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HighSchool Bites

HighSchool Bites


..Literally! Ten teenagers going to Amesdale High discover that maybe they don't know everything about each other like they thought... What happens when secrets unfold, friendships are broken, cliques are destroyed, and relationships are formed?[OPEN!!!]

2,227 readers have visited HighSchool Bites since 106.Whit(; created it.


AugustaBlaze is my little Co-GM, she's helped with this role play A LOT!!! Respect it! If you fail to do so.. Pay the consequences. :p All was thought up using our own brains, even the town!! Nothing rude, pleasseee.. xP

The Plot
In the small, secluded town of Amesdale, nestled back in a thick forestry of woods, everything isn't what it seems. For ten high school students much is not what it seems. You see, each of them are a different species. Actually, all of them are. Some have been going to school with each of for years, some new to Amesdale. Some are good friends, some enemies. But they all, actually, are strangers. Each is a different species. Each species' scent is masked. Relationships forming, cliques broken, secrets uncovered, lies revealed, the truth surfacing. So much is going on in Amesdale this year, and one thing is for certain...
High School bites!
Augusta and I are leaving this role play rather simple and open. Follow your characters role, and we should be good! :) Being as open as this "unique high school/ small town" role play is, if you have an idea for it please say so either in the OOC Tab or through PM! :D Also, if you have ANY questions about this role play.. Ask either through OOC or... PM! :p

Character Roles :D
The fun part! :D Pick a character you'd like to portray, and reserve him/her in OOC.. or through PM. xP There are seven BEAUTIFUL roles that need to be filled. It's first come, first serve. If you play TWO characters, a guy AND a girl... I will love you forever!! ^.^ Please follow the character role to a tee. If it says beneath their role that they have three toes, then....your character should have three toes. :p Thanks for reading! Now onto the roles! :D
Age | Year in High School | Species | Role(VERY IMPORTANT, read it!!!) | Face Claim | Status(Open/Reserved/Taken)

The Guys::
Guy One; The Bad Boy
18 | Senior Year | Werewolf | He is Girl Three's older brother(his father a Werewolf, mother a Witch), known as the "Bad Boy" in high school; many girls swoon over him. He gets paid by Guy Five to date Girl Four. | Taylor Lautner | TAKEN by Your's Truly ;D

Guy Two; The Talented One
17 | Junior Year | Vampire | He's talented, plays pretty much any instrument you throw at him, and sings amazing; you could probably mistake him for an angel! The new kid in school, moved from Britian over the summer. All the girls are curious. Befriends Girl Four and starts crushing on her. | Harry Styles | RESERVED

Guy Three; The Jock
18 | Senior Year | Demi-God | The Son of Zeus(can control lightening and has super strength). He is rather popular in high school, your typical jock. Girls are putty in his hands. Quarterback of the football team. Is currently crushing on Girl One. Been Girl Five's best friend since they were kids, even though they're in a completely different cliques now. | Kellan Lutz | TAKEN

Guy Four; Mr. Conceited
18 | Senior Year |Demon | He thinks highly of himself, and only himself. With looks to kill, he walks around in cocky strides. He is a player. Period. He loves messing with Girl Five, though he's constantly being let down by her. Recently, he's had his eye on Girl Two. Little does he know that she's what his kind despises the most.. | Alex Pettyfer | TAKEN

Guy Five; The "Nerd"
17 |Junior Year | Skinwalker(aka Shape-Shifter :p) | Classified as being a "Nerd" becuase of his smarts, he is at the top of his class. When he was fifteen he moved from Australia to Amesdale. Not long ago he formed a crush on the head popular and cheerleader herself, Girl One. He pays Guy One to date her sister(Girl Four) so he can finally make his move to ask Girl One out. | Liam Hemsworth | TAKEN

The Girls::
Girl One; The Popular/Head Cheerleader
18 | Senior Year | Human | Girl Five's older sister. Due to her strict father, cannot date unless her younger sister is dating also. She is extremely stuck up. Believing that she's the most beautiful girl to walk Amesdale high, it's easy to see why she's labeled as a 'Bitch' by some of her peers. None-the-less, she is "Head" Popular and Cheerleader. She can have any guy her little, human heart desires.. Yet, why does she find herself crushing on Guy Five? The Nerd! She would never tell a soul. | Candice Accola |TAKEN

Girl Two; The Shy Girl
17 | Junior Year | Angel | She's the girl not too many people know. Quiet, Reserved, and extremely Caring like most the women in her family. However, she has a slight crush on Guy Two, but has never spoken to him. How will she react to Guy Four's devilish advances? | Emma Watson | OPEN

Girl Three; The Bubbly One
15(16 soon) | Sophmore Year | Witch | She is Guy One's little sister. Always bubbly and willing to cheer anyone up! She's had her eye one Guy Three and Guy Four for a long time, but they keep blowing her off. Now that the new guy's come around(Guy Two), she's got her eye on a "bigger," talented prize. But will she win his heart with magic or simply scare him off? | Selena Gomez | TAKEN by BleedingLover

Girl Four; The Hipster
16 | Junior Year | Mermaid | Girl One's little sister. She holds the key to Girl One's dating life. If she doesn't date, her sister cannot; Father's Rule. She feels the power! Well-known in school, very liked, unlike her snobby, older sis. Recently, she has become friends with Guy Two, yet someone else has swept into her life. Guy One. Though she is a little suspicious at first, his efforts are impressive. She is also friends with Girl Five.| Emilie Nereng | TAKEN by AugustaBlaze ;)

