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Annabella Renshaw

"Never judge a book by a cover, judge it by how boring the plot is."

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a character in “Hogwarts: A New School”, as played by That_Person



{"An intelligent man knows that drinking poison is dangerous and how it would negatively affect the health; a wise man knows not to drink it.”}

|{Full Name}|
Annabella Miriad Renshaw

Anna, Ann, Annie, Bella.


Ravenclaw, year one

Anna tends to look a bit younger than she really is. She is very short for her age, but not the shortest. She has round cheeks and bright blue eyes. She has a bit longer than shoulder length chestnut colored wavy hair. She is very delicate looking and has a sort of sparkle in her eye. She has a very intense gaze, and has been known to stare. She can sometimes be too serious, but when she smiles, it lights up the room.

|{Notable Equipment}|
She has a Mokeskin pouch with her family crest on it, it had been passed down from generation. It can only be opened by Anna at the moment, as an Anna is the owner for now. his mokeskin pouch can only be operated by a blood relative of the Renshaw family. This means that even if she were to give this to friend and the friend would own it, the friend wouldn't be able to use it. Anna also has a Sneakoscope and her own set of wizard's chess.

She owns a loyal barn owl.

A Falcon

|{Wand Specifics}|
Elder with Unicorn Core, Eleven inches, Unyeilding

|{Broom Specifics}|
Owns a Nimbus 2000, her father bought it back when it was all the rage and that's what she learned to ride on.


-Wizard's Chess

-People who underestimate her
-People that don't have common sense
-People who care about blood status
-Being shown up

|{Hobbies || Talents}|
-She is a natural born flyer and loves watching quidditch
-She also enjoys drawing and loves bewitching her quills or paper to make more interesting drawings
-She is particularly good at transfiguration

|{Fears || Weaknesses}|
-Deathly afraid of fire
-Is a weak little thing even if she's got the common sense
-A bit too confident at times

She is an unregistered animagis and can transform into a falcon. This is rare for someone her age, considering she hadn't even gotten her wand yet. Her dad is a registered animagas fox and wanted his daughter to carry on the tradition. He thought it would be better that she be unregistered, because he feared other students would look at her differently. He helped her go through the long steps to become an animagis before she even got to hogwarts.

Anna is a spitfire who is curious and determined. She loves to read and loves to learn and finds magic exciting. She is not afraid to try new things and her intelligence tends to help. She is a close fit for gryphindoor, but there is cowardice in her. She hides behind her books when real danger arises, knowing that it's not smart to meddle in things you shouldn't. However, the cleverness in her tends to find ways to help indirectly. She likes finding smarting solutions to problems and dangers rather than diving head first. She is sometimes too serious, but other than that, generally a happy person. Sometimes she isn't very good at making friends because she is too focused on learning something or doing something that she is so involved in. She is fairly smart, and quick to learn because she loves to learn. She is a good friend, though, if you get to know her. Maybe not as fluffy and nice as a hufflepuff, but pretty loyal nonetheless. Overall, she uses her wits to be brave, her smarts to be cunning, and her intelligence to make friends. She isn't some genius, but she is creative and ingenuitive. Anna tends to have a sharp gaze, and often times freaks people out because she tends to stare. It's not because she's being rude, it's because she is trying to figure out more from a person.

Anna grew up with mostly her dad. Her mom was very busy working as an Auror but her father stayed at home mostly, experimented with new inventions and spells. His father was trying to create spells and magical objects to help everyone. He worked from home with the support from the ministry. Anna's family is fairly well off, but not as rich as most pureblood families. They don't prize money as the most important thing in the world, which is why both her parents are doing something they love rather than what pays the best. Her mother is a gryphindoor and her father is a raven claw. Her family is extremely mixed, some raven claws, some hufflepuffs, some gryphindoors, and
even some slytherins. Anna grew up immersed in this magical world. However, she wasn't completely in the dark about muggles because she loved to read about everything. Anna's father was a very creative man who wanted Anna to explore and be creative, so when Anna asked if he could teach her to be an animagis, he agreed. He taught her and helped her go through the process, and was delighted to find Anna could turn into a falcon. Anna was extremely excited when her hogwarts letter arrived.

|{Family Ties}
Her family is a mostly pureblood family dating back to a long time ago. For all she knows she might be related to the raven claw family, but pureblood families tend to all be mashed together and connected somehow. Some relatives have branched off and no so distant relatives might be half-blood or muggle born. Although her family is pureblood, the family does not put much emphasis on blood status. They don't see themselves as better than anyone. It's just normal for that family to marry other witches and wizards.

|{Face Claim}
Isabelle Allen

Character Dialogue || #40BFBF

So begins...

