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Ophelia Prescott

"Maybe drinking wine will validate my sorrows."

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a character in “Hogwarts: A Dark New Age”, as played by Caille





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Ophelia Amara Prescott

N I C K N A M E (S)
O, Phi, and Lia (most common.)

January 4th





Prescott Manor in the Wizarding world.



H E I G H T & W E I G H T
5'7" and 121 lbs.


Ophelia is a nice combination of both her parents. She was quite determined like her mother to get whatever she wants and is brave when she is needed to be. She was seen exploring the entire estate of her family from the time that she was able to walk and run. She had no fear what would be out there, she just enjoyed seeing what the world had to offer them.

From her father though she is quite ambitious. She dreams of the things that wants to do and tries to go after it in whatever way that she can. Lia is good at making plans and trying to follow a detailed day to day thing to get to where she wants, but she has a bit of that wild flair of her mother.

Ophelia is extremely caring and helpful. She tries to help people in whatever way that she can and offers her hand even if she's hurting. It is something she has learned since she was a kid, you must help people at all costs even when you should help yourself first. Lia has always been more after giving people the love, support, and cheer leading that she can. She learned to be more soft with people after her mother passed away and her father distanced himself.

On the inside Lia wants to die every day. She feels weighed down by all the burdens that she carries with herself and can be known to have severe depression, but doesn't really go into details about it with anyone and continues to be her happy bubbly self to those around her. She is incredibly empathetic of those around her and she tries to be the listening ear anyone needs, whether they have done wrong or not. She will even try to help them make amends with their past and to move on. All things she has never been able to do for herself.

Lia wants nothing but love and kindness for the world, she wants to see a world that could be full of compassion and understanding, but ultimately she's a dreamer. She dreams of grand and big days, she dreams of the day the world will just fit perfectly like a puzzle. It is her ambition to see it and for this alone is probably why she was sorted into Slytherin.

Lia dreams of the days she used to go outside and play in the sun and dreams of the days where life was simpler. Which doesn't help her depression at all. Ophelia can be known to be talkative, but can also be seen on the reserve.



Ophelia was the product of Gemma and Caesar Prescott. Gem was a pureblood witch who had been a Gryffindor. She was incredibly reckless, daredevil and truly a rebel. She gave her teachers hell and never put them at ease. Gem was the kind of woman who had a fire in her heart even if she were so fragile. She always banked on that fact that she would be fine and she was meant to live longer than just dying as a kid. It was also that and her next to zero fear of death that attracted Caesar the pureblood Slytherin to his now wife. He was incredibly ambitious and had dreams of what he would do and plan out his life, but his attraction to Gem was the fact that was unpredictable especially with the illness she lived with daily.

So the couple was incredibly joyous when they finally fell pregnant, but the fear would linger. They had to be careful with their doctors appointments and activities while she carried their child. When it finally did come to the day that Ophelia was born there were many complications and her mother had to stay in post op for a few months and get medical treatment while tests were done on the baby.

Ophelia was tested to make sure she was healthy and at the time they declared Ophelia healthy and ready to go home whenever her mom would be ready.


During Ophelia's childhood her parents let her play outside on the swings and tree house. She had been doing it for most of her early adolescent years. She would have some of her other wizarding world friends come over with their parents while they would play in the yard and within the orchards of Prescott Manor. It was all she loved to do, so she would beg her parents to let her outside even when she hadn't finished all her food for dinner or finished all her homework.

It was when Ophelia was the age of ten, she had one of their family friends over. She was playing with him in the orchards as they played tag and hide and go seek. It was here in the orchards that she would share her first kiss, and immediately develop a crush for him. Things were simple and nice in a time like this, nothing to worry about and throughout most of her young years she never really hurt herself that badly, but in the orchard she tripped over one of the tree roots sticking out and she had scratched her arm against the bark.

It was a little scrape so when she came up to her parents later asking for a bandage, they had looks of horror on their faces when they saw the blooding running down her arm. Ophelia never really thought too much of it, but the day had ended quickly with their family friends leaving and they went into the hospital.

Waiting in the hospital to be seen and to eventually do many tests, took hours and hours. Ophelia was there overnight, but eventually after changing her bandages multiple times they came to the conclusion that she had what her mother did, Hemophilia. She was told it was a rare blood disorder and her blood doesn't clot like most peoples did, more so it didn't clot at all. Furthermore it was problem-some for internal bleeding too.

