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Linnea Blomqvist

''Nobody gives you power. You just take it.''

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a character in “Hogwarts: A Dark New Age”, as played by Ventarrones



"Almost is not good enough."


Princess Linnea Saga Blomqvist

N I C K N A M E (S)
Linn, Linnie (by her cousins only)

August 24th





Stockholm, Sweden




fashionable, elegant, feminine.

Both her heritage as well as her part-time modelling career have highly influenced Linnea’s sense of fashion. She prefers wearing anything fashionable or elegant. Ranging from A-line to pleat skirts, blouses, yoke or long-sleeved silk dresses and many other feminine articles. She also has a fable for lace. Her preferred footwear are doll shoes and spool heels, sometimes combined with stockings or lacy socks. Occasionally she can be seen wearing more simple attire, such as blue jeans or cardigans and leggings combined with running shoes when she works out. But there’s always something that fancies her outfit up, whether it's fitting jewelry or a very fashionable shirt. Linnea can be found dressing in any colour, as she’s experienced in that field, but she generally prefers to stay away from anything too flashy. Her nightgowns consist of many different, white and pastel-coloured baby doll dresses.

H E I G H T & W E I G H T
5’1 inches | 97 lbs

Linnea has a cute, pretty face adorned with moss green eyes, an average nose and beautiful, plump lips. She mostly puts on a very neutral and composed, sometimes bored expression but her eyes can become very fierce or condescending as well. Her make-up is fairly natural and intended to enhance her already fine features. Smooth foundation and powder, together with a rosy blush, mascara, light eyeshadow and a variety of pink or red, glossy lipstick shades. She has very fair, naturally light skin, and her nails are always well-maintained. Her strawberry blonde hair is wavy and at about armpit length. Mostly she wears it loose with a middle parting, but she may also braid some of her strands for a little extra style or she goes for a braided or soft, curly ponytail. The Swede takes importance on making sure that her hair always smells nice, like roses, cherry blossoms or vanilla for example, but it's never too intense. Her build can be described as rather thin and athletic, as she’s been working out from a young age, making her also very flexible and healthy. Overall Linnea was taught to look flawless at all times, but she also likes being that way so you will never see her in bad shape.


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gardening | dueling | manicures | winning | being in charge | practicing her skills | her aunt | healthy food | nature | cleanliness | her familiar Eskil | small, beautiful things | earl green and cinnamon apple tea | working out | vanilla hearts and Swedish princess cake (although she mainly eats healthy food, she has a naturally sweet tooth and can even get a little excited about consuming sweets and dessert) | attention | the smell after rain | the crackling feeling in the air during thunderstorms | high quality clothes | comfortable beds

disloyalty | losing | bad hair days | asking for help | imperfection | being treated as an inferior | people who take poor care of plants | being caught gardening | insecurity of any kind | being ignored | revealing of personal life | foul smells | deep sea creatures | boring or lazy days | her cousins | lenghty anecdotes | weakness


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cunning, ambitious, self-centered.

It is quite noticeable that Linnea has a royal heritage. Her manners and discipline are top-notch and she has that special, noble air all around her as soon as she enters the room. She holds her head up high and carries a very big ego with her, therefore it’s almost impossible to make her insecure. Born a princess and hailed as a prodigy, she grew up to be narcissistic and confident.

She relentlessly drilled herself toward perfection and settled for nothing less from herself or those who served her. She is very hard-working and spends a big heap of her time practicing her skills to become perfect. If there’s just a little thing out of place, it’s not good enough.

As a result of her strict, pressuring childhood she may react very sensitively if things don’t go her way. Losing a battle or failing at anything she thrived to achieve can put a crack into her normally high confidence. She may then end up raging at herself and everyone around her and if there’s been more than one failure she may even experience severe anxiety.

Even though her looks might tell otherwise, she is not an innocent, benevolent princess. She believes that power and domination are the defining traits of strength, and as such would only help others if she thought there was some personal gain at stake. Her entire life has been centered around power and skill and this is why she respects only powerful people. She is obsessed with it and showing any signs of weakness is pathetic in her eyes. The talented witch wants people to admire or even fear her.

Linnea is extremely cunning and clever while always keeping a level head. It’s easy for her to manipulate people for her own good. She’s excellent at lying and can in return be very secretive. She is deceptive and patient and even a bit cruel, which all show in her combat style as well, and thus making her rather deadly.

