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Kimiko Himura

"The past is the past. You just have to get over it and move on."

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a character in “Hijōshikina's House of the Unstably Brilliant”, as played by Lostsoulsbleed


“The past is the past. You just have to get over it and move on.”

~Never Look Back by The Nearly Deads~

|Kimiko Himura|
|House Sitter/Keeper|

|Subjects you excel at|
★ Singing ★
★ Cooking ★
★ Cleaning ★
★ Calligraphy ★


✓ Hard Work
✓ Animals
✓ Dresses
✗ Religion
✗ Children
✗ Dancing
✗ Disorganization

☠ Fear of Fire ☠

☠ Has Terrible Nightmares Every Time She Sleeps ☠

☠ Fears Being Grabbed by Men ☠

☠ She Killed Her Foster Parents ☠


|How I got here |
Kimiko doesn't remember anything before she was 5 years old. Her first memory is being surrounded by flames, screaming for her parents. After she was rescued she was put into the foster system. Moving from home to home she was abused multiple times, though there were a few nice families, and when she was 16 her, then current, foster father raped her. After the years of mental and physical strain Kimiko finally snapped, killing her foster father before running away.

Once she had run away Kimiko stopped going to school, and started traveling, looking for a place to stay where she couldn't get caught or taken back. After she had run away she started having horrid nightmares about the murder, making it hard for her to sleep. She tried to get little jobs, working as much as possible where they would take her without having to give out her information and stealing when she couldn't get a job. After being on her own for a while and Kimiko finally started to get used to living on her own.

Being on her own Kimiko loved the freedom it gave her, using it as much as she could with her criminal record. One of the first things she did after she ran away was take a self-defense class. Liking the excersise and the way it made her feel safe she took multiple classes over the years and even had someone teach her how to actually fight back in one of the places she stayed. She traveled a lot, always on the run, and tried to have as much fun as possible doing adventurous stuff like skydiving and hang-gliding.

One day as she was traveling by car, one she had stolen, she saw a big mansion up on a hill and stopped. Since it was the middle of the night and she didn't see any lights on she decided to sneak in and see if there was anything worth taking. Climbing in through an open window Kimiko ended up in the kitchen and, seeing the horrid mess she moving stuff around to see if there was anything of value, putting useless dishes in the sink quietly and putting trash into the trash. Finding some silverware that was actually made out of silver she moved to go into the next room and right as she stepped in, the light turned on and she came face to face with the house manager.

So begins...

Kimiko Himura's Story


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The job had been easy, the owner had even left the keys in the car, but Kimiko still felt bad. It looked new like, shiny paint job and unworn leather interior new, so she guessed the owner had spent big bucks on it. In the back of the mind she scolded herself. ~You had no choice, You had to get out of that town. They were the ones who made it so easy.~ She sighs and refocuses her eyes on the road. Noticing that she seemed to be in the middle of nowhere and that she actually hadn't seen another car in a while Kimiko flicked on the headlights and continued to drive.

About an hour later something in the trees caught Kimiko's eye and she slowed the car, eventually coming to a stop right next to a somewhat narrow dirt road. Smiling she laughed to herself softly. ~Perfect, I was running low on cash anyways. I'm sure that there has to be something valuable here... if it isn't just a camping site...~ As she thought this she turned and drove a little ways up the path, stopping where the trees ended. Looking up the hill, Kimiko's eyes widened at the mansion before her, shock and awe painting her features.

Despite her best judgment, her excitement getting the best of her, Kimiko found a concealed path to the house, starting to walk around it slowly before spotting an open window into what looked to be the kitchen. Smiling Kimiko easily hoisted herself up into the window, sliding through and dropping to the tiled floor with an almost silent thud. Looking around Kimiko scowled at the mess in the room, not being able to tell a wooden spoon from a silver spoon with all the muck and grime.

