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Natalia Bernhart

"Don't let anything hold you back from finding happiness."

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a character in “Historia, All's fair in love and war.”, as played by dreammuffin


"Don't let anything hold you back from finding happiness."

Natalia Bernhart

Talia, Tally


Lady-in-waiting #3


Fiction novels
Hot Chocolate
The Princess
Strawberry smoothies

Scary movies
Being Sick
Nonfiction novels

• Dancing - Dance has been something Natalia has been passionate about since she was little. It's a very freeing way to express herself.

• Playing the Guitar - Nathalia is quite skilled at playing guitar. She learned from her mother from a young age, and fell in love with the beautiful notes of the strings.

Fear of heights - She doesn't know where her fear of heights comes from, but she has had it forever.

Fear of the dark - This is a fear of hers that she doesn't tell anyone. She feels like it's a very embarrassing fear.


• Her fear of the dark - She doesn't like telling people about her fear thinking she will be thought of as weak.

• WIP [ Will involve a character ]

• WIP [ Will involve a character ]

• Rosalinda Santini - the Princess
• Her family


Love Interest:
(Can be as many as you want and can add or edit later)

Charismatic | Compassionate | Brilliant | Stubborn | Guarded | Protective

Natalia is quite a friendly, charismatic girl. She loves to be around people, always one to introduce herself and strike up a conversation. Her charisma makes it easy to make friends where ever she goes. Whenever someone cracks a joke, she'll probably be the first and loudest to laugh.

Natalia is a very kind and sensitive person. She's very sympathetic towards others, and automatically empathizes with people. She shows her affection easily, and is compassionate towards her friends and the people around her. They might not notice it, but it's in the little things she does. She's also very insightful as well, and is great at giving advice. Being good-natured, she always looks for the good in people.

When she does get close to someone, Natalia tends to get overly protective of them. She tries to shield people from any physical or emotional pain, it's a responsibility she takes on herself.

Talia has a brilliance that runs in the Berhart family. It was one of the reasons her and her family were chosen as caretakers of the royal lineage. She's quite intelligent in all academic subjects, math and science being her favorite. She also has a cleverness to her. Her calculating mind can also find the best solution to problematic situations, which is why she's unbeatable at chess.

Natalia can also be really tenacious and strong-willed. She likes to get her way, and usually always does. She makes up her mind about things and it's near impossible to talk her out of it. That stubbornness has gotten her into trouble on more than a few occasions.

Despite her sweet personality, she's always guarded towards others. Her emotions are something she rarely discusses. She feels that talking about her feelings and telling others is a sign of weakness, and she doesn't like to trouble others with that kind of stuff. She would much rather let someone else talk to her about something, as she's always there to lend a listening ear.

Natalia grew up in the castle with the Bernhart family. Her parents, and the members of the family before her, have been caretakers of the royal family for a long time. She spent her childhood running around her large home, always laughing and playing. Her mother and father gave her the best education, and taught her to pursue her passion. They joined her in many classes, but the only ones that seemed to stick were dancing and playing guitar.

Natalia's skills in academics and music raised as she grew older. Then, when she reached of age, she was told that she was chosen to be a lady-in-waiting for the princess. She was moved into the castle, and has been looking after the princess ever since.

Anything Else:

So begins...

Natalia Bernhart's Story


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Natalia woke to the brightness of the morning sun. The sunlight filtered in through her window, and cast an orange glow in the room. She tossed in her bed for a moment, not wanting to get up, but she finally pushed herself out of bed. She darted to the bathroom quickly so she could be ready on time. Once there, she started her morning routine off by brushing her teeth. Then, she turned on the shower. Hot water tricked down her body, both relaxing her and waking her up at the same time. By the time she was done, steam filled the bathroom and fogged the mirrors. Wrapping herself in a towel, she went to her closet to decide on what to wear. There was a party soon, so she wanted to look presentable.

Talia finally settled on her outfit. It consisted of a peach strapless dress, silver heels, a bracelet and a clutch. She wanted to keep it simple, since the focus today was on the prince and princess. At the thought of the princess, Natalia remembered she needed to help Rose get ready for the party. Quickly brushing her hair, she let her dark curls down, cascading down her back. After she put on some light lipstick and makeup, she left her room.

As she approached Rose's chambers, a servant tapped on her shoulder. Miss, would be so kind as to help us set up for the party? We're a bit short on hands right now," he inquired. Natalia glanced at the door to Rose's room and sighed. She had two other ladies in waiting to help her get ready for now. "Of course, I'll help," she replied.

Natalia spent most of the time helping set up the tables and the food, or hanging up decorations. Servants were running frantically around the castle, each set with a task in mind. It was hard work, but they were finally finished. By the time the finishing touches were done, people were already beginning to arrive. She spotted the princess walking out wearing a beautiful white dress. Alex, Evette, and Xavier accompanied her. Natalia absolutely adored the princess. She was a very kind person, and they had known each other for a long time. It was nice to see Evette in a dress, since she usually wormed her way out of it and wore casual clothes. She approached Rose, and gave a small curtsy. "Looking beautiful as always I see," Natalia said with a playful smile. "Sorry I couldn't help you get ready this morning, I was out here lending a hand with the set up." She smiled at Alex and Evette, before turning to greet Xavier. "Hey Xavier, how are you?"