All this focus on power, perfectionism and personal gain has made her quite emotionally detached. The only way to be strong, which is the most important thing in the world to her, is to be ruthless. It’s easy to function in school or on the battlefield but she has difficulties to participate in social activities. As a result of her sequestered life of royalty, she had developed a considerable amount of social ineptitude. What she has in power she lacks in empathy and moral.

Her humor can be quite sarcastic and although she has antisocial tendencies, knows how to deal with people. You could say that she would almost be able to turn someone against their whole house.

Other traits of her are being resourceful, tenacious and loyal. Traitors are the worst in her eyes and loyalty has always been at the top of her priorities, taken after her father. However gaining her loyalty is quite hard, as it’s not easy to gain her respect and appreciation if you’re weak or if she only views you as a tool for her own good. But if she chooses you to be worthy then she will stand up for you in any situation (as long as it doesn’t go against her own goals).

Despite her ruthless, deceptive nature there are some gentle traits in Linnea too. Although she doesn’t like to admit it, she has a big passion for taking care of plants. She will happily water them and remove their old, dead leaves, sometimes even humming a sweet tune while doing so. There is also her familiar Eskil, her best and most loyal friend who she has had a close bond with for years.

She is actually able to be very supportive to people who she trusts and might even make an effort to cheer them up, although she may be a bit awkward when doing so. All of this is only thanks to her aunt. She also has another cute, little quirk. She will occasionally get excited by simple, little things. It might be a very delicious candy, an unusually beautiful flower or just a great day where she beat multiple people in a duel. She may then smile or giggle to herself lightly, but tries very hard not to show anyone.


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Image Image
Prince Mikael Alexander Blomqvist | Father | Alive | 36 | Wizard
Mikael is the brother of the current Swedish King. Having no other children, he always thrived to have a perfect daughter in every way and better than his brother’s kids. He sees his daughter as a tool for his own gains: to overthrow his brother together with her one day and put himself on the throne. He only finds worth in Linnea’s expressions of power, cunning and loyalty. She got positive feedback primarly from her father, showing immense talent and skill in magic and her ruthlessness. This is how she developed her ego. She’s a prodigous, perfect child in his eyes. Weakness gets punishment and respect comes wholly from power. Asserting your authority comes through fear and power. Mikael didn’t have time for immaturity or for her to be a young girl. She is his tool to aquire even more power. In his youth he went to Hogwarts as well and was sorted into Slytherin. He became known as an incredibly powerful duellist and strategist and after his graduation he went back to Stockholm to proceed with his royal duties and to scheme his plans.

AmΓ©lie Blomqvist | Mother | Alive | 34 | Witch
She is the parent who never gave Linnea much praise, aside from a few remarks on her beauty. Overall she never took much interest in her daugther as she was too focused on her own set of goals: becoming an actress.
Linnea never knew why her mother didn’t give her as much praise as her father and eventually decided not to care about her because she was neglected by her. AmΓ©lie, being born in France, went to the Beauxbatons Academy.

Odette Ryning | Aunt | Alive | 32 | Witch
Odette is AmΓ©lie’s sister and moved with her to Sweden to marry a baron but eventually became widowed. Linn’s aunt was some sort of rescue parent for her. While her father always pushed her to her limits and didn’t have time for love or empathy and was heavily neglected by her mother, Odette was there to teach the girl a different side of life. She would take Linn out into the gardens whenever she was with her and taught her that not everything is only about combat and exceeding in one’s skills. Although the princess was always more influenced by her father’s ideals and educational methods, her aunt is the reason why she is not only a cold and ruthless witch and still has got some humanity left in her. It made Linnea even a little sad when she had to leave Sweden to go to Hogwarts and thus leaving her aunt behind but she always knew that this was her duty.

Prince Johan Daniel Blomqvist | Cousin | Alive | 17 | Wizard
Johan is the heir of the Swedish throne. He has two twin sisters, Julia and Sofia. He can generally be described as calm and kind but a little bit weird from time to time as he’s not the best at socialising. He was sorted into Hufflepuff two years before Linnea came to Hogwarts. Despite their age difference, Linnea clearly has the upper hand when it comes both to physical and mental power between them. She is always friendly to him but knows that he has self-esteem issues and can easily take advantage of that. All of her friendliness and pretending to be a good cousin is only a faΓ§ade since she knows that she is meant to overthrow him one day.

