Hogosha Academy

Hogosha Academy


Without us, they are empty, but without them, we are doomed...

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Aren't we all here for some reason? I mean, that's what I have always been told, that's what I've been taught. Why else would God go through the trouble of making and mending us? But, we aren't needed forever. Whenever we are no longer needed, we die.

But, what if our need is never fulfilled, what if our reason allows to live, forever?

Well, some of us are made to live forever. Some call these people immortals, death defying, everlasting, perpetual, and perhaps the undead. But, the proper term for these beings, is a Hogosha, a protector if you will.

There are seven main physical Hogosha, Water, Fire, Earth, Electricity, Wind, Sound, and Metal. They look after nature. There are forty-eight main Hogosha's that drive the human's mind, emotions. Three Hogosha that are called "people-keepers." Life and Death, and somewhere in-between, which we call Ekiryou. And two Hogosha that watch over the realms of Light, and Dark, or Divine and Evil. There are other countless Hogosha that care over small things as well, like making sure birds have been fed, the weather, moonlight, the currents of a stream.

Hogosha keep the world in balance, without them we would be doomed. So, we must respect them, and make sure they last, for they are vulnerable to anything a human is, illness, violence, pollution. Everything, but aging.

So we must protect them, like they protect us.

In Northern Siberia, there is the Hogosha Academy, where special children train so that one day they may go serve the Hogosha in the Palace of the Hogosha (Where Hogosha and their troops reside). At the Academy they go to class, train, and go on missions.

These children can get their powers two different ways. They were either favored at birth by one or more Hogosha, or are half-Hogosha.

-Hey! So basically, in this RPG anything can happen! High-School drama, Murder Mystery. or Dangerous Missions! You Choose! Have Fun!-
-idea continued form last account-

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