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Ashdun Stone

"Sorry ladies. My boyfriend needs me."

0 · 223 views · located in West Palms Academy

a character in “High School for the Rich and Famous reboot”, as played by InakoUchiha


FC: Colton Haynes
Speech Color: #cc4e4e || Thought Color: #780707


Ashdun Castiel Stone



Rock Star

Alexandersexual (Homosexual)

Actress: Doesn't Know
Pop Star: Friends
Male Model: Doesn't Know
Trust Fund Kid: Pretend Boyfriend




|Hair Color|
Dirty Blond / Brunet

|Eye Color|

Ash is a somewhat attractive, and very masculine teenager. He has a perfectly built body. Due to his years of being on the road, he tried to build the perfect body. His hair is a short spiky cut, and he prefers it that way. His eyes take a bluish green coloring, and changes based upon the male's mood. Ashdun just wears whatever feels comfortable. Which means a shit ton of band t-shirts, ripped jeans, and his trusted leather jacket. Ash never leaves his leather jacket behind. He has to wear it, it's somewhat of a safety blanket. He must truly think highly of you if he lets you wear his jacket.

He highly enjoys, since he started to 'date' Alex, wearing superhero themed t-shirts. Because he's normally in the sun, and physically active he has a somewhat decent tan. Being very confident in his body, he often parades around school and makes his jeans ride low. He has a rather jockish body type, and loves to show it off. So Ashdun makes sure that almost any of his shirts are tight enough to showcase his muscles.


Music: Music is like Ashdun's savior. The art in general makes him feel like himself. He can confide in it.
Alexander: To him Alexander is a somewhat mystery, and Ashdun likes that. He feels comfortable and thankful around him.
Giving People Nicknames: It's completely unknown to him why, but Ashdun enjoys giving people nicknames. Especially Lexy Licorice.
Star Kink: Of course one of Ash's loves is his band. He loves his band members, and they just make him happy.
Singing: Being the lead vocals, Ash enjoys singing. He has a talent for it, and secretly loves to sing Taylor Swift songs.

Ignorance: Despite his own cocky and rowdy behavior, there is nothing that Ashdun hates more than ignorant people.
Crazy Fans: The whole reason he's in this situation. He hates obessive and crazy fans.
Homophobia: Nothing pisses him off quicker, than a homophobe. People love who they love get the fuck over it.
Being Alone: Doesn't it explain enough?
The Woods: He doesn't want to get killed. The woods are creepy!

Dominant and ill-mannered. Ashdun is the perfect rock star, and boyfriend. He's protective, even though he and Alexander are for real dating. He loves loud music, and being loud. It's his personality. He's somewhat laid back, and is chill as hell. He loves children, and has a immense soft-spot for them. He will often play or babysit with his nieces and nephews, when his elder siblings are at shows. He doesn't like 'chick-flick moments', or being questioned on his emotions. He's also extremely impulsive, and when nervous he makes a ton of jokes.



Ashdun didn't really have a normal childhood. His parents Izabella and Michael Stone, part of the band Planetary Convergence, never staid in one place. They constantly moved around in their giant r.v. Leaving his elder siblings, Kirsten and Gage, to teach him along the road. Pretty soon it developed into a routine. His sister made sure he did his normal school work, and his brother taught him to sing and play music. It eventually became his life. He became rather talented in vocal performance, and as he did, his parents decided to settle down near West Palm Academy.

When he turned twelve, he started to make friends. They would come over, and play music with Ashdun. Ash's father remarked they actually became good over the few months they were friends. So, they decided to start a band. Even though Ashdun was already known by the public he still wanted to be a nobody band at first. They named the band Angel Fall, at first. But, they changed it Star Kink somewhat after Ash's family band. Soon the young teenagers took the world by storm. They became popular everwhere, and traveled to every place in the world.

Even inside of the school they were beloved. Soon, fan clubs around the school popped up. Girls and some guys became obsessive over him. Stalking him, harassing him. Ashdun had enough. So he decided to 'come out' to the school as homosexual. This just seemed to increase the harassment, and stalking. Ashdun came up with a plan. Even though he wasn't gay, he knew of one kid in the school who didn't have the weird obsession with him. Alexander Harper. So he talked to Alex and asked him to be his 'boyfriend'. The plane was to just act as if they were dating. Now....he doesn't know what the plan is anymore. He's falling for Alex, like a star form the sky.

So begins...

Ashdun Stone's Story