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a character in “HMSTCK”, as played by Daxion


No one knows. Possibly a purple blooded troll. His screen name is fragmentaryLast and he types in lowercase and without punctuation except at the end of sentences. He always capitalized words such as: him, her, death, fail, time, wait, no, pain, suffer, fool, weak and me; even when they are in other words, ex: "you STUPID IDIOT. you think that tHE world revolves around you. you DISGUST ME." He always lowercases the word "you" except under certain circumstances. The Omega often uses phrases like: "tick tock" or "ring ring" or laughs with a "hehehehehehehehehehe".


Dangerous and insane beyond comprehension.




He knows all of the characters, OCs and otherwise, having met them all at some unknown point in the past...

So begins...

Omega's Story


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Character Portrait: Callus Velares Character Portrait: Omega Character Portrait: Fastus Captio
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#, as written by Daxion
Fastus walked through the undergrowth of his player planet, The Land of Illusion and Nightshade, his Poolsprite following close behind. His sprite had been prototyped first with a pool cue, not a swimming pool, and Fastus was currently looking for something living or dead for its second prototyping. As he did so, Fastus reflected on the past. He had recently turned ten, and had just received a computer for his birthday from his sister. This was actually a pleasant surprise that his sibling had used the money given to her by the government for raising Fastus on something other than drugs or booze. With as much ambivalence as one can muster while setting up a brand new gadget, Fastus installed his computer and created a Pesterchum account. Almost immediately, he began being contacted. Of course, Fastus hadn't added anyone yet, so this came as a bit of a surprise.

fragmentaryLast [FL] began trolling harmoniousOctave [HO]
[FL]: he
[FL]: hehehehehehe
[FL]: HEllo.

[HO] Greetings.
[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehe
[FL]: he

[HO]: What is so humorous?
[FL]: humorous?
[FL]: oh, NO. you misunderstand. i’m NOt LAUGHing.

[HO]: Then what are you doing?
[FL]: im talking about HIM.
[FL]: HIM.
[FL]: HIS.
[FL]: HE.
[FL]: he
[FL]: hehehehehehehehe

[HO]: How are you contacting me right now?
[FL]: luck. i sent out a signal at random and you answered.
[FL]: ring ring.
[FL]: ring ring.

[HO]: Who’s there?
[FL]: ME.
[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehe

[HO]: Who are you? Why are you talking to me?
[FL]: who am i? telling you my name would accomplish NOthing. even if you knew who i was before. ive changed since tHEn.
[HO]: Since when?
[FL]: a long TIME ago. sWEEPs and sWEEPs. NOw, my name is gone, USELESS.
[FL]: i suppose you can call ME.
[FL]: or OMEGA for short.

[OH]: Alright “Omega”. Who’s this “he” you speak of?
[FL]: oh. HIM? HE is NOthing short of a GOD.
[FL]: HIS POWERs are beyond compreHEnsion.
[FL]: HE travels around tHE universe. bringing hope to the WEAK and DESPAIR to the strong.
[FL]: HE shall PURGE the worlds in neverENDing FIRE.
[FL]: and from tHE aSHEs will aRISE a new dawn. a fresh start. a wonderful world of peace and prosperity.
[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehehehe

[OH]: That...sounds wonderful.
[FL]: it will be.
[FL]: HE couldnt accomplish it without tHE MESSIEVILs assistance. of course.

[OH]: The who?
[FL]: tHE MESSIEVIL. hes a fancy FELLow. always dresses in a green and white suit with a tie.
[OH]: What does this Messievil have to do with...erm...”Him”.
[FL]: tHE MESSIEVIL is HIS HOST. tHE MESSIEVIL paved the way for HIM. he set tHE stage and DIMmed the lights.
[FL]: and in tHE END. tHE MESSIEVIL will PERISH.
[FL]: and like a CATerpillar sHEds its husk and becomes a butterfly.
[FL]: from tHE MESSIEVILs remains. HE shall arise.

[OH]: Wow. That’s quite the story.
[FL]: story? oh NO. the whole thing is true.
[OH]: You’re kidding.
[OH]: How do you know my name?
[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
[OH]: How do you know my name?!
[FL]: i recognized your typing style. weve spoke in my past. your future.
[OH]: How is that possible?
[FL]: time SHEnanigans.
[FL]: you WANT to kNOw something cool?

