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Aaron Wicks

"Sometimes being nice has its benefits. But it also has it's negatives."

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a character in “Hogwarts: A New School”, as played by Haas33




House and Year:
Hufflepuff, year one


Arrow, Ary (pronounced Air-ey), or just A

He has a tiny little screech owl named Remy, and a peculiar puffskein that is a sky blue. His parents originally resented buying the "ridiculous fur ball" but finally gave in when they saw how happy it made their son.

Physical Appearance/Basics:

ImageAaron has somewhat short dark hair and a round face. He is about average height for his age and of average build. Not to small but not to big. He has interesting eyes, one green and one blue, but he doesn't know why. Coming from a pureblood family, they didn't really pin this anomaly on a genetic mutation. He always seems to have a smile on his face and always offers a warm handshake to everyone he meets.

He has dimples on his face and a few freckles dotting his nose. He has somewhat pale skin and a sparkle in his eyes. People tend to notice him a bit, mostly because of his unusual eyes. He has a very distinct look to his face. He is looks warm and friendly, like the type of person you could walk up to and give a hug and they'd be perfectly fine with it and hug you back until you step away.

Notable Features:
His left eye is green but his right eye is blue. A weird genetic mutation is what it really is, but his parents think its a sign he's an heir to slytherin (hahaha)

He has a birth mark in the shape of a star in between his shoulder blades.

Wand Specifics:
Blackthorn with Unicorn Core, twelve inches, quite flexible

Broom Specifics:
An Aether V, one of the most expensive brooms.

What Lies Within...

Aaron is a very lovable boy that comes from a not so lovable family. He grew up in a pureblood Slytherin family with only a few stray Ravenclaws here and there occasionally. He has always been given the best, and given what he wants, no matter the price. However, Aaron is perfectly fine with normal robes and a normal broom and normal pets and a normal life. He often times turns away his parent's and relatives extravagant yet emotionally meaningless gifts because he simply doesn't want or need them. Sure, its nice to have one of the best brooms because he has a love for quidditch, but it really isn't necessary for him to have a specially made wand imported into the country just for him- so he went to olivanders. Aaron is extremely respectable to everyone, despite first impressions or rumors. He is always open and kind and isn't quick to judge someone until he gets to know them better. He tends to put others before himself, which irritates his family because he has always been told to be ambitious and do what it takes to become successful. Frankly he'd rather go play exploding snap with his friends or go practice some quidditch.

His parents were extremely upset when their son was sorted into what they deemed to be the worst house. They will eventually come to terms with it and support their son because even though they areslytherin and may not always be the kindest to their son, they still love him and take pride in his accomplishments. Aaron can become friends with anyone because he is so charismatic, even the people that seem lost or alone. He is, ultimately, a "good guy". However, he isn't just some fluffy little kid that can be pushed around. Though he may not be a gryphindoor, when the need arises, he will be brave to stand up for his friends because of how loyal he is. He also understands Slytherins very well because of how he was brought up, and what the house really represents. And sure, he may not be the brightest bulb in the pack, but he's smart enough to do well in his classes.

A large Golden Retriever

Family Ties:
His family is entirely pureblood, his family putting importance on blood status. Most, if not all, of the family consists of Slytherins. There have been a few questionable relatives who may have dabbled in the dark arts or supported you-know-you back when he was alive, but for the most part, his family has stayed away from association with evil. His family is well known mostly for being rich. Some even look past them because they aren't too manipulating or as high up in the ministry as some, but so many people in their family have had extremely successful ministry positions and the wealth would keep passing down from generation to generation, leaving this generation of the Wicks extremely wealthy. They do put emphasis on blood status, but don't necessarily hate or want to get rid of muggle borns, like some of the more radical slytherin families. His family is perfectly fine with the school teaching muggle borns as well, they just think that they are a bit better than them.

