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Fia Akio

"Well then fuck you, you fucking fuck!"

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a character in “High School Of Us”, originally authored by LoonyLunaLoo, as played by RolePlayGateway


Fia Akio
Nickname: Isn’t my name short enough already? She just goes by Fia
Age: I’m a senior in high school, isn’t that a bit obvious? Fia is 18, though she only looks about 16
Birthdate: Aquarius, the water bearer Her birthday is Valentine’s Day, February 14th.
Where you are from: Good old US of A. Where the government fucks us every day! Fia was born in New York, NY, but her family moved to Sejong, South Korea, soon after her 5th birthday. She loves it there, and speaks both English and Korean fluently.
Partner: Men are lying bastards, and girls PMS to often… Fia Tries to stay single, even though she’s usually making out with some guy or girl…However, since she met Kenhuri, she's had an unbearable crush on him. She hates it, because she keeps getting stuck on the possibility of her fucking up their friendship.
Sexuality: This shouldn’t be an issue to understand if you read the above statement… Fia is extremely bisexual. She can seriously break up with her boyfriend, then get a girlfriend ten minutes later.


Likes/Powers: My powers are my own business…back off…
Power(s): Fia can snap and fire will appear in the palm of her hand. She can also see every outcome to a scenario, which is why she prefers not dating. Fia mostly tries to block that power, but with every new choice she has to make, it flashes through her mind. It’s almost like seeing the future, but not exactly.
• Music
• Being Alone
• Korea
• Saying fuck

Dislikes: Man, you’re really just looking to piss me the fuck off with all these questions
• Having asthma
• Running
• Hamburgers
• Meat in general

So begins...

Fia Akio's Story


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Kenhuri Kutsune

Kenhuri Kutsune and his sister Hara were sitting in the middle of the road as he pulled his head out of the window. " Oh come on i know this makes no sense"...he left the car and started to walk down the street.

One thing he did know was that every time he looked back someone was watching him. He smiled as he turned on a corner and waited for them to come on a short notice.

As the man turned around Kenhuri strapped him and started to choke him as he covered his hands over the mans mouth and made him fall asleep.

He turned around and left as he bumped into his sister and smiled. " Hara what are you doing here i thought i told you to stay in the car right where i left you ?". He stood back for a moment as the man was sitting in the trash can.

Kenhuri turned on a block and sat up on a step as he watched people walking up the steps. He was nervous about this year because some of his former classmates were coming and he was going to be delighted to see them again but...he had something to finish.

For one he had some girls he wanted and that..was all of them.. not only was his family rich but Kenhuri was a major playboy who is used to getting everything just like how he gets every..girl.He was cocky enough to know that people hated him for who he was. He was never mean and yes he was a pacifist but what did that all have to do with him going to some school his parents signed him up for

So he asked himself as he sat on the steps. " I love nature...makes me want to just lay down and think by myself tonight because this year will be worth remembering.


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Kerli Heruka

Kerli got to school early today, it was the first day and she had to catch up with her mates. She was gone all summer to a reform summer camp that her parents made her go to because of her attitude and rage. She hasn't seen any of her friends since the last day of school last year and was really missing them. She was glad this year she was assigned roommates with three of her best mates and really thought she should sit down and talk to Bri....maybe....she wasn't sure yet. She made sure she wore long sleeves because of the scars, she didn't want her friends to know that her rage has gotten the best of her sometimes, she knows they already onto her about her eating disorder. She sent one of her good friends a text:

To Fia: Heya girl are you almost here?

After she sent the text she walked over to the bleachers of the football field and sat down, her eyes scanned the field noticing a few sports players on the field but none of her mates. As she sat there she started singing along to the song that was playing on her ipod "You think you see me, and everything that you consider me, You think I'm more than you, You think you see me, You like the way I'm strong and stand by you, But I am fragile too, I am fragile too, Yeah I will be fine, As the time goes by, It may hurt at nights, But I will be fine, Yeah I will be just fine". She noticed the players stop what they where doing and just watched her sing, like they where in a trance "I love doing that" she leaned against the bleachers and closed her eyes as she continued to softly sing the song. She then heard familiar footsteps coming her way and she looked up to see one of her mates walking towards her "where the bloody hell have you been girl?" She then got up and ran to Fia giving her a hug "god i missed your pretty face".


