Roan King

"It will all make sense one day."

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"Do anything, but let it produce joy."


Roan Ha-Yun King

N I C K N A M E (S)
Robi-Wan Kenobi (Cas)



Heterosexual β€’ Closeted Bi



Stratford-upon-Avon, England

#D1CCD3 | #88708d


ImageImageA P P E A R A N C E
Soft, pretty, happy. These three words suit Roan to a tee. He stands at a decent height of around 6'0" (180-182cm) and boasts favourable body proportions. His skin is fair and (through excessive skin care routines) remarkably unblemished; contrasted by his naturally dark brown hair and eyes of the same shade. He's been known to cycle through a variety of hair colours, ranging from natural (jet black, blond) to wildly unnatural (pink). As of right now, his hair is medium-length, giving him a reasonable amount of freedom when it comes to styles.

Roan's seemingly natural affinity or athleticism, coupled with the persistent nagging of his parents, have motivated him to the extent of maintaining an impressively brawny figure. It's not too obvious through his apparel as he is still on the slimmer side β€” not to mention that he's about as physically intimidating as a puppy β€” but no one can deny that his muscles are solid and well-defined, or that he doesn't put a hell of a lot of work into keeping them that way. There aren't too many surprised reactions when Roan explains that he's a beater for Hufflepuff's Quidditch team, for which his strength and stamina give him an edge.

It's easy to see that Roan cares very much for the image he conveys to others. His outfits (of which he seemingly has an endless amount) are always carefully picked out, stylish, and impossibly neat. He frequently adorns himself in accessories (rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings) but nothing too flashy. Typically, he favours lighter pastel colours, occasionally mixing in some darker items, and very rarely wears anything bright or excessively attention-grabbing. The only time he's likely to appear dishevelled is when he's wearing his Quidditch kit.

Roan was initially a bit miffed to discover that his Animagus form was that of a sea otter, having hoped for something a little larger and more physically powerful. However, it's definitely grown on him in recent years, as the ego his father once nurtured is now practically non-existent. He seems to have developed a rather obsessive love of the creatures in general, which is most apparent in that a great deal of his school supplies are affectionately otter themed.


Otters β€’ Disney classics β€’ warm baths β€’ dancing & singing in the dorms β€’ flying β€’ spending time with friends β€’ practising with the Quidditch team β€’ classes β€’ getting good grades β€’ being praised for his hard work β€’ pastel colours β€’ wearing layers β€’ cold seasons β€’ sweets

Failure β€’ confronting his feelings β€’ when his sexuality is called into question β€’ his own lack of self-restraint β€’ spiders β€’ snakes β€’ moths β€’ falling below his parents' standards β€’ feeling ignored β€’ meat (he's a vegetarian) β€’ hurting/killing bugs β€’ fun sponges

A P P R E C I A T E D.xQ U A L I T I E S
Confidence β€’ sincerity β€’ trustworthiness β€’ a love of Quidditch

Potions β€’ Flying

F A V O U R I T E.xC L A S S

β€’ Quidditch / Flying β€” a hobby that consumes a great deal of his focus at the moment, and something that he is deeply passionate about
β€’ Singing β€” his most prevalent life passion, currently second only to Quidditch but will likely surpass it after graduation β€” (example of voice)
β€’ Bilingual β€” English & Korean
β€’ Stoicism β€” he's gotten pretty good at keeping his emotions from reaching the surface, and often uses this skill to avoid trouble or conflict

β€’ Harmless β€” he's not much of a fighter, never has been, and is particularly lacking when it comes to offensive spells or duelling.
β€’ Father β€” the persistent fear that his father is nearby and watching everything he does is one that affects every aspect of his daily life.
β€’ Indecisive β€” he doesn't really know what he wants or how he wants to get there because so much of his life has been decided for him thus far
β€’ Secretive β€” his truths and his feelings are well-hidden, but they eat away at him


ImageImageImageP E R S O N A L I T Y
Although it wasn't always the case, Roan is as much a Hufflepuff as anyone else within his house. He's gentle and fair-minded, giving into a goofier side when spending time with his friends, but also exceedingly hard-working. He put a great deal of effort into changing the reputation he'd garnered in his first year at Hogwarts but thankfully, after being surrounded and encouraged by an amazing group of people, he really turned things around for himself. Nowadays, Roan is a highly sociable and fun guy to be around, although perhaps not as wild and prone to mischief as his fellow Hufflepuffs. He has a tendency to act as the mood-maker within any group; always smiling, always laughing. Eternally optimistic, most people would say, or a daydreamer with his head in the clowds. Either way, Roan just wants to enjoy life for once, which is harder some days than others.

