Rhys Evans

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a character in “Hill Of Breeze”, as played by Cypher


Name: Rhys Amos Evans
Age: 20
Positive traits: Probably not a serial killer, calm to a fault, friendly, upbeat, helpful
Negative traits: Drinks, curses, has a tendency to disappear without telling anyone, short attention span, a bit slow on the uptake
Neutral traits: Half-blind and terrible fashion sense
Hair: Brown, and midway to his shoulders. Frequently brushed but otherwise unstyled, and worn parted to the right.
Eyes: Grey, flecked with brown.
Skin: Pale, but tans easily. A couple days on the jungle and he'll be a nice golden brown.
Weight: 140 pounds. He wears it well, though, despite the fact that he's rather skinny.
Height: 6'2"
Orientation: Heterosexual
Likes: Cars, the woods, reading, philosophy, talking to people, good food (and cooking it), the color brown, sunglasses, wine, goji berries, the occasional cigar, hiking, biking, his family and hometown
Dislikes: The number 3, standing still for too long, oversleeping, when people bother him overmuch
Weakness: He's physically uncoordinated, and can sometimes be a little blunt.
Strengths: He's honest to a fault, and loyal to his friends. He's an adept mechanic and knows a thing or two about surviving in the woods. He's a fairly competent mediator, and can usually quash any upcoming fights before they happen.
Characters clothing style: Hilariously uncoordinated; wildly colored and patterned t-shirts and light jackets with corduroys or jeans and patent leather shoes/boots.

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