It was from that day forward that all her studies would be done at home and she wasn't allowed to wander off on the property line. The fear her parents had ended up holding her back from going to hogwarts right away, so they offered to teach her the classes she would need to know for second year. She spent two years learning magical studies and some of the muggle studies, but honestly her parents never went into those too much. They did teach her languages since she could talk though, so that was always fun.


Ophelia came to school when she was 12 and got put into second year after they tested her to make sure that she was up to speed. She did get special permission to be exempt from flying class due to her condition and to be exempt from dueling in defense against the dark arts. So needless to say her OWL score in DADA wasn't very good due to this.

Lia got sorted into the Slytherin house where she felt a little out of place at times, but she wasn't ever alone because it oddly felt like home to her.

In her third year, her mother was involved in a wizarding world incident over the winter break when Lia was with her. It was that day that she watched her mother bleed to death in front of her. A lot of it Ophelia tries to block away, but the nightmares hardly ever stop and she can't stop reliving that one day. She held onto her until her mother drew in her last breath.

A lot of the times Ophelia likes it was her fault, that she didn't know how to do anything, maybe if she had she could have done something to heal her or to just be there for her more than being a blubbering child.

Her father tries to be there for her to reassure herself, but her father isn't even half the man he used to be. He is almost always absent Whether that be with work or a glass of whiskey. They don't have many conversations at all and Ophelia feels like he's distancing himself, the few messages that she does get from him are never comforting.

For the most part Ophelia stays at a friends house for Christmas break or she stays at hogwarts. The last couple years she has been feeling the need to be more reckless and to do more things she has never done because she's been living in fear, but even to this day she is afraid of doing those things because she doesn't want to leave her father alone. Ophelia feels it is very selfish of her to want to act out or to want to do reckless things.

But part of her yearns to get on a broom and to feel what its like to fly instead of always being chained to the ground.



Oak unicorn hair 13 3/4 inch.



Bleeding to death.

A dog that goes by the name Sushi.

Arithmancy, muggle studies, and transfiguration.

Muggle Studies, Care of Magical Creatures and Charms.

She has a way with animals, she is able to get them to calm down easily or even be gentle with her. Empathy, she has always been incredibly empathetic and has found it easy to relate to what people are going through. Good listening skills is another talent of hers, she is good at being able to listen to what people need and tries to give them such.

Can speak 5 different languages fluently that includes, English, Spanish, French, Russian, and German. Her native language is English though. Figuring out patterns and puzzles/riddles, she has been known to study things and figure out various patterns in them, this was because she was so good at Arithmancy. Cooking/baking is another strength she has. She is able to bake because to her it is an exact science that requires puzzle-like things to put together. Cooking is just one of the more "dangerous" things she can do and loves to do.

Defense against the dark arts, She is anxious and paranoid about putting herself in physical danger at times, but at the same time she yearns to go outside of her means and experience things like normal people would. Animal cruelty is a weakness, if she sees anyone mistreating an animal she will break down hard, but that usually turns into anger. The girl can be forgetful at times too though, so if she misses something, don't get mad at her.


So begins...

Ophelia Prescott's Story


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#, as written by Caille

Ophelia Prescott
|Slytherin | Pure-Blood | #BC7EB7|

Ophelia was always one of the last few people to come out of the commons room or to head to the great hall. It was overall safer for her instead of walking in the big crowds, or for her to go too early that if she tripped and fell no one would be there to help her back up. A sigh escaped from her lips as she brushed her hair for the hundredth time, just making sure it was smooth or just giving her something to do to let time trickle past.

She wondered what it would be like if she got the chance to live life normally. Go down to breakfast with her classmates at the same time, jab each other in the ribs, or even if she could fly on a broom perchance. It was all a heavy weight that she felt on her day to day life and there was no escape. Instead it was her lying in bed just watching something on Netflix that she downloaded the night before coming back to Hogwarts. But she only had so many episodes left before some of them would time out.

She would do this until everyone was up or majority of everyone was up, and then she would move on to opening her trunk and finding her robes, brushing her teeth and getting dressed. Lia would sit on the edge of her bed and just listen for the murmurs to calm down in the common room. She could always hear something, whether that was different conversations going on or it was people laughing out there.

By the time she started to walk out into the common room it was empty or relatively close to it. It felt lonely to say the least, and she could feel the pit in her stomach as everything was getting to her today. It was days like today that the coldness really settled into her bones and made her uncomfortable, Ophelia felt lost and angry with herself all in the process.

