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Dannielle Paige Aelisia

"I can read people, easily. Like an open book."

0 · 232 views · located in Hik's Academy for the Specials

a character in “Hik's Academy”, as played by Wynter


Name: Dannielle Paige Aelisia

Age: 15

Gender: Female


Personality: Dannielle is a smart girl; she's outgoing and not afraid to express herself, though she's more shy around those she doesn't know. Choosing her connections and relationships wisely, she is smart and calculated in her choices, though she's not afraid to ask for help if she needs it. But she can look after herself very well; and does good on her own.
Danni is guarded, and not quick to trust people, but she will give them a chance and would do anything for her friends, as long as the need was inevitably honest. She is also very protective of her friends.

Companion: Starling. Starling is a gold bird, small in size, that has the ability to teleport, in a sense. When the bird does teleport, it looks as if she burns up into thin air before appearing somewhere else.

Power: After having physical contact with somebody, Dannielle can read their mind from then on. Also she can force thoughts into someone else's head, making them appear as their own.

So begins...

Dannielle Paige Aelisia's Story