darts


Brief Description: Azimuth lives inside one of the rooms in The Council, he keeps a black and white cat. Which he tries to keep hidden, he doesn't know weather or not he is aloud it. The cat's name is Laon and is black with white paws. He's a part time novelist, writing 3 novels. He's not famous but he makes a little bit of money, not enough for him to live on though, so he works inside a shop. He's better at taking out a target at a distance but can do hand to hand combat if he has to. He's somewhat weak and punching doesn't really work for him, so he uses a dagger in hand to hand combat. Although he tries to avoid this combat at all costs. He originally comes from London, he raised himself on the streets and learned a few skills about stealing and even about killing people. He was caught at the age of 17 and put in prison, the government decided he would be useful and enrolled him in the Council, in exchange for his freedom.

So begins...

Azimuth "White" Carson's Story