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Shinya Faust

"Hmm... How can I perfect you?"

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a character in “Hijōshikina's House of the Unstably Brilliant”, as played by ZenMon


“In the higher callings of science and medicine, the more restraining things like Ethics and Morality become. To do the most, one needs to ignore such archaic concepts.”

Falling Into a Trap with a Sexy Lure

Image|Name| Shinya Faust

|Age| 20

|Gender| Male

|Sexual Orientation| Not particularly interested in relationships. But Straight.

|Height| 6'4"

|Weight| 183lbs

|Role| Genius Four, the Descendant of Faust


|Subjects You Excel At|
★ Anatomical Knowledge ★ Shinya's years of continuous experimentation served to refine his natural affinity for understanding the body, its mechanisms, and how the all go together. Or come apart, as often was the case. Whether coming up with new ways to stitch people back together, or attaching things to them, Shinya stands above most medical professionals.
★ Photographic Memory ★ Shinya's memory, like his anatomical/medical knowledge, is unparalleled. If he's seen it, he can recall it.


✓ Unrestrained Experimentation
✓ Ambiguous Rules
✓ Solitude
✗ Oversight
✗ Inquisitive Neighbors and Law Enforcement Officials
✗ Uncooperative Test Subjects



☠ Imprisonment ☠
Shinya fears being locked up for the rest of his life should the "oh so gracious authorities" catch him outside of the house. He doesn't fear the actual incarceration as much as he'd fear being unable to continue experimenting. If he had to assign his "worst nightmare", this would most likely take the cake.

☠ Adores Children ☠
Although he won't outright admit it, Shinya always enjoyed entertaining and playing with children. He is set in the belief that children are the future of the world, for the better. It's part of the reason he wishes to continue his experimentation, to create a disease-free world for the children of tomorrow

☠ Multitastking Magnificence ☠
Shinya's mind, in typical speeding fashion, often juggles several ideas and tasks simultaneously with ease. He can passionately debate a subject with anyone with the stomach to watch him work, without impacting the surgery at hand. So far, he's only had one such person to converse with, but they've long since disappeared.


|How I got here |

Prior to taking up residence in the house, Shinya attended attended medical school and was hailed as a prodigal student. His mind, as quick as his hands, learned and adapted almost quicker than his professors could instruct him. He was the star pupil, the next great surgeon, someone who would champion the cause of medicine in the ever advancing modern age. Hospitals directors from across the globe were crowding the observation room simply to watch Dr. Faust work. There were even rumors going around the school that they were in a constant financial war to see who would take the prestigious surgical virtuoso onto their staff.

When Shinya disappeared for several days, the doctors were only mildly concerned. They realized they'd been putting a lot of pressure on the young adult, and decided that he needed space. As the days turned into weeks, concern grew. After the third week, a search was gathered to track the boy down, with many questioning whether or not Shinya had committed suicide. After almost a week of frantic searching, Shinya was discovered to the horror of the medical community. In a dingy basement, surrounded with butchered "failed experiments" they found Shinya, committing unspeakable acts all in the name of "furthering medicine". Rather than ship him off to an insane asylum, the higher ups made their own Faustian Bargain, sending Shinya to the Hijōshikina House, where he may make discoveries that lay beyond their reach.

So begins...

Shinya Faust's Story


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The job had been easy, the owner had even left the keys in the car, but Kimiko still felt bad. It looked new like, shiny paint job and unworn leather interior new, so she guessed the owner had spent big bucks on it. In the back of the mind she scolded herself. ~You had no choice, You had to get out of that town. They were the ones who made it so easy.~ She sighs and refocuses her eyes on the road. Noticing that she seemed to be in the middle of nowhere and that she actually hadn't seen another car in a while Kimiko flicked on the headlights and continued to drive.

About an hour later something in the trees caught Kimiko's eye and she slowed the car, eventually coming to a stop right next to a somewhat narrow dirt road. Smiling she laughed to herself softly. ~Perfect, I was running low on cash anyways. I'm sure that there has to be something valuable here... if it isn't just a camping site...~ As she thought this she turned and drove a little ways up the path, stopping where the trees ended. Looking up the hill, Kimiko's eyes widened at the mansion before her, shock and awe painting her features.