Princess Julia Blomqvist | Cousin | Alive | 16 | Witch
Julia and Linn don’t have much of a relationship. They don’t like each other and Julia is a little bit suspicious of why Linn is so nice to her brother all the time. She’s in her 6th year in Ravenclaw.

Princess Sofia Blomqvist | Cousin | Alive | 16 | Witch
Sofia likes "Linnie". She has always admired her beauty and even worships her a bit for all of her talents, which feeds Linnea’s ego. They’ve actually spent some time together ever since they were young and still do so Linnea wants to make sure that she stays loyal to her. Like her sister, Sofia is a Ravenclaw in her 6th year in Hogwarts.



Linnea grew up in Drottningholm Palace, the castle of the Swedish royal family. Ever since she was born, her father’s main goal was for her to become powerful enough to one day overthrow the current King’s family– thus making him the new King. She was basically introduced to magic as soon as she was born and combined with a natural talent she was able to use simple magic already at the age of four. Her father ordered some of the best wizards and witches from all across the country to tutor his daughter. She was not only excellent in magic, strategy and politics but also excelled in acrobatics and modelling. She was perfect in every way in her father’s eyes however the constant pressure to strive for more and more power has made her a cunning, calculating and manipulative girl who lacks a sense of empathy and trust. She has already been able to deceive her cousins many times and had to be nothing less than perfect in her father’s eyes just to earn any affection from him. She is a prodigy and practiced hard, so at eight years of age she was able to cast more difficult spells like Confringo. Even the King himself stated that Linnea is more talented and skilled than his own children. A few years after she was already quite proficient at casting non-verbal spells.

Linnea’s mother rarily spent time with her. It is rumored that she never wanted her daughter and sees her more like a curse than a blessing. The girl wanted her mother’s attention but got told off and pushed away at every moment which led to her being taken care of by the maids, her teachers and her aunt mostly. Even though she’s always had a tight schedule she was also allowed to have some free time. Sometimes the other royal children played with her in the gardens. Once she was invited to a snowball fight and got very confused when she was told that it works like a point system and that you don’t fight until someone falls unconscious.

There is a darker part to the royal family too. Linn’s father is gifted in the Dark Arts and taught his daughter in the matter, away from everyone’s eyes. Linnea protruded in them as well but her father made her swear not to use forbidden spells at any time, only when he’d allow her. It became clear quickly that Linnea had no sense of right and wrong, however she is smart. While she knows how to act in public and is aware of the depths of human emotions and psychology, she herself has only ever been taught to exploit others for her own gain which resulted in her lack of empathy and moral.

On her 10th birthday she was gifted a red fox cub named Eskil. Although at first not quite knowing what to do with him they eventually became close friends and have gone through thick and thin ever since. While Eskil is mostly out roaming the grounds and doing mischief, he loves to roll up next to Linnea and be petted by her.

Linnea was eventually sent to Hogwarts, just like her cousins, as it is one of the most famous and successful school for witches and wizards. Her aunt specifically hoped that the school would help Linnea to get on the right path and maybe make some real friends. She was sorted into Slytherin - the Sorting Hat making a comment about her cunning, ambitious and resourceful nature. Linnea is sometimes surrounded by a few fans of her modelling career, as well as her royal status and although she doesn’t call them her friends, she does love the attention and it's safe to say that she has some good connections through them at school.

When she had her first Herbology class it became clear that she has a passion for taking care of plants. It’s the only thing, other than casting powerful spells, that really caught her interest. She doesn’t know why but she loves to make flowers bloom or repot a young Whomping Willow. Only her Herbology teacher knows about this, as she doesn’t wish for anyone else to find out about her secret interest as it could make her appear β€œweak”or β€œsilly”.

Her other favorite activity at Hogwarts has of course become duelling, as she has always been incredibly powerful. She is able to cast spells which even Seventh graders have trouble with and she’s also excellent at Legilimency and Occlumency.

In her fourth year she and two girls from Potions class were on their way back from Hogsmeade and got harassed by a group of men. The girls tried to tell them off but the offendors became aggressive and were about to attack them. Linnea however was quick to react and single-handedly beat them with ease.

Sometimes when she’s out taking care of plants she thinks about her aunt and remembers the many nice moments they shared together. But this train of thought does not go on for long as her purpose and motivation is still to be an incredibly powerful witch, strive for perfection and do anything to achieve her goals. Or more so, her father’s.