[OH]: What is it?
[FL]: you are tHE MESSIEVIL. or can be.
[OH]: What?
[FL]: you are tHE perfect candidate for becoming HIS HOST. a MESSIEVIL needs to be smart. clever. tricky. and willing to gain power at whatever cost.
[OH]: So what if I am?
[FL]: tHEn you will become powerful. and you will change tHE world. your dreams of a universe of your own shall be realized. all of existence shall recognize you. and obey. you shall become HIM. and all that that entails.
[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehe

[OH]: So, you’ve talked to myself in the future?
[FL]: yes.
[OH]: And I will become strong?
[FL]: tHE STRONGest.
[OH]: What do I need to do?
[FL]: be smart. be clever. be tricky. seek out power and SEIZE it. find those who you can FOOL into HELPing you and use tHEm to do tHE dirty work. create and destroy.
[OH]: Alright. I’ll do it. Will you help me?
[FL]: ive done eNOugh already. you can handle it from here.
[FL]: youd better get started. tick tock fastus.
[FL]: HE
[FL]: HE
[FL]: he

[HO]: Goodbye Omega. I look forward to hearing from you again.
[FL]: NOt likely. im a very busy PURPLE BLOOD. ive got places to go and people to KILL.
[FL]: later motHERFUCKER.
fragmentaryLast [FL]
ceased trolling harmoniousOctave [HO]

Speaking of Pesterchum, back in the present, Fastus was being contacted by another one of his “friends.” Thankfully, he had planned for this. Just as expected, Fastus’s computer materialized in front of him out of his Captchalogue. He opened it and read the message from RH. He finished the text, paused with surprise and re-read it. With great haste, Fastus typed a response.

valdephonousHost[VH] began pestering rocketingHeir[RH]
[VH]: I hate to tell you this, but I don’t think it’s just your subconscious. I’ve talked a “purple blood” before, or at least he claimed that he was.
[VH]: His name is the Omega. I’m not entirely sure “what” he is, just that he might be helpful, dangerous or both. He’s the one that first pointed me in the direction of Sburb.
[VH]: His screen name is “fragmentaryLast” and he uses some weird form of pestering called “trolling.” If he talks to you, be wary. He is, without a shadow of a doubt, completely insane.
[VH]: The first and last time we spoke, he was babbling on about “HIM” and a “Messievil”. He also told me “tick tock”, but that may be just a coincidence. Nevertheless, keep an eye out for him. He might have crucial information regarding this game that even I do not have access to.
[VH]: Oh, and don’t tell the others about him. If this Omega is really as dangerous as he sounds, we don’t want anyone else pursuing him. dashingFalcon especially might try and track him down or something foolish like that. The last thing that this party needs is the loss of one of our members.
[VH]: I’m trusting you with this. If you run into him or he contacts you, be sure to tell me immediately. I’m absolutely certain that you can handle it. Don’t let me down. Ciao.
valdephonousHost [VH]
ceased pestering rocketingHeir [RH]

The setting changes from Earth to Alternia


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Character Portrait: Danavel Maujī Character Portrait: Omega Character Portrait: Zuriik Taroql
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#, as written by Daxion
Zuriik’s expression changed rather instantly after seeing DM’s current state. From confidence to nervous fear, his emotions shifted rapidly. That eerily calm tone, the smeared ghostly aftershade of clown makeup and the occasional eye-twitch, there was no doubt about it. DM was a subjugglator, currently high on Sopor Slime. Zuriik hated his lusus with a fiery passion, attempting to push all things said by it out of his head, with the exception of one bit of important information. This was a survival tip, a description of the subjugglators, the effects of Sopor and the nasty violent curve that trolls who consumed it happened to experience after their high had vanished. Judging from the look of things, DM’s calm demeanor wasn’t going to last much longer.

Talking slowly, Zuriik advanced unthreateningly toward the purple blood. “That thing you’re painting. That is going to come out of the sky and blow up the universe. But don’t worry, I’m gonna spirit us away to safety. Now then, what’s your name?”


“Danavel, it is a pleasure to meet you.” Zuriik extended his hand, which the other troll took. After a quick shake, Zuriik bashed Danavel upside the head with a rock that he had just picked up. The latter troll fell to the ground, bleeding slightly from a head wound, but unconscious. The blackblood worked quickly, using a spare chain from his inventory to confine Danavel. He slung the ko’d troll over his shoulder and teleported away, moving through the second and third gates to reach the Land of Machines and Plasma. Within the next minute, Freddy was following Zuriik and the unconscious Danavel.

“So who’s this guy?”

“His name is Danavel. He’s your server player.”

“Oh, dementedManiac? Why’s he tied up?”

“He’s a purpleblood, high on Sopor, though soon to be sober again.”

“Yikes. The chains are understandable then.”

The trio moved on to the Land of Technology and Wind and located whimsicalAlien. He introduced himself to be Gales Neraida, greetings and information were exchanged, as well as the plan revealed. The united quad exited Gales’s base and began to witness the end of all existance. From the surface of LOTAW, the heroes had a perfect vantage point of Skaia as it inverted and collapsed. Zuriik activated Clockwork’s desperation ability, the last trick up his sleeve.

