Joanna Matilda Barlow

A Transgender girl who lives to beat the odds. She's got vast skill in building things with her hands. She can wield guns and has a capability of picking locks.

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a character in “High school judgement of Transgenders.”, as played by JoannaMatildaBarlow


She looks like Natalie Portman.

The type of person she is a shy at first sort of person when meeting others as she's constantly afraid of being judged for who she is and for what she is. The general demeanor of her is that of a outgoing person. Tough and able to stand her ground towards indifference. She doesn't fear life. She's whimsical and kind to a fault. Joyous in a sense.

She can wield Guns and Pick locks when the need calls for it.

She's a transgender... When she was 6... she had this thing where she thought of things that boys think of. Young boys. she was with the intention of playing like one of the boys. Playing sports like one of them. The whole enchilada. It was just as simple as that. nothing more. Of course she never really got into playing sports. She took the approach of building with her hands. she constructed a motorcycle all on her own. With only her... working on it. The thing that really got her with a gender identity crisis... was when she looked at myself in the mirror and there looking at this boy. In the mirror. A reflection of her... that was in appearance of a boy. She looked at him and he looked at her. She couldn't think of it being just her eyes playing with her mind and that she was seeing just a illusion. It was then that she realized that she was a boy. A Boy trapped within a girl's body. So she started dressing like one. Playing with boy things and acting like an actual normal everyday boy. It was there that she started getting set to get shots of this stuff called Androgen. Every other month at first... then as it went... every month and a half... to every month... to every two weeks. It was constant. ongoing. However by age 10... she grew tired of her family. she was faced with indifference and felt completely alienated from them. It got to where she just had to go. she had to leave them. So she went to find papers for Emancipation and had them filled out. Once done... she went out to do things that made money. Either by helping around the house or helping neighbors with some things for some side change. Money on hand as she was looking to shoot for a new life. She was emancipated and that meant freedom. She took that and made her way out on the open road. She happened to remember coming through the Hoover Dam.
It was the most marvelous sight ever. Nobody could believe how beautiful it was unless they were there to see it as it was like a majestic view. But just be sure that they didn't look down from the top of the Dam. they'd be wanting to faint. It was a sight no one would forget. But there... as Johnny. This is what A couple years ago… She was barely making it and she just left her parents as she reached her fill dealing with them. She had emancipated from them and was on the road riding her motorcycle. She didn’t know where she was gonna go. But she knew that she had to get away. Live a new life. Any life. But that night… On the day after the actual day that she left her parents and Emancipated intentionally from them… she was strolling or cruising along Phoenix, Arizona. It was a rather hot day and in the desert… even though it’s night time. It doesn’t exactly get all that cool. But she was in Phoenix that night. Cruising around the city and only stopping at the corner of S. 40th street and E. University Dr. to recharge on Gas and grab something to eat. She at that time… had like only 100 Dollars on hand as it was all she had to spend. What she had to live on during that time. She used a piece of it on gas for the Motorcycle and something to hold her over till she found a decent pull-up spot to just crash for a little bit and catch some sleep. she had only just barely finished getting gas for my Motorcycle when suddenly this guy… she don’t even know who he was. but he was indeed persuasive. came over towards her and saw that she was… well alone and with nowhere to go. Of course… a 13 year old on the road doesn’t really speak innocent in first impressions. But she was. till that night. He asked her if she was goin’ somewhere and she shrugged. She didn’t know what to tell him. He asked where her parents were and she told him plainly that they left her and disowned her. But the truth was that… she left them. Emancipated from them and she even hinted or referred that to him. Not that it was for him to know as he didn’t know her and she didn’t even know her. She told him about how she left her family. Why she left. She didn’t have the need to lie. Because there was nothing to lie about. She told him about it and they just got to talking a bit. The guy however was a starving artist. But happened to have a decent living. He figured that she might have been a little hungry and in need of food. It was not as if it was something he had to do. But couldn’t bare to just depart without at least offering a chance to allow for her to grab something filling. This guy was apparently was Italian. Had a hankering for Pizza. That was when he just lead her to this pizza place that was just down the road from where she was at that moment. The Pizza there is just phenomenal. The Chicago deep dish that they have is just outstanding. She had 4 slices of it and wound up so stuffed that she swore that she’d pop. But it was definitely a peaceful and serene moment. However as they would always say… With the sweet soon came the not so sweet and delighted. She was soon about to depart from the place and she must have gotten as far as Albuquerque, New Mexico when she stopped somewhere to find a place to grab something to eat as yet again… it’s been like several hours since the last that she’d eaten anything. Namely something like that Chicago deep dish pizza. It was another 7 hour ride. Which wasn’t so bad as there wasn’t any traffic much. Just some stop-up. But she barely stopped in front of this food mart when suddenly she got grabbed by a couple of men. She didn’t know who the hell they were. They were kinda troublesome and seemed to have a lot to prove as they were considered as the bad seeds. She didn’t want to hang around them. However they got her where she had to stick around them a little. They came off as just misunderstood. However… It didn’t turn out that way as they were also smoking. Smoking and had a dark secret all their own. Apparently… what was said… after it was all done… was that they were into taking pictures of young kids. X-rated porn-the illegal and sickening kind. But it never got that far. Not with her… All they did was encourage her to let loose and embrace her bad teen side. she didn’t. Even with them insisting that she tried on smoking. she tried it. Only one time as it seemed like something teens with that James Dean personality would do. It was only one. Just one and she didn’t even finish it. she got away from there as fast as she could once she had a clear shot to make a run for it. she ran off and got onto her Motorcycle and Sped off. Thinking as though for every inch away on the road… was another few feet away from them. She made it to Metropolis… about a week later… Been here in the city since that time. But she have been on the road for 4 years. Or Emancipated for 4 years and been in the city for a year. But till only recently… kept it low key and taught herself. Reading books and doing Math problems on her own. Feeding the brain knowledge as much as she could.With anything she could get her hands on.

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