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Starr Montgomery

A bubbly young girl with high spirits and a beautiful personality to match!

0 · 2,038 views · located in Brookdale High School

a character in “High School Love Stories”, as played by ~Lonesome Butterfly~



Name: Starr Montgomery

Nicknames: Twinkle. (Her last ex and close friends are usually the only ones who call her that)

Gender: Female

Grade: 11th

Age: 17

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Friends: Starr's friends with pretty much everyone, unless you're rude to her.

Best Friend: Janelle Daniels!

Enemies: None.

Favorite Subject: Dance & Art class. (Fav. core subject = Math)

Least Favorite Subject: Science.

- Music/Dancing
- The Ocean
- Art
- Photography
- Electronics

- Jerks/Piggish men
- Boredom/Loneliness.
- Being Single
- Drama
- Bullies

Overall Personality: Starr is a bubbly person. She's the type a total pessimist would love to hate. If she see's someones hurt or down, it doesn't really matter what part of the social latter they're on, she'll stop and talk to them if she feels it could help them turn their mood around. However she's not the pushy type, and won't bug someone she really thinks rather just be left alone.

She has the unique fortune of being associated with a lot of the popular kids, while at the same time having a lot of friends who are anything but. So one might call her "Semi-Popular".
Labels aside though, there's probably not an easier person in the WORLD to talk to.....just keep the drama and anger away from her, she hates it, and tends to completely shut down around it if she doesn't just walk away.

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Eye Color: Light Greenish-Blue.

Height: 5'10

Weight: 140lbs

Typical Clothing Style: Varies.

Overall Appearance: Starr tends to wear whatever she feels looks decent, so it would be hard for anyone to try and put a label on her appearance. She does LOATHE pricey labels though, and will never been caught wasting money on such clothing.

Family Members: Starr is the only child of a single mother named Cher, who's 54.

History: Starr spent ages 3 -14 in Spain thanks to her mothers job at the time, meaning when she moved back stateside she had little friends and her English - while strong - was heavily laced in a Spanish accent. The latter hasn't changed much, and her ex use to joke that she spoke like Penelope Cruz or Sofia Vergara, now though she has been able to make some friends and isn't nearly as lonely as she was when she first moved back, however she still feels as if something is missing, or someone.......

So begins...

Starr Montgomery's Story

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"Nina time to wake up or your going to belate"

Hearing her mother and a couple knocks at her door she groaned and rolled over in her bed looking at the clock. It was the first day of school and she definately was not ready for it. Slowly getting out of bed she made her way to her bathroom and quickly took a shower, starightned her hair out and got dressed in a pair of stright legged jean, a band tshirt, and her chucks. Grabbing her phone she decided to quickly send Brandon a text to let him know she was actually going to be on time today.

To Brandon
From Nina
Hey im awake suprisingly, ill be at school in twenty.

After sending her text she grabbed her violin case, backpack, and a green and teal plaid sweatshirt then made her way down to the kitchen to grab a protein bar "Mom im headed out, love ya" she yelled before making her way out to her black wrangler jeep. Putting her things on the passenger seat she attatched her ipod to the stereo and put the song to "Some Nights" by fun. Singing along she backed out of the driveway and drove the fifteen minute drive to the school.

One she parked her jeep in the student parking lot she strapped her electronic violin to her back, grabbing her shoulder bag and sweatshirt she left her car and headed into the school. Once she was inside she tried looking for Brandon or her bandmates but didnt find one. Giving a slight sigh she headed to her locker but stopped when she saw Sophya. She wouldnt call them close friends but they talked a few times and the other girl had good style, she looked.over the girl but xursed herself silently and walked over to Sophya.

"Hi Sophya how was your summer?" she asked in her usual soft voice and smiled slightly.

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*~ Starr Montgomery ~*

Starr ran down her front steps and towards her skateboard in the front lawn - all while stuffing a blueberry muffin in her mouth. She had waken up nearly thirty minutes after her alarm was SUPPOSE to go off, and had to slide into her fitted jeans, grey tank, and sky-blue converses in record time just to get out the door five minutes late.