Her mother came to mind and she couldn't help but feel the bubbling anger that let her feel as though it was all her fault. She wanted to break something and then break down, but instead she just resorted to calming herself down one breath in a t a time.

The one truly helpful thing was the growl of her stomach that signaled she definitely wanted breakfast and she was going to go down to get it.

Ophelia left the room and began on her trek to climb up the stairs to get into the main part of the castle. She took her time as the last thing she would want to do is slip and fall back down on them. It has led her to be in so much more pain than she's felt in a long time.

As she came out from the dungeons she could smell breakfast and hear that chatter from all the students and she felt hopeful and happy for a moment. Hearing all the people and knowing she would get to interact with them for a few moments before they had to all waft out to class, was a nice feeling. She could feel semi normal in the great hall, and she was fairly sure that it was one of her favourite parts of the day, aside from just being curled up on the couch in the Slytherin common room.

As she entered the hall, she could see Cas over at the Gryffindor table and for a moment she found herself stuck watching them as they interacted with Shane. It stifled a bit of a laugh from her, and in some way Ophelia felt bad, but she was sure Cas wouldn't do something like that for no reason.

Walking over to the Slytherin table, she could hear her feet against the floor as she finally made it to the part of the bench Jessie and Eden were on and she sneaked her way onto the bench next to Eden and immediately placed her head on his shoulder. The pair were used to just leaning on each other whenever they were in class or in the great hall. It was either a way of saying hello or 'hi I'm mentally exhausted today.' in the moment Ophelia was both.

"What's the hot new gossip around here?" she questioned softly to both Eden and Jessie. She wanted to feel like she was part of the group and part of whatever was going on that she had briefly witnessed and missed for whatever reason.

Cassie Lightborn
|Gryffinfor | Quarter Veela | #A7D3CF|

Cassie was not surprised that the chaos began to rise at the Gryffindor table. Mac and Coal were awake and it would only be a certain amount of time until Kit got in on it as well. Cassie was actually being quite tame today all things considered, she knew sometimes her and Mac would plan little pranks during dinner just to watch Harvey's reaction. Which almost as if it were on cue or something, Harvey was having a reaction to this morning.

Now?! Really?! We have a game today Mac, I think Professor Leahy might actually murder me if we lose.” Cassie couldn't help but stifle a laugh as Harvey was scolding Mac a little bit.

"Dear naive Harvey, losing has never been an option for us. We're simply the best." Cassie said, trying to boast a little more as she looked directly at Jessie with the intention of hearing what she had to say. "I mean, especially when we play against Slytherin. They're destined to lose." It was in that moment that she could feel her heart race a bit more and to Cassie she's always chalk that up to just the rush of talking smack, but talking smack against Slytherin to Jessie was a different feeling entirely. Probably just because Jessie was her rival in almost everything and they fought about stupid shit all the time.

It was in that moment that Cassie watched as Cal was trying to get up in his seat to say something, but Harvey pulled him back down, β€œSit down and eat your breakfast. Protein go!”

Cassie gave Cal a light back on the back and leaned over and whispered to the younger Gryffdinor, "One day, I promise." She said with a small smile.

When Mac replied that she had put her name in and asked if Cassie had, she nodded her head. "Why of course I did. I love a good competition. Anything to prove I'm the best." The redhead said, showing a giant smile as she fake gloated about herself. If she couldn't try to boost her confidence up by any sort of means then what was she going to do?

It was at that moment that she noticed Cas was over at their table, and she had to blink her eyes for a moment, when did they get here? Cassie watched as Cas dumped water over Shane, and she did everything to hold back a giggle, so her hand was placed promptly over her mouth. As Cas left to go back over to the Hufflepuff table, Cassie gave them a high five.

"I will be back." Cassie said as she slipped out of her seat and headed over to the Slytherin table. She plopped herself down next to Jessie and began to pick up a piece of toast from her plate. "What did Shane do now? need me to accidentally send a bludger his way or something?" the redhead asked with a big grin before she took a bit of the toast that she stole from Jesie's plate.

"I think your toast is better than mine, at least you got that going for ya." She said teasing Jessie a bit. "Could probably just some jelly or something, is there any near by?"

Kiara Wright
|Ravenclaw | Half-Witch | #67A57F|

Kiara continued on with her reading of the article, she enjoyed reading about innovations and the way in which people were mimicking other innovations to create something entirely different. Instead though she continued on with her witty banter her brother had to offer.