Setting her small backpack down she slowly started sorting through the filth, throwing out trash and sorting valuable utensils from plain ones. Doing so as quietly as possible she also put the other dirty dishes in the sink, thinking to herself. ~This place is a disaster! Either no one's been here for a while or the owner's a slob!~ Having salvaged a good amount of the silver utensils Kimiko grabbed her bag and put them in before moving to go into the next room.

After a few steps into the next room the lights flicked on and Kimiko jumped back with a soft yelp, bumping into a table from the temporary blindness. At the same time she dropped her bag, it landing on the hard-wood floor with a loud clang. As her vision adjusted Kimiko came face to face with a tall, bluish-blonde haired man who stood before her. Her eyes widening a little Kimiko tried to take a step back, the result being her bumping into the dining table once again.


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A smile rose to Maximous's mouth as he eyed the girl up and down. "My dear you are looking as lovely as ever. I am so very grateful you showed interest in this job. Things can get a little crazy, and its good to know there's someone else here besides myself who can help out." Max's voice was low, cheerful, yet calm. "I realize we may have already been introduced, but not quite properly." He strode toward the woman and gave her a gentleman bow. "I am Maximous Grande, and I look forward to working with you. Just watch your step around here for me, alright?" He chuckled and turned.

He clapped his hands together and smiled at Kimiko. "If you'll follow me i'll show you to the doors of the three trouble makers here. Then I will escort you to your room so that you may grab some shut-eye. I imagine its been a long trip, hmm?" Another small chuckle escaped the man. He turned causing some of his Bluish-blonde hair to fall into his field of vision, and after quickly pushing it behind his ears he began walking.

After escorting her to the west most side of the building he pointed to a blue door with the name 'Akito' on the front. "This is one of our friends here. Akito Deviantart. I much enjoyed meeting them, and I hope you do the same. I'll try not to spoil anything for you. Something you will like to know is when your with Akito always be alert, and always have a small pillow on standby." He spoke that so casually as if there was so much to spoil. He chuckled as he turned and escorted them down more hallways to the east most wing. He finally approached a black door with the name 'Mariya Santioa'. He turned and smiled once more at Kimiko. "This is our dearest Mariya Santinoa! A wonderful doctor and quite the introvert. If she ever starts yelling at you, back away." With that he turned and continued on to the upper floor and the middle of the house. He pointed to a green door labeled 'Shinya'. "This is Shinya, don't let Shinya ever try to perfect you." He smirked and nodded. He brought a hand to gesture further down the hall until they found a door labeled 'Yuudai'. "This is Yuudai's room, He's a very lovely musician. You'll have to have a listen sometimes, but if you do talk to him try not to be," He brought up air quote. "Cheerful."

He moved next to the woman and placed his hand on her lower back. "But you must be tired, no? Come let us get you to a shower and some rest." He finally brought the woman to the lower floor and to a door just next to the staff room labeled 'Haruka'. "Seems miss Haruka didnt show, but I am sure that works in your favor, no?" He chuckled. "I will be with Akito for the rest of the night, contact me if you need anything my dear. Remember, don't go anywhere you shouldn't be at night." He chuckled and grinned at the woman. "You'll get one chance with me." He stared down at her with cold eyes that spoke the words 'move and you'll be in worse trouble than the police'. He dropped the key to the room in her hand and with that he turned and headed toward Akito's room.

After opening Akito's door her smiled as he saw Akito already frowning at the papers. He moved to a seat right next to him and silently began. He watched Akito lazily begin his taxes as well. Max chuckled warmly at the first question. "Just bills make it so that you can stay here, and tedious they may be doing them in a bad mood wont finish them quicker." He hummed something sweet as they worked so as to lighten the mood. Max was working silently when Akito started talking to himself. This just made Max smile and nod continuing on.

At the idea of food max couldn't agree more. "Why don't you take a break for a bit to eat something Akito? I will eat after I have finished my share." He nodded at the boy. "On a side note, you should really meet the new house woman. She's quite pretty, and I hope you two can get along. In other words," Max's voice grew firm for a moment. "Don't scare her off." With that he silently got back to work.