Image Image
Image Image


Spruce | Huldra hair | 9ΒΎ inches | Stiff

Wood: Spruce wands require firm hands and bold spell-casters. They don’t function well in fumbling hands and are therefore very fitting for Linnea’s confident grip and high level skills. They are said to be intensely loyal to their owners and capable of producing particularly flamboyant and dramatic effects.

Core: Huldra hair, more commonly found in Scandinavia, is quite similar to Veela hair. It is more poweful in its properties though and can produce dark magic and protective charms very well, depending on the owner’s willpower.

Flexibility: Linn’s wand is stiff which implies her straight, set goals that she wants to achieve at all costs as well as her tenaciousness while doing so.



Being a failure

European white water lily, red roses and marzipan

A red fox named Eskil

Dueling and Legilimency


Magic | manipulating people | trilingual (Swedish, English, French) | Legilimency/Occlumency | modelling | strategical thinking

athletic | patient | calculating | ambitious | clever | level-headed | loyal | resourceful | can have a gentle and protective side

lack of empathy | lack of morality | antisocial | dishonest | manipulative | secretive | self-centered | prone to anxiety | will only respect powerful people | exploits people for her own benefit

Linnea frequently uses any beauty-related spells for fixing her hair or make-up. She also uses magic to keep her environment clean, tend to her plants and basically anything to make life more easy.

The way she duels and fights is very calculated and mostly defensive. She focuses her attention on studying her enemies’ weak points and wearing them down before she strikes. However her mode can quickly become aggressive and then she’s able to use extremely powerful spells very skillfully. She is very agile and quick in her movements as well as in her casting. One of her favorite spells is the lightning spell. She loves the power behind it and likes to practice it frequently. She never uses any dark or forbidden spells, as she knows better. That doesn’t mean however she isn’t able to cast them, both mentally and physically.


So begins...

Linnea Blomqvist's Story


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The smell of fresh smoke. The rumbling of voices echoed. The clatter of metal trollies scraping across the ancient station's stone brick floor, as well as the thudding of countless footsteps of first years. The old train station that secretly held the platform known as Nine and Three quarters was alive once again. First year students were mixed among the older students that were simply saying goodbye to their loved ones and got onto the train, as the young ones shed a few tears as they'd be leaving their wizarding parents or guardians for the first time.

Where were they off to? No other place than Hogwarts, the School Of Witch Craft and Wizardry. It was once the most popular wizarding school in the world, secretly tucked away in Scotland. Hidden away from Muggle knowledge, as well as the rest of the world, that was until May 2nd, 1999. A tragic event that shook the world by storm, The Batte Of Hogwarts. The Dark Lord, whatever else one may want to call him, Lord Voldermort who was once called Tom Riddle, and his band of Death Eaters and followers attacked the school simply for the last Horcrux, as well as Pure Blood Supremacy and to end all blood ties that weren't pure. But there was one thing that stood in his way, Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived and all the students that gave their lives to help defend the old school, and each other. But as years passed, the death of Voldemort and few of his underlings still hiding in the shadows, Hogwarts had since slowly come back to its former glory.

It has been two full decades since the Battle Of Hogwarts happened, and the reopening of the school. A handful of old professors returned to the school, as well as a few others. This would be a hopeful year for the students, as some are going for their last year, or their first year at the famous school. Students young and old said their goodbyes and slowly boarded onto the train.

That was two weeks ago...




Jessie Carter
| Slytherin | Parseltongue x|x#026e4f |

The sun crested over the tips and walls of the ancient castle as the surrounding animals and wild life awoke with the rising sun. Most of the professors and staff were well awake for a few hours by the time came for the students to wake up and prepare for the day. After struggling to find themselves rolling out of bed, most half dressed by the time they hobbled into the Great Hall, still adjusting their uniforms, they split into groups for their respective Houses and sat down as they awaited for breakfast to be served with came in waves with varieties of food that would make any normal muggle salivate with a single smell. But for these students, it was all too common and familiar, almost immediately falling back into routine as they all woke up after finally getting some food into their bellies, well, some woke up faster than others.

Jessie was busy wiping the sleep from her eyes as she had fallen asleep far too late the previous night as the first few week gitters were still in her system. Even if it was her last year, she still felt a bit of anxiety course through her veins every year she came here, even if this was their second semester of this year. Some things just never changed apparently. But, some things did and some part of the young Slytherin could feel it. Something was off, ever since she stepped back onto the grounds, Hogwarts itself felt a bit off, even if the others didn't feel it. She was shaken from her thoughts as the tong of one of the first bells sounded, signalling they had thirty minutes left before they'd have to prepare for their morning classes.