Annabella Renshaw's Story

Platform Nine and Three Quarters, 9:37AM: (PLEASE REMEMBER, only I am posting time, so that way we can keep everything organized and so that we neither go too slow or too fast. Everyone's post does not have to exactly match the timeframe, it just has to be close enough so that we can all stay chronological and organized while also never going too slow)

Joshua wondered, did the train leave at 9:45AM simply as a coincidence, or was it deliberate. The station was Nine and Three Quarters after all. And why was it Three Quarters anyways? Joshua wondered if they named the station after the time the train left. Because otherwise, Nine and a half would be more accurate. Either way, Joshua was looking out the window, waiting for his only Childhood friend, Sao. Her full name was Saoirse Andromeda Penelope Adelrik-Lysias, but he just called her Sao (pronounced "Sayo"), at least when her mother was not around. They had a lot in common. They both had over controlling people in their family. She had her mother like Joshua had his grandfather. And her mother absolutely refused to let anyone call her anything other then Saoirse.

Joshua came from a very old, very prestigious pure blood family. Now, most of his family was actually pleasant to deal with, at least most of the time, but then there was the most prestigious and most influential of them all, his grandfather. He and his grandfather did not see eye to eye, on anything. His grandfather just wanted to use him to elevate his own status, while otherwise just keeping him locked away out of sight so Joshua did not embarrass him. Taking him to fancy parties to show off. That was technically how Joshua met Sao. They were both trying to sneak away. Joshua was more of a "skinny dip in the river" person then a "Fancy Ballroom Party" person.

He looked out the window again, waiting to see when she would show up. He was actually the first DeBell to attend Hogwarts in a long time. Most of the time they were homeschooled, partly because of their prestige, and partly because of the DeBell bloodline train. They were a special form of Metamorphmagus, where while they could only shapeshift into a certain number of forms, they had other perks to make up for it. They also have their downsides, such as they could not shapeshift their clothes like an Animagus, and they have to do it a certain amount of time that changes for each DeBell after their last transformation or feel exponentially increasing pain. Technically, Joshua should morph at least one to two times a day.

He took out his notebook, and began drawing the station while he waited. He wanted to capture all of its detail. He didn't bother putting his glasses on either. He only needed his glasses to read, but not always to draw. Only if he was drawing something close to him. However, to read anything either close to him or far away from him, he needed them. As he finished, he heard a knock on the door, but he knew it wasn't his friend. So he decided to have some fun. He quickly changed, and turned into his wolf form. The person opened the door, saw him, and quickly yelled, shut the door, and ran away.

(I hope you don't mind this next part SuperRoo, I would have asked you if you came online after I had this idea, but you didn't, so I figured you would want to return able to post immediately instead, considering this was based on what we talked about).

Before anyone else came though, the door opened again, and it was Sao. She looked at Joshua, laughed a little, and then entered and then closed the door behind her. "We have not even arrived yet and you are already getting us into trouble?"

Joshua turned back into his human form, and started getting dressed as Sao sat down. They were best friends, so he did not care anyways. "Hey, worried you entered a different train car entirely. Besides, no one knows my family's secret but you, so the conductor will just think he is crazy. Plus, you gotta admit that was hilarious. Even more then that time we went skinny dipping in the river, and you decided to climb a tree, but accidentally got stuck and wound up hanging upside down, naked, from a tree. And then, after making a sketch, I tried to help you, and got stuck as well".

The train then made its starting noise, and began to depart. As he finished getting dressed, he grabbed his notebook and showed her the sketch of the station. "What do you think? My best yet?"

(So, rahter longish, but the first post always is! Anyways, let the posting begin! Also, yes, me and SuperRoo did a lot of discussion about our characters histories, and decided they where best friends growing up)

Annabelle Renshaw

"Hurry up dad the train's almost leaving! We are going to be late," Anna shouted at her wildly put together dad. He was juggling Anna's owl who did not seem happy to be in her father's jostling arms. Her father was also dressed quite oddly, as most wizards do in public. Anna had given him a few pointers, but he'd mistakingly worn a tie and dress pants with a graphic t-shirt and sneakers. He'd managed to combine her advice and form this strange outfit. Anna however was perfectly fine, wearing a cute little sundress perfectly acceptable for walking around at this time of year. The scrambled through the entrance to platform 9 and 3/4, barely even glancing around before they shot through.

Anna was clutching a "Hogwarts, A History, Revised Edition" book in her hands, ready to do some last minute reading before she got to Hogwarts. She wanted to know everything she could about this place. Once they were at the platform, they released her owl which she named Nudge (her owl nudges people with her head when she wants owl treats or a little scratch between her wings) from her cage. The owl fluttered lazily to her shoulder on which it perched happily, while her father pulled out his wand.