“Get us anywhere but here!” The scythe glowed with a red aura in compliance and the gears inside it began to work overtime. Zuriik brought Clockwork down, the base of it slamming against the hard floor. It exuded a bubble of energy that enveloped the trolls and winked out of existence with them inside as their universe went to hell.

In a far distant future, a man sits in front of a console. He looked young, but his mind had accelerated far beyond his body. He wore a pair of glasses, the lenses of which looked like the ripples of disturbed water. His body was clothed in a outfit that symbolized his authority, power and hardship. A small burn mark in the corner of the room symbolizes his failure. The screen that he stares at is filled with 1 and 0s with a single 2 drifting around. To him though, it is a picture. He sees four trolls abscond from their dying universe. He smiles with relief, a grin that was hundreds of sweeps in the making. It was time.

In a realm removed from time, a man sits in front of a laptop. He looked...crazy, and that was what he was. He wore nothing special, besides for an Ω that was drawn on his chest in dried purple blood. His life could not be told by the soles of his shoes or the shirt that he wore, though the barren rock on which he sat was a pretty good indication that he wasn’t really “anywhere.” Just somewhere. The screen that he stares at is filled with a Trollian chat to an unknown person. To him though, this is a key. He recalls a memory of his plan in fruition, though he did not know it at the time. He smiles with joy, a crazed grin that was perfected over sweeps and sweeps of practice. It was time.

The scene changes yet again, to a universe who had succeeded, but fallen short. 12 trolls now wander an asteroid facility, attempting to contact aliens who may or may not end up helping them. They view their victory through digital windows, seeing but unable to touch. Currently, all the trolls sit in a laboratory, a computer and a friend recently exploded for various reasons. The number of astroidbound trolls is moved down to 11 and in an instant, up to 15. A red orb materializes in a corner, incinerating a nearby fairybull plush. Those present stare, one nearby recently awakened, stare at the bubble in surprise. It fades after a moment, leaving behind Zuriik, Freddy, Gales and a chained up, slowly awakening Danavel. There is a long, awkward silence. Zuriik broke the tension, or attempted to.

“Uh. Hi. My name is Zuriik. Me and my friends here just escaped a malevolent god who turned our universe into a black hole. That’s the short story anyway.”

The apparent leader pushed passed a bull-looking one with mechanical legs and stood in front of the group, attempting to make words come out of his mouth with very little success. He finally settled on a: “Really?”

“Yeah. You don’t mind if we crash here for a while do you? Our home is kind of a...dead zone right now.”

“I...suppose so.”

“Thanks.” It was at that moment that Zuriik saw, from across the room, a female troll peeking out from behind a quite strong looking fellow. She wore a blue and green “cat costume”. It clicked rather suddenly for Zuriik, recognition coming quickly. He stepped towards her, planning to meet the girl of his dreams for the first time in real life. In mid step, Zuriik noticed something. His heart had stopped beating. He sort of spun, falling in slow motion, until he landed on his back. Zuriik couldn’t feel the pain of impact, he only noticed that he couldn’t bring himself to breathe. As his vision blurred and darkened, he saw shapes hovering over him, they looked panicked and concerned through the haze. And at that moment, Zuriik drifted into a deep darkness, the eternal slumber.


The setting changes from Alternia to Homestuck


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Character Portrait: Danavel Maujī Character Portrait: Omega
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#, as written by Daxion
The Omega was bored. Really bored. He had tried killing, but that made him more bored. Oh look. He had left his contact information on a computer with one of his friends in the past and now a fellow purpleblood was contacting him. This ought to be fun.

dementedManic [DM] has began trolling fragmentaryLast [FL]
[DM]: Brother, 1 see th4t you surv1ved the explosion of our pl4net.
[DM]: 1 need your help.
[DM]: Do you know how 1 should esc4pe these ch41ns 1'm 1n?
[DM]: 1t would me 1n my endeavors, 1f you could help me esc4pe these chains.

[FL]: HEllo danavel. it is very pleasANT to see you. i hope that you are doing well.
[FL]: oh who tHE FUCK am i kidding. you dont want to chat. you just want my HElp.
[FL]: your awful manners aside. what can i assist you with?

DM: 4s 1 s41d before, 1 need help esc4p1ng from ch41ns th4t 1 w4s forced 1nto.
[DM]: 1 wont 4sk how you know my n4me, s1nce there 4re m4ny poss1b1l1t1es 4round th1s g4me.

[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehehe
[FL]: you FUCKing rymed tHEre. as for tHE chains. i cant come and HElp you if thats what you want.