All that the young blonde had on her mind to help distract herself from her thoughts was the fact that they'd be having a Quidditch game latter that day in the mid afternoon, with another one to follow later that night. First up would be Gryffindor vs Slytherin, and then Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw in the later hours of the day. They'd still have time, and at least she'd have something to look forward to. Not that things were ever a bore, especially considering she had all her friends, things were just tense, and she didn't think anyone else felt it, and if they did, damn were they doing a good way of hiding how they felt.

Jessie was about midway through her breakfast as she looked around the crowd of students, busily digging into their food. Her eyes scanned for a specific face, one she still didn't see since she woke up. Tilting her head to the side as she spoke, "You haven't seen Cas either right?" she asked the platinum blonde male Slytherin and wrapped one of her arms around his shoulder. "Assuming they've overslept again, huh?" she said teasingly to Eden. Removing a small piece of paper from her cloak, she quickly wrote something down and after casting a short enchantment spell, she watched as the paper formed into a small paper airplane and quickly dashed out of the Great Hall and disapeared out of sight. "That should help wake them up a bit, don't ya think?" the Slytherin teased as she put her wand back away in her cloak.

Leaning back over to Eden, laying her head on his shoulder, "You ready to fuck up some Gryffindors later today, mate?" she said with a jovial smile as she let him go from her iron grip, making sure her voice would have been heard by a few certain students that sat down from them by only a few chairs. Casting a small wink at one of the students, a certain red haired, female Gryffindor, before looking back away to her fellow House mates and listened to their ramblings as they finished their breakfast.

Castiella Monroe
| Hufflepuff | Werewolf x|x#a82b02 |

The morning sun began to streak its way through the large, stain glass windows of one of the dormitories as multiple figures were still fast asleep in their beds. Being back to the old routine after only two weeks of being back for the semester hadn't full set in yet, and often times some students were still fast asleep as others were already down to the Great Hall for breakfast. It was only when a piece of paper that was shaped like a poorly crafted airplane was sent under the crack of the dorm door and found its target in the ear of a sleeping red head. "What the fuck..?" a soft voice mumbled as the figure that received the pointed end of the paper to their ear sat up grumpily. Rubbing the sleep from their eyes, Castiella un-crumpled the paper and quickly read it over, their eyes widened. "Oh shit! We're gonna be late, again! Shit!" they cursed, tossing the blankets off of them as they quickly jumped out of bed, taking a few pillows and tossed one each at the other three sleeping forms in their respective beds. "Kai! Lex! Elise! We overslept, again! Hurry up and get dressed or we're gonna be late...Well, later than we already are!" they shouted, bare feet stumbling across cold, hard wood floors sent them quickly running to find socks. Seeing as it was still just getting into spring, someone must have forgot to set the heater in the room to go all night, which would explain the cold air in the room.

Cas came back a few short minutes later as they had finished changing into their uniform as they finished up brushing their hair and applied as minimum of makeup as they could within a few short minutes. "They're gonna kill us if we're late like this again, already. Ya'll already know the drill. I take the heat for it and you get off as easily as they'll allow. Got it? Besides, they can't be too mad at us...We're only...thirty minutes late for breakfast, fantastic." their voice dipped off into a minor mumble as they checked their watch on their left wrist. Looking back up at the others that had finished getting dressed, "Alright, let's go already, bitches." they gestured as they flung the dormitory door open and began to make their way out of the room behind the other three, while struggling with their tie as the small group made their way to the Great Hall.

The small group stumbled down the halls as they tried to quicken their pace, they needed to get there for at least fifteen minutes. Cas would feel bad if they had made everyone late and had them miss out on getting their breakfast. The four exchanged small talk and jokes as they made their way towards the main archway to the Great Hall. "Monroe? A word, if you please?" a voice called out, which caused Castiella to stop and turn their head nervously to where the voice had called from. Cas gave a small wave and gestured with their hand to give them a moment. "Hey uh, you three go on ahead, I'll just be a moment." the Hufflepuff said with a small smile as they turned and made their way over to the figure that had asked to speak with them.