Girl Five; The Rebel
16 1/2 :p | Junior Year | Faerie | She is a good friend of Girl Four's and Guy Three's best friend. She is known in school for her "Devil-May-Care" attitude and funny way of going about things. Liked by most, expect teachers, naturally. For a couple years she's tried hiding her feelings from Guy Three, but it's getting harder now. She listens to him talk about Girl One, when really she wants to be that girl. Telling him her feelings.. That's easier said than done. | Chachi Gonzales | TAKEN by Me, 106.Whit(;! ;D

In the End of it all, these are the people who end up with who... ;)

Guy One and Girl Four
Guy Two and Girl Three
Guy Three and Girl Five
Guy Four and Girl Two
Guy Five and Girl One

Hope you all agree with the pairings! :)

Character Sheet :3
Okay! Augusta and I have left it up to YOU, our friends, to make the Character Sheet pretty! IMPRESS US! We'll be ten times more likely to accept your character if you have an interesting, pretty character sheet! :O True story. :p The more pictures the better(if you're a shape-shifter or angel/demon, give your other form)!! ^.^ PLEASE, use the face claim provided under your character's role. Fill out everything properly. Literate!!! Proper grammar, puncuation, spelling, blablabla. Mistakes are understandable. We're all human. >_> <_< Aren't we?
Anyway! Erase everything in ( ) <-- Brackets! Thanks. :T

Code: Select all
[center][img](Character Picture Here)[/img][/center]
Full Name:: (First, Middle, Last)
Nickname:: (If they have one)
Species:: (In Character Role)
Age:: (Mentioned in Character Role)
Grade They're In:: (^^^)
Club?:: (Are they in any?)
Sport?:: (Play any?)
Personality:: (At least five sentences)
Appearance in Description:: (At least five sentences!!)
Likes:: (At least 5)
Dislikes:: (At least 5)
Fears:: (At least 3)
Thoughts on Other Students at Amesdale High?:: (After Everyone has submitted a character, list all or a few of them. Give your charries thoughts)
Other:: (Anything I missed or you want to add?)[/size]


[color=red]THE RULES!!!!!


1. Proper grammar and spelling..I'm begging you! Sure, I understand typos, we all have them! But try, please. And if you actually don't know how to spell any advanced words use Google. ;)

2. Your character has been made for you..FOR YOU! Consider yourself lucky for not having to fill out some huge ass forms. And, please..Don't go changing your character unless it is fine with me, 106.Whit(; , or AugustaBlaze. :p

3. Stick to the plot, please. It's not a strict plot, after all. No creating your own fantasies and throwing random drama about, pulling it from thin air. It confuses members.. Or, well, at least it confuses AugustaBlaze...
If you want to make major drama, PM one of us first and we'll try to work it out, but don't get mad if we say no. (Ideas for things to happen in the role play are gladly welcomed though. Ask us!)

4. This will be a Literate role play, but not crazy literate! We're not expecting you to write a biography of the character, but try to put good details in it. Need help?
Put what your character feels, emotions, see through their eyes, taste whatever it may be they're tasting, hear what they hear. Anything. Also, please don't have your post be nothing but summaries of other players actions with one little something from your own character at the end. People react to things, show us that! Minimum of 300 words per post, please, and there is no maximum, but really..Don't make it extremely long, we don't wanna read a book; we get enough of that from school. -__-
You'll just make me angry 'cause then Augusta will feel horrible for having small, wimpy posts that are only 301 words long. :p Also, we know we say detail, but as for sex- you can make out until the clothes come off, then it's *Fades to black* or something like that. Swearing we don't mind, we use it frequently ourselves. ;) However, not in every other sentence, please.

5. You may either OOC or PM us to reserve a slot/role, but we can't guarantee it. If you'd rather just submit a character, that's fine too, but you cannot submit characters for any taken slots. All the characters except mine and Augusta's are game..Whoever we think did the best job gets it.

6. If you're not accepted, we are very sorry. We're sure you're wonderful, why not try for a different spot! We will not accept any illiterate role players!! What can we say? We don't like noobs. >-><-<

7. You have to read everything. How can you understand your role if you haven't read it? Plus, Augusta and I have worked our brains and asses off on this dang role play! If you've read everything put 'High School Bites' in the 'Other' section of your Character Sheet! You WILL NOT be accepted without it!! :O

8. You must be able to post a minimum of three times a week. That's pretty generous. We have many rough times posting ourselves. Also, don't get two posts in and leave. If you're taking too long in between posts, we'll PM you. If you don't speed up, we'll be happy to creatively kill off your character and open your slot to anyone else. We love killing off players.. :)

9. NO changing things that happen in the events once they're set!

10. Obey me, 106.Whit(; , and my bestest pal, AugustaBlaze, or pay the consequences! We will banish you from our creatively created kingdom. ;D

If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or anything else PLEASE ask Augusta or myself either using the OOC Tab or PM. Thanks for looking at our role play! We hope to be role playing with you soon! ^.^

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 7 authors

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Character Portrait: McKenna Chase Hamilton Character Portrait: Cassandra Brooke Hamilton Character Portrait: Finley Leah Holmes
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McKenna Chase Hamilton