Despite her best judgment, her excitement getting the best of her, Kimiko found a concealed path to the house, starting to walk around it slowly before spotting an open window into what looked to be the kitchen. Smiling Kimiko easily hoisted herself up into the window, sliding through and dropping to the tiled floor with an almost silent thud. Looking around Kimiko scowled at the mess in the room, not being able to tell a wooden spoon from a silver spoon with all the muck and grime.

Setting her small backpack down she slowly started sorting through the filth, throwing out trash and sorting valuable utensils from plain ones. Doing so as quietly as possible she also put the other dirty dishes in the sink, thinking to herself. ~This place is a disaster! Either no one's been here for a while or the owner's a slob!~ Having salvaged a good amount of the silver utensils Kimiko grabbed her bag and put them in before moving to go into the next room.

After a few steps into the next room the lights flicked on and Kimiko jumped back with a soft yelp, bumping into a table from the temporary blindness. At the same time she dropped her bag, it landing on the hard-wood floor with a loud clang. As her vision adjusted Kimiko came face to face with a tall, bluish-blonde haired man who stood before her. Her eyes widening a little Kimiko tried to take a step back, the result being her bumping into the dining table once again.


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#, as written by ZenMon

Early Morning

Five in the morning. Shinya's normal time to rise, there were less insufferable questions to be asked then. He sleepily pawed the 'Off' button on his bedside alarm clock and sat up in bed. His silvery hair hung around his face in disarray, a picture perfect example of bedhead. He stretched, yawned, and rose. Much to do today, much to do... After a few light stretched, Shinya began his morning calisthenics routine. After feeling satisfied by his routine workout, he helped himself to a hot shower and set his personal tea kettle to boil. A cup of strong black tea helped bring his morning routine to a satisfying conclusion. A quick check of the current news stories of the day made Shinya very glad those kinds of troubles wouldn't burden his mind any longer due to his residency at the house. Well, for now. They might decide those bodies aren't worth the cost of keeping me in here. I dearly hope that day never comes, but I can't stop it if it does. Ah well. Must make the most of my time, I suppose. Shinya closed the news window and opened the folder on his computer where the lists of to-do experiments were kept. The next few hours were spend picking and choosing the best candidates to occupy his time and talents for the next few days. A smile slowly spread across his face as he read, imagining all the possibilities that were open to him. Today will be a good day.


Hours later, after Shinya's to-do list was complete, he stood and stretched. A busy month lay ahead. To much to do, so little time to actually do it. It's truly a shame that we need sleep, but I'll be testing the extent of that theory later on this month, it seems. Perhaps I'll bump it up, in order to not waste so much time and finish my other projects. Which will lead to more projects! How wonderful this house is! Shinya's excitement at the prospect of more experimentation was dulled somewhat by faint growling from his stomach. But first, lunch. Shinya crept from his room and headed for the kitchens, wondering if he'd meet someone in the hallway. Unfortunately, he didn't. At least, not yet. A quick sandwich was thrown together and consumed before Shinya headed back to his lab to begin preparations for the coming experiments. Hours of preparation. Shinya smiled at the thought, like a child anticipating a birthday or Christmas.

Shinya, his preparations complete, stood back to admire the rearrangement of his lab. It would do, for now. His stomach grumbled again, snapping Shinya out of his fantasies of the coming days. More nutrition. Eating is a hassle. But there are bigger problems to solve than seeing if there would be a way for the body to feed itself without consuming itself. If only... nah. Modifying the structure of someone's DNA wouldn't show any effects for a few generations at least. I can't observe that unless I make myself immortal. Which... The thoughts dogged Shinya all the way to the kitchen, where he discovered he wouldn't be alone, for once. Two others, Mariya and Yuudai if he remembered correctly, were sitting in the kitchen. The former looking ashamed and embarassed, the other confused. He wondered if there was some way he could fix that. He raised a hand in greeting as he made his way towards the refrigerator.

"Well hello, friends. Late night? Burning the midnight oil? Got any problems I can help with? Hmm?"

He knew his reputation preceded him, but he did revel in some reactions he'd gotten over the years to his presence. He'd had some of the most exciting responses to his presence.