[DM]: Of course 1 know th4t you c4n't come to me, but do you know how to get r1d of these ch41ns?
[DM]: I can't use my strife Specibus, since my h4nds are t1ed.
[DM]: You wouldn't h4ppen to h4ve knowledge pert41n1ng to the meteor 1'm on and 1f there 4re any sh4rp th1ngs that c4n bre4k these ch41ns, would you?
[DM]: Or know 4nyone who 1 c4n troll, to p4ss the t1me.

[FL]: MEteor?
[FL]: oh shit. youre on tHE MEteor NOw? FUCKing fantastic.
[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehehe
[FL]: remind ME. why do you want to be free again? you might HURT some of your new friENDs.

DM: Heh, 1t fuck1ng hurts, that's why.
[DM]: 4ctu4lly, 1 don't know why 1 want to be free, but who c4res?

[FL]: i do for one. i wouldnt want anything to happen to our friENDs. NOt yet anyway.
[FL]: i would suggest chilling out for a little bit. just let this whole motHERFUCKing RAGE blow over.
[FL]: maybe even surrENDer and let yourself be CONfined.
[FL]: just a suggestion brotHER. from one HIGHBLOOD to aNOtHER.

[DM]: You know th4t 1'll prob4bly forget th1s convers4t1on altogether, when I stop being sober.
[DM]: But 1 w1ll not just g1ve up 4 ch4nce to h4ve some fun.
[DM]: 1 th1nk 1'm go1ng to g1ve our mir4culously-blooded friend 'pe4ceful' dreams. Go1ng to h4ve fun us1ng my chucklevoodo before 1 4ll up 4n' g1ve up..
[DM]: 1'll let myself be c4ught for now, s1nce 1 don't w4nt our fr1ends th1nk1ng b4d of me.
[DM]: 1 th1nk 1 l1ke you, 1'll keep 1n touch 1f 1 ever go sober 4gain.

[FL]: miraculously BLOODed? oh. you MEan taroql?
[DM]: Hehehe, trolls bleed when they h1t the ground, 4nd who else could 1 be t4lk1ng 4bout?
[DM]: Unless, there 1s 4nother troll w1th m1r4culous blood th4t 1 don't know 4bout.

[FL]: HEs NOt asleep. HEs FUCKing DEAD.
[FL]: at least for NOw.
[FL]: and dont FUCK with zuriik.
[FL]: HEs vitally important to my PLAN.
[FL]: as are you. but less so.
[FL]: besides. HEs about to UNDERgo a ratHER drastic change of worldly perspective.
[FL]: you dont need to give him NIGHTMAREs.
[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehehe

[DM]: Cruc1al? F1ne, 1s there anyth1ng 1 c4n vent my r4ge on?
[DM]: 1 w4nt to see th1s ch4nge 1n perspective myself, so 1'll l4y off the motherfucker.
[DM]: Brother, do you h4ve 4ny 1dea who wrote th1s m4nu4l 1 w4s suppl1ed with?
[DM]: 1'm guessing 1t's you, but 1t 1s written 1n my blood color 4nd the wr1ter knew qu1te 4 b1t of person4l stuff.

[FL]: i dont really give a shit who you FUCK over. just NOt zuriik. or nepeta. or karkat. youll kNOW tHEm all soon eNOugh.
[FL]: vriska on tHE otHER hand.
[FL]: tHE spiderbitch has it coming.
[FL]: hehehehehehehehehehehehehe
[FL]: as for your manual. i dont really kNOw. i NEVER really cared eNOugh to find out.
[FL]: though i can tell you that it wasnt ME.

[DM]: Sorry for the quest1ons brother, but 1'm t1red of be1ng left 1n the dark.
[DM]: The t1cks and tocks 4re gett1ng louder 4s well, be4utiful sounds.
[DM]: 1'm go1ng to see who the other purple-blooded troll on th1s meteor 1s.
[DM]: Who 4re k4rk4t 4nd Nepet4?

[FL]: some of tHE unluckiest motHERFUCKers this side of myself.
[FL]: karkats tHE crabby one. HEs a FUCKing SCUMBLOOD.
[FL]: nepeta has an adorable CAT fetish and a shipping wall that makes ME want to hurl.
[FL]: tHEy are very FUCKing important.

[DM]: 1'd ask wh4t th1s plan of your's 1s, but then 1t wouldn't be 4s exc1t1ng to exper1ence.
[DM]: 1'm guessing nepet4 1s the one 1 see 1n the dre4ms.
[DM]: 1 love Derse's color scheme, since 1t's purple.
[DM]: 1'll spe4k to you l4ter, s1nce 1 th1nk one of our fr1ends h4s found my h1d1ng spot.
[DM]: Bye, brother.

[FL]: see you on tHE flipside FUCKer.
fragmentaryLast [FL] has ceased trolling dementedManic [DM]

The Omega smiled with near triumph. His plan was coming together, all the pieces falling into place. It was only a matter of time before things came full circle. Then. Then, they would all die.