Under a disaster of sheets was a small blonde headed teenager who was honestly dead to the world, that is until her phone started to go off. She knew she would hate herself, but McKenna had decided to set the alarm tone to one of the most annoying sounds possible in the morning. A rooster. When the alarm began to go off life seemed to have entered her body as she stirred from under the covers giving a small grunting noise as her arm hurled from under the covers and her hand began to fumble with the phone. Once she had successfully pressed 'snooze' she just rolled back over, hoping for a few more glorious minutes of sleep. That wasn't happening though. "CAAA-CADOOODLE-DOO!" "I'm going to ca-cadoodle-doo you in a minute! You.." Kenna's sentence went off into a round of cussing as she finally took her phone and turned the alarm off. She took a deep breath and slowly peaked out from under her covers, her eyes instantly shutting as light from one of her windows hit her. She gave a frustrated growl as she threw the covers back over her head. She laid there finally realizing she was really not getting back to sleep plus she was going to be late for school, she peaked out from under the covers again but this time she had her eyes closed. She slowly slipped from underneath her covers and turning to where her feet touched the ground, finally opening her eyes. She had to still squint though, "Stupid sun.." was grumbled angrily over and over as McKenna finally stood. She glanced around as she ran a hand through her blonde hair.
Hearing movement downstairs meant she was the last one to wake up, as usual. She took a deep breath as she went over to her dresser. Honestly, she didn't care what she wore..she might as well just go to school in her pajamas. It was her right to have a lazy day! School making her go for five days a week..So, it was decided. She headed downstairs in her fleece polka-dotted pants that were white with all different color polka-dots and a shirt that had something written on it, but from upside down it was hard to read. She stopped at the door, who was she kidding she did care what she wore. She went over to her dresser pulling out her favorite shirt. A black ramones shirt that was a little big for her and then she went over and grabbed her white skinny jeans, sliding them on, and then slipped on her black vans. She fixed her hair easily just taking a bobby-pin and sliding it in on the right side to keep some of her bangs out of her face, lucky for was not a bad hair day. She had her normal bracelets on, she didn't really ever take them off..they hid a few scars and plus they are pretty cool. She yawned as she finally went over and silently cracked open the door and peaked out, she saw no one was there so she quietly went toward the stairs. Without any shoes on, that's how she liked it. Barefooted.
"McKenna Chase!" 'Shit..first and middle name.' McKenna thought grimacing as walked into the kitchen, knowing she was gonna get hell for waking up late. "Cassie has been ready for fifteen minutes and eaten breakfast!" her dad continued ranting, but Kenna had become real good with just ignoring him. "Well she drives her own car, I drive I don't see what the problem is..if she's late, it's her fault." She pointed out as she got out a bowl and cereal for a quick breakfast. Her breakfast was not at all quiet. The whole time her dad was going on about how he hated the people at his work, how she was late, and how he had found the vase she broke. "I told you not to play that soccer in the house!" "I know, that's why I was playing volleyball." Kenna regretted the smart ass comment as soon as it left her mouth. "Excuse me young lady?! Do you want to ride the bus?" "No.." "No what!?" "No sir." She grumbled loudly, sliding from the stool she was sitting from and putting her bowl and spoon into the sink. She headed back upstairs to get her book bag and her yellow over the shoulder messenger bag that had her soccer shoes, phone, gum, and all the other things she needed to make school bearable.

It wasn't long til she arrived at school, she only had a few minutes before the bell rang. The sky was gloomy, looking as if it would start to pour any minute so McKenna quickly hopped out of her car and slung her messenger back and book bag on. She glanced around to see if she could spot anyone else who was a bit late..nope, no one. She knew Finn was here..she just parked beside her. 'Probably already inside.' She thought as she headed inside. A few people called her name as she turned and waved to say hello. Walking into the building she saw more familiar faces, some of her soccer team, volleyball team, and some just people from her classes. "McKenna!" Kenna turned to see who had yelled her name across the hallway to see the soccer captain coming towards her. "There you are! So, they say it's gonna rain and a lot of the girls don't want to practice today but the team we play Thursday is-" "Holly, just tell them to grow a pair! Practice today at...?" "Right after school! Thanks Chase!" Holly said as she hurried off to class when the warning bell rang. Ah, the warning bell..that bell that tells you that you better get your ass to moving or you're gonna be late. McKenna headed toward the library where she had Broadcasting with Finn. "Sherlockkkk.." She called in a mock whisper, smirking widely, as she walked in.

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Character Portrait: McKenna Chase Hamilton Character Portrait: Evan Voltz Character Portrait: Finley Leah Holmes
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Evan Voltz

