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Adriella Justice

caught in the undertow

0 · 100 views · located in 2012 New York City

a character in “His Muse, Her Maker”, as played by estrelas



Unlike every other girl her age, Adriella Justice, also known as AJ or Adri, does not follow the fashion patterns of society. Instead she wears comfortable clothing (generally small jean shorts, a tank, and a cardigan) and old black converse that appear to have been used for far too many years; occasionally she enjoys wearing a pair of black wedges. Her auburn locks are kept long - underneath the layers of red strands of hair dyed black and a few dyed gold. Her best feature has to be her eyes: two charming amber orbs with flecks of gold; her right eye has a spot of green, a trait that has run in her family for generations. Freckles dot along her porcelain pale skin along her arms, thighs, and a little on her cheek-bones. While her mother and father both grew to a satisfyingly tall height, AJ took after her grandmother and stopped growing once she reached a petite 5'3''. Though skinny, she has a slender form that allows her to walk with elegance, as if she was floating just above the ground. Her appearance gives her a delicate sort of air, but she is far from delicate.


Quiet might not be the correct word to describe AJ. Outwardly, she seems cold and distant, shy and quiet, someone who doesn't want to be bothered. However, her personality is so much more colorful than this. In truth, Adriella is a fiery creature with sharp wit and an even sharper tongue. If you pick a fight with her she isn't afraid to fight back, even if you are twice her size or twice her age. This is sometimes observed and thought to be a fight to defend her pride, but this attitude was created to protect herself. The constant bullying through her childhood and teenage years has made it difficult for her to develop any close relationships. People rarely attempt to approach her, deciding they'd rather not take the horns of the cold-hearted bull. But AJ is honestly seeking for someone she can lean on. She is very emotionally drained and it is a surprise that even with all the stress she's being put through that she can hold it all in. Rarely does she dare to confide her feelings to anyone. Her naive innocence blinds her, keeping her from seeing the evil in those around her.


Adriella generally carries around only a small number of things, most of which are stowed away in her backpack. Several sketch pads and pencils accompany an expandable binder which holds all of her school-work she uses to study for her classes. Aside from these things, an extra pair of shorts and an exercise bra, an ipod full of rock and contemporary music, and her cellphone reside.


After the birth of their daughter in 1994, the young Justice couple were married. Madison Justice, a 20 year old dancer, found herself confined to the house while her husband Scott was out providing for the family. Living was hard and dysfunctional and due to their lack of college education, neither could find jobs that complied with their standards. When Adriella was three years old, her parents began sessions of couple counselling, fighting to stay together. Just when all seemed well, Madison discovered that Scott was having affair with another worker at his job. The couple divorced two days before their daughter's fifth birthday - Madison was given child custody while Scott disappeared from their lives altogether, only appearing every now and then when he needed money or a place to stay.

Convinced that she'd save her daughter from having to go through a situation such as her own, Madison put Adriella to intense educational tutoring. Her life began to revolve around education and studying. She soared through school, always leading the class with an impossibly high average. Yet while her mother was ecstatic from the praise of teachers and parents for her "incredible parenting skills", AJ was living without actually living. Day by day she trudged on, taunted by other students for not having any friends and for being a nerd. In seventh grade a group of girls determined that she'd be their target for stress relief. Every day was a struggle; it was no surprise when she began to develop a hard outer shell and a harsh personality that was too complicated for even her to understand. The school nurse, a close friend of Adriella, explained to Madison that her daughter had a chemical imbalance that was causing her emotions to act out oddly, though it could be treated with daily medication.

This only caused her to become more sheltered, more overly watched. During her tenth grade year, Adriella's relationship with her mother began to spiral - her father had suddenly returned home, this time an alcoholic who resorted to violence when he couldn't express himself. After a year of abuse, he disappeared and later died in a car accident due to his excessively drunk driving.

Today, AJ still struggles with bullying and has yet to develop any friendships. She has never been in an actual relationship with anyone who truthfully cared about her, but perhaps her longing for a relationship is blinding her in ways she cannot yet understand.

So begins...

Adriella Justice's Story