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Coal Abernathy

The Spare

0 · 109 views · located in Hogwarts

a character in “Hogwarts: A Dark New Age”, as played by Kohananinja



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Coalatian Abernathy

N I C K N A M E (S)

February, 23rd




Caucasian, British

London, England



Coal is something of a care free soul, or at least that is the persona he likes to project to the rest of the world. He’s exceptionally laid back, never seems to take anything too seriously, and his eyes sparkle with a devil-may-care flare that has drawn many a girl and boy (sometime at the same time) to his bed. He’s always down for a good prank, and frequently acts as a soundboard for some of Mac’s more elaborate schemes. As often as Coal finds himself in trouble though, he’s as skilled at getting himself out, with a silver tongue and dimpled smile that has a habit of melting hearts. He never seems to get mad, always flowing like water with the flow of things, adapting quickly to a situation as it changes with an affable ease that many envy. His reputation as a charmer has made him popular to an extent, but he maintains a very tight, closed circle of friends that he rarely allows himself to expand. To those within it, he is a fierce friend, and loyal confidant, though his own troubles are usually kept close to the vest. Coal can also be incredibly stubborn at times, despite his best efforts to try and just shrug and let things go. Once Coal digs in his heels on something, decision made, he is immovable.

Underneath that candy, good time boy, coating Coal often puts on to face the world though, is a bone deep weariness that threatens to swallow him whole into the depths of darkest depression. His young life has been shaped by violence, defined by the knowledge that he isn’t the chosen one of anything. He’s seen darkness and knows truths he’s powerless to even speak aloud, and that sense of helplessness has taken its toll. In the family, Coal is the spare, a problematic left over tied to memories best left secret, his only real value the pure blood flowing through his veins. Coal’s home life is...complicated. He doesn’t like to talk about it, and is usually part of the pack who stays at Hogwarts during breaks, only venturing off Hogwarts’ protected grounds when forced to in the summers. Few people are really privy to the reasoning behind this choice, and his best friend Harvey is the only one who truly knows most of the details. Coal trusts him to keep it that way.


The House of Abernathy has always been a proud and prestigious one, boasting exceptionalism and achievements beyond counting among the members of its family. They also are, and have always been, unrepentant blood supremacists. The family is everything to the Abernathys, it’s purity and prosperity of paramount importance. Anyone who threatens that is dealt with harshly, and mercy is not a word many in the family know. Everyone serves a purpose, and those who cease to be useful often find their home within Amesley Manor an uncomfortable one. Coal has never been useful, more often he is viewed as a problematic inconvenience.

A large family with many branches, Coal’s father became useful to the family for one reason; his gift of retrocognition. With a mere touch and the right focus, he could see the history, and more importantly the origins of the objects he touched, learning the secrets to the lost spells or rituals that created the dark objects the family had gotten their hands on over the centuries. That kind of power always has a price though, and the repeated over use of it to dive in and view some of the darkest rituals known to wizard kind exacted a terrible toll on Luthor Abernathy’s mind. It drove him mad, and one night in a fit of mania, he attacked his wife and child, killing Coal’s mother. The β€œincident” as it was forever referred to after, was largely covered up. Luthor was shut off to a privately owned facility, his mental state further deteriorating, and it was made clear early on to Coal that speaking of it to anyone would have frightening consequences. Especially his cousin Orion.

The two were purposely kept apart until they both began attending Hogwarts the same year. To the dismay of many, both boys were sorted into the same house, so additional measures were taken to keep them apart. Growing up, Coal had very little interaction with his cousin the family seemed to prize so highly, but Coal is perceptive, and he saw the road to the slaughterhouse being laid out for Orion. His cousin had the same gift his father had, and he knew what would happen if they used him in the same way. So during Christmas holiday their 4th year, Coal made a decision. He kept his head down, played the cowed boy they wanted him to be, and bided his time in search of an opening to get Orion alone, and warn him. It almost worked too, but Bartholomew Abernathy is perceptive too.