The brunette could hear a small soft voice and it alerted her senses more than the yelling and stupid comments going around, those were normal, but a soft voice was not. Her eyes looked up to see Seong standing there and for a few moments she analyzed the student. She had seen a little bit of Seong, but she hadn't fully introduced herself or gotten to know her.

Kiara felt it was better to make friends with someone you don't know because you never know what they could offer or you never know when you'll need the bridge. Besides maybe she'd be a good source for her blog posts about all things drama.

"Of course, it would be my pleasure to have you sit beside me, Seong." Kiara spoke with a smile on her face and gestured to the seat next to her.

"How are you this morning? Finding everything okay?" She asked.

She could hear all the commotion going on down by the Gryffindor table, and she just rolled her eyes. She did think there was some humour to it, but if she was caught in stuff like that and her parents found out, it would be game over. Kiara just stayed out of trouble and continued on with her own stuff.

This did mean though that Kiara was trying to keep an ear open, she had been listening to everything in hopes that maybe there was some sort of scandal going on or something that would be newsworthy. She would have to talk to Eden more to get insight later, perhaps she could steal the seat next to him in potions.


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eden thomas
slytherin | #ff9b81 | metamorphmagus
xxxpassing every face you see the first time
xxxsinging every piece as you walk by
xxxproving that with all of my mistakes
xxxthat we are not the same
Cassie’s reaction to their bad-mouthing made Eden laugh as he returned Raegan’s thumbs up. He pitied the staff members that were going to have to deal with them during the day as they all waited and just got more and more excited for the game, a thought that was further proven by Jessie continuing the bad mouthing.

He knew by Jessie’s reaction what was about to come and saw the punch coming but didn’t move out of her way quickly enough to avoid taking the right hook to the arm. It hurt like hell, but it just made him laugh. Her comments about the Gryffindors just made him teasingly raise an eyebrow and take a long drink out of his glass. Shane’s arrival and actions provided a welcome distraction though. Eden handed Jessie his napkin to help her dry off as well. β€œHe’s just a dickhead, sweetheart.” His face lit up at the suggestion of revenge. β€œOh… I don’t know. They’d have to get caught first, of course. But if they roped in a few others and just happened to know a metamorphmagus who could shift the blame… well, who’s to say?” He mused. The arrival of a certain redhead to the Gryffindor table made Eden’s grin widen. He nudged Jessie’s leg with his and tipped his head towards Shane and Cas. β€œLooks like Mama Cas is dealing with him for us. I bet we- er, whoever would hypothetically dye his hair green could rope them in to help.”

Eden didn’t have to look and see who it was that was leaning their head on his shoulder. He knew almost instinctively who it was by their gentle manner. He leaned his head against Ophelia’s momentarily to comfort her. β€œShane was being a dickhead and Cas just dealt with him for us. And we’re discussing the Valentine’s Ball. Are you gonna be coming, Ophelia?” He asked.

Cassie arrived on the other side of Jessie, and Eden leaned forward to look at her. β€œHey, Cassie, we’re talking the Valentine’s Day Ball. Are you going? Got anyone special in mind for a date?” He asked, keeping the look on his face innocent so he’d be less likely to have a bludger aimed directly for his face later.


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Jessie Carter
| Slytherin | Parseltonguex| #026e4f |

Jessie’s attention managed to be broken up part way when she heard a small scuffle coming from the direction she had been looking at previously. Familiar, but hushed voices seemed to be having a conversation, and the young Slytherin looked back over her shoulder to see Cas having pushed Shane into the table, and was clearly threatening him. She couldn’t help but form the smallest of smirks on her face at the not so subtle display between the Gryffindor students and Hufflepuff Prefect. Shane was an utter asshole, and she couldn’t blame Cas for coming to her defense. She watched as Cas walked away, giving Cassie a small high five, and gave the Hufflepuff an approving nod and wink. Looking over at Raegen as she noticed them coming in and gave them a small wink and smirk in return for the thumbs up.

Shaking her head for a moment as she folded her arms over on the table before taking the napkin that Eden offered and patted herself dry as much as she could, it was better than nothing. She gave Eden a small chuckle at the comment of Shane being a dickhead, β€œYou can say that again, yeah.” she muttered. But at his retort of her suggestion of revenge, she gave him a genuine smile and nod as she giggled somewhat energetically that lasted but a moment. β€œThis is why you’re my favorite.” she grinned as she momentarily ruffled his hair and grabbed him by the chin.