"Reducio," he muttered, and the owl cage shrunk to a small miniature one no bigger than the palm of her hand. He tucked it into her trunk. "Now," he said, placing his hand on her shoulder. "I tucked instructions on how to make the cage big again once you are in a location safe to practice magic. If you can't fix it by the end of the school year take it to a teacher you trust and I'm sure they'll do it for you. But I really want you to get it. Think of it as a school assignment from the old man." Her dad ruffled her hair and gave Nudge a pat on his head.

"Bye dad I love you! Tell mom I said bye!" Anna shouted to her dad before picking up her trunk and stepping on her train. Almost immediately she opened her book again and pressed her nose into it, immersed. They were a couple scragglers running late like she was, but for the most part, everyone was already in a compartment, looking out the window and waving to their parents. Anna didn't care, she was currently reading about some of Hogwarts' changes after the war. The amount of enchantments protecting the place was unbelievable. Anna wasn't really paying attention to her surroundings an older boy rushed into her, practically knocking her over but she didn't mind. Nudge however, hooted angrily as she was knocked from her shoulder.

Anna grabbed blindly for a compartment door handle and pushed the door open, all the while reading her book. She shoved her trunk in and closed the door not really paying attention. She plopped down in a seat not wanting to be disturbed until she finished the page. She immersed herself for a minute longer then closed the book and looked up. She noticed two people watch her expectantly. One was a girl with dark hair kind of like hers, and the other was a boy with spectacularly curly hair and dark skin. They looked like they were also first years, but you never know.

"Sorry, I'm Annabella. But you can call me Anna. Or Bella. Or Annabell. Or Ann. Or your supreme leader, whatever works for you." Anna smiled, staring and the girl and then the boy. She started to giggle and then apologized. "But no seriously call me whatever you want I don't mind. Are you first years as well?"

Miko was licking his tiny fingers trying to get every last crumb from his fur. He looked up suddenly when the compartment door slid open. He hopped into Keoni’s lap and glared at the young girl. Keoni watched as she put her luggage up on the rack next to his. She sat down and her cat curled up in her lap. Miko was not a fan of the owl and he began hissing violently. Keoni grabbed his muzzle as the girl began to speak. “I hope you don’t mind me sitting here. The other compartments are pretty crowded.” Keoni shrugged at her with wide eyes. She was pretty. “My name is Irma but you can call me Izzy or Iz.” She smiled at him expectantly, with her hand out stretched. He couldn’t shake it of course or else the Miko would get free.

After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, Keoni realized he should introduce himself. “Names Keoni,” he grunted, struggling to keep hold of Miko. “This is Miko. He doesn’t like birds. Thinks he a bloody dog,” Keoni let out a sharp breath, sounding almost like a chuckle, but it was hard to tell with the snarls from Miko. “Miko, damnit if you don’t settle down I’m going to throw your oversized rodent ass—“ He caught himself and looked at the girl. “Stop it,” he finished, pinching Miko hard on his neck. The restless thing squealed and whimpered, but finally settled down in Keoni’s lap. He felt bad for his language but it was hard for him to control it. Not long after another young girl stepped in reading her book. She put her luggage up top, not acknowledging either of them. She sat down and continued reading. He stared at her, wondering if she would ever talk to them. Not that he minded either way. The train had just begun moving and he was looking forward to looking out the window. Miko lifted his head and sniffed at the girl but after getting scolded earlier, he didn’t do much else.

“Sorry, I’m Annabella. But you can call me Anna. Or Bella. Or Annabell. Or Ann. Or your supreme leader, whatever works for you.” She giggled and Keoni clenched his teeth to avoid rolling his eyes at her. What was it with girls and all their nicknames? Just say what you want to be called, jeez. “But no seriously call me whatever you want I don’t mind. Are you first years as well?”

Keoni blinked at her and scratched his head, making some of this curls stick out to the side. He nodded to her question. “Keoni,” He simply stated and began petting Miko. He glanced back and forth between the two girls. He wondered what house they wanted to be in. Then he began wondering what house he would be put in. Surely not Slytherin, he wasn’t quite “good” enough for them. Ravenclaw was his first choice and he thought he had a pretty good chance considering he was very intelligent for his age, despite the way he spoke and his general lack in social skills. Well, it wasn’t that he lacked them; it was that he’d just rather not talk to others unless they were his friends. He let his mind wander back to his mates in the city. They were probably headed off to school today. Were they missing him? If they didn’t notice at school, surely they would notice his absence when it was time to play soccer later on in the afternoon.


The two others sat down. They looked alike. Maybe they are siblings. She wondered, without much care either way. “I’m Saoirse. This is Joshua,” she smirked. They introduced themselves then began to argue in another language. Definitely siblings, she concluded silently. The girl didn’t recognize the language but she thought she heard a hint of a French accent. She took French classes all growing up, although she refused to speak it because it just reminded her of her horrible mother.