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#, as written by Quill
Yuudai Nakamura

Why was he awake?

There was a warm bed and a soft pillow waiting for him in his room, yet here he was, laying down on the floor of his studio, no doubt getting his back turned into an abstract painting with all the oil paint he’d spilled earlier, and counting the static clouds on the ceiling because cheeps were useless and did not help you sleep!

Groaning, he rubbed his face as hard as he dared and then let his hands rest there, hoping maybe the smell of paint would be strong enough to at least make him faint. Anything was better than that blank canvas staring him in the face, laughing at him, taunting him with its ... blankness. It was frustrating as hell, because for weeks now he’d been as stable as can be, a record time for him. If there was a right time to relax, take good care of himself and "make the most of it", this was it.

He wanted to sleep, he needed to sleep, but everyday he was yanked out of bed and pulled into one of his studios, restlessness masking itself as inspiration to force him to grab a brush or pluck a string, only to be met with an empty mind that refused to produce a single stroke or note. Today was the same, and honest to whatever god was out there, he tried, he tried everything but nothing worked. And he’d be have to be dead before he took any sleeping pills, so tonight the point goes for insomnia, his old selfish bastard of a friend.

Lost in his thoughts, Yuudai almost didn’t register the sound of footsteps echoing down the halls just outside his studio, but then his ears picked up a familiar voice and his curiosity was piqued. It was Maximous. He couldn’t tell what the manager was saying but there was no mistaking that voice, and he seemed to be speaking to someone, which was odd. Why would Maximous and the others be on his floor this late at night?

Mustering up the will to get off the floor was harder than he’d be willing to admit, and he almost gave up altogether, it was so comfortable there. Sticky, but comfortable. By the time he opened the doors and stepped into the hallway, there was no one there. It was at that point that his stomach decided that now was the perfect time to make its presence known. Mumbling curses under his breath, Yuu ruffled his mess of a hair, entertaining the idea of going downstairs and grabbing a bite to eat. In the end, his whining stomach decided for him.

"Maybe I’ll bump into good old Max and find out what he was doing here," he murmured to no one in particular as he passed his bedroom, enjoying the way his voice bounced off the walls. "Either that or he’ll tell me I’m hearing things." He chuckled at the last bit, though his laughter came up a bit forced.

That’s when he heard a distant sound, it was faint but it sounded an awful lot like a scream. Now, screams had lost their shock value ever since he’d moved to this place, it was a house for unstable people after all. But not matter how much you got used to them, they still evoke a primal reaction, so he couldn’t help but stand alert. So, while he didn’t run down the stairs, he still picked up his pace, wondering about the source of the scream.

To his surprise, he heard voices in the kitchen. With slow movements, Yuu took a few steps towards it. As he stood at the doorsill, hiding paint covered hands in his pockets, he was met with the sight of Akito and Mariya, the first leaning against the counter and the latter siting on the inland’s countertop with her back to him. Now that he thought about it, the scream was probably hers. Another one of her more violent hallucinations perhaps… she hasn’t had one in a while.

His eyes caught Akito’s blue ones as the dark haired man opened them. Though by this time he was more than aware of Akito’s personality changes, the gaze he got right then was all the confirmation he needed to know it wasn’t the “normal" Akito he was facing right now.

"I heard a scream," he started in a calm tone, testing the waters. The man looked relaxed, but you could never be too sure with this Akito. Rubbing off a smudge of paint on his face, Yuu let his eyes rest on the girl’s silhouette. Is Mariya alright?"


