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Demetrius Byers

"Just let me write my music in peace~"

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a character in “High School for the Rich and Famous”, as played by OdessaGodessa


FC: Colton Haynes
Speech Color: #3B9C9C || Thought Color: #4E8975



Demetrius Lenin Byers





Actress: TBA
Male Model: TBA
Pop Star: TBA
Trust Fund/Website Inventor: Pretend Boyfriend/Secretly In Love With


6' 3"


Hair Color
Dirty Blonde || Leaning More Towards Brown

Eye Color
Sea Foam Blue



Like 1: Music "To me it's the window into the soul."
Like 2: Being Outside "Nature is a bliss."
like 3: Exercising "Staying in shape is important."
Like 4: Food "I mean.... I kinda need it to live."
Like 5: Achieving "Success is key."

Dislike 1: Lying "It's horrible, it's even worse being the liar, all it does is put a bit in my stomach."
Dislike 2: Distractions "Focusing on what I need to get done is first priority."
Dislike 3: Failure "I don't like coming short of anything, I always want to do my best."
Dislike 4: Gloomy Days "The sunshine is so nice, I hate seeing the sky all gray."
Dislike 5: Crazy Fans "Wanting some attention is okay, but demanding all my attention is too much."

Shining, That word alone could explain most aspects of him, he chuckles at the smallest of things, Demetrius could shine almost as bright as the sun some think. He appears to never be in a bad mood, chin always up, the bright side usually in his favor. He's a happy man for the most, always radiating joy. He talks a storm to everyone, though he knows when to stop. It's not like he tries to bother anyone, but it happens sometimes. Though he likes to talk he has a silent side. There are things Demetrius can't express with words, therefore he uses song. It seems like he always has his journal in his hand, jotting down thoughts and ideas that he could use for inspiration. His passion for his music is extremely deep set, something that controls him and moves him in ways he could never explain. With such a love and passion for his music he went to the lengths of lying in order to be able to practice and write in peace, something he normally wouldn't do. He had the best intentions when he lied, he thought he could focus more on the thing he loved most, yet it back fired and put him in a desperate spot.


Demetrius' house hold was always lively and basically constantly full of music; with his father being a guitarist and his mother a singer it's understandable. His parents were in the same indie band, Octavia, though they were good they never became extremely popular, they typically just played at small local festivals. With his parents life style he was never placed into public school, but instead home schooled. His parents weren't the smartest, but the knew enough to teach their son.

"Uncle Ross, do you think you could play that song for me again?' Demetrius' father was the lead singer of a rock band in the 60's, the band was fairly popular but never reached its full potential. The music that his uncle played he found more enjoyable, more upbeat, it spoke to him on levels. Ross wasn't some rock star that did drugs, slept with groupies, or was constantly on the road. His songs always had meaning, had messages that inspired. people. At a young age this started a spark in the spirit of Demetrius. "Of course, kid."

At the age of fourteen Uncle Ross' band had an opening for a bass player, immediately Demetrius begged to be able to join the band; Ross couldn't say no to his favorite, and only, nephew. For five months he played the bass. The gigs were small since the band no longer had the popularity it once had, though the fun never truly seemed to end.

"You''re really good, man." A brown headed boy came over to Demetrius, patting him on the back and continued to compliment him. At the end of the conversation he offered him a position in the band he was starting up. Demitrius wasn't sure how to respond, but in the end thought maybe leaving his uncles band to be in his own would be a better fit. From there Iridescent Movement was formed.

Traveling across the country at the age of sixteen was unimaginable. Sharing the words he wrote with the world filled his heart with so much joy. He didn't care about the fame, no he cared about giving the public meaningful music that's lyrics had more substance than sex, drugs, and money. As time passed on it got hard for him to write music, not from writers block, but because female fans wouldn't let him be. He couldn't go out in public to write like he once did, if he were seen he'd be crowded on sight. Without peace he finally decided the best thing he could do was lie about being gay. In his mind if he did this fans wouldn't be as crazy to see him, but instead it back fired. Instead of girls swarming him men began to. All they wanted to do was talk, flirt, and be his. Out of desperation he asked his classmate, Alexander, to be his pretend boyfriend. With this idea men stopped flocking him as much out of respect for his relationship, but to his surprise he began to fall in love with his pretend boyfriend. He never expected this, but he's nervous to how it'll play out.

So begins...