Evan could feel his hitting the pavement as he ran. The morning air was cool, but it felt good on his hot skin. He'd been running since five in the morning, like he always did before school, and today he'd even gotten an earlier start. Usually he ran through and around his neighbourhood a few times, keeping a fast pace he was comfortable with. To say the least, he didn't exactly enjoy getting up early that much, but the run was always nice, and it cleared his head. Exercising was one main point in his life. He spent most of his time working out and training, it was one of his passions. He liked how being strong made him feel. Powerful, maybe. Sports were included in this group, his competitiveness, and a way to aggressive without legitimately hurting someone. Though it happened occasionally. If he had to choose another main purpose, it'd probably be love related. At the moment is heart longed for someone he thought was too perfect for words. She was someone that the whole school would guess them to be together, but she seemed uninterested in something serious with him. But being a determined soul, he was going to be persistent for awhile. The girl herself was Cassie Hamilton. His family was also extremely important to him, he had his younger sisters to take care of. They meant the world to him, and he's do anything to keep them safe, and out of harms way. Though he couldn't be anything and everything for them, they looked up to him, and he loved them dearly. Though he probably wouldn't have thought of the last one, it was very key to his life. His best friend, and next door neighbour, Finely Holmes. Or Finn, as everyone seemed to call her. They'd been close on a different level since he'd moved in. You'd call them best friends but there was something about them that was different. Maybe he took her for granted, just assuming she was always there, not really thinking anything more or less of it. It was just something normal to him, though he didn't talk to her much during school, he felt comfortable around her in a way he didn't with anyone else.
He wiped the sweat off his forehead as he slowed to a jog. His house was in site, and Finn's just next to it. His neighbour hood was a pretty nice one, and somewhat quiet. He stopped in his driveway, leaning over with his hands on his knees, catching his breath. He pulled out his ipod which he'd been listening to, and read the time, 6:04. Stretching out his arms once more, and went inside through the side door. Entering his kitchen, he opened the refrigerator, and took out a water bottle. Drinking that in a few gulps, her threw it out and head to his bedroom. Throwing the ipod on his bed, he headed to the bathroom to take a shower.
After his shower he wandered back to his room, drying his hair with a towel. He then picked out a shirt and jeans to wear. Once he put them on, he looked into his full length mirror and ruffled his hair a few times. He smiled at him at himself, and sprayed on some axe. He quietly walked downstairs back to the kitchen, trying not to wake anyone. He glanced at the microwave, seeing it was about 6:30. He pulled out some eggs and scrambled them in a frying pan. Full of protein, of course. The incredible edible egg.. he thought of all the commercials.
He put his plates in the sink, and took his keys off the key hooks next to the door. Walking outside, he went to his car. It was a vintage ford mustang, his step dad had gotten him when he turned 16. It was a bit beat up then, so he and his step father fixed it up and gave it a new paint job. He remembered the first drive he took, Finn had come along and they drove around the town blasting music obnoxiously. He remembered laughing a lot that day, he smiled just thinking of it. Another time on the weekend, they'd drove down to the beach and had a lot of fun, but the next day he spent cleaning sand out of his car.
He unlocked it then, opening the door and sitting down. He looked over at Finn's house, but it seemed she'd already left in her car. He put the keys in the ignition and started the car, pulled out of the driveway and drove in the direction of the school. He parked with the rest of the Seniors car's, and walked inside. Going to his locker he took out his book bag, and slung it over his shoulders. He sauntered over to where his friends usually hang out before the bell, and they all greeted him happily. He leaned against the lockers with them, and stood around talking about the next game on Friday. He was excited for it, of course. When it did ring, he groaned, and said goodbye to his friends. He had greek first, since he was the Son of Zeus, his mother only felt it was natural for him to take it. The class was easy, and it came to him without trouble, but he often found himself bored. Taking a seat in the back of the class near the window, he looked outside. The school was in a shape where you could see the other buildings, and he looked into the library where he saw Finn and her best friend Kenna.

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Character Portrait: Ariana Marie Pierce Character Portrait: McKenna Chase Hamilton Character Portrait: Zerek Alexander Pierce Character Portrait: Evan Voltz Character Portrait: Finley Leah Holmes
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"Zerek Alexander Pierce! Get your ass up, now! I swear to God if you make me come up those stairs I'm kicking your ass!"
Pierce simply groaned, flopping over on his king-sized bed. His red blanket was already laying to the left side of said bed, as usual. During the middle of the night it never failed, he managed to sling it off himself without knowing, always getting a little too hot beneath the thick mass of covers due to the fact he's hotter than most. He stared up at the ceiling with blurry vision for a few seconds before finally rubbing his eyes.
I'm surprised he can yell this morning. Shouldn't he have a booming headache? Pierce thought as he sat up slowly, stretching. Most nights his father would get hammered, last night wasn't an exception. He didn't mind, he just hated that his sister, Ana, had to see their dad like that. Usually, Pierce was out of the house before he even woke up in the mornings, making sure his sister was, too.
"Pierce!!" His father shouted again from his place on the couch in the living room.
"I'm up!" Zerek finally yelled back, shaking his head as he slung his legs over the edge of the bed and stood abruptly. He stretched once more, making a deeping 'Mmm'- ing sound as he done so. His gaze then flickered to his large, digital clock sitting on his plain oak dresser; an alarm clock, I grant you. He never used it. The bright red numbers shown in the dim room, dark curtains preventing any sunlight to make it's way in. The clock read 7:30 a.m.
"Shit!" Pierce hissed in under his beath, kicking himself into high gear instantly. Only thirty minutes to get everything done. He ran into the bathroom which was connected to his room, as he was doing so stripping off his clothes which consisted of only his Batman boxers(attractive, right?). Falling into the shower he turned on the water, accidently flipping on the cold. His chocolate brown eyes tripled in size, and he bit back a few choiced words, twisting on the hot water quickly.
Five extremely fast minutes later Pierce was stumbling from the bathroom with a towel loosly wrapped around his waist. "Lights, lights, lights.." he grumbled, feeling along his wall for the light switch. Finding it, he successfully flicked on the lights, practically running to his dresser. He randomly grasped at an outfit which came out to be a pair of faded jeans and a plain black tee shirt. Tugging his clothes on he sped over to his full length mirror, running his hands through his hair a few times, before grabbing up his chocolate Axe cologne, spraying it on swiftly. He looked back at the clock. The numbers on it taunted him, 7:56 a.m.. Pierce groaned, jogging from his room he grabbed his backpack and his worn leather jacket.
Though he was in a hurry he paused at his sister's room, opening the door and peeking inside. Of course she was already gone! That seemed to be the only thing Ana was on time for: School. Unlike Pierce who was late for anything and everything. He was always told he'd be late for his own funeral. Jogging down the stairs he stopped in the "doorway" where you walked into the living room.
There his dad sat with a beer bottle in one hand, the t.v. remote casually resting in his other.
"Couldn't even wait until five o'clock, could you?" Zerek spoke acidly, clenching his jaw. His father didn't even look at him, and kept turning the channel, never staying on one too long.
"I don't work until six tonight." Was his response.
Pierce snickered, grabbing the keys to his motorbike off the hallway table before walking out of the house. He made sure to slam the door shut. What made him mad was that his father was a smart man. A really smart man. He was a doctor. A doctor!! But once Zerek's mom died, his father turned to drinking. Once that happened he lost his job. It pissed Pierce off that he was such a dead beat! He hated him for becoming weak once she died. Now, his father worked in a small factory shipping off cans of vegetables. Not a dream job. Yet, it just pushed Pierce to be better than him.
Sliding onto his motorbike, he started it up, pulling from the driveway. He screeched the tires leaving, but there was no use. He was already late for school.

