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high school done right

high school done right


ever hate your life because you feel like your an outcast or that you don't fit in any where or with any one.

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the story

in the last ten year man has finally stopped killing lycans and vampires and witches and the mystic people are now just coming out of the wood work to readjust to life with out being hunted of prosecuted for there way of life. BMHS was the first school to welcome the kid of the hunted and now there are opening up to every one in the world. at this school we just want you to live and don't care about what you do.

the school

back mash high school is a large place out in the middle of the no mans land of northern main.
the school is meant for those who can not stand to live in there environment any more this school is a safe haven for evey one and no one here will ever be alone this school will help you become better at your life and fitting in with kids that may not be like you. the school want to see it human students mix well with the monster students.
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alice walked in to the room where her bed is the large room was dark and the sound of her computer running in the back ground was nice Alice walked to the desk where a pix of her family sat they had all been great to her when she lived where up there. alice's eyes started to water, "god i miss them i can't wait to go home at the end of this year" alice moved away from the desk and over to her bed and hit the keyboard on her other desk. on it was iTunes, chrome and mine craft her Favorite thing alice opened iTunes she had a lot of music on her PC alice liked most every thing to night was a warm rainy night so alice play music corresponding to the mood she was in frank Sinatra and some other big band type music after the music started alice stood and walked to her bed and crawled deep in side the covers. her finale thought for the day where of the vampire boy she had meet just a few short hours ago, what was his name, Mich no what was not it alice thought harder, "Mitchell he was nice i need to find him tomorrow and talk to him alice closed her eyes and fell in to a deep slumber.

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Character Portrait: Mitchell Glass
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#, as written by Sadies
Mitchell finished off his potato wedges then took the polystyrene container and shoved it into the cafeteria bin as he made his way out into the darkening sky. He looked up at the stars for a second before he continued to walk. It didn't take him long to return to his dorm. He walked in and plonked in the computer chair where he sat down with his feet up on the computer desk, not using the computer, just simply sitting. He looked around his room. He was glad his new room mate hadn't appeared, maybe he was lucky and didn't have one. He wasn't tired but he decided to try and sleep, he knew the sun would wake him up early, he wasn't excited about that. He locked his dorm room door and shut the curtains then stripped down to his underwear then pulled back his covers to check the bed was sleepable, he had heard disturbing news about disgusting dorm beds infested with bed bugs and fleas. His bed seemed fine though and after a thorough check he climbed in and pulled his covers up over his shoulders and snuggled down tight to sleep.

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Character Portrait: Mitchell Glass
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#, as written by Sadies
Ignore, sorry, double post. x.x

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Character Portrait: Lucy-chan

im a demon im in 9th grade

Character Portrait: alices may miller
alices may miller

done move for i will bite you

Character Portrait: Violet Walters
Violet Walters

A clumsy witch struggling to control her evolving powers.

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