“What do you think?” Joshua asked, showing her his quick sketch. The corners of Sao’s mouth twitched as she admired his artwork. It didn’t last long before Scout fell from above. "Scout! How did you get out of your carrier? Scout. Don't give me that face.” Josh said as he looked up at Saoirse. "What? I couldn't risk leaving him at home now could I?" He asked innocently.

Saoirse shook her head and let a smile peek at her friend. “What can I say to you? I brought Salazar,” she shrugged as she pet her cat. Salazar initially hated Scout, but he has now become indifferent to the ferret. Joshua smiled and plopped Scout down from his shoulder into his lap.

Sao was about to say something when an exclamation of annoyance came from one of the two siting across from them. The sister had crossed her arms and was glaring at her brother. I wonder what he did.. Saoirse idly imagined what it would have been like to have siblings. Slowly her fantasy reached the dark parts of her thoughts. She worried if she would dream about one of these two people. More people she met just meant the more possibilities for bad things for her to see. She felt a nibble of fear, but swiftly pushed it away. Not the thought, just the fear. She had grown accustomed to things usually shifting like that in her head. It wasn’t that she favored the darkness, just she didn’t mind too much when it came impeding in her mind.

“What’s wrong?” asked Joshua. Sao shot him a look. She wasn’t in the mood to make conversation with strangers, but then again, when was she ever. She bit the inside of her cheek and decided it wouldn’t hurt to get to know them.

(Pssst, the two of you are up!)


As the boy stared wide-eyed at her, Irma waited for him to shake her hand. And after a couple of minutes, she gave up. He finally broke the awkward silence between the both of them. "Names Keoni. This is Miko, he doesn't like birds. Thinks he a bloody dog." Keoni struggled to keep the constantly snarling pet of his in his arms. "Miko, damnit if you don't settle down I'm going to throw your oversized rodent ass-" He stopped in his tracks. "Stop it." he translated, as Irma shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Soon after, another student entered. It was a girl with her face buried in a book, as she quietly got comfy. "Sorry, I'm Annabella. But you can call me Anna. Or Bella." Irma lost her after 'Bella'. She unoticably scoffed at her choice of a nickname. 'Your supreme leader' seemed quite snobby to her. She let it slide for the time being. "Keoni.." Keoni introduced himself, looking as confused as she was. "It's a pleasure to meet you Bella. I'm Irma, but you can call me Izzy or Iz if you like. I won't mind." Her manner skills were kicking in. She needed to refrain from that side of her so she would seem normal and fit in around most of the other students. Irma decided she would keep her surname from being discovered, for she didn't want to be seen as a superior to the one's whose family wasn't famous in the wizarding world.

"We're leaving the station soon, so I guess we should get to know eachother- or you know.. nevermind.." Irma atempted to strike a conversation, but she failed, and she blushed madly at her mistake. She still had to work on her social skills, since she wasn't much of a talker. Guess being alone most of the time didn't help at all. But now that she is around kids her age, it's her chance to finally work on becoming a social person. She already completely failed her first try, but maybe if Keoni or Bella started a conversation instead...

Annabelle Renshaw

Anna watched expectantly as she introduced herself, and was noticeably crest fallen as they both seemed a bit disgruntled by her greeting. She wasn't very good at talking to people. Sometimes she got overly excited or too quite. Conversations with her were quite sporadic and disjointed. She wasn't the best at making friends. Better stick to books... Anna thought to herself. Anna watched curiously as the boy she now knew was Keoni struggled to hold back his raccoon. Anna frowned, the raccoon seemed to be looking at her funny. Almost like it was glaring at her. Most animals did kind of know something was off about her, and tended to be curious to her when she was in her falcon form, but this raccoon just seemed very eager to pounce on her face.

She smiled happily as Irma addressed her as Bella. Kind of snobby sounding, but also sort of sweet. She liked it, for the most part, and listened as Irma kept talking. "We're leaving the station soon, so I guess we should get to know each other- or you know.. never mind.." Irma trailed off, noticing how nobody jumped in to start a conversation.

Anna shrugged. "This is Nudge," she said, pointing to the sleepy owl on her shoulder. It had one eye closed and the other just barely opened, keeping an eye on the raccoon. "I heard there was a lot of changes to the school after the battle." She held up the book she was reading in explanation. With that she promptly stuffed her nose in the book again, read another page, and then realized she was probably being rude. Her dad had told her that it wasn't very nice when you read while other people were trying to talk to you. She mumbled a sorry and tucked the book into her trunk. So far, her trip to Hogwarts wasn't going so smoothly. She would have preferred flying there, but the distance was just too great and how would she get her trunk there? She frowned slightly and looked out the window. She was never good at making friends.