Pierce casually walked up to the second building of the school, tugging the double doors out of his way. No one to be seen, which meant...Everyone was in class. All in a days work to keep the image. he thought sarcastically, strolling over and slipping into the library; his first period was a "whatever" class, teaching you "Online Basics" of how to edit sites, etc. A plus of being a senior. It was held, well, in the library. Pulling the door out of his way, he paused briefly, arching a dark eyebrow. Kenna Hamilton and Finn Holmes stood in the center of the library in front of a camera. What the- ? Oh, broadcast. Pierce gave a slight nod, walking fully inside, letting the door swing shut. He fixed his backpack on his shoulder nonchalantly stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jeans. The librarian glanced over at him, narrowing her eyes. He gave lopsided smile, and she simply rolled her eyes, shaking her head. He'd practically been late each day since coming back to school.
Zerek walked over, standing a little ways behind the camera, smirking at the two friends.


Finley had woke up around six o'clock a.m and took a shower grudingly. It was too early for such things, naturally, and she spent most of the time with her head leaning against the wall rather than actually washing. At one point she even fell back asleep in the shower. Usually she woke up in a fairly good mood, but it was Monday and she especially disliked those days. She only looked forward to the Broadcast, and that was about it. When she finally forced herself from the shower she wrapped a towel around herself and moved into her bedroom.
There, her large grey and white Great Dane, Jake, lay on her bed. He always done that when he seen her get up. Lazy thing. The name Jake came from being a twelve year old girl, and having a love for Adventure Time. Since everyone called her Finn, she, naturally, needed a Jake. Giving a slight smile she walked over to her dresser, crouching down and opening a drawer. There, she pulled out her Star Wars tee shirt, and a pair of red skinny jeans. Once dressed she slowly walked into the bathroom and started messing with her hair. It was a hopeless case. She decided to leave it in its natural, loose curls, but of course, there was one curl on the right side of her head that liked sticking out further than the others. With the grunt, Finn narrowed her eyes at the reflection of her hair in the mirror, then began attacking the curl with hairspray.

After getting completely ready she glanced over at the digital clock sitting on top of her small t.v. 6:41 a.m. Still plenty of time before having to really be at school. Sighing, Finley walked over to her bedroom window. Her window was directly across from Evan Voltz's bedroom window. Yeah, Mr. Quarterback himself. Believe it or not, he was her best guy friend. Or, well, at least the last time she checked he was. Lately they hadn't been able to really talk. He was busy with his jock stuff and flaunting over little miss Cassie Hamilton, and Finn, well, she was busy being Finn. Rolling her eyes towards the ceiling she turned around, walking across the room and grabbing her backpack off the hook she hung it on, slinging one strap casually over her shoulder. She then snatched up her car keys off her bed-side table, scratching the Great Dane behind the ear.
"Cya' after school, Jake." she murmured with a small smile, exiting the bedroom. Out in the hallway the smell of coffee and something else hit her full-force. She blinked a couple times, tiptoeing down the stairs. Peeking around the corner into the kitchen, she grinned. "Hey, dad!" she mused, walking in fully and over to the island in the center of the kitchen, leaning against it. Her father sat at the kitchen table, drinking a cup of coffee and reading over a few files. When she walked in he peered over his thick-brimmed glasses at her.
"Finley!" he chirped, an odd twinkle entering his dark blue gaze. He lifted his free hand. "May the force be with you, young padawan." His tone was extremely serious, which only added to the humor. Finn's lips twitched and she busted out laughing, reaching forward and picking up a bright red apple.
"Why thank you, master!" she played along, feeling like a real nerd. "Is mom still asleep?" Her dad's playful expression seemed to vanish fairly fast.
"Yeah, she wasn't feeling too good, so I let her sleep in. I made ya' breakfast, kiddo!" he said, nodding towards the stove. Finley followed his nod, gripping the counter to keep herself grounded. There, on the stove, in a skillet, laid a heaping amount of burnt eggs; the source of the other smell. She bit her lower lip.
"Uhm, Thank..Dad, but, uh, I have to get to school! I have a club meeting!" she jogged over to him, kissing his cheek quickly. "But thanks for the thought, you can have them. Remember to get Jonah up for school, love you, bye!" Before he could say another word she made a mad dash out the door, practically lunging for her car. Like always, as she started her simple, blue Jeep Wrangler she gazed over at Ev's house. He hadn't left yet, but she knew he was already up. That boy seemed to rise even before the sun itself did! Shaking her head, she pulled from the driveway and headed towards her own personal Hell.


When she finally made it to school it was about 7:46 a.m.. She parked in her regular parking spot, sliding out of her car. She then grabbed her backpack, slinging it over her shoulder, absentmindedly tossing the corpse of the apple she ate on the way to school on the ground. She immediately heard her name.

"Finn! Fiiinnnn!!"