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Fia was laying with her headphones in her ears, phone on her chest. She was watching the clouds, waiting for Kerli to text her. Her hair was in it's usual mess, nothing special for the first day, and she didn't even care. She wasn't here to impress these people, and she sure as hell didn't feel the need to. Her jeans were tight, and she wore them low on her hips. She had on a tight tube top, with a jacket over it. Sure, she looked like a twig in the tight clothes, but she liked showing off her hips.

Her phone vibrated, scaring her out of her world. She jumped, her head hitting the bleachers she was laying between and yelled out. "What in the flying fuck! Now I have a fucking head ache! You fucking stupid fuck bleacher!" She checked her phone, looking at the name.

You can probably hear me, she messaged back, rubbing the back of her head and cursing some more. She looked down at the football team, looking for a new boy to torment, and coming up empty. She was Fia was also looking for Kerli, and still cussing under her breath. As she walked down the bleachers, seeing Kerli, and jumped the last two.

"Hey girl!" She yelled, hugging her friend tightly. She had missed her psycho, ticking time bomb best friend, and was glad she was seeing her again. "Whatcha been up to? I tried to call you all summer, but you never answered! I wanted to see you all summer, you psycho!" Fia smiled at probably one of her closest friends besides Dragon. "Oh and speaking of wanting to see you, I have so much to tell you!"

As she looked at her best friend, she noticed something different. "Long sleeves, chica?" She asked, looking at her shirt.


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Dante opened his eyes slowly as the taxi he was riding in came to a halt. He looked out the window and at the sun streaming in, it seemed almost blinding right now. The taxi driver was talking; probably worried that he couldn’t get out of his seat or something from being too weak. He cut off his power, feeling the draining of his power stop and he felt his body return to the way it was, strong and lean. He opened the door and stepped out, placing more than enough money for the ride on seat for the driver. He stood and stretched his muscles, feeling everything give a slight ache as though they hadn’t moved in ages. In reality he’d only been draining himself for only thirty minutes or so. He’d built up a very good stockpile of power but he always made sure to add to it when he could, even though it had been over three years since he’d been forced to use any of it.

Dante slung his bag over his shoulder and put his violin case under his arm as he walked into the school. His other things would have been sent ahead of him and put in the dorms, probably not unpacked for him but there none the less. He kept the violin with him at all times, he could play a number of instruments but few were compact enough to carry while still be elegant to play. He looked around, letting his eyes take in every detail as he sought out his friends, his old comrades and colleagues. He’d kept in touch as best he could be he couldn’t help but be eager to see them again. Hopefully they wouldn’t be trying to kill each other this time.

He moved forward with a bit of a swagger to his step, his head held level and easy. He wasn’t too cocky but he was more than aware that he wasn’t dirt, not to say anyone else was. He let his eyes take in every part of the building, it had been years since he’d been here and he’d finally returned. His travels had taken him to a lot of places but few felt as at home as this school did. As he moved he noticed more than a few girls turn his way and he couldn’t help but give them a little wink in reply. He couldn’t help himself, he didn’t try to flirt it just sort of….happened. Dante put his hand on the doors to the school and with a small smile pulled them open as he took his first steps inside, into the belly of his old home and his new one.

He hadn’t taken more than a step inside when he felt it, the pulling on his heart and soul. He couldn’t help but smile as he turned away from his intended route and let the pulling guide him. He could hear the singing ever so faintly as he made his way towards the bleachers. It stopped rather suddenly and he spotted three of the girls, he could identify one from the singing and the other one from the way she stared out at the guys, that had to be Kayla, the last one was a little harder since he couldn't see enough of her. He called upon a little of his built up sight and looked closer, with a smile he pegged her as Fia. He started to walk slowly towards them as he unslung his violin and started to play a slow soft melody. It wasn’t as magical as what Kerli did but it was still something at least.