Keoni listened to Irma as she said something about getting to know each other. His mind wandered back to soccer and his friends in London. Then, Annabelle began to speak, saying something about her owl. Miko was getting a bit restless in Keoni's lap. He was pawing at Keoni, pleading with him for something. He looked at Annabelle when she mentioned something about Hogwarts and how it had changed. She held up the book, one that Keoni had already read, and then began reading. Once again, his raccoon was requiring his attention. He was acting a bit strange and he didn't seem to like Anna all that much. Most likely because she smells like her bird. That one too, he thought, feeling rather annoyed. Not at the girls, but at the fact that Miko was so misbehaved.

"Alright fine," he grumbled, scooping him up. He reached across Annabelle and slid the door open. He tossed Miko out in the hall. "Don't kill anything," he commanded and shut the door again. "Sorry he can be a bit restless sometimes. And like I said, he really can't stand birds." With that, Anna was putting her book in her trunk and looking uncomfortably out the window. Keoni sighed and decided none of the three of them were very social beings. But then the thought struck him, who better to be friends with? Once they were friends they wouldn't have to worry about forcing conversation. They could contently sit together and preoccupy themselves. And he wondered if either liked soccer.

"I've read that book before, and you're right. About the changes," he commented. Of course he was just going off of what he had read in the book, so she knew just the same as he did. "Do either of you like soccer?" The question came out rather quick. He wasn't used to leading the conversation, he would normally just jump in with a snide remark here or there. He didn't want to risk saying anything too rude to these girls. They seemed sweet. And they were both very beautiful after all. Irma was hard not to stare at, considering she was sitting right across from him and her hair looked so soft. But he could tell Annabelle liked reading, or learning, or both. It would be nice to find someone his age, but also on the same mental processing level as he was. He would have to talk to her more to find out. He remembered when the twins had their first kisses. It was all they could talk about for weeks. Especially since it was with another set of twins. Since his dad never spoke to him much, he learned all he knew about girls from his friends. And man did they tell him a lot of stuff. "You can't just stand there. You gotta do something with your bloody hands. And they normally don't like it when you start snogging right away. Unless they're older. Don't smoke before either. Most girls don't like the taste. Tell her she has soft lips. Touch her hair... He sighed inaudibly and wondered if either of these girls wanted to kiss him as much as he wanted to kiss them. "Oh and I'm a first year, by the way."

((So in my head Keoni is sitting by Annabelle and Irma is across from them. Sorry if that's not how you're picturing it in your head... ))

#, as written by Haas33
Aaron was furious. Beyond furious. But he was too nice to yell at his mother. You'd think with all the pampering and simpering that he would grow up to be a great wizard, get into slytherin, and be bloody fantastic, she'd actually manage to get him to the train on time! But no, the train was actually just starting its crawl out of the station when Aaron hopped on board. Aaron was currently fuming in the corner of a cramped compartment. Four other kids were in there, none of them too pleased that he was there. It was three fourth years and two fifth years. He was scared witless as they all sort of ignored him. He was trying feebly to read one of his spell books. The three fourth years were gryphindoor girls, and they were chatting loudly about quidditch. Aaron wanted to give a few quips about the sport, but figured he should stay out of the conversation. The two fifth years were a boy and girl, and they didn't really talk much. They just snogged next to him, which made him terribly uncomfortable. So Aaron was stuck, staring out the window, when he saw a couple figures outside the train, almost as if following it. Aaron furrowed his brow and squinted out into the distance, but the next second, they were gone.

"Huh, hey did anyone else..." Aaron started to say, before trailing off when he noticed no one was listening. He sighed and got up, taking his owl Remy and his puffskein Alfie with him. He quickly exited the compartment and made his way down the corridor, peeking in rooms, hoping to maybe find some other first years or at least a less crowded compartment. A few compartments down he found one with only three kids inside, all looking fairly young. He knocked hesitantly on the glass before pushing open the door a bit.

"Er, excuse me, do you mind if I come sit in here? I got here late and got stuck in a compartment with five other people, all way older than me. My name is Aaron Wicks," he said, smiling. Please let me sit here, please let me sit here, please.

(It has been two days since the last post, so as a result I am posting again) (If you have anything you want to finish up before the sorting hat, you can put it in the first half of your post)

Joshua looked over back at Sao. He knew, deep down, she probably did not mean it. It was her mind, and her unique gift. And she covered pretty well. "Yes, it would. Sao, you know you don't have to pay so much attention to detail right? Especially since they are not here to scrutinize everything. You can just relax, and not go into as much detail as you just did".

Joshua hoped his little tale helped pull attention away, as the train went forward. He looked back towards his friend. "No matter what house either of us is placed in, friends for life. Agreed?"