Jared Gilmore

Notable Equipment:
His parents bought him a very expensive but effective invisibility cloak. Not nearly as good as the one of legends, but still renders Aaron completely invisible, however, in about 6 or 7 years, the cloak can start to fade, and not be as effective with its invisibility. He also owns a family heirloom. It is highly illegal but completely undetectable as it has been passed down through the ages and added enchantments to it. It is in fact a wristwatch that doubles as a time turner. However, the time turner can only go back one hour at the most. Even still, this family heirloom has been passed down with severe warnings and instructions. There have been no incidents regarding this item that have called need for investigation by the ministry. His parents were a bit worried giving it to him so young, but knew that it would probably help at school if he needed more time to finish his homework.

So begins...

Aaron Wicks's Story

#, as written by Haas33
Aaron was furious. Beyond furious. But he was too nice to yell at his mother. You'd think with all the pampering and simpering that he would grow up to be a great wizard, get into slytherin, and be bloody fantastic, she'd actually manage to get him to the train on time! But no, the train was actually just starting its crawl out of the station when Aaron hopped on board. Aaron was currently fuming in the corner of a cramped compartment. Four other kids were in there, none of them too pleased that he was there. It was three fourth years and two fifth years. He was scared witless as they all sort of ignored him. He was trying feebly to read one of his spell books. The three fourth years were gryphindoor girls, and they were chatting loudly about quidditch. Aaron wanted to give a few quips about the sport, but figured he should stay out of the conversation. The two fifth years were a boy and girl, and they didn't really talk much. They just snogged next to him, which made him terribly uncomfortable. So Aaron was stuck, staring out the window, when he saw a couple figures outside the train, almost as if following it. Aaron furrowed his brow and squinted out into the distance, but the next second, they were gone.

"Huh, hey did anyone else..." Aaron started to say, before trailing off when he noticed no one was listening. He sighed and got up, taking his owl Remy and his puffskein Alfie with him. He quickly exited the compartment and made his way down the corridor, peeking in rooms, hoping to maybe find some other first years or at least a less crowded compartment. A few compartments down he found one with only three kids inside, all looking fairly young. He knocked hesitantly on the glass before pushing open the door a bit.

"Er, excuse me, do you mind if I come sit in here? I got here late and got stuck in a compartment with five other people, all way older than me. My name is Aaron Wicks," he said, smiling. Please let me sit here, please let me sit here, please.

(It has been two days since the last post, so as a result I am posting again) (If you have anything you want to finish up before the sorting hat, you can put it in the first half of your post)

Joshua looked over back at Sao. He knew, deep down, she probably did not mean it. It was her mind, and her unique gift. And she covered pretty well. "Yes, it would. Sao, you know you don't have to pay so much attention to detail right? Especially since they are not here to scrutinize everything. You can just relax, and not go into as much detail as you just did".

Joshua hoped his little tale helped pull attention away, as the train went forward. He looked back towards his friend. "No matter what house either of us is placed in, friends for life. Agreed?"

Whatever time it usually is After the Boat Ride, Hogwarts Interior, First Floor, Great Hall, No you do not have to add as much detail as I have usually in this. Besides, only I should be posting the times:

As everyone went through the doors of the great hall, the sorting hat sat in front of them. This was it. The moment of judgement. Joshua's grandfather demanded he go into Ravenclaw, and it took his whole family several times to remind him the hat chose for them. Joshua himself figured he might actually try to bribe the hat anyways. His grandfather thought Hugglepuff was a joke, even though they stood with Gryphindor at the battle of Hogwarts, Slytherine was currently in a bad light thanks to all the Voldamort stuff, and Gryphindor he thought was too flashy and pointless. He figured in Ravenclaw, Joshua would not stand out and just blend into the shadows. Personally, Joshua wanted anyone but Ravenclaw because of this, and because his Grandfather could not do a thing about it.

Of course, Joshua's name was called first. He had doubts that was by accident, making him wonder if his grandfather actually had bribed the Sorting hat. Somehow. But as the hat came down, he heard it speak, but softly so no one else could hear but Joshua. "Ah yes, a young, bright mind. Intelligence, curiosity. But I see traits of other houses to. Loyalty to friends, cunning to sneak around and away, and courage to stand up for youself. You cannot hide your marks from me, in fact. You were dealt many wounds by your own grandfather, because you stood up to him. Because you had the courage to speak your mind. Therefore, there is only one house to place you in.....GRYPHINDOR!"