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Mariya's eyes widened as she realized she'd said or done something wrong. Akito was his usual self again and seemed angry, but she wasn't sure which part of her reaction triggered the change in his voice, "Aki-" But he was already out of the room, "to.." Her eyes lowered, leaning against the counter and letting out a sigh. She always pushed people away when they attempted to come to her aid. She was an incredibly lonesome person before her accident.. she ran off the entire research team within a few days. Eventually they stopped even applying for the job as her infamous cold shoulder became the talk of the street. The more publicity she got, the more estranged she became to the public. She eventually stopped even going out for lunch it was so tense. Everyone expected her to explode when the truth of the matter was, feeling weak just embarrassed her. She just wanted to feel strong, whether it was a lie or not. She didn't have much control of her life after the accident so her wish to become 'bulletproof' per se, sort of grew ten fold.

“Well, I don’t know about Mr. Grumpy, but to answer your question, Mariya, I was hanging out with an old friend of mine, insomnia. You might know him, kind of a jerk.”[color]

Mariya's eyes raised to Yuudai, a feeble smile crossing her lips for a moment. [color=purple]Am I going to run everyone out of the kitchen.. I should be careful about what I say... If I hurt Akito... my words might damage anyone..
She chewed on the inside of her cheek with a deep breath before nodding at him, "Yeah, we're not friends. I try to kick him out of my room all the time.." She decided to play along, pretending that insomnia was a person instead of medical problem, "It's hard to sleep sometimes for me as well. Have you tried-" Then she instantly turned red as an apple. She nearly let out an embarrassing detail she could never reclaim. Yuu didn't look like the type that would share that information, but it still was top secret! They'd think she was a baby if she admitted she slept cuddling one of her pillows.

“Then I also got hungry. Do you want anything? I’d cook you something but I don’t think the kitchen would survive.”

She nodded, "Will you pass me a bottled water, please? I ate a sandwich. I'm just really thirsty.." she responded, considering that Akito already made the sandwich for her.. she just forgot to get a drink. She grabbed one of the water bottles that Yuudai placed it on the table. She took a drink, remaining simply to enjoy Yuudai's humming. She wasn't good at it, but she enjoyed music. She was often found with headphones on in her lab. Though anyone who step foot in her lab while she was working or otherwise was liable to be severely scolded. She took a seat finally, a proper one instead of sitting on the counter and listened in to the tall red haired male.

“So, what kept you up? It’s alright if you don’t want to answer that. I understand. We can talk about anything you like… or not talk, that’s also fine… Sorry, just forget it.”

She sat there with a blank expression for a moment, simply staring at Yuudai, before she began to slightly tremble. It wasn't long after that Mariya let out one of her rare fits of giggles, covering her mouth with her hand. She couldn't help it. Yuu had been here for years and to see him get nervous was too precious. The laughter came before she could even attempt to control it, "It's alright.." She noticed the crimson wolf ears poking out of his messy hair and frowned, realizing her plaguing hallucinations weren't done yet, "Just..the typical.." How else was she supposed to explain what she was seeing?

"Well hello, friends. Late night? Burning the midnight oil? Got any problems I can help with? Hmm?"

Mariya's laughter instantly stopped. She let out a shiver and quickly shook her head. Shinya wasn't a horrible person... he just... was far too obsessed with fixing things. She wasn't about to let him near her head, "Trouble sleeping.." She replied with the friendliest look she could muster. She didn't want to give anyone special treatment, but Shinya just sort of.. scared her sometimes.


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Standing there staring down at the sink Max let out a sigh. Collecting his thoughts he had to wonder what he was going to do about that girl. He had no clue who she was and needed a worker. She had to work for him, and Max would make sure of this. Bringing the glass to his lips, Max tilted his head back and let the rest of the contents slide down his throat. Letting out a breath of satisfied air after he did so. He set the glass into the sink and rubbed a hand on his forehead. He was tired, but he had to see to that girl. That's when he heard the sound of trouble enter the room. Shinya came into the kitchen. Max sighed once more and turned. Seemingly unnoticed by a few, he strode up to Shinya's side. "Do not cause trouble here, get what you came for and go. I'm far to tired to separate you guys tonight." He walked passed him, but not before patting him on the shoulder.

