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Hodgeson Manor

You're in a world where time does not exist.


a part of Hodgeson Manor, by Marzipan.

The Hodgeson Manor

Marzipan holds sovereignty over You're in a world where time does not exist., giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Welcome to the Hodgeson Manor. You're right outside of the mansion where the rose bushes grow and the cobblestone path leads up to this cozy, yet eerie place. For some reason, it draws you in... And... You can't leave.

You literally can't leave. You walk on the path that leads away from the abode. After ten minutes of walking in the opposite direction, you see the back of the mansion just up ahead! What is this black magic!

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You're in a world where time does not exist. is a part of Hodgeson Manor.

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Dahlia Marzipan Gomphrey [10] "I've always wanted to see someone die. Maybe I'll see their ghost."
Alistair Costello [10] "My Bark Is Worse Than My Bite"
Kisa Alessandra [10] "I was reborn lost, and I would take no pleasure in being found."
Celeste Temapina [9] God, no. THis can't be happening, I'm just dreaming! Right? Am I?
Alexander Dunsil ll [2] Oh, when did you become king?
Joseph Hodgeson [1] "Oh, another one. Great."
Jewel Kesler [0] Jewel Kesler is an artistic, empathetic girl with a bubbly personality.

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Kisa Alessandra

Kisa Alessandra was a strange woman. It was obvious from the way she was hanging from the canopy of her bed with a book in her hands, reading upside down. The book wasn't that thick but for some reason, it provided her with a thrill as it was forbidden, er, at least not meant for her eyes. Knowing she could get scolded for merely asking, she had found a way to get into the King's Private Library. She'd been there a few minutes, grabbing only two books and making a dash for her room when she should probably be doing her chores. Chores, she sighed and closed her eyes while also closing the book and focusing on feeling the rush of all her blood going to her head. Funny how the Dog hasn't busted me yet. Alessandra grunted as she pulled herself up and was suddenly falling onto her bed.

Alessandra blinked open her icy blue eyes and began to hum softly. Her blue eyes, black hair and her pale skin would've made her a jewel, yet the tattoos somehow made her more than just a jewel. It made her beautiful, but also an oddity in the castle. Many of the King's guests and servants gawked at her and mostly tried to steer away from her. It was something that had probably made the King want to keep her here. Well, that's what she has always thought since she's shown up here.

"Time to return the books." She spoke softly to herself, as she grabbed the other book that had been lying on her pillow. Both books were old and... both spoke about great battles and types of fighting strategies. Allie stood and threw her hairs over her shoulder, as if mentally shrugging off her tiredness and walking out into the hallway. She walked through the hallways, her mind going blank as she walked into the kitchen to find another servant there. But she wasn't just a servant, if Allie remembered correctly, the girl in the white gown's name was Dolly or something close to that.

Alistair Costello


Alistair's day began with making sure that the new residents had the most awful morning possible and punishing others who say otherwise. At the moment he was rough handling a Neko who had just arrived and was already making trouble. Gripping the young man's ear tightly twisting it so he yelped in pain. He growled deeply into his ear and spoke " Now kitty cat are you going to play nice and do the work you've been set or do I need to bite your ear off?" His voice was deep and rumbled with power and aggression.

The Neko squirmed and mewed fearfully " I will, I promise please" the Neko pleaded with him tears streaming down his face. Snarling loudly Alistair let go of the Neko's ear and stomped on his tail for good measure. The Neko howled in pain as Alistair walked away.

Alistair made his way to the kitchen to make sure that everyone was doing their jobs. He just about go to the door when he noticed Dahlia leaving the kitchen her shift wasn't finished yet. Grabbing her by the throat he snarled " you better have a good reason for leaving Dolly, the King doesn't like any slacking as you well know." Alistair noticed some others in the kitchen, Kisa had been in the king library again and it was strictly forbidden to enter there without permission. " and you Kisa, do not think the King has not noticed you going into the library without his consent. As result for your incompetence of not following rules, you will be working double shifts in the boiler room" he turned his head sharply baring his sharp teeth at Kisa.

The sound of screaming meet his ears, what a wonderful sound it was it was Celeste crying as usual, but this time it was a cry of pain. " Celeste you will recover from your screaming right now otherwise I will dunk your head in the kitchen sink " Alistair said sharply " Back to work.NOW!" He snarled finally letting go of Dahlia's neck. And standing with his arms crossed making sure work was being done.

Celeste squeaked in fear and limped back to her work. She wrapped clothes around her hands and washed the floor with a brush and water, wincing every time a drop landed on wrist. She bit her lip to resist yelping out in pain. Celeste scrubbed furiously as she remembered her mother. Her hands started to flame, setting the brush on fire. She quickly looked down and dropped it in surprise. She then stood up on one foot and reduced the fire. Celeste bit her lip and casually hopped towards the broom closet and got another one.