Whatever time it usually is After the Boat Ride, Hogwarts Interior, First Floor, Great Hall, No you do not have to add as much detail as I have usually in this. Besides, only I should be posting the times:

As everyone went through the doors of the great hall, the sorting hat sat in front of them. This was it. The moment of judgement. Joshua's grandfather demanded he go into Ravenclaw, and it took his whole family several times to remind him the hat chose for them. Joshua himself figured he might actually try to bribe the hat anyways. His grandfather thought Hugglepuff was a joke, even though they stood with Gryphindor at the battle of Hogwarts, Slytherine was currently in a bad light thanks to all the Voldamort stuff, and Gryphindor he thought was too flashy and pointless. He figured in Ravenclaw, Joshua would not stand out and just blend into the shadows. Personally, Joshua wanted anyone but Ravenclaw because of this, and because his Grandfather could not do a thing about it.

Of course, Joshua's name was called first. He had doubts that was by accident, making him wonder if his grandfather actually had bribed the Sorting hat. Somehow. But as the hat came down, he heard it speak, but softly so no one else could hear but Joshua. "Ah yes, a young, bright mind. Intelligence, curiosity. But I see traits of other houses to. Loyalty to friends, cunning to sneak around and away, and courage to stand up for youself. You cannot hide your marks from me, in fact. You were dealt many wounds by your own grandfather, because you stood up to him. Because you had the courage to speak your mind. Therefore, there is only one house to place you in.....GRYPHINDOR!"

The Gryphindor table cheered as Joshua jumped off to join them. He felt exposed, the hat saw right through him, saw the scars. But he also felt relieved, and accepted. He looked over to Sao, and wondered what house she would be sorted into. He kind of hoped his house, it would be nice having a friend he knew with him. But he guessed he would have to wait and see.

Still, he was just glad they were both their.

#, as written by Haas33
Aaron was watching nervously with the rest of the first years, Alfie's muffled humming drifting up to him from inside his pocket. His train ride has been significantly improved once he'd switched to the other compartment. Keoni, Irma, and Annabellla were all fairly decent people. Aaron wasn't sure what to expect from the sorting ceremony. He wanted to say that he was sure he'd get into slytherin- everyone else in his family had. They were an ambitious family, and Aaron would love to do something good with his life. However, a small trickle of fear and doubt nibbled at the back of his mind. What if he got Ravenclaw instead? His family would probably be ok with that, but not as pleased. There were a few Ravenclaws in his family. He just had to hope for one of those too. Surely if not Slytherin then Ravenclaw, right? He was... smart? Aaron frowned suddenly. What if he went up there and the hat told him he wasn't meant for any house. What if it told him he was a squib. He'd never really tried to much magic before... Suddenly Aaron was very frightened.

"Aaron Wicks!"

Aaron's head popped up, eyes wide, staring madly at the professor that had called his name. There it stood on its stool, the sorting hat. Aaron hesitantly walked up to it, sat in the stool and placed the hat firmly on his head. "Yes... very interesting. Very successful pureblood family, passion I see, to follow in your family's footsteps. Clever, courageous. I see many aspects of every house in you." The hat paused, as if trying to draw out the suspense for its own amusement. "But I see greater motivations for you, loyalty, kindness, passion, love, sacrifice. You want to please your family because it would make them happy, not because you want to be as ambitious as them." Aaron closed his eyes, wishing silently the hat would say slytherin. "In that case.... HUFFLEPUFF!"

Hufflepuff? Hufflepuff?!?

Aaron sat dumfounded for a second before the thundering chorus of cheers greeted him from the merry hufflepuff table. Aaron wobbled out of his seat and walked feebly to his table where he was clapped on the back by some older kids. Aaron flumped down into a seat and frowned. Hufflepuff? His parents would disown him. They wouldn't pay for his school supplies. They'd never love him after this. A hufflepuff. What a disgrace to the Quicks' family name. Yet oddly, Aaron was glad. He didn't want to be a slytherin or even a raven claw. He looked around, smiling laughing people. People looking at him concerned because he was frowning. People caring about a person they just met just because he didn't look as happy as everyone else. Sure he may be a Hufflepuff, but he finally felt like he belonged.

Annabelle Renshaw

The rest of the train ride to the castle was very pleasant, with their awkward group getting along pretty well. Anna was extremely excited for the sorting. She really didn't care what house she was in, and she didn't really know herself. She was practically bouncing on her heels as she waited patiently for her name to be called. She gave a thumbs up to Keoni when he was determined a Ravenclaw, though she wasn't sure he saw her. She was also mildly surprised when Aaron, from the highly reputable slytherin family was sorted into hufflepuff. A few others were sorted that she didn't know, but maybe some day she will. Finally, her name was called and she practically fell into the stool before sitting down and letting the hat sit on her head.