Castiella shambled over with a coy smile on their face, leaning against the wall, "Morning, Professor." Cas said nervously, ringing their hands together. "I trust you slept well, Castiella." the professor said with a chipper smile. Cas sighed as they rubbed their face, "How much trouble am I in?" preparing theirself for the worst. The old woman sighed, placing a gentle hand on the student's shoulder, "Just try to keep them in check, yes? This may be your last year, but Cas. You can't drag them down with you. It's your duty as an older student, the Quidditch Captain, and most importantly Prefect to be an example." Cas gave a small nod of their head, rubbing the back of their neck as they did so, "I know...I know. I'm sorry. Things are just, rough. You know. I'll try to be better, but I will have to take this next meeting off...If that's okay?" the old professor gave Castiella a small smile, "I understand. You don't need to apologize. Just, go get some food, maybe that will wake you up a bit." Cas gave the woman a smile, "Thank you, McGonagall. I owe you." they gave the headmistress a small nod and smile before turning and made their way back to the Great Hall, and found themselves making their way to where their friends were. Cas took their seat in the middle of two of their friends, "Boom..." Cas poorly imitated the sound of an explosion as they placed their head on their hands that were placed infront of her on the table, looking up at Lex, "They're gonna kill me one of these days, I can feel it...Or worse, gonna get expelled." Cas muttered teasingly before lifting their head from the table and placing it on Lex's shoulder as they sighed.


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Castiella Monroe
Hufflepuff | Werewolf x|x#a82b02

Ever since they first sat back down at the table, Cas could feel the look from Lex. That damned, upset, disapproving look. Cas didn’t know why whenever they tried to come to their friends’ aid, whenever it was Shane starting shit, Lex seemed to have an issue with it. If anything, she should have been worried about her friends, even if Shane was someone one of Lex’s friends. Which, Castiella still didn’t understand why. He was a pain in everyone’s ass, and for whatever reason, Lex seemed to be able to blissfully look past it. Something that didn’t sit right with them. But, Cas chose to ignore it the best they could, and just shrugged it off. They were only being as irritable as they were due to the full-moon anyway, at least it’s what they were using as an excuse. Not that they were even feeling well to begin with. Not that it was a valid excuse. But whenever a full-moon came around, well, they felt off. Even looked paler and more sickly than they normally did. Which, they just passed off as well, monthly situations, that only a few people truly understood even what Cas really meant by that statement. Shrugging it off.

Cas was content with the topic going to the tournament like they intended, they didn’t want to focus on that damned dance any more than they had to. They’d probably just hole up in the dorm-room or go off and do who knows what, seeing as it would be a full-moon that night as well. Which only caused their brows to furrow together as they became trapped deep in thought. Even if by the off chance of them getting put into the tournament, they’d have to somehow manage to avoid anything that involved full-moons. The last thing they’d need is to not only expose themselves for the affliction they had anyway, but turning into a werewolf around others would be anything less than ideal. Besides, they’d be putting more lives at risk, and that would be something they’d try to avoid at all costs. It was essentially a mess.

Cas didn’t know when it happened, but they had absentmindedly let one of the paper origami otters jump into the palm of their hands, and instinctively pet it and stroked the edges of the paper. The paper copy of the animal silently nuzzled into the touch of the hands that held it, as it was relatively sentient enough to act on its own, like most magically manipulated objects did.

There weren’t many things that upset them, or bothered them really, but the list was small but solid. And some of the topics being thrown around wasn’t making them feel any less uneasy. Hell, if all else failed and they needed a β€˜date’ to the stupid dance, they had some possible ideas, but none of them were truly ideal in their mind. Not who they’d truly want to go with anyway. God were they stupid. Cas found themselves shaking their head as they got out of that mindset, they didn’t need to bring themselves down or feel shitty for themselves now.
They did it enough as is. Cas just barely caught the last few people who confirmed they entered the tournament. Gently placing down the small paper creature back onto the table as it flopped about and scurried off with its friends.

β€œWell, regardless of who gets put in there...Try not to die, right?” they forced out a chuckle, looking down at their watch, β€œAlright, we should probably start getting ready to go. Potions in five.” Cas gave a soft nod before they began to stand up, and make their way over to the staff table for a moment, eyes landing on Trevor Sprout, the Herbology professor. The young professor smiled as he saw Cas make their way up to him. β€œGood morning, Castiella.” he said with a smile that met his eyes. β€œGood morning, Professor.” they said with a small smile that lasted only a moment, before they began to fidget with their hands.