Celeste finally finished washing the halls, but it was only 11:30. Her feet hurt even worse, she had also gotten the bottoms of her feet burned. She limped around, looking for something to cover her feet with. Then she stopped. Someone would surely get mad at her and punish her. Celeste's shoulders sagged as her two figments of imagination laughed at her, calling her pathetic. Celeste tightened up and tried to calm down. She walked back towards the broom closet, trying to remember what else she had to do. She remembered that she had to clean door handles or something stupid like that. She wrapped the cloth around her hands and started to clean the door knob of the girl's bedroom.

Celeste made a face as she replaced yet another washcloth. "Who knew door handles were so DIRTY?" She muttered as she stared at the black, dirt-covered, used cloth on the floor. She had been cleaning for awhile, and she could only hope that lunch would come soon. She was willing to eat anything, she was son thin she was about 90 pounds. She leaned agasint a wall for a second and relaxed for a second, but she couldn't relax. She kept looking for the king and the bodyguard. She stopped relaxing and went back to cleaning the doorknobs.

Dahlia Marzipan Gomphrey
"But you can call me Marzi, or Doll."

Well, that was fast. Just as she set one foot out of the kitchen, she felt a large hand enclose around her throat. She hesitated to grab his hand and attempt to claw it off but she wasn't dense. Not that dense. He was almost as perfect to play with as King was. She studied his nose flare. It was almost impossible to take him seriously, mainly because he had the cutest little puppy face and the most delicious of tempers. She craved to pet him. She tried hard to keep a neutral expression but her hazel hues glimmered with mischievous glee.

"You have the prettiest eyes." Dahlia prompts with the most earnest of faces. It pricked his annoyance with her and he looked at her as if she were filth. Along with the other girls that were around them. He shouts, which directly deafens her ears and he releases his grip. How unfortunate. It was just getting started. The other girls leave hastily and Dahlia trails behind them.

She didn't know the girls very well but she was quick to judge. The one with tattoos acknowledged her but never spoke with her. So Dahlia was indifferent with her. Maybe she'll socialize with her at some point. Get to know her. The other girl she completely ignored walking out of the kitchen was now limping around, cleaning shit. She almost felt bad and decided right her wrong. Which this is rare.

"What happened to your foot." She states more than questions. Dahlia's nose cringes at the smell of burnt flesh. That's just disgusting. Her eyes never leave the toe that was black with scabs and soot. It was definably a third degree burn. That girl needs to run water over it and cover it with swaths of cloth for a while. If only she was a nurse. The euthanasia she'd commit. Dahlia begins to imagine what it would look like if the girl's whole body was thoroughly burned. Would she look like her toe?

Dahlia grabs the girl's elbow and insincere about dragging her into the kitchen. She was going to help her, but she didn't promise to be gentle. She never promises for anything.

(My next post is going to be in the kitchen. Just posted here because she left at first.)

"I-I spilled water on it," Celeste whispered as she was dragged along by a girl in a white gown. She looked down at her feet. "It hurts a lot," She added. She sat down for a moment and made fire appear in her hands and held it next to her feet. She then stood up and wiped her faced, the back of her hand running over the burn marks going down from her cheek. Celeste took a deep breath and gathered herself together.

"Is it time to eat yet?" She asked, her voice coming out in a small whisper. Celeste brushed her hair back and took a god look at the girl. She had very nice, dark maroon hair, which stood out the most. She offered her small, thin bony hand to shake. "I-I-I'm Celeste," She timidly whispered. She wasn't a very social person, and no one had really seemed to care about her before. She silently told herself not to blow it.

Alistair Costello


Alistair growled softly to Dahlia as she complimented him on his eyes. Dahlia was always the same it was as if she liked being hurt by him and enjoyed teasing him just to get him angry. Of course he didn't mind letting off a little steam with the residents, and the King didn't mind Alistair's chosen methods as long as he didn't kill anyone he could do whatever he wished.

He watched as the girls interacted and Dahlia went to help Celste with her burning food. The smell of flesh sent his senses upside down, giving a dark chuckle to himself he stepped into the kitchen and sat in one of the chairs his feet resting on a table. He cracked his knuckles and his fingertips slowly elongated into claws and he sharpened them on his teeth as he watched their conversation about food.

" You will get food if you have done enough work, if you haven't you will get nothing until the evening. Work is the only way to get simple things back in return. any slacking will resort in punishment which you know i love dishing out" He chuckled again giving a deep snarl in return.