"Curious.... very curious I see. " The hat mumbled into her ear. "Couragous enough to get yourself into trouble often enough, but smart enough not to do something you shouldn't. Very difficult. You'd make an excellent Gryphindoor. But I sense something more. Not just bold curiosity, but intelligence, and a longing to learn. A creative yet ambitious mind. A difficult choice." The hat said to her, before pausing for a very long time. It sat on her head for a full minute, occasionally mumbling out words like "curious" and "intuitive." Eventually, after several suspenseful seconds, the hot finally spoke up. "Yes I do believe I have made a decision. Though you'd do well in gryphindoor, sometimes your intelligence is what holds you back from bravely charging into a situation. You are much to curious for your own good, but maybe it will put your learning mind to ease. Very well.... RAVENCLAW!"

Anna smiled broadly and hoped down off the stool and made her way to the cheering table. She spotted Keoni and made her way over to him, as he was the only one she remotely knew. She plopped down beside him and offered a high five. "Looks like I'll be seeing you a lot! What classes are you excited for?" She asked, hoping maybe she could make a friend in this new and exciting school.

Post Sorting Ceremony, Great Hall:

Once the sorting was finished, Headmistress McGonnagal stood up. "Now students. As I know you are aware, because I heard you whispering about it even now, due to recent events some temporary rules will be in place. One: No one is to leave School Grounds unless accompanied by a teacher. Two: No one is to be alone after dark inside the school. This is more of a formality, since it takes an army to break into Hogwarts, but it has been made clear to us of two things, Caution is always best, and not a single person ever paid attention to the old cerfew rule. And finally, Three: trips to Hogsmede must be made with a Prefect, a Teacher, or consist of at least two Seventh Year students. Now that we got all that boring formality stuff out of the way, get some food in you, and then get ready to walk to your house dorms!"

Joshua looked back at Sao. They might have been sorted into different houses, but at the very least they had the same schedules. So they could find time to hang out. As he wondered though, he noticed something strange. He had always heard of the four houses having this point system, but what puzzled him is that there were five spots. One was empty. He wondered why that was.

As everything finished up, the Prefects then led the first years to the Common Rooms. Joshua found the moving staircase to be....well, it moved without any notice. As it finished moving though, and they entered the common room, he almost had this strange feeling he was being watched. Scout crawled out of his pocket (Joshua was not even sure how he got in there), and sat on his shoulder, something off about him too.

"Its probably just that new school feeling is all Scout" Joshua mentioned, moving away from the window and to the boys dorm. It was going to be a brand new day tomorrow.

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Sao didn’t continue her conversation with the witch sitting next to her. She looked to Josh, all of a sudden feeling very sad. No, they couldn’t go in each others rooms, but if they were in the same house they would at least have the common room. She sighed and held Salazar as the Slytherins were led down to the dungeons. The prefects taught them where and how to get into the dormitories. Girls were on the left, boys on the right. Her face lit up when she saw the lair-like room. There were a few different fire places, with black leather chairs and couches set up around them. There were green throw blankets and black pillows. The floor had a giant tile design of the Slytherin crest right in the middle of the room. It looked to be charmed give off light, making the room seem like it was glowing green slightly.

She found her trunk in one of the last rooms. Her bunk was closest to the wall and she was happy about that. She sat in the windowsill for a while, wondering what Josh was up to and looking at the school grounds. She couldn’t wait to go out adventuring.


Keoni clapped along with the rest of Ravenclaw when Annabelle was sorted into their house. She came and sat next to him. “Yes, I guess you’re right,” he said in response to her commenting about how they would see a lot of each other. “All of them I guess, but I suspect they’ll all be bloody easy,” he shrugged and started feeding Miko crumbs under the table. The raccoon hopped up in his lap and began pawing at the table. Keoni flicked his paw to get him to stop, but continued giving him scraps. “I want to be outside, so Care for Magical Creatures… Potions since its easy. Just follow instructions. Who could mess that up?” he chuckled and shook his head, imagining what numbskull was going to blow something up the first day. “What’s your favorite?” he asked her, hoping she’d have the same opinion as he did.

He was afraid of learning to ride a broom. He wasn’t sure if he was afraid of heights, and he didn’t even have a broom of his own. He wondered if he would make a friend to practice with. When she had answered his question he asked her, “Do you have a broom? Do you know how to ride?” He wasn’t going to let on that he didn’t know how, he just wanted to know about her.