After that Max made his way to the foyer, and stood before the front door. He shuffled something in his pockets and finally pulled out a box of cigarettes. He's stopped long ago, but lately he was thinking he could go for a smoke. He stuffed the carton in his right pocket and statred out the front door. After exiting, he'd slowly and silently close the front door behind him. He'd wait for the girl to make her escape, he'd do some thinking here. If she escaped through the back, he'd be notified. Especially since he locked it. Besides he left the front door unlocked on purpose. He place his hands on the railing just outside the front door. He stared off into the darkness that wasn't lit by the lights surrounding the building. Something beautiful, he looked up at the cloudy sky. The moon almost completely covered by dark clouds. He'd hope there was no storms. Being trapped inside with that bunch was scary enough already.

Max once again reached for his cigarette pack. He stared at it. I don't need it, but it'd be nice. Like an Advil, a very addictive Advil. He shook his head and set it on the railing beside him. "Honestly, what a week its been." A long sigh escaped the man after mumbling those words. He opened the pack and stared down at the many cigarettes in the back. He wouldnt light one. He picked one up, and turned it about in his right palm. He set the carton down and brought the unlit Cigarette to his mouth. He let it rest there, feeling slightly better. Even without it lit. He decided to wait with a quiet mind, until that woman showed up.


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Akito listened as Max left the room, leaving him now alone to continue with his thoughts. Tomorrow would be a new day, but it was a new day that Akito had always dreaded upon. Aki might not be wake when Akito was out, but when Aki was out Akito always remembers what is going on with him, all throughout the day, and when night falls, Aki sleeps and Akito has full control of his body.

Tomorrow, the Headmaster will be taking his visit upon us. In a way he was happy that he wasn't the one going to have to deal with him, but Aki will be. The Headmaster is another way of saying, he is the top. Once in a while he would show up at night, just to meet me, Aki's 'second half'. It was only due to because Aki never remembers me, but he always has faint memories that I really do exist. He, The Headmaster, also owned all of us, My two selves, Mariya, Yuu, and Shin. We're like his little lap dogs, or should I say human experiments. All but Max who was just hired by the guy to manly look after myselves, but he is also meant to manage all four of us and what we do, I guess in a way he is meant to make our lives easier, yet we never treat him like a butler or ask too much of him.
This is so I can make sure that everyone is on the right page. So just wing it and do your best, hopefully we don't need another time skip. So yeah, start fresh and wake up from your cozzzzzyyy little beds.

Image It was getting later, or should I say earlier than expected. Nearly 5am in the morning now. It was amazing how time flies. Akito had fallen asleep managed somehow to fall asleep in his bed for once, he was doing experiments all night long in the Alienlab room, his mind was lost, he didn't want to think about why Mariya could be mad at him, he didn't like the thought of her frowning at him and not understanding why. To ask would be above himself.

When Akito woke up, he was now Aki for the day. The thing is with these two, is the only way they would switch is if one fall asleep and lets the other control the body. That's how it worked. But it was only sometimes that Akito would force himself to take over no matter what, yet he only seems to do that whenever he is protect Aki from something or someone.

Rubbing his head, Aki slowly got up from the bed, the early morning light that tried to rise up to the sky had peeked it's way through his windows to say good morning. Hanging his head over his knees, he slowly started to unbutton his shirt a little. Slowly getting himself up in the morning, doing the daily morning due abouts. It wasn't until after the show that he felt himself truly wake up. I t was icy cold this morning, but that was probably due to it being too early of a morning.

After he was good and ready, dressed neatly and properly, he finally put on his glasses, though there was no point in the glasses, he had 20/20 vision, but he just liked to wear them for some odd reason. Grabbing some files and a few journals, Aki headed down to his first floor to his wing and walked outside and into the main building, to where everyone else had shared a living quarters. He took it upon himself to buzz the morning Alarm. Allowing everyone to wake up and it also told them that the Headmaster would be showing up today early morning.

Aki made his way into the living room, setting his things onto the table. It was something everyone had to do, bring their books that is, they had to make a report of everything they had or did in the past last time they seen the Headmaster. Aki was one of the very few who always ended up with a load of reports. Mostly half of them were locked with a book lock, so no one would get inside them, but Akito and the Headmaster, not even Aki or Max could get in to them.

Now all that was left was to wait on everyone to show up.....