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Haya Valdis

"Let my light cover you to oblivion..."

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a character in “Hide to kill or kill to hide”, originally authored by Misdemeanor, as played by RolePlayGateway



Real Name: Haya Valdis

Age: 20

Organization: The Agency

Day job: Famous Actress and Idol

Personality: Super-intelligent and arrogant on the inside, It is important to note that, Haya never attempts to justify her actions, even when presented with prime opportunities to do so. Even if, she would be viewed as a villain by many. Haya is an elegant, graceful, strong willed and patient woman who displays her cunning with her charms, she appreciates the value of planning and patience. Normally a kind and benevolent individual, she had chosen with resolve to conceal her true feelings for the sake of her vengeance against those who had brutally shamed her in the past. Thus, changing her to a cold-hearted individual. She is also a mentally resilient woman which is shown to her stubbornness when faced with an opportunity to kill a person that could be involve in her past or her determination to defeat any opponent that would challenge her. Although, this trait of her causes mishaps on certain plans. She is very resourceful to a point that makes her enemies fear her both in intellectual and physical fights which counters the troubles she would cause at times. A calm and collected assassin, as one who doesn't display much emotion when engage in a fight, even though she does not enjoy violence yet finds that battle is inevitable in the times she lives in.


Preferred Weapons: Sniper Rifle and Steel garrote wire

Fighting Styles: Long Distance Shooting and Stealth Killing

Brief description: Haya was born into a family of Law-Abiding people. Thus, most of her family were either a Police, a Lawyer, Public servants or Politicians who had made many enemies due to the strict adherence to the law. It is because of them that on Haya's 7th Birthday, she wanted forget all of memories regarding it. Soon enough, she was taken care or rather saved by an Agency's spy and had been adopted with much secrecy due to the fact that leaving witnesses alive in a mission is prohibited. This is where she had become an operative of The Agency and had excelled being one of the Top Assassins of the Organization. She is an excellent strategist and a deadly yet silent killer without question.

Duly noted, she is also a beauty to be seen as she walked the path to stardom. As of now, she is regarded as one of the leading World Actresses winning the people's love and adoration of this in the field of Showbiz. It was not hard for her to reach her position for she was an exemplary actress with many experiences to back her due to The Agency. In addition, it does aid her in data collection when a target is assigned to her. The Agency fear for her identity to be revealed but, she is very careful with her actions which gained the higher-ups approval.

When she is free from both of being an actress and assassin, she enjoys reading books or playing on the piano to serve as her relaxation. She is not the kind to have friends around her since she never trusts anyone. All of her relationships are mere facades for her to use in the near future.

So begins...

Haya Valdis's Story