Celeste jumped back. "Are-are you alright?" SHe asked in a terrified whisper. The girl had tried to help her, and cared a little. Anything was a step up form her mother. Even a mortal enemy would be much better company. She needed to learn to socialize better, she had been living in her house for the longest time.

Celeste then hunched over, multiple thoughts racing through her mind. It was most likely the girl didn't need or want to be bothered. How could she be so stupid, not knowing when to intervene. Should have she said something else? Or nothing at all? She didn't know if it was normal or something, she had never actually been outside her house. Ever. She hadn't met other people besides her mother before.

Kisa Alessandra

"And you Kisa, do not think the King has not noticed you going into the library without his consent. As result for your incompetence of not following rules, you will be working double shifts in the boiler room." Kisa Alessandra didn't show any sigh of hearing his words, but make no mistake, she heard him, and inside, she was seething. Her anger was close to bursting, but from some odd sense of past experience she knew showing her pain and anger would only make the Dog happy. Her pain was their gain and joy. She put the books on the counter and without even getting any orders to do so, she began to make cookies. Cookies would be nice right now. Her thoughts were oddly happy, as she began to mix the batter.

Alessandra ignored the others, even when she smelt Celeste's charred flesh. It didn't bother her. Even having no memories of her past life, Allie knew she's seen worse. She lay the cookie dough on the pain and began to shape them into Christmas trees and gingerbread men and women. The last one she shaped out looked like a horse. It would, of course, be hers to eat.

"You will get food if you have done enough work, if you haven't you will get nothing until the evening. Work is the only way to get simple things back in return. Any slacking will resort in punishment which you know I love dishing out." Kisa Alessandra was putting the tray of cookies into the oven when she heard this. For some odd reason, it made her angrier then usual. She couldn't resist herself. She chucked a book at Alistair, hitting him right in the forehead. She then sat on the counter, casually grabbing the book she didn't throw, and began to read... Right in front of Alistair. Obviously, she was mocking him, and asking for a beating.

Joseph Hodgeson, The l
"You must call me King."
My Patience: β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–Œ90%

It was almost like karma had something to do with King arriving just as the book made contact with Alistair's face. King's solid brown gaze follows the trail of the red-handed book chucker right to Kisa, one of the newer editions of his slave house. In fact, the other two girls who came around the same time she had were doing their own thing. His attention resided onto Kisa once more. He really didn't have to say anything. He just waited for her response. He held up a hand as if to command Alistair to stay where he was. He would handle the situation.

"My, my, my... I'm not even sure what to say at this point." He shook his head slowly. "Should I even ask for your excuse of doing so?"

Even if the other two girls did something wrong in his eyes, he ignored them. The girl's feet on fire, Celeste and her problem with water. The girl whose screeching thinned his tranquility, Marzi Doll and her neurotic personality. Whatever it was, it wasn't as important as shoving this girl's arrogance down her throat. King was an asshole, and the slaves have to deal with it.

Alexander walked into the room with a bored expression. He had obviously just woken up. "Hey," He grunted. "Your feet are on fire," Before Celeste had a chance to open her mouth, Alexander spoke "Here, let me help you with that!" He poured a glass of water on her feet. She screamed out. "AH!" Alexander snorted. "Ah grow up," He hissed.

Kisa Alessandra

Kisa Alessandra was seething, as the King had grabbed chin forcefully, and making her eyes meet his. The anger in those eyes made her own anger flare up, growing to match his. She was going to slap when she saw his mouth moving closer, of course, her body somehow told her he was trying to kiss her while her brain was telling her something else. Either way, her instincts told her to duck, to do anything to keep mouth away from her face. When she was about to do a head butt, King smiled and pulled back. "Thank you." Allie almost let out a sigh of relief when she watched King grabbed the fallen burnt cookie and begin to eat it. "You're very kind." She practically heard his teeth grinding out of pure rage. She watched him leave the room.

Alessandra was angry, her blue eyes blazing like comets as she picked up her remaining book and threw it at the door... Well, at least she meant to throw it the closing door, yet the book ended up hitting the man who just came in. She couldn't help it. She ducked her head, flinching as she darted out of the kitchen through the door behind Alistair.

Kisa Alessandra was laughing by the time she was turning the last corner. Unfortunately, she was so busy laughing that she didn't see the other person walking toward her. She collided with her, and felt the pile of clothing the person was holding pile over her head. She blinked her eyes and quickly pulled the sheets off her, only to stare into the female servant... It took her awhile to realize that what she had thought was a Woman had been a man in disguise. She gasped, just as the guy flinched and covered his face again in shadow using his hood. Her brain worked quickly, and from the way he had been turning... He came from her room. Her eyes blazed again, as she launched herself forward, her fist thrown out, aiming for his face.