Roan struggles to understand his own emotions at the best of times and tends to push everything he doesn't want to deal with to the back of his mind, for the sake of maintaining his own sanity. He was never given much room to experience life and emotions of his own accord since everything was always decided for him. While he's certainly grown as a person since arriving at the school, he's still very much a product of the environment in which he was raised, and the fears instilled in him by his parents often push him towards certain self-destructive behaviours. Above all else, he's an aggressive over-achiever, and the competitive attitude he held as a first-year remains intact β€” it's just focused less on academic pursuits and more so on Quidditch. He's sensitive to failure and can experience emotional lows when he feels like he doesn't quite have a grasp on his social life, but there are very few people he feels he can talk to about this, so he bottles everything up.


ImageImageImageS P E C I E S
Wizard β€’ Animagus

Alder β€’ Unicorn Hair β€’ 11 Β½ " β€’ Reasonably Supple


Duchess, a long-haired white cat with heterochromia (amber & blue).

A swarm of moths.


ImageH I S T O R Y
Roan was raised in your typical upper middle-class environment. His father was a pure-blooded Wizard who had failed to make much of a name for himself within the magical community, but eventually came to own a series of factories in a nearby industrial estate, and a muggle mother who remained a stay-at-home parent until Roan came of age to attend Hogwarts. Reflecting back on the first eleven years of his life, he would rather reasonably assert that his parents believed they could turn him into the 'perfect son' and that almost every second of his time spent conscious was dedicated to achieving that title. The conditions he lived under for those eleven years were difficult at the best of times and outright exhausting at the worst, and it certainly took its toll. He felt as if he was being pushed in too many directions, with expectations for him to be academically the best of the best, a skilled athlete, and creatively inclined. He had so many extra-curricular activities and clubs, even as a child, that he was barely getting 5-6 hours of sleep per night for how much work and practice he had to keep up with.

His father certainly felt some relief when his magic first developed, but Roan wasn't quite sure how to feel. Suddenly, the 'muggle' studies he'd devoted so much of his time to didn't seem to matter, and were quickly replaced with an overwhelming flurry of information about Wizardry, Hogwarts, and all the wonderful classes he would be able to take there. The most prevalent of his father's topics was Ravenclaw, as apparently Roan was descended from a long line of them, and no doubt he would be placed there also. He'd been taught that Ravenclaw were the academics; the smartest in the school and the most likely to achieve great things in later life. Roan didn't know any better, and had no reason to believe that his father would be lying or embellishing the truth of it.

When Roan first arrived at Hogwarts, he did so with a bit of a superiority complex. An ego that his father had created and carefully nurtured over the years, before throwing him into a world that had no place for it. He considered himself more than worthy to compete amongst the intellectuals of the school, but more than anything he just wanted his parents to be proud of him, so it was quite a shock when the Sorting Hat called out Hufflepuff; the house he'd been led to believe was little more than a glorified 'unsorted' section, full of useless cowards and morons. In Roan's mind, he was destined to sit at the top of the pecking order, but had somehow been placed at the bottom.

He had protested with all the energy he possessed, to whoever would listen to him. He wasn't supposed to be there, he couldn't possibly be anything other than a Ravenclaw, it was in his blood. That's what he'd thought. It angered him that no one seemed to be taking him seriously, and that anger only swelled when his father refused to speak to him. He was bitter for a long time and didn't exactly have the best reputation in the school, especially among his fellow Hufflepuffs. However, as per his life-long habits, he spent almost all of his free his time absorbed in his studies. He was still determined to give any Ravenclaw a run for their money, and hopefully regain his father's faith, but he was in a low place emotionally and remained completely friendless for much of his first year. That was until a certain group of people latched onto Roan and, with annoying levels of persistence, kick-started the boy's redemption.

It was a slow process, to be sure, but he came to appreciate that Hufflepuff was more than what he'd always been told. For the first time in his life, he was surrounded by people who were fun and driven. Nowadays, there's nowhere he'd rather be, and he's determined to enjoy every moment of his final year.


So begins...

Roan King's Story


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The smell of fresh smoke. The rumbling of voices echoed. The clatter of metal trollies scraping across the ancient station's stone brick floor, as well as the thudding of countless footsteps of first years. The old train station that secretly held the platform known as Nine and Three quarters was alive once again. First year students were mixed among the older students that were simply saying goodbye to their loved ones and got onto the train, as the young ones shed a few tears as they'd be leaving their wizarding parents or guardians for the first time.