"Okay baby, i do apologize in advance here-" she began, as she threw her long blonde hair up into a high-up messy bun "-but i'm gonna ride ya into the sidewalk today. Can't be late on the first day!"
So after quickly slinging of her rainbow-striped book bag over her shoulder, Starr threw her board - which was also covered in rainbow stripes - down on the drive way, waived by to her mom in the window, and took off towards the school - which was a couple of miles down the road.

By the time she arrived outside the front doors the first bell had yet to ring, and after a mini happy dance she kicked the board up into her right hand, and opened the door with her left.
The halls were bustling, but all Starr heard was the music playing in her ears via her Samsung Galaxy Note2. For the entire way in it had been tracks from Disturbeds "The Sickness" album blaring in her hears, however as she bounced through the hallway it was "Let There Be Love" blaring, and she couldn't help but dance a bit as she made her way towards her locker.

Once she had grabbed out the books she needed, she'd shut her locker and begin to walk towards her first period class.

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Nina watched as everyone headed off in different directions, hearing the bell ring she quickly started to walk down the hallway. As she turned down one hallway she saw a familiar blonde and grinned. Quickly running up the hall to catch up to her she put her arms around the girls eyes and whispered "guess who!" she didnt wait fo Starr to guess, instead she went on the right side of the girl and smiled. "So I was thinking we are in needof a practice this afternoon and we still need to find a bass guitarist so if you know of anyone tell them to come this afternoon."

As they got to the classrrom she walked in and took a seat near the back and made sure to save the seats around her for her friends she also was wondering when Sophya would come in, maybe should ask her if she can play an instrument. Nina started to get lost in her thoughts as her music from her ipod droned in her ear.

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Janelle Daniels


Janelle heard her name being called and turned to see Ainsley. She smiled at her. "Hey Ainsley, how was your summer?" After their brief interaction, she headed to her locker. She put away her book bag and grabbed her books from her locker. She headed to her class and sat down, then pulled out her phone to send a text before the bell rang and class started. She texted Starr.

To: Starr
From: Janelle
Hey! Sit with me at lunch today?

She contemplated telling Starr about being...pregnant. She had to tell someone and knew she could trust her best friend Starr.

Josh Blake


Josh sat at his desk as some students entered the classroom. He glanced down at his notes again as a more students poured into the classroom. After the bell rang, he looked up, surveying his students. He spotted a familiar face in the back of the class, but couldn't place where he knew her from. He took attendance, but reading her name didn't aid him in figuring out who she was. The whole time during his lesson, he wracked his brain trying to place where he knew her from.

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Julian nodded to Nina' suggestion that they cover Fun. He liked the band; their songs were easy to play, and fun to mess around on with fills and syncopation. It'd be a nice breather piece given some of the other pieces he played. He continued to follow the conversation silently, his eyes lighting up at the prospect of a bassist. He'd have to vet her to be sure she worked well with his drumming, but even the possibility lifted his mood greatly. They could get somewhere! He always had the feeling that the band would only last as long as they were together, and that time was now diminished to two years. They had better make the most of it.

He decided to let his feelings be known briefly, concentrating as he spoke. "W-we'll have to see how w-well you w-work in the b-b-band, but I d-don't see why you wouldn't." He was getting a bit better with his stammer. He could at least carry a conversation reasonably well, if he concentrated. He then had to laugh at Ainsley's quip. "Y-yeah, I g-g-guess so. Things just k-kind of m-mesh well. I-I'm lucky to have a b-band that w-works as well as w-w-we do." He meant that; he had never expected to find a group so fulfilling in high school. He'd miss them in the future.

He nodded at the idea of a sleepover. Assuming his father was alright with it, a jam session would be just the thing to see whether he and Sophya would work well together. That would be crucial to whether she joined the band. As he left class and headed off to his next class, he began contemplating how he would go about auditioning her. He knew he had to take on the primary responsibility of assessing her, given that he was the other rhythm section musician.