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ImageRose was standing with Xavier when she was suddenly sweeped into her brothers arms. She squealed with glee, ignoring the looks of the guest. She didn't really care about them. Her brother was her best friend. She also knew to some degree he loathed the idea of her getting married. And in some degree she haed the idea of having to share her big brother. She was always the one who would cheer him up or make him smile, she didn't want to share that ability. Though she supposed his child would do that too. She also imagined Grace wouldn't. That made a frown a little. 

"Looking beautiful as ever, Snow. Not like I didn't expect that," he told her setting her down. She pouted a little, because she knew that meant he was leaving soon. . It didn't take long for him to go to defense mode against Xavier "I expect nothing but respect and gentleman-like behavior from you. Otherwise, you will find how quickly I can it so that you do not exist.Enjoy the festivities." He then left in a way only the prince could. Rose blushed at Xavier "Sorry he does that" She said with a shrug. 

She felt a little tug at her dress and saw Cecily frowning "WHy didn't he spin me?" She asked. Rose frowned " He uh well..." Luckily Evette arrived. Cecily  liked Evette. "Did you forget about me, Cecily?" Evette To which Cicely responded "No Evie, 'course not," Rose smiled at the arrival of Natalia but was getting distracted by the couple with there eyes on her. 

She recognized the man immediately it was Blake, her blake, or he was her Blake. His mouth was in a firm uncomfortable line. She then noticed the woman snaked around him. ""that must be his fiancee" She thought to herself.  Just as she moved to approach them her fathers voice stopped her. He was  standing on the elaborate stage. 
The Polo Match

"Welcome, welcome my guest. Welcome to the annual Mid Summers  dream event and Gala. He smiled charmingly "I'm sorry this is just the event." He chuckled. "Well my family and my court welcomes you." Almost synchronized the court bowed their heads. The Royal Family waved, charmingly. "Well please enjoy the polo match it's beginning in ten minuets. " He said, his voice could be heard throughout the castle. "I ask you all to look at your invitation it has your seating sections.

The guest were all seated in their proper sections. The Princess and Prince right next to each other. The right hand man in the seat directly behind him, The princess's maidens sat behind her. The suitors all sat on either side of the prince and princess. The king and Queen were to be sat in an elevated section however the King peffered to sit with his people, though he was flanked by security, his mistress sat at the table next to him with their daughter on her lap. 

Rose sat and watched the match. She glanced to her right and saw her father sitting with his mistress and half sister. Not that she minded she was happy Dorothy got to be out with her dad and sister in public. Though glancing at her mother, she couldn't help but feel a twinge of guilt. Because beneath her strong facade, her mother looked so... lonely. 

She sighed remembering when things were simple. Before Dorothy, before her dad started cheating. Back when her mother used to smile at her and Richard. Her mother never smiled at her anymore. In truth Dorothy is more of mom to her than her mother ever could be. But she still wanted her mother to be happy. 


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Just as the brother left another person drifted over who tuned out to be Evette, who was wearing a dress similar to the princess. He greeted her with a tilt of his head accompanied with a smile "Nice to see you here though I shouldn't be surprised as your face is very familiar in this castle" he said then he put on a playfully annoyed look but deep down he was annoyed "And only this cute little girl gets to call me Xav" he added as he playfully winked at Cecily who blushed and giggled.
Soon enough another lady whose name is Natalia ,who he believes is part of the lay-in-waiting, came over he greeted her similarly like he did to Evette and complimented her dress "Well, I didn't see you at the gala so far and you've finally graced us with your lovely presence" he said "Doing your duty's?" he asked.


When he turned to talk to Rosalinda and was about to tell her that she was lucky to have nice companions he caught her staring at something. He followed her gaze and his eyes settled on a man and a woman, he resumed back to talking as he thought nothing of it thinking that they were some sort of important guests. Then he heard the king's voice announcing that the polo match was about to begin, he accompanied the ladies to their special seats, his seat was beside the princess and he looked to his other side to see two empty chairs for the yet to come suitors. He noted that he has a good view of the field and he also noticed the ing seated among the public as well as Cecily was beside him seating on a lap of a woman whose face he recognised somewhere.
'Maybe thats the mother..' he mused as he waited for the match, though he wasn't a fan of polo he appreciated the game at least.


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The interactions so far were safe and nothing too dramatic though she was still on high alert.
She liked Cecily ,though she is the illegitimate child of the king, she is an innocent little girl caught up in a political mess. When Rosalinda had no answer as to why the prince didn't spin her she picked her up and said 'Cheer up, I tell you what I have a stash of sweets made especially for you over there" indicating at a white table in the centre filled with goodies "Do you want some?" she asked.
Cecily nodded eagerly and so they set of to the banquet table knowing that the princess is in safe hands. When Cecily was in the middle of gouging on her sweets she heard the king announcing that the polo match was about to start and so she scooped Cecily up and looked around for the mother. It didn't take a long time to look for her though as she could see her standing beside the king, Cecily squirmed in her arms and when Alex let go she ran to her mother who scooped her up and kissed her on the cheek.

Then she immediately set off to where the court was seated and as she passed by Nyx she asked her where she was as well as saying hello to Natalia. She sat with her co-workers and waited patiently for the match to begin.