Where were they off to? No other place than Hogwarts, the School Of Witch Craft and Wizardry. It was once the most popular wizarding school in the world, secretly tucked away in Scotland. Hidden away from Muggle knowledge, as well as the rest of the world, that was until May 2nd, 1999. A tragic event that shook the world by storm, The Batte Of Hogwarts. The Dark Lord, whatever else one may want to call him, Lord Voldermort who was once called Tom Riddle, and his band of Death Eaters and followers attacked the school simply for the last Horcrux, as well as Pure Blood Supremacy and to end all blood ties that weren't pure. But there was one thing that stood in his way, Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived and all the students that gave their lives to help defend the old school, and each other. But as years passed, the death of Voldemort and few of his underlings still hiding in the shadows, Hogwarts had since slowly come back to its former glory.

It has been two full decades since the Battle Of Hogwarts happened, and the reopening of the school. A handful of old professors returned to the school, as well as a few others. This would be a hopeful year for the students, as some are going for their last year, or their first year at the famous school. Students young and old said their goodbyes and slowly boarded onto the train.

That was two weeks ago...




Jessie Carter
| Slytherin | Parseltongue x|x#026e4f |

The sun crested over the tips and walls of the ancient castle as the surrounding animals and wild life awoke with the rising sun. Most of the professors and staff were well awake for a few hours by the time came for the students to wake up and prepare for the day. After struggling to find themselves rolling out of bed, most half dressed by the time they hobbled into the Great Hall, still adjusting their uniforms, they split into groups for their respective Houses and sat down as they awaited for breakfast to be served with came in waves with varieties of food that would make any normal muggle salivate with a single smell. But for these students, it was all too common and familiar, almost immediately falling back into routine as they all woke up after finally getting some food into their bellies, well, some woke up faster than others.

Jessie was busy wiping the sleep from her eyes as she had fallen asleep far too late the previous night as the first few week gitters were still in her system. Even if it was her last year, she still felt a bit of anxiety course through her veins every year she came here, even if this was their second semester of this year. Some things just never changed apparently. But, some things did and some part of the young Slytherin could feel it. Something was off, ever since she stepped back onto the grounds, Hogwarts itself felt a bit off, even if the others didn't feel it. She was shaken from her thoughts as the tong of one of the first bells sounded, signalling they had thirty minutes left before they'd have to prepare for their morning classes.

All that the young blonde had on her mind to help distract herself from her thoughts was the fact that they'd be having a Quidditch game latter that day in the mid afternoon, with another one to follow later that night. First up would be Gryffindor vs Slytherin, and then Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw in the later hours of the day. They'd still have time, and at least she'd have something to look forward to. Not that things were ever a bore, especially considering she had all her friends, things were just tense, and she didn't think anyone else felt it, and if they did, damn were they doing a good way of hiding how they felt.

Jessie was about midway through her breakfast as she looked around the crowd of students, busily digging into their food. Her eyes scanned for a specific face, one she still didn't see since she woke up. Tilting her head to the side as she spoke, "You haven't seen Cas either right?" she asked the platinum blonde male Slytherin and wrapped one of her arms around his shoulder. "Assuming they've overslept again, huh?" she said teasingly to Eden. Removing a small piece of paper from her cloak, she quickly wrote something down and after casting a short enchantment spell, she watched as the paper formed into a small paper airplane and quickly dashed out of the Great Hall and disapeared out of sight. "That should help wake them up a bit, don't ya think?" the Slytherin teased as she put her wand back away in her cloak.

Leaning back over to Eden, laying her head on his shoulder, "You ready to fuck up some Gryffindors later today, mate?" she said with a jovial smile as she let him go from her iron grip, making sure her voice would have been heard by a few certain students that sat down from them by only a few chairs. Casting a small wink at one of the students, a certain red haired, female Gryffindor, before looking back away to her fellow House mates and listened to their ramblings as they finished their breakfast.

Castiella Monroe
| Hufflepuff | Werewolf x|x#a82b02 |

The morning sun began to streak its way through the large, stain glass windows of one of the dormitories as multiple figures were still fast asleep in their beds. Being back to the old routine after only two weeks of being back for the semester hadn't full set in yet, and often times some students were still fast asleep as others were already down to the Great Hall for breakfast. It was only when a piece of paper that was shaped like a poorly crafted airplane was sent under the crack of the dorm door and found its target in the ear of a sleeping red head. "What the fuck..?" a soft voice mumbled as the figure that received the pointed end of the paper to their ear sat up grumpily. Rubbing the sleep from their eyes, Castiella un-crumpled the paper and quickly read it over, their eyes widened. "Oh shit! We're gonna be late, again! Shit!" they cursed, tossing the blankets off of them as they quickly jumped out of bed, taking a few pillows and tossed one each at the other three sleeping forms in their respective beds. "Kai! Lex! Elise! We overslept, again! Hurry up and get dressed or we're gonna be late...Well, later than we already are!" they shouted, bare feet stumbling across cold, hard wood floors sent them quickly running to find socks. Seeing as it was still just getting into spring, someone must have forgot to set the heater in the room to go all night, which would explain the cold air in the room.