As Eden mentioned Cas, she nodded, β€œOh of course. Shane should know not to fuck with us by now. Cas is always on his ass about this shit. If he even had an iota of brains he’d know that by-” she quickly took a short pause as Ophelia sat down, not wanting to bring down the poor girl’s mood or cause her any unnecessary stress. She already had more than enough shit to deal with in her own life. They weren’t exactly as say Ophelia and Eden were but, Jessie felt like she needed to look out for her specifically, putting her health conditions aside. She just didn’t know why.

β€œHey, Phi. And eh, You know. Just Shane and his usual shit.” Jessie muttered, before she took a bite of toast, letting Eden explain things. Her eyebrows raised as she shot a quick glance over to the Hufflepuff table across the hall, β€œAaand it looks like there are now paper otters on their table…” she chuckled slightly, damn Mac and her shenanigans. Giving the Gryffindor a small wink of approval.

Jessie rolled her eyes once more as her brain went back to the comments aimed from Cassie about the game, letting those small ones roll off her back like water to a duck's back. Sure, they lost a few to Gryffindor, but...They won some, and today would be no different. She could feel it. They had to win at least once more, pride be damned. She wasn’t in the mood to lose.

For what felt like the third time in just an all too short amount of time, Jessie found her attention being taken back to the direction of that one spot of the Gryffindor table, but only to see Cassie sitting down right next to her on her left, as Eden and Ophelia were on her right. The Slytherin rolled her eyes as an exasperated and overd-dramatic breath escaped her lips. β€œWhat didn’t he do?” she mumbled dryly. β€œFirst, he’s a royal pain in everyone’s ass, pretty sure you can agree that much, Cassie. And second, he seems to get off on only ever really targeting me, for whatever reason. So, there’s that.” Jessie stated plainly, before taking her cup of water and took a sip. Which she almost immediately choked on at Eden’s mention of the Dance, she knew exactly what he was trying to do. She shot him a glare as she placed her cup down, β€œI retract my earlier statement, you’re the absolute worst.” she muttered.

Jessie soon side-eyed Cassie as she swiped a piece of her food from the plate. A small grin creasing her lips for just a moment before it disappeared. Deep in thought. For just a moment.

β€œYou also could just ask if you wanted to share my food, right? You don’t always have to steal it, I thought that was against Gryffindor House rules. And please, we have better things than just toast compared to you lot, trust me.” the blonde said with a small wink before turning to look a few seats down from the table, locking her eyes on a small, fifth year, male Slytherin student. β€œHey shortstack, pass the jam spread, please?” she questioned with a short whistle. Kieran shot her a glare as his eyebrows knitted together for a moment, β€œWhy…?” his voice was low, as if not wanting to answer the request behind it as his mouth was full with food.

The young Slytherin leaned in close across the table, keeping her voice low, β€œBecause I will break you with my god damn boot if you don’t? Now, just pass me it, please.” putting extra emphasis on the please. Kieran’s eyes widened slightly, but not before rolling his eyes as he picked up the small plate with various jelly and jam spreads available. As it was handed over, another hand grabbed the plate and walked onto the other side of Cassie as the figure sat down. β€œOh come on. Astrid, I’m not in the mood for this shit. Why do you always have to do this to me?” Jessie questioned with an annoyed tone as she looked over at the dark haired Slytherin. β€œNo, but your reactions always are worth the extra effort.” Astrid stated, her light Scandinavian accent coming out for just a moment. Jessie shook her head, β€œYou’re all going to kill me one day, I just know it.” Jessie stated dryly, placing two fingers to either side of her head. Astrid chuckled and handed Cassie the plate of jams and jellies for the toast, β€œThere you go, Sweetheart.” she flashed Cassie a smile before quickly eating some food as she too woke up rather late. She’d need the food for the extra boost of energy for the day. Smiling happily.

With a small sigh, Jessie lifted her head back up and craned her neck to look back at Cassie, propping left leg up onto the bench, keeping her foot flat against the bench as she rested her arms atop her knee, β€œAlright, so aside from stealing food from me, and terrorizing me. What else are you doing over here, Lightborn? You don’t usually bother me unless you want something from me.” she eyed the red haired Gryffindor up and down for a moment, β€œSo, what is it?” she asked with a raised eyebrow, not once taking her eyes off from Cassie. Waiting patiently.