The Gryphindor table cheered as Joshua jumped off to join them. He felt exposed, the hat saw right through him, saw the scars. But he also felt relieved, and accepted. He looked over to Sao, and wondered what house she would be sorted into. He kind of hoped his house, it would be nice having a friend he knew with him. But he guessed he would have to wait and see.

Still, he was just glad they were both their.

#, as written by Haas33
Aaron was watching nervously with the rest of the first years, Alfie's muffled humming drifting up to him from inside his pocket. His train ride has been significantly improved once he'd switched to the other compartment. Keoni, Irma, and Annabellla were all fairly decent people. Aaron wasn't sure what to expect from the sorting ceremony. He wanted to say that he was sure he'd get into slytherin- everyone else in his family had. They were an ambitious family, and Aaron would love to do something good with his life. However, a small trickle of fear and doubt nibbled at the back of his mind. What if he got Ravenclaw instead? His family would probably be ok with that, but not as pleased. There were a few Ravenclaws in his family. He just had to hope for one of those too. Surely if not Slytherin then Ravenclaw, right? He was... smart? Aaron frowned suddenly. What if he went up there and the hat told him he wasn't meant for any house. What if it told him he was a squib. He'd never really tried to much magic before... Suddenly Aaron was very frightened.

"Aaron Wicks!"

Aaron's head popped up, eyes wide, staring madly at the professor that had called his name. There it stood on its stool, the sorting hat. Aaron hesitantly walked up to it, sat in the stool and placed the hat firmly on his head. "Yes... very interesting. Very successful pureblood family, passion I see, to follow in your family's footsteps. Clever, courageous. I see many aspects of every house in you." The hat paused, as if trying to draw out the suspense for its own amusement. "But I see greater motivations for you, loyalty, kindness, passion, love, sacrifice. You want to please your family because it would make them happy, not because you want to be as ambitious as them." Aaron closed his eyes, wishing silently the hat would say slytherin. "In that case.... HUFFLEPUFF!"

Hufflepuff? Hufflepuff?!?

Aaron sat dumfounded for a second before the thundering chorus of cheers greeted him from the merry hufflepuff table. Aaron wobbled out of his seat and walked feebly to his table where he was clapped on the back by some older kids. Aaron flumped down into a seat and frowned. Hufflepuff? His parents would disown him. They wouldn't pay for his school supplies. They'd never love him after this. A hufflepuff. What a disgrace to the Quicks' family name. Yet oddly, Aaron was glad. He didn't want to be a slytherin or even a raven claw. He looked around, smiling laughing people. People looking at him concerned because he was frowning. People caring about a person they just met just because he didn't look as happy as everyone else. Sure he may be a Hufflepuff, but he finally felt like he belonged.

Annabelle Renshaw

The rest of the train ride to the castle was very pleasant, with their awkward group getting along pretty well. Anna was extremely excited for the sorting. She really didn't care what house she was in, and she didn't really know herself. She was practically bouncing on her heels as she waited patiently for her name to be called. She gave a thumbs up to Keoni when he was determined a Ravenclaw, though she wasn't sure he saw her. She was also mildly surprised when Aaron, from the highly reputable slytherin family was sorted into hufflepuff. A few others were sorted that she didn't know, but maybe some day she will. Finally, her name was called and she practically fell into the stool before sitting down and letting the hat sit on her head.