Finn had to keep herself from sighing aloud, turning around as she shut her car door. It was Emma Murphy, a girl that was on the school's newspaper staff with her. "Hey, Emma." she greeted, slowly walking towards the second building.
"Finn! I need you to do me a big favor.." Emma gushed, her green eyes the size of dinner plates. Finley arched a brow, nodding a bit.
"Wiii-th?" she asked, pressing on for more information. Even though Emma was taller than Finn, she fidgeted nervously with the end of her pink shirt as if Finn was going to beat her up, and take her lunch money.
"I can't make it to the first football game Friday, so I won't be able to take pictures or interview some of the players after the game for the paper!" She said it so fast Finn had to pause, and replay the sentence in her head. Emmmaaa.. she thoughy exhaustedly, shaking her head.
"And you want me to do all that for you?" she asked, yet she already knew the answer. Emma nodded frantically. Finn sighed aloud this time, running a hand back through her hair. "Sure, consider it done."
"Thank you so much, Finn, you're a life saver!!" Emma squealed, giving her an awkward hug before she dashed off across the parking lot. Finley mentally face-palmed, walking into the building then into the library. How was she suppose to get all that done if- Well, she'd be at the game, anyway, and it'd give her a chance to talk to Danny Thompson. That was a plus. Finn smiled, tossing her backpack to the ground.
"Morning, Finn!" Bently, the "kid" who always filmed her and Kenna for the Broadcast greeted. He stood behind the camera, wearing one of his signature checker-board shirts.
"Ben!" she yelled, causing a wicked look from the librarian as she walked over and high-fived him. Ben simply grinned, shrugging his shoulders.
It wasn't long until the library's door opened once more, and she heard the name she was waiting for..

"Sherlockkkk.." Finn jumped up from the small chair she was sitting on.
"Watson, you were almost late!" she teased, wagging her finger at her friend when she spotted her coming around a bookcase. "Are you ready for this amazing broadcast?!" she then asked, stepping back once, glancing over her shoulder. Looking out a window she spotted Evan in the other building. She looked at him briefly before bringing her attention back to her friend.

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Cassandra Brooke Hamilton

Cassandra Hamilton sat on the stool of her vanity, rollers in her blonde hair as she applied the various products to her face, her daily routine, it had barely turned six thirty and the blonde had already been out for a run, showered and chosen today’s outfit, perfection wasn’t easy after all. Finishing off with her mascara, Cassie closed her makeup bag, humming along to ‘Some Nights’ by Fun came onto her iPod, her latest favourite song, dancing around her bedroom whilst putting things into her bag and gym clothes into another for cheer practise after school, something which she was not all too excited about, a new routine meant long hours and also the inevitability that Shannon was going to mess it up countless times, Cassie swore if Shannon wasn’t one of her best friends she would have been dropped a long time ago, but then again it would make her life a whole lot easier. Once her bags were packed, Cassie quickly changed into today’s outfit and removed the rollers from her hair, so it fell in soft curls down her back. Turning off her IPod, she grabbed her bags and left her room, walking past McKenna’s door, stopping briefly…silence. With a roll of her eyes, the blonde couldn’t exactly say she was surprised that her sister would leave it until the last minute before she had to get up.

Following her nose, the aroma of pancakes filled her nostrils as she walked into the kitchen “morning daddy” Cassie chirped happily, placing a kiss on her father’s cheek, as he flipped the pancakes by the stove.

“Morning Cassie” he smiled. Cassie walked to the cabinet pulling out three glasses before walking to the fridge to get the orange juice, pouring three equal drinks, taking a seat at the table, pulling out her phone to send a text message to her friend “No phones at the table” came her father’s stern voice as a plate of pancakes was placed in front of her.

Cassie smiled up at her father, inwardly however she rolled her eyes, each day she became more frustrated at his strictness, she was eighteen for heaven’s sake, next year she would be going to college, yet still she got treated like a child. Putting her phone away, she decided not to provoke him this morning ‘pick your battle’ the blonde spoke to herself, before tucking into her breakfast. Having just finished her breakfast, McKenna walked into the kitchen, signalled by her father’s booming voice; Cassie couldn’t help but smirk at the situation, at least McKenna’s behaviour took a lot of the heat of herself. Sitting back in her chair, she folded her arms across her chest, a satisfied smirk appearing on her pretty face, her sister could make things a lot more easier on herself if she would stop being, well so McKenna. "Well she drives her own car, I drive I don't see what the problem is..if she's late, it's her fault."

Frowning slightly, Cassie stood up, gathering her bags “Whatever sprog” she sneered “I have cheer practise tonight, so I’ll be home a little later” she told her dad, placing a kiss onto his cheek before leaving the house.

The drive to school was relatively quick; pulling into the already busy car park, Cassie pulled into the first available spot she saw, cutting the engine, glancing into her rear-view mirror, she checked to see if she was still, well perfect before leaving the car. Immediately her brunette friend Katy was by her friend “morning” Cassie smiled getting her bags.

“Morning Cassie” she replied, linking her arm through the blondes “So did you hear, Tyler Roderick totally got Hannah Kipling in spin the bottle at the party on Friday and as you can imagine, he refused flat down, as you can imagine, she ran home crying” Katy laughed.

“Poor girl!” Cassie gasped before releasing a small chuckle “Although what did she expect” she replied with a slight shrug “anyway I have class, see you later” she hugged her friend goodbye before walking towards her Greek class, not something she particularly enjoyed but she needed something to fill the gap in her schedule and she had settled on Greek. Walking into the classroom she saw Evan sat at the back of the class, it was no secret that he had a crush on her, something which she quite enjoyed even if she did publically put him down, however she certainly wasn’t blind, the man was built like a god. Throwing him a flirtatious smile, Cassie sat down in front of him, purposely flipping her blonde curls over her shoulder.

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Character Portrait: Brandon Lucas Richards
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As Brandon pulled up into school in his car and parked it in it's usually parking space, he grinned to himself. Third week back, and he was feeling great. It was going to be a good year. He could feel it.
He turned off the radio and then the engine, and opened the car door, then stepped out and slammed it behind him. Rather than locking it with the key, he took a few steps away from it and pressed a small button on his key as he walked, smiling at the satisfying click of the doors locking behind him. It always made him feel amazing to do that.
He stopped to talk to a few of the other guys from his class for a while, making small conversation, and then excused himself and went inside. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy their company...he just preferred that of a female. Or a few, to be perfectly honest.
Giving a small laugh as that thought crossed his mind, he walked to class, winking at a few girls as he passed them, before finally walking through the door and taking his regular seat.