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Kimiko, though confused, followed Max around the house for the tour, walking quickly to keep up with the blue-haired male. Impulsively memorizing the info as it was told her, Kimiko matched doors with names and made note of all the entrances and exits. As they come to the last door Kimiko looks up at him as he speaks.
Seems miss Haruka didnt show, but I am sure that works in your favor, no?
As he chuckled Kimiko tenses, realizing he knew she wasn't who he had been expecting.
I will be with Akito for the rest of the night, contact me if you need anything my dear. Remember, don't go anywhere you shouldn't be at night. You'll get one chance with me.
Taking the key he handed her she unlocked the door to the room and slipped in silently before turning and relocking the door behind her. She then goes around the room to see if there were any windows or a second door, needing a good escape plan for tomorrow.

At the sound of a loud scream somewhere else in the house Kimiko swears under her breath and goes to double check that she had locked the door. ~Only an hour or so... Then I can sneak out when everyone's asleep again.~ As she paces back and forth across the room she tries to start thinking of an escape plan but, while being locked in the unfamiliar room, the only images that pop into her mind are memories from her foster homes. Thinking about her old life Kimiko sat down on the bed and stared at her hands intently, a firm frown on her face and her eyes glassy and emotionless.


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Standing there staring down at the sink Max let out a sigh. Collecting his thoughts he had to wonder what he was going to do about that girl. He had no clue who she was and needed a worker. She had to work for him, and Max would make sure of this. Bringing the glass to his lips, Max tilted his head back and let the rest of the contents slide down his throat. Letting out a breath of satisfied air after he did so. He set the glass into the sink and rubbed a hand on his forehead. He was tired, but he had to see to that girl. That's when he heard the sound of trouble enter the room. Shinya came into the kitchen. Max sighed once more and turned. Seemingly unnoticed by a few, he strode up to Shinya's side. "Do not cause trouble here, get what you came for and go. I'm far to tired to separate you guys tonight." He walked passed him, but not before patting him on the shoulder.

After that Max made his way to the foyer, and stood before the front door. He shuffled something in his pockets and finally pulled out a box of cigarettes. He's stopped long ago, but lately he was thinking he could go for a smoke. He stuffed the carton in his right pocket and statred out the front door. After exiting, he'd slowly and silently close the front door behind him. He'd wait for the girl to make her escape, he'd do some thinking here. If she escaped through the back, he'd be notified. Especially since he locked it. Besides he left the front door unlocked on purpose. He place his hands on the railing just outside the front door. He stared off into the darkness that wasn't lit by the lights surrounding the building. Something beautiful, he looked up at the cloudy sky. The moon almost completely covered by dark clouds. He'd hope there was no storms. Being trapped inside with that bunch was scary enough already.

Max once again reached for his cigarette pack. He stared at it. I don't need it, but it'd be nice. Like an Advil, a very addictive Advil. He shook his head and set it on the railing beside him. "Honestly, what a week its been." A long sigh escaped the man after mumbling those words. He opened the pack and stared down at the many cigarettes in the back. He wouldnt light one. He picked one up, and turned it about in his right palm. He set the carton down and brought the unlit Cigarette to his mouth. He let it rest there, feeling slightly better. Even without it lit. He decided to wait with a quiet mind, until that woman showed up.


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Akito listened as Max left the room, leaving him now alone to continue with his thoughts. Tomorrow would be a new day, but it was a new day that Akito had always dreaded upon. Aki might not be wake when Akito was out, but when Aki was out Akito always remembers what is going on with him, all throughout the day, and when night falls, Aki sleeps and Akito has full control of his body.

Tomorrow, the Headmaster will be taking his visit upon us. In a way he was happy that he wasn't the one going to have to deal with him, but Aki will be. The Headmaster is another way of saying, he is the top. Once in a while he would show up at night, just to meet me, Aki's 'second half'. It was only due to because Aki never remembers me, but he always has faint memories that I really do exist. He, The Headmaster, also owned all of us, My two selves, Mariya, Yuu, and Shin. We're like his little lap dogs, or should I say human experiments. All but Max who was just hired by the guy to manly look after myselves, but he is also meant to manage all four of us and what we do, I guess in a way he is meant to make our lives easier, yet we never treat him like a butler or ask too much of him.
This is so I can make sure that everyone is on the right page. So just wing it and do your best, hopefully we don't need another time skip. So yeah, start fresh and wake up from your cozzzzzyyy little beds.

