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Alexis Hunt

0 · 316 views · located in West Palms Academy

a character in “High School for the Rich and Famous reboot”, as played by Annalee2010


FC: Ariana Grande
Speech Color: #ff73bf || Thought Color: #630034


Alexis Hunt









5' 2"


Hair Color

Eye Color

Lexi is a little on the short side at 5' 2". She has long brown hair and brown eyes. She doesn't have any scars or tattoos but she does have both her ears pierced twice, the lobe and the cartilage, as well as her belly button. Lexi always tries to look her best but also comfortable at the same time. Usually she'll wear skinny jeans and a cute top and save the skirts and other cuter clothes for when she is on stage or has to make an appearance.



"Music is my life."

"Come on, who doesn't like sweets?"

"Again, who doesn't?"

"They look and smell beautiful, need I say more?"

Her job
"They say if you love your work, it's not really work."

Talking about her past
"People can be very judgmental,"

"All they do is spread lies,"

Getting dirty
"Just no."

Being ignored
"Not that it's happened."

Deep water
"I never learnt to swim, alright."



Despite everything, Lexi was always very outgoing and optimistic. She enjoyed making new friends and having fun. Lexi loves to laugh and to make others laugh, even if it may not be entirely appropriate. She hates to see people upset or hurting, no matter the reason, and will try to cheer them up anyway she can.
She was never the kind to take handouts and always did her best to earn her own money or to help out around the orphanage to cover her expenses. Now that she's living with the Martin's she still doesn't like to take their money even though she knows they have more than enough. She even insisted that she pay for the school's tuition out of her own money.
Lexi can be a little childish at times and gets jealous very easily. She doesn't like it when the spotlight is stolen from her and she really hates to be ignored. Lexi always does her best to avoid confrontations, she more of the silent revenge type person. Instead of saying to your face that she doesn't like you, she'd be the type to talk behind your back or key your car to get revenge.

Image ImageImage
Lexi was abandoned as a baby, knowing absolutely nothing about her parents. The first few years of her life were spent in an orphanage. She was six years old when the Martin's visited the orphanage and immediately fell in love with the happy, fun loving, little girl. It took nearly a year for the paperwork and everything to go through and the loving couple were officially declared Lexi's parents. Even though legally, her last name is Martin, her adoptive parents never forced their last name on her and didn't force her to call them mom and dad either.

Even though Lexi was very grateful for the couple, and loved them as well, it just never felt right, calling them mom and dad, so it was always Mr. and Mrs. Martin to her. Her adoptive parents weren't rich but they didn't struggle either. Mr. Martin was the store manager of the local grocery store in the small town she grew up in, in Iowa and Mrs. Martin worked from home as a personal accountant.

Lexi was always very popular in school, and she loved the attention. When Mrs. Martin heard Lexi's singing voice, she was surprised to find the young girl so talented. The couple did everything they could to help Lexi nurture and develop her talent. When she was 9, Lexi started to post videos on YouTube of her singing and her popularity soared. It surprised her as well as adoptive parents, all the fans that started to comment on and share her videos.

Soon enough, young Lexi was a viral internet sensation. She was 10 years old when she was first contacted by a record company that was ran by Mr. Oberlander. Her life was never the same after that. After a long discussion, her adoptive parents decided that Mrs. Martin would move to California with Lexi while Mr. Martin stayed behind to work at the grocery store. It was very difficult on the couple, but they could see how badly Alexis wanted to pursue her music career, and they wanted nothing more than to make her happy.

As her music career took off, school was put on the back burner, but Mrs. Martin insisted that Alexis at least continue with home schooling. Once Lexi had enough money to buy a home in California, Mr. Martin finally made the move and followed them to California, easily getting another job as a store manager with his experience.

Lexi's life has been pretty crazy and hectic for the past 6 years and the Martin's worry that she's missing out on her childhood with her focus pretty much primarily on her music. Finally they've put their foot down and insist that she finish her last few years of school at an actual school. Mr. Oberlander, listening to her parent's concern, point them to West Palms Academy, the same school his son goes to.

Lexi had seen Felix from afar over the past few years, and knew very well who he was, how could she not know the son of her record label. To say she had a crush on him would be a given. He was handsome, successful, and older. She was very excited when she found out she would be attending the same school as him, and that he'd offered to show her around. She has been crushing on him for so long, she's practically convinced that she's in love with him, not knowing a thing about his girlfriend.

So begins...

Alexis Hunt's Story