Annabelle Renshaw

Anna pondered what classes she might like. "I'm pretty excited about all the classes, but I think Transfiguration will be pretty cool. I'm not sure I guess we'll just have to find out. And yeah I suspect some of the classes will be pretty easy. As long as you read the lesson you should be good, right? My dad told me potions is a lot like cooking when you follow a recipe." Anna wasn't sure how she would do in her classes, she was just excited to learn how to do magic. Learning fascinated her. She watched Keoni as he fed his raccoon bits of food and smiled. She couldn't help but feel like the raccoon disliked her. First chance she got, she would go into her falcon form and introduce herself to the raccoon and explain. Sometimes she made animals really nervous.

Anna perked up when she heard Keoni mention a broom. "I know how to ride, it's extremely fun. I think I'm pretty good, but I've never really practiced with someone else so I don't know. And yeah I have a broom but its a really old model..." She said glumly. Her family wasn't the richest, and didn't put as much emphasis on material things, but that also meant some of her equipment wasn't in the best shape.

"What about you, have you ever tried flying? You can borrow my broom if you don't have one, though I'm not sure you'd want to," she said. It would be smarter to sell her broom somewhere and ask that if she got second hand robes next year, then maybe she could get a newer model. Anna loved to fly, and heights certainly didn't bother her. She just worried that someday something might happen and she'd fall from her broom and have to fly away as a falcon and be in serious trouble.

Soon enough, the feast was over and they were walking to their dorms led by the prefects. Anna alternated between having her nose shoved int her book and having her head tilted upward looking around amazed at the school. She couldn't wait for tomorrow to come.

Irma (OOC: Sorry havent been posting, school started. UGH)

At the Ceremony.. (since I missed it, it wont be long)

Irma loved the boat ride, but aside from that, hogwarts was beautiful in person. Almost like a castle. She waited for her name to be called for the sorting, and Keoni and Anna got Ravenclaw, unlike Aaron, who was put into hufflepuff. A voice interrupted her.

"Irma DoloHov."

Irma anxiously sat in the chair, putting the sorting hat on her head. "A bright young girl I see, innocent and clever, nothing like a Slytherin. Possibly fit for a Ravenclaw perhaps, or even a Hufflepuff? Your mother wants you put into that house in particular, hm? A little scared she would criticize you? You have hope too, hope you won't become a slytherin. You hold kindness in your heart. This proves you are fit for.." Irma crossed her fingers for a reason she could not interpret. She tensed up but soon had a smile on her face for the hat had announced, "...HUFFLEPUFF!" She walked over to the cheery table as she immediately felt welcomed by her new family.


She sat beside Aaron, and she smiled. "It's nice to be in a house with a friend... if we are friends.. I mean.." Irma nervously chuckled, twirling a strand of her hair in her finger. "So, you excited about classes? I'm especially excited for herbology. I love nature." She played with her fork, moving around the food on her plate. Soon after, they were led to the dormitories. The theme was a cheery yellow and a nice black to go with it. They learnt how to get there and enter, and Irma looked for her bed. She entered a room, and she saw her luggage by a bed that was near the window. She let out Tink and Luna, as Tink jumped up onto her bed, and Luna perched on the windowsill. Finally classes would start soon enough.

8:50 AM, Hogwarts Grounds:

Joshua watched the scenery below. He was a five minute walk away from his first class, Care for Magical Creatures, and he had already engaged in something he if he did not finish in five minutes, or if Sayo did not break him from his trance. The morning sun caught his eye, so he was tracing it like crazy.

When he was finally done, he decided to sit there and watch. He had only just finished breakfast, and he had some time, so he figured he could afford the wait for a few minutes. After all, it was breathtaking. Still, its not like he could afford to be late on his first day. So, he eventually jumped off the rock he had been sitting on, and headed towards class.

Once there, their teacher, some guy named Hagrid, started talking all about magical creatures such as Hypogriphs (Spell Check), Dragons, Drakes, and something called a Powba. Whatever that was. And then, he introduced the first creature they would be studying. A Wolfbear. Some Wizard thought they could create a combination of a Wolf and a Bear, and tame it. The things now run around wildly.

"Now, an important thing to know is that they are not inherently hostile. Mostly. If it begins to growl, it means that for whatever reason, maybe your smell, maybe you looked at it funny, maybe you are close to its nest, but you should start backing away if not full on running. If it nods, it means it has no intention of attacking you. If it bows, which by the way, it never does except for rare exceptions, it means it acceptsyou as its greater. Wolfbears have an unusually high amount of intelligence. So, who wants to approach it first? How about you, Joshua?"

"Alright, why not" Joshua shrugged. Scout was terrified, which is how Joshua knew Scout was hiding inside his cloak. Scout was, in fact, very good at sneaking. "Scout, please stop doing that".

Joshua stepped towards the Wolfbear, and it growled at Joshua. Joshua, in turn, growled back, causing the Wolfbear to bow. This caught Hagrid off guard. "Oh, well, well done. Alright, who is next?" Hagrid asked as Joshua walked back to the others.