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"What are you listening to?"

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a character in “Hitmen Training”, as played by sweetshearts



Amy Kōu
{"What are you listening too?". }


Mi-Mi and A.K. are here nicknames.

July 4th, 2001

Age 18


None at the Moment, if being a hitman doesn’t count.


|Rank Number/Code Name|
Rain/Trainee #2

Washington D.C.

What Lies Beneath
{”Everything’s a good thing if you make yourself think it is." }


|Equipment & Weapons|
Amy has a P90, a Lewis Machine LM308SS sharpshooter, and a butcher knife.

|Quirks & Habits|
She will dance at the sound of any song, if she knows it she’ll start singing.
She’ll do flips and handstands when she’s bored.
Giggles for no reason sometimes.

|Talents(T) | Strengths(ST) | Skills(SK) |
(SK/T)She is flexible and knows gymnastics.
(SK)She is quick on her feet.
(ST)She has 20/20 vision.
(ST)Quite strong.
(ST)As sweet and soft as she acts, she is perfectly fine with killing, actually finding it joyful. It releases stress for her.



*She is a bit forgetful, she thinks it’s because of a concussion she got in the 4th grade.
*She is a perfectionist, usually getting herself embarrassed in the process of trying to be perfect.
*Being a perfectionist she also gets stressed a lot.
*She hides her emotions when she’s mad.
*Sometimes arrogant

*Watching comedy shows

øBeing seen as embarrassing or stupid. ø
øDoing something wrong. ø
øBeing taken away from friends. ø
øBeing hurt emotionally. ø

She destroys her room a lot in fits of rage.
She hates herself and all of her imperfections.

These Things I'll Never Say
{"Don’t let this happy persona fool you, I really wish I could change myself.". }Image

Everyone knows that one girl who seems to be happy 24/7 and cares for everybody, that’s Amy. People even say her name sounds perfect for her personality. She’s happy-go-lucky and always sweet, never wanting anything less than happiness for herself in life.

Sadly she’s always been a perfectionist, being that she’s always been pushed so hard by coaches and choir directors. She wants perfection and will do a million things to get it. This makes her a really stressed person. She usually keeps her emotions to herself and sometimes breaks, crying by herself alone.

Though she hurts herself to keep up the good work she’ll become extremely happy when she does something good. She can even come off as cocky, being that she can become a bit of a bragger. She’s also quite the talkative type, but knows when to stop.

|Happy| |Sweet| |Perfectionist| |Stressed| |Arrogant|

Sitcoms and Romcoms
K-Pop, Rap and Gospel
Horror Movies
Doing Wrong
Feeling Dumb
Being hated against
Feeling alone

Digging Up The Past
{"I’ll do my best, I swear.". }


|Washington D.C., U.S.|

|Family Tree|

Mother- Lilliann Kou (Deceased,Cancer)
Beautiful woman with dark hair, brown eyes and a big heart.

Father-Haneul Kou (Deceased, Suicide)
A shy, sensitive man with dark hair and brown eyes. He only came out of his shell when his wife was around.

Sister-In-Law -Latasha Night Kou (Alive, Choir Director, Surgeon)
A gorgeous woman, dark black curly hair, brown skin, and a beautiful voice. She's caring and funny.

Brother - Josh Kou (Alive, Music Teacher)
Funny and adorable, he has dark hair and green eyes.

Niece- Natalia Kou (Alive, 9th Grader)
A smart, sweet girl, dark black hair, light brown skin, and green eyes.

What is Not Told
{"It’s embarrassing, damn it!". }


Amy’s mother and father were highschool sweethearts, in love since the 9th grade. They married right after high school. Her father became a music teacher and her mother a real-estate agent, they were definitely not poor. Their life was perfect, one beautiful son, a big house, and a daughter on the way. Sadly Lilliann got lung cancer, dying two years after having Amy. Haneul couldn’t live without her, literally, and killed himself.

Luckily Josh was out of college by the time that happened, and he already had a house. He took in Amy and took care of her. Josh had his own high school sweetheart, Latasha Night, a intelligent woman who cared for Amy like a mother, she was always over-protective and sweet. One day Latasha asked Amy to be a singer in the choir she directed, of course she was okay with it. Her voice was quite amazing, but of course she tried to get better at it, feeling down when ever she did one note wrong.

She worked her hardest in choir, and in the third grade started to take gymnastics. She would work herself to the limit trying to win each medal, hit each note and do each trick. Whenever she did anything wrong she’d lock herself in the bathroom to cry for hours. On top of that she’d try to keep her grades up, anything less than an A causing her to stay up until five studying.
One time when training she tried to hard while doing a trick and hit her head, giving her a concussion. To her the worst part about that was not being able to do gymnastics for a few weeks. Her perfectionist attitude still affects her today. She’ll do anything to win, and will do anything to see her enemies lose.

Theme Songs
{"Music is my life, nothing less than that.". }

Half Time
Simple sweet guitar, humbled by the bass
So when the beat kicks in
Everything falls into place
And it overpowers me
I can't help but dance
You can try to stop me now
But you won't get the chance
Half time
Time to make it through
Consider the change
See it from a different view
Half time
Time to think it through
Consider the change
Rhythm floods my heart
The melody it feeds my soul
The tune tears me apart
And it swallows me whole
You should thank your lucky stars
Cause the music is a gift
And it's stronger than all else
Provides me with a bliss
Half time
Time to make it through
Consider the change
See it from a different view
Half time
Time to think it through
Consider the change
My lyrics reveling
Some natural vibe
It's a kind of laid back feeling
Oh just let it ride
And when Frank Sinatra Sings
It's too much to take
So I sing the standard shit
It pacifies my ache
Half time
Time to make it through
Consider the change
See it from a different view
Half time
Time to think it through
Consider the change

{"What else you wanna know?". }

She loves girly, formal clothing.
She is quite small, at 5’4
She blushes a lot.


So begins...

Rain's Story