"Curious.... very curious I see. " The hat mumbled into her ear. "Couragous enough to get yourself into trouble often enough, but smart enough not to do something you shouldn't. Very difficult. You'd make an excellent Gryphindoor. But I sense something more. Not just bold curiosity, but intelligence, and a longing to learn. A creative yet ambitious mind. A difficult choice." The hat said to her, before pausing for a very long time. It sat on her head for a full minute, occasionally mumbling out words like "curious" and "intuitive." Eventually, after several suspenseful seconds, the hot finally spoke up. "Yes I do believe I have made a decision. Though you'd do well in gryphindoor, sometimes your intelligence is what holds you back from bravely charging into a situation. You are much to curious for your own good, but maybe it will put your learning mind to ease. Very well.... RAVENCLAW!"

Anna smiled broadly and hoped down off the stool and made her way to the cheering table. She spotted Keoni and made her way over to him, as he was the only one she remotely knew. She plopped down beside him and offered a high five. "Looks like I'll be seeing you a lot! What classes are you excited for?" She asked, hoping maybe she could make a friend in this new and exciting school.

Post Sorting Ceremony, Great Hall:

Once the sorting was finished, Headmistress McGonnagal stood up. "Now students. As I know you are aware, because I heard you whispering about it even now, due to recent events some temporary rules will be in place. One: No one is to leave School Grounds unless accompanied by a teacher. Two: No one is to be alone after dark inside the school. This is more of a formality, since it takes an army to break into Hogwarts, but it has been made clear to us of two things, Caution is always best, and not a single person ever paid attention to the old cerfew rule. And finally, Three: trips to Hogsmede must be made with a Prefect, a Teacher, or consist of at least two Seventh Year students. Now that we got all that boring formality stuff out of the way, get some food in you, and then get ready to walk to your house dorms!"

Joshua looked back at Sao. They might have been sorted into different houses, but at the very least they had the same schedules. So they could find time to hang out. As he wondered though, he noticed something strange. He had always heard of the four houses having this point system, but what puzzled him is that there were five spots. One was empty. He wondered why that was.

As everything finished up, the Prefects then led the first years to the Common Rooms. Joshua found the moving staircase to be....well, it moved without any notice. As it finished moving though, and they entered the common room, he almost had this strange feeling he was being watched. Scout crawled out of his pocket (Joshua was not even sure how he got in there), and sat on his shoulder, something off about him too.

"Its probably just that new school feeling is all Scout" Joshua mentioned, moving away from the window and to the boys dorm. It was going to be a brand new day tomorrow.

(Woot! Next Post, the first day of classes start!)

Irma (OOC: Sorry havent been posting, school started. UGH)

At the Ceremony.. (since I missed it, it wont be long)

Irma loved the boat ride, but aside from that, hogwarts was beautiful in person. Almost like a castle. She waited for her name to be called for the sorting, and Keoni and Anna got Ravenclaw, unlike Aaron, who was put into hufflepuff. A voice interrupted her.

"Irma DoloHov."

Irma anxiously sat in the chair, putting the sorting hat on her head. "A bright young girl I see, innocent and clever, nothing like a Slytherin. Possibly fit for a Ravenclaw perhaps, or even a Hufflepuff? Your mother wants you put into that house in particular, hm? A little scared she would criticize you? You have hope too, hope you won't become a slytherin. You hold kindness in your heart. This proves you are fit for.." Irma crossed her fingers for a reason she could not interpret. She tensed up but soon had a smile on her face for the hat had announced, "...HUFFLEPUFF!" She walked over to the cheery table as she immediately felt welcomed by her new family.


She sat beside Aaron, and she smiled. "It's nice to be in a house with a friend... if we are friends.. I mean.." Irma nervously chuckled, twirling a strand of her hair in her finger. "So, you excited about classes? I'm especially excited for herbology. I love nature." She played with her fork, moving around the food on her plate. Soon after, they were led to the dormitories. The theme was a cheery yellow and a nice black to go with it. They learnt how to get there and enter, and Irma looked for her bed. She entered a room, and she saw her luggage by a bed that was near the window. She let out Tink and Luna, as Tink jumped up onto her bed, and Luna perched on the windowsill. Finally classes would start soon enough.