Trevor licked his lips for a moment as he understood exactly why Cas had come up to him, digging casually in his jacket’s inner pocket. The two casually looked around and made sure no one was staring or thought it odd of them to be talking, which it wasn’t. People knew that these two were rather close, and wishing each other a small good morning was never out of the ordinary. It was an usual daily routine at this point, so nothing could be suspected.

The professor took another moment before he outstretched his hand, for a seemingly innocent enough handshake, and Cas purposefully wrapped his hand with theirs, completing the simple handshake before pulling away and stuffing their hands into their robes’ pockets. β€œI hope you’re doing well, Cas.” he said with a small wink. Cas gave him a small nod, β€œAlways, Professor. I hope your day goes well. I’ll see you later for class.” they both shared a small nod, and knowingly look before they parted ways with a small wave as Cas broke away and went back to the group of Hufflepuff students. Feeling the small vile in their pocket, clasping it casually in their hand. They could take it later, all that mattered was that they took it before the moon rose, they’d be fine. Cas gave the others a small smile and Lex a short but knowing look,
β€œReady to go?” they asked with a small nod as they gestured for the door as students began filing out of the Great Hall and for their respective classes. For them, it was Potions. Lovely.


Classes felt like they couldn't pass soon enough, for students or teachers as everyone knew what they all were waiting for. The announcement that would take place later that day, for who would be going into the tournament this year. Bets had been placed, jokes had been made, and whispers were spread around classes as students eagerly awaited. With Potions having been the first class for many of the 6th and 7th year students, well, to say things went by smoothly for poor professor Arthur Talbot. From a few beakers and potions exploding among all the tables, (whether they were sabotaged by Slytherin or Gryfindor, or simple mishaps could have been anyone's guess), or the constant whispering among some friends throughout the Houses. To say Arthur had his hands full throughout the first and second period of the day could only be the understatement of the century. But the class came and went, with more students pouring in after the first set of students left.

The next few classes passed by rather swiftly, but that wasn't to say any of the students made any of the teacher's jobs easy. They never did. It was only as the day went on, and eventually came of the more anticipated events for that day, the announcements. Next of course would be the Quidditch games that evening but, first the students would be finding out who was being put into such an anticipated event, and who to cheer for and so on. As classes finally came to an end, the students were all filed into the Great Hall once more, filing into their respective seating by their House benches and tables. Awaiting feverishly as silence fell throughout the room.

Soft footsteps echoed as a figure walked from the main entrance of the room, and slowly made their way up to the front of the Great Hall, taking post at the small podium at the front of the small incline infront of the teacher's table. Which was filled with all the staff, who were clearly just as eager to find out who was chosen. The figure finally spoke as the woman's face lit up with sheer enjoyment, "Welcome, students and teachers of Hogwarts."" Headmistress Minerva McGonagall spoke, her voice easily heard throughout the room. Her eyes scanned the room for a moment before she continued, "This year, we welcome you all to the traditional announcement ceremony, where we find out who will be put into this year's Tournament." her voice boomed further.

"This year, is a special one indeed. As we will have a special event coordinator with us. He's come a long way from Germany just to help with the events as he does every five years."" McGonagall said as he stepped aside, motioning with her hands as another figure rose to his feet from the table and met by the Headmistress' side. "Sir Damien Steele." she introduced the man as a roaring applause from both students and teachers filled the Great Hall, "As many of you know. He is a former Ravenclaw of Hogwarts, and former Quidditch player. Who has been so gracious to join us for our Tournaments." Damien gave a somewhat bashful smile as he raised his hand in protest, "Oh goodness. You flatter me, Minerva." Damien mused as he gave her a cheerful smile, before turning to the students. Taking place at the small podium. "It always brings me great pleasure and excitement whenever I return to my old school grounds, in coordinating such an event as this one. I've seen many students bring great honor to their House, and I expect nothing less from you all this year. For I feel like this one will be rather unforgettable-" his eyes glanced around the room at at the students, certain faces standing out to him in particular, who he quickly composed himself once more as he went on. "-As we have many talented students in each House, I know you'll do your friends proud." Damien gave a large grin on his face.

"-But, the most important thing about this Tournament? Is for those who enter, will be going against each other in tasks and challenges, all for one particular thing-"" Damien turned around and removed a silk covering, to expose a large cup. The one that students had only ever heard of, or seen once in their life if they were in their fifth, sixth, or seventh year by now. "Let's find out who has the chance to compete for this, shall we?""