Cas came back a few short minutes later as they had finished changing into their uniform as they finished up brushing their hair and applied as minimum of makeup as they could within a few short minutes. "They're gonna kill us if we're late like this again, already. Ya'll already know the drill. I take the heat for it and you get off as easily as they'll allow. Got it? Besides, they can't be too mad at us...We're only...thirty minutes late for breakfast, fantastic." their voice dipped off into a minor mumble as they checked their watch on their left wrist. Looking back up at the others that had finished getting dressed, "Alright, let's go already, bitches." they gestured as they flung the dormitory door open and began to make their way out of the room behind the other three, while struggling with their tie as the small group made their way to the Great Hall.

The small group stumbled down the halls as they tried to quicken their pace, they needed to get there for at least fifteen minutes. Cas would feel bad if they had made everyone late and had them miss out on getting their breakfast. The four exchanged small talk and jokes as they made their way towards the main archway to the Great Hall. "Monroe? A word, if you please?" a voice called out, which caused Castiella to stop and turn their head nervously to where the voice had called from. Cas gave a small wave and gestured with their hand to give them a moment. "Hey uh, you three go on ahead, I'll just be a moment." the Hufflepuff said with a small smile as they turned and made their way over to the figure that had asked to speak with them.

Castiella shambled over with a coy smile on their face, leaning against the wall, "Morning, Professor." Cas said nervously, ringing their hands together. "I trust you slept well, Castiella." the professor said with a chipper smile. Cas sighed as they rubbed their face, "How much trouble am I in?" preparing theirself for the worst. The old woman sighed, placing a gentle hand on the student's shoulder, "Just try to keep them in check, yes? This may be your last year, but Cas. You can't drag them down with you. It's your duty as an older student, the Quidditch Captain, and most importantly Prefect to be an example." Cas gave a small nod of their head, rubbing the back of their neck as they did so, "I know...I know. I'm sorry. Things are just, rough. You know. I'll try to be better, but I will have to take this next meeting off...If that's okay?" the old professor gave Castiella a small smile, "I understand. You don't need to apologize. Just, go get some food, maybe that will wake you up a bit." Cas gave the woman a smile, "Thank you, McGonagall. I owe you." they gave the headmistress a small nod and smile before turning and made their way back to the Great Hall, and found themselves making their way to where their friends were. Cas took their seat in the middle of two of their friends, "Boom..." Cas poorly imitated the sound of an explosion as they placed their head on their hands that were placed infront of her on the table, looking up at Lex, "They're gonna kill me one of these days, I can feel it...Or worse, gonna get expelled." Cas muttered teasingly before lifting their head from the table and placing it on Lex's shoulder as they sighed.


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McKenna James // Gryffindor// 7th Year Animagus // Location: Great Hall

Mac hated Christmas. Not a popular opinion to have among her peers, but it was true. It had nothing to do with the weather, or decorations, or an abundance of grinchy tendencies, just that the holiday season hadn’t held a lot of cheer for her since Mac was ten. Christmas meant either empty halls in a too quiet castle, or awkward stilted silence with her mother in her boyfriend’s new townhouse. Living in the muggle world was like trying to fit herself into a skin that was too small, too itchy to keep on for long. It was claustrophobic, not to mention exhausting trying to play act at being something she wasn’t. It was a farce she’d never been able to keep up for long, and there lay the problem. Her mother never said it aloud, but Mac knew magic made her uncomfortable. Andy, Mac’s step father to be if she was reading the signs right, was a nice man, as average and muggle as they came. He had no clue what Mac was, nor had they ever really made it past the stilted pleasantries of near strangers enough for her to believe that was ever going to be a wise thing to change. Magic had ruined one chance at love and happiness for her mother, the least Mac could do was not sabotage her second. So mostly Mac just stayed at Hogwarts for the holiday, and no one ever protested too loudly, if at all. It was just easier for everyone that way.