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Ariana Pierce

Waking up to the most annoying song ever in Ariana's short life. She sighed and popped her head out of her giant One Direction comforter. She tried to push the snooze button over and over agin but kept missing it. She groaned as she heard the song go on and on. "Terrific." After a second of calming down, she pushed the button and smiled in success. "Thank you, God." After that she sat up in her bed and looked at her feet which couldn't touch the floor of her bedroom. She sighed wishing she was taller, but, sadly she was done growing. Looking at the clock she saw the pink letters flash 7:00. So, she was excited because she had plenty of time to get out of the house before her father started to yell at them. Which never ended well for her, always ended in her crying and always forgetting something because she hates being rushed. Anyway, she hopped off her bed and quietly and quickly walked into the bedroom, not wanting to wake up her brother. Taking a ten minute shower, like always. She grabbed a towel and wraped it tightly around her body before walking back into her room quickly. She grabbed an outfit that was set nicely on her pink desk set against her wall. She threw wrapped the towel around her not wanting her outfit to get soaked with water and slipped on her clothes.

Looking in her full length mirror she made sure everything was fine. But, if her father and brother thought it was fine then it was ok, seeing that she wasn't allowed to buy anything that was too........ revealing. Which didn't really bug her anyway. Looking at the time again 7:15 Perfect timing. She had just enough time to dry her hair and braid it in the back. After five mintues she grabbed her bag from her closet door and rushed down stairs. Unlike her lucky ass brother, she was only 15 and couldn't drive herself for a few more months. But, hey it was better than a few more years she supposed. Rushing down stairs, Ariana grabbed her binder from the kitchen table already seing her father grab a beer. She wasn't one to disrespect the man who help created her. And if he wanted to throw his life away after their mother died. That was his choice. No matter how much, Pierce fought about it with their father, nothing changed now did it? So, Ariana stayed out of it.

"Bye daddy." She said waving to her father before rushing out the door, almost mising the bus before stopping it. Then she started thinking, it was almost 7:30 Why wasn't Pierce up yet? He was always up before then. Oh well, she would see him at school, late as always and trying to keep his "image" in check. Ha, whatever! Again, his choice she couldn't change that. She slipped on her headphones and let her music play in her ears maybe louder than it should be but, honesty she didn't care. It took mayebe twenty minutes to get all the other underclassmen seeing that most upperclassmen drove to school. When the bus parked and opened the door, seeing that she sat in the middle she was close to the last person off the yellow old bus. She walked into the bulding remembering that she had her Etyomology class frist period. Before walking in her classroom which didn't allow cell phones out she texted her brother just to see if her brother got here actually at a decent time or if he was still sound asleep in his bed. She quickly texted him before putting it her messenger style backpack. Just seeing if you're alive. Did dad yell at you today? :( She walked into her class and took her seat in the front of the class room before turning in her five pages of homework, which could surprise everyone that she honestly didn't forget to do it..... like always.

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Noah Michael Sayers

Noah was always an early riser, whether it was a school day or not. So it didn't bother him when the alarm on his phone went off at 5:30 in the morning. Waking up to classical music always made him feel soothed and refreshed. He laid and listened to the music for a few moments, letting the beautiful piano melody wash over him. Eventually, he did reach over and shut the music off, sitting on the edge of his bed and staring around the still dark room. He opened the blinds of his window, seeing the faint light spreading throughout the sky. The sun would be up soon. Turning back to his bed, seeing Darwin still snuggled up among the covers. A smile spread across his face at the sight of her. He walked forward and scratched between her ears, and she purred happily.

He made his way to the bathroom, turning on the water and quickly hopping in. He took as quick of a shower as he could, no use in wasting water after all. He tied the fluffy green towel around his waist and headed back for his bedroom. The sun was now shining brightly in the sky, and lighting up his bedroom. Darwin stood and stretched, yawning wide, as he walked by the bed to his closet. He stood there, pondering what exactly he should wear. He liked to look nice when he was out in public, and especially at school. Appearance was what everyone noticed about you first, so it was important to make a good first impression. He finally decided on a plaid shirt, leaving it open with a white v-neck underneath, and black jeans with a simple pair of white sneakers. He approached the mirror, messing with his hair. He loved having the effortless look, but it sure did take a lot of effort. After running the right amount of gel through his hair, and giving himself a once over, he determined he was ready for school. With a last spritz of cologne, he left his room and headed downstairs.

Noah's mother was awake and fixing breakfast. French toast and bacon. He sat at the table, a glass of milk already waiting for him, and he took a sip. "Morning, mom," he said, reaching for some bacon as she set it on the table. "Morning, Noah." She smiled warmly at him, placing some french toast on his plate as well. Breakfast was the most important meal of the day. As they sat and talked over their meal, he realized once again just how much he loved his mom. She had raised him as a single mother, and it was part of the reason he worked so hard. He wanted to provide for her, like she had for his entire life.

It was Monday morning, which meant he had a Mathletes meeting at 7:15 before school started. He was out the door at 6:45, and hopped into his Fusion. He lived pretty close to school, and arrived a few minutes after 7:00. He got a great parking spot, as he pretty much always did, thanks to his early arrival, and stepped out of his car into the cool morning air. The meeting went well, as always, and ended at a quarter til eight. He headed out into the hallway, which was crowded with students. His first period was Greek, and even though it wasn't his favorite class, he was still really good at it. He was one of the first in the room, and sat in the middle of the desks. He pulled out the book he was currently reading, Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne, and continued where he'd left off.

