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This is a list of locations that can be found in Hodgeson Manor.

You're in a world where time does not exist.

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[center:38123mwy][size=200:38123mwy][u:38123mwy][b:38123mwy]Kisa Alessandra[/b:38123mwy][/u:38123mwy][/size:38123mwy][/center:38123mwy] [size=90:38123mwy]Kisa Alessandra was seething, as the King had grabbed chin forcefully, and making her eyes meet his. The anger in those eyes made her own anger flare up, growing to match his. She was going to slap when she saw his mouth moving closer, of course, her body somehow told her he was trying to kiss her while her brain was telling her something else. Either way, her instincts told her to duck, to do anything to keep mouth away from her face. When she was about to do a head butt, King smiled and pulled back. [b:38123mwy]"Thank you."[/b:38123mwy] Allie almost let out a sigh of relief when she watched King grabbed the fallen burnt cookie and begin to eat it. [b:38123mwy]"You're very kind."[/b:38123mwy] She practically heard his teeth grinding out of pure rage. She watched him leave the room. Alessandra was angry, her blue eyes blazing like comets as she picked up her remaining book and threw it at the door... Well, at least she meant to throw it the closing door, yet the book ended up hitting the man who just came in. She couldn't help it. She ducked her head, flinching as she darted out of the kitchen through the door behind Alistair. Kisa Alessandra was laughing by the time she was turning the last corner. Unfortunately, she was so busy laughing that she didn't see the other person walking toward her. She collided with her, and felt the pile of clothing the person was holding pile over her head. She blinked her eyes and quickly pulled the sheets off her, only to stare into the female servant... It took her awhile to realize that what she had thought was a Woman had been a man in disguise. She gasped, just as the guy flinched and covered his face again in shadow using his hood. Her brain worked quickly, and from the way he had been turning... He came from her room. Her eyes blazed again, as she launched herself forward, her fist thrown out, aiming for his face.[/size:38123mwy]

The Hodgeson Manor

The Kitchen

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[center:14pvq7br][img:14pvq7br]http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8bc0vivTi1qfb5cjo3_250.gif[/img:14pvq7br] [size=150:14pvq7br]J[/size:14pvq7br]oseph [size=150:14pvq7br]H[/size:14pvq7br]odgeson, The [size=150:14pvq7br]l[/size:14pvq7br] [size=70:14pvq7br][i:14pvq7br]"You must call me King."[/i:14pvq7br] My Patience: ███[color=gray:14pvq7br]███████[/color:14pvq7br]32%[/size:14pvq7br] King's eyes watched Kisa eerily. He once stood by Alistair, however his appearance flickered like an old lightbulb and his body disappeared. To those with bewildered expressions that started to look around, they would find him sitting on the countertop beside Kisa. King inhaled the dry, brittle scent of burnt dough. This pricked his nerve. There was nothing worse than [i:14pvq7br]burnt food[/i:14pvq7br]. As King turned his eyes upon Kisa again, his lips spread into a malicious grin. She got the message. He could feel what she felt, he could see what she saw, [i:14pvq7br]hear[/i:14pvq7br] what she [i:14pvq7br]heard[/i:14pvq7br]. He could feel all the little heartbeats in the room. [b:14pvq7br]'So easily they could all just die...'[/b:14pvq7br] The golden flecks within his brown eyes began to shimmer. As fast as the effect grew, it stopped abruptly. This felt uncomfortable. King was disturbed with his great power and forced it to dim down. He caught onto reality and found that the slave was holding out a [i:14pvq7br]burnt[/i:14pvq7br] cookie to him. He went into a silent fit of rage, swatting the cookie and spatula so they fell to the floor and grabbed her chin with one powerful hand. King's whole body shook violently. His mouth opened as if he was trying to eat her soul, but instead all of his teeth grew into long pointed daggers. Damn it all. He forced himself to suck up all the wrath he wanted to dish out so badly, and shut his mouth. Then... King smiled, teeth normal, and his lip twitching. "Thank you." King speaks slowly, his body ports to the burnt cookie that crumbled all over the floor. The cookie morphed itself back together in his touch and he held it close to his mouth. As his lips parted to bite into the cookie, the cookie blossomed in color. It appeared as if it had never been burnt and was baked perfectly. He took a taste. The cookie had potential. He nodded to the slaves, hiding his embarrassment. "You're very kind." His teeth grind together and he forces himself to leave the room. He gives a look to Alistair. He was back in charge. No wonder his faithful servant was always in a bad mood.[/center:14pvq7br]


The Males Bedroom

Girls are not permitted to enter this room. (Reason why it isn't connected to the hall... Because the Guys live in a cabin.) The one picture with the gate, is where the cabin is hidden just past. Only King can open that gate. He usually leaves it open.

The Females Bedroom

No boys are permitted in this room.

The Ballroom

You could dance forever in here!

The Foyer

Welcome to the Foyer. Make sure to greet the guests of King with respect.

The Halls

Try not to get lost!