Demetrius Byers's Story

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Face Claim: Colton Haynes
Dialogue: #3B9C9C || Thought: #4E8975
Status: Excited to see my friends and enjoy the music at the festival! <3

This morning he honestly didn't want to get up, he barely had the energy to even do so. He had had a long night out with his band members, from practicing to hours, to catching a bite to eat, ending with running away from adoring fans. Demi had grown accustom to the unneeded attention, yet he still wasn't ok with it. The directed attention at him had died down tremendously since he had announced he had a boyfriend, but when he was with Clarence and Norman, his band mates, fans barely cared about his relationship. At first he himself didn't care much for his relationship, it was just a lie to help him escape overbearing attention, but now - now it was time to get ready for the first day back to classes.

Hopping up from bed he maneuvered around miscellaneous objects in his floor over to his closest, Man, I really need to invest in cleaning my room. Demetrius, though a well put together young man, had zero skills at keeping things organized. It was a weak point for him, he tried a lot, but all-in-all failed and always end up a clutter once again. Regardless the mess, he dug through the pill of clothes at the bottom of his closest. After digging for a good three minutes he managed to retrieve a turquoise bottom down, blue jeans, and blue vines iridescent Chacos. The only reason he had the Chacos is because the company sponsored the band, what's better than the Iridescent Movement wearing glow in the dark shoes?

Being fully dressed and ready he pulled out his phone and called Alexander. Come on, pick up! If Alex answers Demi replies, "Hey, where are you? I want to meet up." If he doesn't answer Demetrius leaves a voicemail of the same message. Demetrius was slightly getting use to the arrangement, the whole fake dating thing. His feelings were becoming more than fake and he wasn't sure how to express that to Alex yet, but he was sure he'd figure out something.

Instead of going straight to find where Alex was, he instead left his dorm and maybe his way to the festival, which didn't take too long. Music blurred and vibrated through the atmosphere sending chills up his spine. He adored this feeling, the warmth of being surround by music. "Hey, Demetrius!" Someone yelled out from the crowd. Turning to face the person he smiled, though he wasn't exactly sure who it was. The person continued to ask Demi how his summer was and how his new relationship was going, all Demi could do was smile and answer the questions to the best of his abilities. "So how long have you two been-" Before the stranger could finish he was jerked back by Clarence, "Interview's over, fresh-meat, go pester someone else." He snickered as the young boy scampered off into the crowd of people. "You didn't have to be so rude to that kid man, he was sweet. An artist or something." "We're artist too and you don't see us interviewing our colleagues." "An artist as in painting you idiot." Letting a laugh rumble from his mouth Demi then playful hit Clarence in the chest. Clarence in all ways was a hot head, easy to temper and exploded at the smallest things, he certainly had angry problems. Being apart of Iridescent Movement meant Clarence had to uphold a positive attitude to the public, and sometimes he failed, but he of course tried his best.

"Yeah, yeah. A painter, no wonder he was so easy to scare off. Anyways, don't forget about practice tonight." Demi nodded his head in agreement, there was no sane way that he'd forget about practice. Music was his life, which made the band his world.

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FC: Dylan O'brien
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Status: Happy to be back to school and see all my friends again! :)

Alexander stared at his computer screen glancing through some of the criticism of his own site. He already had a plan for his next update, there were bugs to fix and small tweaks that needed to be made before he planned to do anything huge again. He was thinking of changing the interface of his site, or adding some features that he felt people wanted, but he always liked looking through what others wanted to see as well. He liked having ideas and making the website something that everyone was happy with rather than what he was happy with. There wasn’t a whole lot of opinions he could work with, though. Some people were complaining about recent changes because they didn’t like change, others were just irritated about some errors they found and a few were changes that just didn’t make sense.

Before Alex could start actually diving into his own work and get started on fixing a few bugs that were on his list, another student entered the lab. He could hear the door open, which made him check, he knew that the computer lab wasn’t going to be hugely popular on a day like today. He was sure most people preferred the other activities around school more than they preferred the computer lab. He saw that it was Sally, and smiled. It had been a while since the two got to see each other in person. They called and texted each other a lot, but Sally had gone off to film for a while which had meant the two didn’t get to see each other at all.

He turned back to his work as she collapsed in the chair beside him. He listened to her complain about how tired she was and he couldn’t blame her. Alexander had heard that Sally came in the night before and he was kind of surprised that Sally was even at school. He admired her for being able to come to this school event even after just getting home, and on top of that having to work out extra hard. He’d never be able to do what she does. “Wow, that sucks. I’ve got some over the counter pain killers if you need something to help with the pain,” Alexander offered. He often got headaches so he carried around a bottle for himself just in case. He was sure it was against school policy, but the teachers have never said anything to him or cared that he had them.