#, as written by Haas33
Aaron smiled brightly at Irma, at least a face he recognized. Although he couldn't help but think he'd heard the last name from somewhere. He shrugged, like family status really mattered. His family... well they wouldn't be happy to hear what house he'd gotten into. Irma sat down beside him and couldn't help but feel a blush creep into his cheeks. She was rather pretty, but just friend he told himself.
"It's nice to be in a house with a friend... if we are friends... I mean.." Irma said nervously. Aaron smiled happily and patted her on the shoulder.

"Yeah, we are friends," he said, even though they'd just met today. Aaron looked around at the other people at his table. He'd make friends with everyone. He plopped Alfie on to the table because he didn't take up much space and because it was uncomfortable to have him in his pocket while he was sitting. Alfie promptly nuzzled under Irma's hand and began to hum happily. Aaron chuckled "It doesn't take much to make him happy," he said. Aaron dug into the food set before him. everything was so fantastic. Aaron briefly wondered who had made it. He'd like to thank those people. He'd heard that the kitchens were near the Hufflepuff dormitories. Maybe he could find out later. But for now, he ripped a piece of parchment off a large pad of it and quickly scribbled a note saying how wonderful the meal was, signed his name and placed it on his now empty plate. He didn't care if others found it peculiar. He remembered how happy he had made his aunt one time by telling her how wonderful of a meal she had made. Aaron looked up suddenly. No wonder he was put into Hufflepuff. He's about as threatening as a cinnamon roll.

"So, you excited about classes? I'm especially excited for herbology. I love nature," Irma said. Aaron thought for a moment "Well I think care of magical creatures could be quite interesting. And Broomstick training will be fun. I am quite curious about Dr. Lune's class of random knowledge. I mean, how random are we talking? I've never been that great with plants though so we'll see how herbology goes," he said. He was excited for his new classes, but a bit worried for a couple of subjects.

Soon enough they were lead to their dormitories and Aaron was very pleased. It was comfy and warm, and he could slightly smell the leftover remnants of the feast wafting to them from the kitchens. Maybe he'd ask a prefect where they are. Unless they weren't allowed to go into the kitchens... Rubbish, he'd find them anyway. Aaron nestled into his bed. His owl had flown off to the owlry and his puffskein was humming softly next to him in bed. Tomorrow would be amazing.

8:50 AM, Hogwarts Grounds:

Joshua watched the scenery below. He was a five minute walk away from his first class, Care for Magical Creatures, and he had already engaged in something he if he did not finish in five minutes, or if Sayo did not break him from his trance. The morning sun caught his eye, so he was tracing it like crazy.

When he was finally done, he decided to sit there and watch. He had only just finished breakfast, and he had some time, so he figured he could afford the wait for a few minutes. After all, it was breathtaking. Still, its not like he could afford to be late on his first day. So, he eventually jumped off the rock he had been sitting on, and headed towards class.

Once there, their teacher, some guy named Hagrid, started talking all about magical creatures such as Hypogriphs (Spell Check), Dragons, Drakes, and something called a Powba. Whatever that was. And then, he introduced the first creature they would be studying. A Wolfbear. Some Wizard thought they could create a combination of a Wolf and a Bear, and tame it. The things now run around wildly.

"Now, an important thing to know is that they are not inherently hostile. Mostly. If it begins to growl, it means that for whatever reason, maybe your smell, maybe you looked at it funny, maybe you are close to its nest, but you should start backing away if not full on running. If it nods, it means it has no intention of attacking you. If it bows, which by the way, it never does except for rare exceptions, it means it acceptsyou as its greater. Wolfbears have an unusually high amount of intelligence. So, who wants to approach it first? How about you, Joshua?"

"Alright, why not" Joshua shrugged. Scout was terrified, which is how Joshua knew Scout was hiding inside his cloak. Scout was, in fact, very good at sneaking. "Scout, please stop doing that".

Joshua stepped towards the Wolfbear, and it growled at Joshua. Joshua, in turn, growled back, causing the Wolfbear to bow. This caught Hagrid off guard. "Oh, well, well done. Alright, who is next?" Hagrid asked as Joshua walked back to the others.