Mac wasn’t alone at Hogwarts exactly, there were others even in her own house, like Coal and Shane, who usually stayed as well. But Shane was well…Shane, no amount of holiday misery bonding was really going to change that, and even Coal tended to be unusually...quiet. It was the only time of year Hogwarts felt cold to her, though Mac infinitely preferred staying in the only place that had felt like home to her in a very long time. Still, it left her antsy, anxious for a return to the usual noise and bustle of students in the castle. Excitement pent up during the weeks of their absence. So if Mac went a little overboard once everyone returned well...who could blame her really? Harvey apparently, as he gave her an impression of his best β€˜disapproving prefect’ stink eye as he blandly ate his oatmeal. They both knew who was behind the army of purple origami otters currently running amok across the Hufflepuff table, and her smug glance as she watched a few of her brave little minions nestling up into the dark curls of Roan’s hair did nothing to dissuade her friend's suspicions. Mac had been on something of a tear lately, not unusual for the first couple weeks back, but considering they had a game today, her focus was usually more single minded toward quidditch.

β€œFor the love of Merlin, please tell me that’s all you did.” Harvey groused with a sour look, watching as some of the otters started swimming figure eights in some of the goblets of unsuspecting Hufflepuffs, including their Care of Magical Creatures Professor, who had picked up a few to take with him to the staff table so he could examine them more closely. The far more amiable of the Leahy Professors seems to have befriended her little creatures, which...wasn’t really surprising given what she knew of the man. β€œNow?! Really?! We have a game today Mac, I think Professor Leahy might actually murder me if we lose.” Harvey hissed, appearing genuinely nauseous at the thought of reporting into their head of house should they not perform at their absolute highest caliber today. A quick glance at their DADA professor and her sharp green eyes burning a hole in Mac’s back was all it took to know that the head of Gryffindor had also pinpointed very quickly who was behind the lavender otter hoard menacing the Great Hall, though so far she’s made no move to stop it. Mac shot her a cheeky grin, which earned a golden brow raised in return. β€œGibs, I am shocked and offended by those hurtful accusations. How could you ever think me capable of such a thing?” Mac shot back a transparent denial. Coal’s snort was immediate, but he didn’t comment further.

β€œI would never-” Mac’s defense was suddenly cut off by a loud series of popping noises emanating from farther down the Gryffindor table, pink glittery foam bubbling forth from Orion’s bag, sticky and clinging stubbornly to anything it touched, namely the boy in question as it grew larger and began spreading out and up. β€œDo any such thing to someone we're playing against today…” Mac finished with a sour look of her own. She was going to have to tinker with the formula there a bit. That little present wasn’t supposed to go off until potions class.

β€œThe sparkles were a nice touch.” Coal added mildly. β€œMaybe a pinch of itching powder next time though to really give it some flare..” Mac’s eyes lit up at the suggestion. Now that was some helpful feedback, so not a total loss it seemed.


Harvey Gibson // Gryffindor// 7th Year // Location: Great Hall

Harvey’s eye honest to god twitched. This was it, today was the day they drove him over the edge. There was a nice padded room waiting for him in St. Mungo’s, because reining in this bunch was driving him insane! Between Mac’s antics, Coal cheering her on, and now Shane actively antagonizing the Slytherin quidditch team, there was never a moment’s peace. Cassie retorting back at the Slytherin team’s heckling was fair enough, but that was all it took for Cal to jump up in his seat no doubt prepared to start spouting a litany of taunts all his own, and Harvey had to physically yank him down by the shirt tail. β€œSit down and eat your breakfast. Protein go!” Harvey barked, and the younger Gryffindor chaser grudgingly complied, shoveling a whole slice of bacon in his mouth as he chewed with a pointedly grumpy look at the Slytherin table. Cal was a good kid, but a little excitable sometimes. Harvey didn’t need him doing something stupid to get tossed out of the game before it had even started.

As Cassie turned the subject to the tournament, Harvey’s demeanor became a bit more uncomfortable. Of course he’d signed up, how could he not? It was a proving ground only a handful of witches and wizards each generation were chosen worthy to even compete in. And there was the problem. Signing up wasn’t the same thing as being chosen. There was a part of him dreading the upcoming ceremony, that knew what the goblet’s decision was going to be. Harvey had never exactly measured up to the Gibson name, his famous siblings each shining stars in their respective fields. How was he ever going to look any of them in the face again after so public an admission of his inadequacies? Part of him didn’t even want to admit having signed up, plausible deniability and all that, but Cassie had asked, and he wasn’t going to lie about it either, so instead he just nodded, pensively taking another bite of his oatmeal.

β€œYeah, did you?” Mac replied to Cassie’s question cheerfully, and Harvey was glad to let her take over the conversation from there.