There are few wizards who frighten Coal more than his grandfather, and with good reason as there are few who can match the man for his efficient use of cruelty, and his mastery of the dark arts. When he caught Coal in the act, the punishment was swift and severe, idle threats were never issued. He started with the Cruciatus curse, that was for Coal’s disloyalty, a necessary rebuke. The burn mark he left was a visible reminder that it could happen again, whenever he liked, but the final stroke was the worst. To ensure Coal never tried to speak the truth to Orion again, Bartholomew cast a rare and grim curse known by rumor alone as β€˜Silence the Witness’. Should Coal impart the knowledge he knows in any way, betraying the head of his house, the curse will trigger and a slow gruesome death will follow. Coal has not been back to Amesley Manor since that day he was allowed to crawl out of the basement, usually opting to stay at Hogwarts during the Holiday breaks, or stay with the Gibsons during the summer. Harvey was there at the train station when Coal was at his lowest, saw the marks that would fade in time, and the despair on his friend’s face he couldn’t yet shove behind the mask. He knows Coal’s family is responsible, but Harvey’s never been able to get Coal to talk about it after that day.


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Pure Blood

Willow, Unicorn Hair, 13 ¾”, Firm



His Grandfather

A ginger cat named Carver

Non-Verbal Magic, Potions

Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions

Quidditch: Coal is naturally athletic, and plays as one of the main chasers for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team

Perceptive: Coal has always been an observant kid. Growing up he had to be. It makes him pretty good at reading a room, situation, or other people, but he’s not infallible.

Charm: Coal has an easy way with people. He’s good at saying the right thing, putting people at ease, and all around smoothing out the ruffles of an uncomfortable situation with a smile, a light joke, and his patent brand of Coal warmth. People tend to like him, or at least feel safe around him for the most part.


So begins...

Coal Abernathy's Story


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#, as written by Caille

Ophelia Prescott
|Slytherin | Pure-Blood | #BC7EB7|

Ophelia was always one of the last few people to come out of the commons room or to head to the great hall. It was overall safer for her instead of walking in the big crowds, or for her to go too early that if she tripped and fell no one would be there to help her back up. A sigh escaped from her lips as she brushed her hair for the hundredth time, just making sure it was smooth or just giving her something to do to let time trickle past.

She wondered what it would be like if she got the chance to live life normally. Go down to breakfast with her classmates at the same time, jab each other in the ribs, or even if she could fly on a broom perchance. It was all a heavy weight that she felt on her day to day life and there was no escape. Instead it was her lying in bed just watching something on Netflix that she downloaded the night before coming back to Hogwarts. But she only had so many episodes left before some of them would time out.

She would do this until everyone was up or majority of everyone was up, and then she would move on to opening her trunk and finding her robes, brushing her teeth and getting dressed. Lia would sit on the edge of her bed and just listen for the murmurs to calm down in the common room. She could always hear something, whether that was different conversations going on or it was people laughing out there.

By the time she started to walk out into the common room it was empty or relatively close to it. It felt lonely to say the least, and she could feel the pit in her stomach as everything was getting to her today. It was days like today that the coldness really settled into her bones and made her uncomfortable, Ophelia felt lost and angry with herself all in the process.

Her mother came to mind and she couldn't help but feel the bubbling anger that let her feel as though it was all her fault. She wanted to break something and then break down, but instead she just resorted to calming herself down one breath in a t a time.

The one truly helpful thing was the growl of her stomach that signaled she definitely wanted breakfast and she was going to go down to get it.

Ophelia left the room and began on her trek to climb up the stairs to get into the main part of the castle. She took her time as the last thing she would want to do is slip and fall back down on them. It has led her to be in so much more pain than she's felt in a long time.

As she came out from the dungeons she could smell breakfast and hear that chatter from all the students and she felt hopeful and happy for a moment. Hearing all the people and knowing she would get to interact with them for a few moments before they had to all waft out to class, was a nice feeling. She could feel semi normal in the great hall, and she was fairly sure that it was one of her favourite parts of the day, aside from just being curled up on the couch in the Slytherin common room.

As she entered the hall, she could see Cas over at the Gryffindor table and for a moment she found herself stuck watching them as they interacted with Shane. It stifled a bit of a laugh from her, and in some way Ophelia felt bad, but she was sure Cas wouldn't do something like that for no reason.