He was vaguely aware of other students filing in around him. But when a sight of blonde caught his eye, he looked up from his book. Cassandra Hamilton. She was everything that any girl wanted to be. Noah knew that someone like her would never want to be with anyone like him. He was a social outcast, at the bottom of the high school pyramid. Yet he still wished she would notice him. As his eyes followed her, he noticed that her eyes were on Evan. Of course. Everyone in the school talked about how the two of them should get together. In his mind, she deserved someone much better. He made himself draw his eyes away from her as the teacher walked into the classroom and prepared to teach.

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McKenna Chase Hamilton

McKenna's jaw clenched immediately as her now cold blue gaze flickered to her sister who seemed to be enjoying the fact their father was yelling at her. Her fists clenched as her sister sat back in her chair with her arms folded as if she was watching a movie. Keeping her breathing as steady as possible her gaze was back on her father. Yes, she had noticed how their father had cooked Cassie pancakes and she was guessing she didn't get any for not waking up in time..or it's just cause Miss-I-Get-Everything-I-Want got what she wanted. She made sure to make as much noise as humanly possible when she grabbed her bowl and spoon for her cereal. She had said, "Well she drives her own car, I drive I don't see what the problem is..if she's late, it's her fault." and when she heard Cas speak up, her head snapped to glare at her sister. "Whatever sprog." "Oh! Oh good one Pepsquad! Dad, pass me some water for my burn." Kenna said as she threw her hands in the air. "MCKENNA CHASE HAMILTON!" Her dad's voice sounded out over the door closing as Cassie left. McKenna didn't regret what she said, why should she? Her dad went on and on how good her sister was. Making good grades, having good friends-, "But she can't have a boyfriendddd.." Kenna mumbled in a soft sing-song voice as she smirked widely to herself. The one thing that sometimes was the reason McKenna even got up in the morning. Cassandra Brook Hamilton, the "perfect" girl at school, the cheerleading captain, the definition of popular could not date until Kenna was. Cassie couldn't go on dates unless Kenna went on dates. Cassie couldn't have a boyfriend until Kenna had one. She felt empowered, she had the control of the most popular girl as school's date life and she was gonna use that power. Even though she had just got hell for her earlier comment she left the house with a small smile on her face.
Kenna couldn't help but grin evilly as she stepped out of her car and noticed the familiar white punch bug beetle. 'Cassie.' Kenna thought with a smirk, she reached into her car grabbing her bags and slipping out a sticky note and scribbling on it and then popping it onto her sister's window.

'Give me a B, give me an O, give me a Y, give me a F, give me a R, give me an I, give me an E, give me a N, give me a D. Oh..oh, nevermind you can't give me that cause you're not allowed! -Sprog'

'Yeah, that was completely unacceptable..that was really a bitch move.' McKenna thought as sauntered off towards the school building. 'Good job!' she thought, giggling to herself before she was almost attacked by Holly with soccer questions. She still felt a bit angry though. She guessed it was jealousy. Sure, Cassie couldn't date until she did..why did that make Cassie so mad? Why did her dad even come up with that?! Did they both think that she wasn't gonna get a boyfriend or something? Her once victorious smirk was now a rather small frown. Cassie had guys all over her! Plus Cassie could flirt..with the whole hair flip and winks and, "Stop it!" and the whole giggly thing and then there was the hell was she suppose to flirt? 'Hey..I like muffins. You like muffins?' She thought, shaking her head to herself as she finally got to the library.
She was beginning to feel even better when she saw Finn jumping out of her seat. A grin slid across her face easily, "My apologize, Sherlock! I had some very important business to attend to." She said, smirking widely now with this look that said, 'I'll tell you after the broadcast.'. She watched as Finn's eyes flickered toward the window and she knew what she was looking at. It was probably Evan. Sure, Finn never came out and said 'I like the kid' but McKenna had this feeling. Her jaw clenched for the second time that day when she saw Cassie walking into the same class as Evan. There went the flirting..a smile and flip of the hair. She scoffed as she looked over Finn's shoulder at Bently. He was giving the five minutes sign. She looked at Finn, "It's showtimeeeee, Sherlock." McKenna said in another sing-song voice as she went over towards Ben. "Mornin' cameraboy!" She said, smiling at Ben. He just shook his head. She gave everyone a nickname. Everyone. She glanced back as she heard the door of the library open. She glanced back to see who could possibly be later than her.
Pierce. Of course! The one person that all the girls swoon over, she just rolled her eyes. Mr. Badboy thought he was hot stuff. She couldn't blame him. He was a good looking guy, she nudged Finn. Her and Finn always pointed out hot guys. "Oh, Leann wanted me to tell you we got volleyball practice Wednesday." She mumbled, nodding once as she looked at Finn. Two minutes til broadcast..
She couldn't wait!! "Ah! It can't wait!" She said grinning as she turned to face Finn. "Sherlock, I did something..something that might get me grounded but it was worth it." She continued, her famous guilty grin showing up again. "I left a sticky note on Pepsquad's window.." She paused, waiting to see her best friend's reaction.

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Finley Leah Holmes

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Character Portrait: McKenna Chase Hamilton
McKenna Chase Hamilton

"Don't be like the rest of the crowd. Be yourself, be you."

Character Portrait: Zerek Alexander Pierce
Zerek Alexander Pierce

"Fake Date her? For Money??-.. How much was that again? Sure. Piece of cake."

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Zerek Alexander Pierce

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McKenna Chase Hamilton

"Don't be like the rest of the crowd. Be yourself, be you."

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Finley Leah Holmes

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