Image It was getting later, or should I say earlier than expected. Nearly 5am in the morning now. It was amazing how time flies. Akito had fallen asleep managed somehow to fall asleep in his bed for once, he was doing experiments all night long in the Alienlab room, his mind was lost, he didn't want to think about why Mariya could be mad at him, he didn't like the thought of her frowning at him and not understanding why. To ask would be above himself.

When Akito woke up, he was now Aki for the day. The thing is with these two, is the only way they would switch is if one fall asleep and lets the other control the body. That's how it worked. But it was only sometimes that Akito would force himself to take over no matter what, yet he only seems to do that whenever he is protect Aki from something or someone.

Rubbing his head, Aki slowly got up from the bed, the early morning light that tried to rise up to the sky had peeked it's way through his windows to say good morning. Hanging his head over his knees, he slowly started to unbutton his shirt a little. Slowly getting himself up in the morning, doing the daily morning due abouts. It wasn't until after the show that he felt himself truly wake up. I t was icy cold this morning, but that was probably due to it being too early of a morning.

After he was good and ready, dressed neatly and properly, he finally put on his glasses, though there was no point in the glasses, he had 20/20 vision, but he just liked to wear them for some odd reason. Grabbing some files and a few journals, Aki headed down to his first floor to his wing and walked outside and into the main building, to where everyone else had shared a living quarters. He took it upon himself to buzz the morning Alarm. Allowing everyone to wake up and it also told them that the Headmaster would be showing up today early morning.

Aki made his way into the living room, setting his things onto the table. It was something everyone had to do, bring their books that is, they had to make a report of everything they had or did in the past last time they seen the Headmaster. Aki was one of the very few who always ended up with a load of reports. Mostly half of them were locked with a book lock, so no one would get inside them, but Akito and the Headmaster, not even Aki or Max could get in to them.

Now all that was left was to wait on everyone to show up.....


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OCC: Ash I hope you can stay up a few hours cause the time skip xD

IC:After a while of sitting there Kimiko eventually fell asleep, her legs still hanging off the bed making it obvious that she had fallen asleep while sitting up. At the sound of the alarm Kimiko jolted awake and looked around, starting to panic when she doesn't recognize her surroundings of a large, almost empty room with windows that show a view of the forest . After a few moments the events of the previous night return to her and she jumps up and goes to the door, unlocking it and peaking out into the hallway. Seeing no one Kimiko recalled the path to the dining room, remembering that was where she left her bag, and started that way moving as quickly and quietly as she could.

Once she had reached the dining room Kimiko looked around for her bad, a frown on her face when she didn't spot it immediately. Dropping to her hands and knees the young, light-pink haired girl crawled around the room, looking for her bag. Remembering that she had kicked it under the table she moves to the table and yanks two of the chairs away, sighing when she sees her back pack. Smiling Kimiko reached forward and grabbed her backpack and the stuff that had fallen out when she had kicked it under the table. Shoving the items back in Kimiko closed the bag tightly and went through another door, sighing in relief when she found it lead to the kitchen.

Moving to the back of the room Kimiko tried to go out the back door but paused to find it locked and looking to the window she came in through she found it closed and locked as well. Swearing under her breath Kimiko turned and moved through the kitchen and into the dining room but stopped at the second door. Peaking out into the hallway and seeing no one Kimiko slipped out of the doorway, making sure it shut softly behind her and then she tip-toed down the hallway.

A moment too late Kimiko realized that the hallway was actually a foyer and that it connected to the living room and stepped in only to see the other person she had 'met' the night before. Jumping back behind the corner Kimiko sucked in her breath, hoping he hadn't seen her before realizing that his back was turned as he was setting down books on a table. Wanting to use this to her advantage Kimiko crossed the space from her to the door as quickly as she could and, after glancing to make sure the man in the living room was still turned away, opened it.

