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Jessalyn Morrison

"Just keep smiling"

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a character in “High School”, as played by Annalee2010



Jessalyn Morrison

Jess or Lynn


Birth date
October 18th

Jess is very outgoing, and can be a bit of a bully at school. She would definitely be considered a 'queen bee' as one of the most popular girls in her class. Jess is used to getting her way and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Some people may think she's not very bright, she's not stupid, she knows that her 'friends' only hang out with her because of who she is, because she's famous and they want to see what they can get from her. She knows this, but she doesn't really mind it, preferring to have these 'friends' than to be alone.

Jess was born to a single mother who struggled to get by. When she realized that she could get money, putting Jess to work in commercials and other things, Jess's career started. As soon as she was old enough to walk, she was modeling. Her mom always told her that she loved her, but she never felt it. The woman was very strict about everything her did and what she ate, not wanting to lose her meal ticket by letting Jess put on a few pounds. Now, it's still just Jess and her mom, she never got remarried, wanting to keep the money that Jess made all to herself. Of course, Jess never talks much about her mom, and always makes her career seem so glamorous when she tells her friends about it, but honestly, she hates it. If it was up to her, she'd never step foot on the runway again.

So begins...

Jessalyn Morrison's Story

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Jess woke up at 6:00 am, taking a shower before starting to get ready for school. She always had to look her best when she left the house or she'd never hear the end of it from her mother. 'You're image is very important Jessalyn' She could practically hear her mother's voice in her head. With a quiet sigh, Jess finished curling her hair and grabbed her designer purse off the back of her chair, making her way downstairs. She can hear her mom in the kitchen already, the sound of the blinder makes her want to barf, luckily there's nothing in her stomach to come back up. Her breakfast has been the same for as long as she could remember, if you could even call it that, her mom made her a shake every morning that was supposed to boost her metabolism, to help burn off the calories she ate through out the day, which next to nothing. "Here you go sweetie, drink up." Her mother said, pouring the mixture into a glass for her.

Jess didn't say a word as she sat down at the counter and hesitantly sipped at the foul tasting concoction. Her mom was going on about her schedule for the week, when she had photo shoots and when she had appearances to make, not that Jess was paying any attention, she just sat there with a forced smile plastered to her face, the same fake smile she always wore around her mother and everyone else she met while working.

When she finished her drink, she quickly got up from the table and headed toward the door without a word to her mother. She quickly grabbed her keys and walked out the door, getting into her car and heading to school. Once she pulled into the parking lot, she got out of her car and straightened up her skirt, before heading inside, keeping her head held high. It didn't take long for her 'friends' to swarm her, asking her questions about the photo shoot she'd done over the weekend and she did a pretty good job at faking the excitement as she recounted the events to them which they all ate up, enjoying the small look into Jessalyn's 'fabulous' life.

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#, as written by museman
Rudi took some time walking up the steps to the front door of the school, but stopped as he heard some commotion coming from the parking lot. He walked around to see what was happening. He never usually tries to pay attention to anything happening at school, but wanted to make sure no one was breaking into his car. When he saw what the crowd of people was about he rolled his eyes. Rudi never talked to Jess before, but he knew what she was about. She seemed like she was a no nonsense type of character. He was never a fan of anyone of that kind. He dislike all the popular kids, but never got involved with their problems.

He stood off in the distance and watched as people crowded around the girl. Without hesitating for another second, Rudi turned and walked back the way he came, going into the school. He dreaded walking the hallways. He just waited for the day to end so he could just go home to an empty home and fall into an endless abyss of sleep.

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Shiloh approached the school, always dreading it. She still hadn't made any positive connections at Pennsington. She noticed the crowd around Jess as she approached and avoided it as best she could; she didn't like Jess and Jess didn't like her. Was it jealousy? Perhaps...her mother always told her she was pretty and her accent made her even more beautiful, but she never believed any of that drivel. Clutching her books to her chest, she took a breath and walked quickly into the building. Once inside, she made her way to her locker.

It was easy to tell which was hers even if she didn't know where it was. Taped to the door of her locker were about 30 tea bags, several business cards for the local dentist and orthodontist, and a paper that said "RED COAT" in large, block letters. Shiloh's cheeks flushed as she quickly ripped the paper down. Red Coat...really? Was the humor regressing to the revolutionary war? With a heavy sigh Shiloh opened her locker, which was filled with boxes of tea bags, a tooth brush, and tooth paste, and plopped her books inside, walking over to grab a trash can from the hallway to empty the toxic jokes from inside and outside her locker. Though, she would keep the tea.

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Jess headed into school with her friends, kind of zoning out now that they were talking about some party that had happened over the weekend. Jess has never been to a high school party, her mother would have a fit if she found out and Jessalyn would prefer to avoid confrontation with her mother at all costs.

As the group walked down the hall she heard a few of her friends laughing and she tuned back in, trying to figure out what was so funny. She glanced over at a dark haired girl throwing tea bags and dental hygiene products out of her locker. "Was that you guys?" Jess asked quietly to her friends, who just laughed harder. A slight frown tugged on her lips, but she quickly covered it. The girl had never done anything to get on Jess's bad side so she didn't really have a problem with the girl. Sure Jess enjoyed making fun of others, but making fun of someone because of their heritage, she didn't really get it.

Working as a model she met people from all kinds of backgrounds and she found other peoples' accents to be pretty cool. "I'll catch you guys later." Jess said, quickly separating from her group of friends to head to her locker. Once she ditched the posse, she sighed quietly, feeling as if a weight has been lifted off her shoulders.

Jess quickly made her way to her locker, grabbed her books, and headed to her first period class, which happened to be Algebra II. She enjoyed this class, not for the material but because the teacher let them sit where ever they'd like. Every day, Jess sits in the back of the classroom right by the window, though she pays more attention to what's going on outside than what the teacher's talking about.

Walking in today, she frowns when she sees a mousy girl sitting in her seat. Jess walked over and set her books down in front of the girl. "You're in my seat," She said a scowl on her lips. The girl looked up at her surprised before glancing around the room seeing plenty seats still empty. "Th-There's no assigned seats." The girl replied shocked, not sure what Jess is going on about. "I know, but I sit in this seat every day. This is my seat. And you're in it." She said through gritted teeth. "B-But there's plenty of other seats, and I-I was here first!" The girl said, trying to sound tough but Jess could hear her voice wavering, hear the fear in her voice. "Get your ass out of my seat." She said, her eyes narrowing at the girl as her hands tightened on either side of the desk.

The girl's eyes widened even more, a frightened squeak escaping her lips as she quickly gathered up her things and moved to a seat across the room. "Thank you," Jess said sarcastically as she sat down in the seat, her attention immediately turning to the window.