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Hide to kill or kill to hide

The Radian PD


a part of Hide to kill or kill to hide, by Horzta_01.

The Only Police department in Radian. Has the SWAT Station, the Interrogation room and evidence department.

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over The Radian PD, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Only authorized personnel are allowed within the SWAT Station, the Interrogation room and Evidence Department.
By standers or people like that, can only be in the Police department itself, in the waiting hall.

The PD also has a garage.
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The Radian PD

The Only Police department in Radian. Has the SWAT Station, the Interrogation room and evidence department.


The Radian PD is a part of Radian, Redfort.


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"Yes, it is pretty much tensed here in the Radian PD as policemen are surrounding the Station," the news caster said as the people in their houses swarmed the TV, "Truly, this is another wake of the Assassins". A large roar was heard from the station, some of the Police went off to their vehicle and seemingly went towards the back. "The other spy is being pursued while our famed DT is missing in the parking lot". "Are we ready, Lucia?" Horzta asked to his mic.

"Yes, start your engines, I have done a calculation that puts the traffic on your side, we'll loose them in the rush hour," Lucia said as she was looking at the security cams. "Oryt," he said and roared his way to the garage entrance and saw a barricade that no car could pass. "Fire!" one of them said. Bullets rained DT as he just kept his head down, hoping no bullet would be able to hit him. Before he even went near, the officers jumped away and just saw him drive away on his motor. "Come on, don't let him get away!" the cops entered their vehicles.

"Ok turn right, there,"

"Now turn left, you see that go sign? Speed up just to 100 miles,"

Horzta's bike sped up as police vehicles behind him did. He zoomed in and out of the adjacent traffic just before that red stop sign lights up and the traffic just made it impossible for police to catch up to him. "Good work, surprised that you didn't make the chase last longer DT," Lucia said.

"I guess, I was just tired," he said zooming into an alley way, "Anyway, do a background check on Agent X, see her activities and such". "Will do, do you have the cellphone of our late client?" she asked back.

"Yep, got it just before she and I talked"

"Very well then, the sum shall be transfered to your account,"

"Do you have any big hits?" he asked as he got off his bike, which was changing back to normal.

"We have small times, helping a gang war, escorting Yakuza officials," she said as she looked into her DataBase.

"Ok then, I'll just go and change," he said entering a familiar back door. When he finally got out, he walked towards his bike and sat on it. With one moment, he zoomed back to the streets. Something tells him that he'll find something in starbucks.