As she did the door let out a loud, squeaky groan, drawing the attention of not only the young man but also Max, who was standing on the porch, seemingly waiting for someone... ~Me~ She thought to herself with a groan as she glanced from Max to the other young man nervously. ~He was waiting for me.~

OCC:The last part can be edited if you decide Max went to bed @Ash


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OOC: Its fine Souls. I'm good. Just had to get some tea in my system.
Max couldn't believe the wait all night. He'd long since threw the cigarette he'd had in his mouth away and onto the ground at his feet, still cold and as it was when he pulled it out. Max stared at the sun rise, the tiredness getting to him. He ran a hand through his messy hair. The dark bags under his eyes making his eyes feel heavy. He was about to call it in for the night when he heard a familiar sound of the door opening. This brought a smirk to his face. He stared at the girl, and offered her a cigarette from the pack that was in his hands. "So, I was right." His voice was tired and rugged. He wiped his free hand on his face.

He irritatedly stated at the woman. "I'm bigger than you, so I will give you two choices. You stay here, have a life, possible friends, and my permanent eye on your back." He narrowed his tired eyes at her and strolled up to her. "Or you go to jail, and I make sure you get punished for a lot more than just stealing. I feel the choice is obvious, but if that's not incentive enough let me make it simple. You will get payed for an accident, and you'll get a room, hot meals. All you have to do is clean, and what ever else I tell you to. So give me your answer," He growled and stood over her, he dropped the cigarette pack at their feet and stared down at her, with evil eyes. He wasn't normally mean, but she made him wait. She upset him by accident. "Or do I need to make that call to the police station? Answer wrong and you'll be gone, I am irritated, tired, and not in the mood for games. Oh, I wouldn't bother thinking about accepting then trying to escape another time. I'll make sure you stay put, and earn your days worth." He practically spat those words.

He felt the sun begin to rise, feeling the head on his back. He realized that he probably looked a mess, with an undone tie, an open black vest, messy platinum blue-blonde hair, bags under his eyes, and un-tucked shirt. He looked pretty intimidating and crazy himself, but all he wanted was for her to agree. So that he could get some sleep. He was so tired he could sleep for a week, but he'd only let himself have two hours of sleep. For now. He continued to glare daggers at this petty thief, hoping her answer would be the smart one.


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As the blue-blonde haired man offered her a cigarette she quickly shook her head and took a step back after looking him over. ~Wow he looks exhausted...~ When he speaks she looks back up at him to listen, obviously having no choice in the matter.
I'm bigger than you...
being the next thing he says Kimiko's eyes flash with rage which quickly vanished as he moved closer to her. Taking a few steps back quickly she continued to listen and then looks down at the pack of cigarettes, that was now on the ground, before looking back at him.
Or do I need to make that call to the police station?
After flinching from how close he was she stiffened as he spoke those words and she bit her bottom lip and looked away. Once he had finished Kimiko sighs and drops her bag at his feet and nods. "Okay fine. I'll go grab my stuff from my car."

With that she drops the keys from the car she stole into his hand and walks around him, heading in the direction of the car. Grabbing a box of her belongings and a duffel bag full of clothes Kimiko heads back, dropping the stuff in her new room. As she goes to get the next load of her stuff she frowns and stares at the ground. ~He might not call the cops but what happens when they find me on their own...~ With a sigh Kimiko starts making up a fake life story in her head, as she usually did when she went to apply for jobs, to tell Max. As she was setting down her second box in her new room she paused, momentarily considering telling Max the truth. As she turned to go back on the third trip she shook her head and spoke, meaning to talk to herself in her head but accidentally speaking out loud. "Yeah, there's no way. If I told him the truth he would call the cops for sure." Realizing her mistake Kimiko quickly looks up from the box she was carrying and whipped her head around, checking to see if anyone was close enough to have heard her.