Walking over to the Slytherin table, she could hear her feet against the floor as she finally made it to the part of the bench Jessie and Eden were on and she sneaked her way onto the bench next to Eden and immediately placed her head on his shoulder. The pair were used to just leaning on each other whenever they were in class or in the great hall. It was either a way of saying hello or 'hi I'm mentally exhausted today.' in the moment Ophelia was both.

"What's the hot new gossip around here?" she questioned softly to both Eden and Jessie. She wanted to feel like she was part of the group and part of whatever was going on that she had briefly witnessed and missed for whatever reason.

Cassie Lightborn
|Gryffinfor | Quarter Veela | #A7D3CF|

Cassie was not surprised that the chaos began to rise at the Gryffindor table. Mac and Coal were awake and it would only be a certain amount of time until Kit got in on it as well. Cassie was actually being quite tame today all things considered, she knew sometimes her and Mac would plan little pranks during dinner just to watch Harvey's reaction. Which almost as if it were on cue or something, Harvey was having a reaction to this morning.

Now?! Really?! We have a game today Mac, I think Professor Leahy might actually murder me if we lose.” Cassie couldn't help but stifle a laugh as Harvey was scolding Mac a little bit.

"Dear naive Harvey, losing has never been an option for us. We're simply the best." Cassie said, trying to boast a little more as she looked directly at Jessie with the intention of hearing what she had to say. "I mean, especially when we play against Slytherin. They're destined to lose." It was in that moment that she could feel her heart race a bit more and to Cassie she's always chalk that up to just the rush of talking smack, but talking smack against Slytherin to Jessie was a different feeling entirely. Probably just because Jessie was her rival in almost everything and they fought about stupid shit all the time.

It was in that moment that Cassie watched as Cal was trying to get up in his seat to say something, but Harvey pulled him back down, β€œSit down and eat your breakfast. Protein go!”

Cassie gave Cal a light back on the back and leaned over and whispered to the younger Gryffdinor, "One day, I promise." She said with a small smile.

When Mac replied that she had put her name in and asked if Cassie had, she nodded her head. "Why of course I did. I love a good competition. Anything to prove I'm the best." The redhead said, showing a giant smile as she fake gloated about herself. If she couldn't try to boost her confidence up by any sort of means then what was she going to do?

It was at that moment that she noticed Cas was over at their table, and she had to blink her eyes for a moment, when did they get here? Cassie watched as Cas dumped water over Shane, and she did everything to hold back a giggle, so her hand was placed promptly over her mouth. As Cas left to go back over to the Hufflepuff table, Cassie gave them a high five.

"I will be back." Cassie said as she slipped out of her seat and headed over to the Slytherin table. She plopped herself down next to Jessie and began to pick up a piece of toast from her plate. "What did Shane do now? need me to accidentally send a bludger his way or something?" the redhead asked with a big grin before she took a bit of the toast that she stole from Jesie's plate.

"I think your toast is better than mine, at least you got that going for ya." She said teasing Jessie a bit. "Could probably just some jelly or something, is there any near by?"

Kiara Wright
|Ravenclaw | Half-Witch | #67A57F|

Kiara continued on with her reading of the article, she enjoyed reading about innovations and the way in which people were mimicking other innovations to create something entirely different. Instead though she continued on with her witty banter her brother had to offer.

The brunette could hear a small soft voice and it alerted her senses more than the yelling and stupid comments going around, those were normal, but a soft voice was not. Her eyes looked up to see Seong standing there and for a few moments she analyzed the student. She had seen a little bit of Seong, but she hadn't fully introduced herself or gotten to know her.

Kiara felt it was better to make friends with someone you don't know because you never know what they could offer or you never know when you'll need the bridge. Besides maybe she'd be a good source for her blog posts about all things drama.

"Of course, it would be my pleasure to have you sit beside me, Seong." Kiara spoke with a smile on her face and gestured to the seat next to her.

"How are you this morning? Finding everything okay?" She asked.

She could hear all the commotion going on down by the Gryffindor table, and she just rolled her eyes. She did think there was some humour to it, but if she was caught in stuff like that and her parents found out, it would be game over. Kiara just stayed out of trouble and continued on with her own stuff.

This did mean though that Kiara was trying to keep an ear open, she had been listening to everything in hopes that maybe there was some sort of scandal going on or something that would be newsworthy. She would have to talk to Eden more to get insight later, perhaps she could steal the seat next to him in potions.