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Friedrich Davis

"The two geopolitical constants are fatal miscommunications and russian pragmatism"

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a character in “History's Mansion, Traveller of Time”, as played by TomorrowsHerald




Full Name:
Friedrich Carden Davis



Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Likes: Reading, stargazing, tidiness, history, observing people interact with one another, hunting

Dislikes: Excessive noise, touching and violations of personal space, dogs, intoxicating substances, two-facedness

Personality: Without a doubt an eccentric if somewhat erratic character, Fred is abnormal socially and emotionally; lacking any real interpersonal connections or much in the way of empathy or trust. To the chanced upon observer, he appears out of place; excessively neat and polite and yet cold. To his peers, Fred is nothing short of a creepy personality and yet his tendency to belittle his presence and observe helps him disappear without too much trouble.

Fred has never experienced excessive physical harshness in his life like some of his colleges, yet somehow a pragmatist almost classical stoic view has suppressed his day to day ability to express his emotions since he was a child. None the less, he cannot deny the basic need of humans to feel, turning him to sadistic manipulations of other people in the past. Presently, Fred finds small pleasures in various hobbies and refrains from his old habits which have landed him in so much trouble if nothing else.



Hair Color:
Dark blond
Eye Color:
Height: WIP
Weight: WIP
Typical Clothing Style: Dark & faded garments, typically ether a black or faded white shirt and a dark blue or brown vest.
Distinct Markings: His moderately tall curly hair, meticulously clean shaven, sunglasses and his weird vests



History: Fred's story is one of promise; the sole son of a distinguished American statesman and ambassador and the h eir to a very old and very well connected upper class family. As a child, Fred had it all; private schooling, the undivided attention of his parents and most of what he wanted; and yet he wasn't normal kid. A short yet extreme social boycott by his peers when he was young led to many unintended consequences. Prideful and anxious, the young Friedrich Davis didn't tell his parents about his problems in school for years, by the time his parents where informed of the situation by the school staff Fred had shut himself off from the world; taught to suspect offers of friendship as deceptions into his confidence and to live without relying on others for support. Fred was moved out of that school physically, but mentally he has remained as closed off as he was there ever since.

Recently while studying in an international school during his father's diplomatic service, Fred was unofficially expelled and sent back home for his part in what became a minor diplomatic incident. The details are unclear, but according to rumor Fred had manipulated fellow students into various states of emotional distress. Spreading information on false romantic affairs to couples, sending threatening messages and various cases of internet bullying. At one time, Fred is known to have sent a false ransom demand for the daughter of one of his father's colleges after stealing her phone in a party.

After returning home, a discreet psychological examination revealed little amiss with Fred but he spent a number of years in sessions with a psychiatrist none the less until the professional felt the young man was no longer liable to cause trouble; in reality, Fred had gotten all he had needed out of his social experiments and subsequent misleading and fooling of his psychiatrist. Fred started studying history in university this year, after spending a year volunteering as an aid worker to a disaster struck third world country.


So begins...

Friedrich Davis's Story

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#, as written by Candy_
(OOC: Got distracted by studying.. only to have the test be postponed until next Monday... I hope you all forgive me! We'll use the order of posting as the order of arriving in the house, feel free to interact with those who come before/after you. Good luck to all, and with any luck, I'll see all of you on the other side.)


The chance that had been presented to him was nothing short of miraculous. Isaac had been looking for a place to live for a while; though living on campus was comfortable, there was something else that tugged at him, something that told him he had another place to be. And so when he read about a chance to live in a mansion, against his better judgement he took up on the offer.

Jolienne would have loved the irony, he thought to himself, slowly letting his car roll onto the driveway. He noticed that he was the first one arriving, and though there had been five other names on the sheet in the commons, he didn't have even the slightest idea of who they were.

A small part of him wanted to avoid finding out. He brushed that thought aside as he parked his car beneath an oak tree, spreading its branches over a patch of grass and a large pond. The front yard itself was impressively beautiful, and reminded him of his own at home - it looked as if fifty gardeners tended it every morning. Flowers bloomed nearly everywhere the eye could see, only being interrupted by cobble stone paths digging through the garden and several ponds scattered across the area.

Isaac turned his head away, a small phrase from Debussy's "Claire de Lune" floating through his thoughts. He held onto the piece as he walked through the garden and towards the door, imagining how Debussy might have played it if he were alive to be able to play the piece. And what he would have thought about someone transcribing it for piano.

His heart stopped for a brief moment, forced by panic, and he turned around and bolted for his car. The door opened with ease, as he had forgotten to lock it in a simple moment of bliss, but inside lay three of his instrument cases that he had brought with him. And upon seeing them, he let go a breath that he didn't know he was holding, grabbing the violin before shutting the door, and locking the car with a second thought.

That was how Isaac found himself entering the house. Granted that it was a mansion, he had been accustomed to houses of such sizes when he was younger, and no longer found it such a splendid thing - more a necessary evil that left him with thoughts of his father.

"Hello? Anyone home?" He listened to the echo of his voice carry through the house, and after it faded, there was no response. He took that as a simple sign to keep wandering through the house, and opened the first door he found, somewhere to the left of the main door. Engraved on a golden plaque was 'Ilyena's Study,' hanging on the front of the door.

Inside could be described as nothing less than pure joy for him to find. The windows, with the drapes thrown open, had a perfect view of the garden outside - but what he noticed more was the light being thrown onto the room. Everywhere, there were books in quantities that he had only dreamed of. Isaac carefully threw his violin onto the bed, and picked up the first piece of sheet music he found, the conductor's score for Chesnokov's 'Salvation is Created.'

He laughed merrily, and ran over to the grand piano sitting just besides the window. The lid opened easily, and while it was in need of dusting, the piano itself was relatively in tune for not having been played in some time. He carefully picked at the keys, playing the piece he had found, waiting for his other house mates to arrive.