A large, rough wooden goblet which was alight with blue flames appeared at the center of the room as the lights overhead seemed to dim, but didn't fully go out. The room was cast in a hellish, blue glow as Damien Steele stepped forward towards the Goblet, dancing his fingers across the old artifact for a moment. "The Goblet of Fire will decide who is meant to take part in the tasks that will unfold."" he began, looking around the room for a moment, "When your name is called, you are to come forward and join your fellow Champions. Each house will be split into Three teams, made of two. After all Champions are called forward, you may choose your teammate and we will officially begin within a month from today." the room fell silent for a moment, before six slips of paper came from the Goblet until, they flittered into Damien's hand. He took a moment to read the names.

"Your six Champions for the House of Gryffindor are...McKenna James, Harvey Gibson, Quinn Howards, Shane Montgomery, Cassie Lightborn, and Logan Pierce!" he shouted, as a mix of applause and cheers rang throughout the room as the Champions rose to their feet and made their way to the front of the Great Hall. Standing from shoulder to shoulder as the cheering eventually came to an end. Damien grinned before turning to the Gryffindors, "Welcome to the Tournament, Gryffindors. May you bring your house the Pride you Lions are so very known for." he grinned.

Within moments, more paper slips came shooting out of the Goblet, Damien catching them as he did before. Taking a moment to read them before speaking aloud, "Your six next Champions, for House Slytherin are...Jessie Carter, Stirling Patterson, Rosemary Doe, Eden Thomas, Linnea Blomqvist, and Danica Roche!" Damien called once more. The same cheering and applause thundered throughout the room once more as the Champions all rose to their feet and made their way up to the others. "Welcome to the Tournament, Slytherins. May you too bring your house the Pride that your house is all too known for." Steele grinned cheekily as the students in question.

Another few short moments passed, before more paper shot out, once more reading them off. A grin formed over his face, "Well...Ain't that something..." Damien mused to himself, before clearing his throat. "Your Champions, for Hufflpuff are...Roan Everette, Castiella Monroe, Kai Embrey, Edward Taylors, Elise Dunchamp, and Alexis Halliwell!" Damien shouted. Cheering and applause filled the room once more as the Students chosen rose to their feet, as well as Cas having to help Lex stumble up to the front of the room, standing along the chosen students. Damien chuckled at the display for a moment, "Well, welcome to the Tournament, Hufflepuffs. I'm certain you shall bring Pride to your House this year as well, you Badgers always seem to make an impression amongst the Tournament." he couldn't help but genuinely chuckle.

"And lastly, the last six Champions, for House Ravenclaw!" Damien shouted, slips of paper bursting through from the Goblet. He took a moment to read them over once more, "Crispin Finlay, Kiara Wright, Tarra Anderson, Maggie Monroe, Victoria Jamison, and Archibald Korren!" Damien announced, cheering and applause filled the air once more as the names were called. But Damien took note how this applause and cheering, seemed a bit too forced and exaggerated compared to some of the other houses. Which, he honestly found amusing for just a moment.

"Ah yes, my own former House. I'm sure you will bring the Pride our House is known for, yes?" he mused, which he couldn't help but overhear some slight laughing and chuckling from some of the students. Damien grinned before turning around to the rest of the room and students. "And there we have it, folks. Our chosen Champions for this year's Tournament. We'll see in just one month's time to see how well they all live up to their House' names, as well as show us what they all got." he mused once more, wringing his hands together infront of himself for a moment. "May you all celebrate and find who you'll be teaming up with, then speak with your House representatives later today to let them know and they'll inform me later. I wish you the best of luck, as well with the game's later today. I'll be cheering you all on in the Quidditch matches later today. Until then, enjoy yourselves students." Damien Steele announced, giving a small bow of his head as one more round of applause filled the air as he returned to his seat.

The Headmistress took her spot back at the podium once more as she had one more announcement, "Well, welcome to the official start of the Tournament, Champions and the rest of the House Students. I wish you all the best of luck with your preperations, and do not be shy to ask any of the other event coordinators that will be coming in within the next few weeks as we prepare for the challenges that will await you. As well as your last minute preperations for the Valentine's Day Ball, which is steadily approaching." and with that, the room filled to life once more as students from all sides talked aloud as they congradulated their friends who had gotten into the Tournament, or lamented that they hadn't been accepted into the Tournament.