Alexander gave a soft smile when she looked over at his screen and asked about his website. He loved talking about his website. It was his greatest accomplishment, and he really appreciated all the work Sally had put in as well. Sally endorsing the website had made it easier on him when it came to competing with all the other social media platforms out there. “Well, we’ve jumped up in members since the last time we talked. The site is still mainly only American users, but I’ve got a few teams working on what to do to get more people from other countries. At the moment we’re working mostly on fixing up some of the errors and then we’ll be making some changes to the look of the site,” Alexander explained.

While he had been going over how his website was doing, he had felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He didn’t answer because he felt it was rude to do while in the middle of a conversation. By the time he had finished what he was saying, the call had gone to voicemail. He checked who it had been and glanced over at Sally. ”Excuse me a minute, Sally. Demetrius just called, I need to see what he wants,” Alexander sighed. He had told Sally about the whole fake boyfriend arrangement. He trusted her with the secret, besides he felt wrong lying to his best friend. The whole arrangement was just for fun anyway, and to help out someone who couldn’t get peace and quiet any other way.

Once he was done listening to the message he sent Demetrius a text, ”I’m at the computer lab, same one I’m always in.” He put the phone back into his pocket and leaned back in his chair and stretched. Sally hadn’t met Demetrius yet; at least not that Alex had known about. ”Demetrius is going to stop by, I hope that’s okay,” Alex informed her, he hoped she was okay with it. The two hadn’t hung out in so long that he did want to keep talking to her, but he also did have to keep up appearances with his fake boyfriend now as well.

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FC: Elle Fanning
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Status: Filming is great, but it's so good to be back home with my dear friends :) :)

Alexander offered Sally some painkillers but she just shook her head with a small. Someone walking in on Sally taking pills from another student. That was a headache Sally could do without. That was what this life was all about, navigating away from potential trouble and bad situations. Something Sally could do that with her eyes closed. She'd deal with the muscle pain. Then Alexander went on to explain how his website was doing. It sounded like everything was going well for him and his social media platform.

Sally was glad he was always working so hard on it and she was just happy she could help him out. "That sounds like great news Al,"
She said happily giving him a one arm hug. "Let me know it there is anything you need me to do all right? You know I am in England and Europe at the end of this year promoting my new movie?" Sally hoped she could be of some help in perhaps promoting his site overseas since she was frequently overseas.

Then Alexander looked up and said, ”Excuse me a minute, Sally. Demetrius just called, I need to see what he wants.” Sally gave a coy smile as Alexander listened to his voicemail. Of course Alexander had let her in on his secret. He couldn't keep anything from her, though he'd made her swear not to tell. ”Demetrius is going to stop by, I hope that’s okay,”

Sally couldn't stop herself from grinning and leaning in. "You mean I'm going to finally meet 'the boyfriend'." She was excited. Sally had heard all about Demetrius from Alexander when they'd had their many phone chats, but she was yet to meet the guy since she had been away so much. Sally has pestered Alexander over the phone about a billion questions, was he cute? What was he like? Did he make sure Alexander didn't spend his entire life working on his website? Finally she'd get to meet the guy. Of course she had done a quick google search of the guy to make sure he was good enough for her Alexander. Though she wasn't going to tell Alexander she'd searched up the guy. "Should I pretend I don't know you guys are faking?" She asked as she realized she didn't know if Alexander had told Demetrius that she knew.

Then Sally's phone went off. She rolled her eyes playfully, "Speaking of boyfriends," she checked the message. "Where should I meet you? :)" She gave Alexander a sad look, "Seems like I have a boyfriend to go find." Reluctantly she got up and grabbed her bag. She'd have to go back to the festival and spend some time with Felix. It had been forever since they had last hung out. "Give Demetrius a kiss for me," She said with a wink and she walked off. Though when Sally got to the door she turned back around smiling at Alexander, "How nice is it that we both have boyfriends?" She said with a laugh and left to go rejoin the festival.

Sally quickly texted Felix. "Hey at the festival now, come find me, I miss you". Then she wandered around a little knowing Felix would take awhile to get here. She said hello to a few people and then spotted fairy floss booth. Smiling Sally made her way over and got herself a small one. Though when she turned around she accidentally bumped right into the back of a girl with long brown hair. "Oh, I'm so sorry," She said genuinely putting a hand on the girls back to make sure she was okay. Then she saw the girl's face and realized she didn't recognize her. Which was weird because Sally made an effort to try and known everyone. "You must be new," She said with a smile. "I'm Sally." Sally made sure her body language was warm and inviting. New people were just more people to convince of her friendly, sweet persona.