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Triston Murdock

Athletic, Tall

0 · 116 views · located in Pennsington High

a character in “High School”, as played by darthjizz22

So begins...

Triston Murdock's Story

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#, as written by museman
The sun, the sky, his current surroundings, they were all gray. Rudi just blocked everything out as he laid back in the reclined driver's seat inside of his beat up car. It wasn't much, just an old trash heap, but at least it was able to go to point A to point B without completely breaking down. He tried to ignore his need for something to smoke. He ignored cigarettes because they are an expensive habit, and are a pretty easy way to give yourself cancer. He didn't have any joints left since he smoked all of them and needed to get more. He started to get the sweats, but looked at the clock for a quick distraction. It read 7:00 AM. He got out of the car which he parked in the last spot, between a wall and a car. He took off his shirt from the day before and threw it in the back of his car, and slid on a "clean" black one that was just sitting in the passenger seat. Without taking a look around Rudi dropped both his trousers and briefs. He slipped on another pair of briefs and some jeans. He reached for his backpack, put it on, closed and locked the car doors, and headed toward the school.

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Character Portrait: Sero Namretan Character Portrait: Ty Darkman Character Portrait: Rudi Schaffer Character Portrait: Triston Murdock Character Portrait: Jessalyn Morrison Character Portrait: Mimi Character Portrait: Shiloh Hannidy
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Shiloh approached the school, always dreading it. She still hadn't made any positive connections at Pennsington. She noticed the crowd around Jess as she approached and avoided it as best she could; she didn't like Jess and Jess didn't like her. Was it jealousy? Perhaps...her mother always told her she was pretty and her accent made her even more beautiful, but she never believed any of that drivel. Clutching her books to her chest, she took a breath and walked quickly into the building. Once inside, she made her way to her locker.

It was easy to tell which was hers even if she didn't know where it was. Taped to the door of her locker were about 30 tea bags, several business cards for the local dentist and orthodontist, and a paper that said "RED COAT" in large, block letters. Shiloh's cheeks flushed as she quickly ripped the paper down. Red Coat...really? Was the humor regressing to the revolutionary war? With a heavy sigh Shiloh opened her locker, which was filled with boxes of tea bags, a tooth brush, and tooth paste, and plopped her books inside, walking over to grab a trash can from the hallway to empty the toxic jokes from inside and outside her locker. Though, she would keep the tea.