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Skya LaRoux

"This seems interesting enough."

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a character in “Hogwarts: A Tournament For The Ages”, as played by bittersweetsymphonia







Skya Delphine LaRoux









125 lbs.


Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Appearance Description:
Skya is quite tall at 5 foot six. She's naturally a brunette, but prefers to dye her hair blonde. Her hair has often been called majestic and she'd been hounded for the trick to keeping her hair amazing. Her eyes are hazel, and seem to change color to compliment her current hair color. She's pale, so she's often viewed as sickly. Her wardrobe, when not in uniform, usually consists of monochrome clothing. She has wing tattoos just below her nape.




12 1/2 inches | Maple | Unicorn Hair core | Reasonably Supple

Magical Skills:
Care of Magical Creatures
Defense Against the Dark Arts

Exceeds Expectations

History of Magic
Study of Ancient Runes

» Astronomy
» Reading
» Running
» Dogs (and all similar mythical creatures)
» Quidditch (she only watches, never plays)

» Herbology
» Pushy people
» Intense studying
» Tight spaces
» Chaos




Personality description:

Skya is sometimes seen by the people around her as intimidating and unapproachable, though she's anything but those things. Skya is usually quiet, immersing herself in books and research. Despite not being the most popular, she has quite the circle of friends and she's content with them. She's loyal to a fault, and so determined that sometimes she gets tunnel vision. Skya is not really in tune with people's emotions, so sometimes she can say insensitive things. Once she realizes what she'd done, she'd apologize as soon as she can. It's not hard to earn her trust, but it's just as easy to lose it.





Skya was born a half-blood; her father was a wizard, while her mother was not. She learned of magic at a young age and eagerly awaited her letter as she aged. Her father wanted for her to attend his school, Durmstrang, but she chose instead to enter Beauxbaton. Her father wasn't all too happy, but he was glad that she was still becoming a witch. Despite arriving two years late than normal, Skya fit in at Beauxbaton easily, and she discovered parts of herself she was sure she never would have if she hadn't entered Beauxbaton. She's always wanted to become a member of the Ministry of Magic, and while not having any interest in the TriWizard Tournament, she came with to Hogwarts in thinking that she'll learn a whole lot more.


FaceClaim: Evelyne Brochu
Dialogue Color: #800080

So begins...

Skya LaRoux's Story

The great hall was filled with silence, but not an empty silence. This one was filled with anticipation. Everyone in Hogwarts was likely filled to the brim with excitement. Brandon Arisu, seated at the Slytherin table was no exception, indeed he was sitting at the edge of his seat peering up at the head master who headed up to a goblet, undoubtedly the Goblet of Fire.

"In this time of prosperity, the other headmasters and I have come together to bring you all this tournament. When the last tournament years ago ended, it ended in tragedy. True, many young witches and wizards have always perished in this competition and as such this is indeed not for the faint of heart. But we hope that during this time of peace, the tournament will live on and that one of you fine young students," They turned their eyes to the crowd as they approached the front of the room where a heavy looking wooden goblet rested upon a pedestal. "Will leave this tournament in glory." The hush that had covered the room intensified, as though everyone in the great hall had suddenly sucked in a breath. Brandon wouldn't be surprised if they all actually had as he watched the shimmering and crackling blue flames which sprung up from the goblet. "This, is the Goblet of Fire. Any student who wishes to enter the tournament and is at least seventeen years of age, may write their name upon a piece of parchment and toss it into the fire before this hour on Thursday. From this moment on, the TriWizard Tournament has begun!" And just like that, the silence fell away and it seemed like the entire school burst into chatter - Brandon's own table was abuzz, many students either complaining about being too young or talking about how they were going to enter. Instead of chiming in, Brandon turned his eyes to the two schools that would be competing against. The Durmstrang Institute and the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, easily identifiable by their uniforms - the Beauxbaton's powder blue and the Durmstrang's blood red. Many would likely say they found the Beauxbaton students unimposing and the Durmstrang the very opposite, however Brandon knew better than to make assumptions based upon appearances and decided he would make no assumptions until he saw and met each school's champion for himself as the headmaster called for the feast to commence and for the students to mingle and get to know each other. Brandon peered around as the food appeared on the tables for his friends.

He scanned the room for his friend's dark brown hair and after a moment spotted who he was looking for. Star Baudelaire was sitting at her table along with her fellow Ravenclaw, Malachi Devon. He was one of the brightest minds in Ravenclaw even though the guy never looked like he cared about much of anything including right now to his surprise. Star caught his eye and offered Brandon a wave, which he smiled and returned. He'd have to try and catch up with her later and ask how her day had gone. Bran and Star had been good friends ever since they'd met during her first year there.

"Can't wait to get my name in. Is it picked by random or do they go off of abilities or...?" A thickly accented Durmstrang inquired of his fellow members who were seated nearby.

"Oh please, Fenris. It's picked by the goblet, the goblet decides because it is impartial." Came a female voice - A girl with half of her wavy blonde hair shaved off and cat-like eyes. Her accent was different than the other Durmstrang's. "Didn't you read up on this?" She asked of her friend.

"...No." Fenris said, not without shame, frowning slightly and picking at a piece of chicken. "Are you sure it doesn't rank us?" He didn't seem entirely convinced there wasn't some sort of biased opinion.

"If you're chosen then you're chosen. If you aren't, you aren't. She's right, the goblet is impartial. Also, I think the headmasters have taken additional precautions after the last tournament to try to ensure that it can't be tampered with." Brandon heard himself saying suddenly, surprising himself slightly that he had just found himself butting into the Durmstrang's conversation. He felt his face grow hot as the three students closest to him turned to look at him.

"Thank you!" The blonde girl with a laugh and a smile, making a gesture toward him. "You see, normal people go into these situations knowing what they're about other than fighting dragons." She said, looking at the other boy disapprovingly.

"There's no guarantee there will be dragons again either." Brandon felt he had to add, shyly.

Fenris sighed mournfully and resigned himself to eating his chicken.

"Well, that's certainly disappointing then. He was convinced that facing a dragon was going to be his key to getting a date. 'Face a dragon and there probably isn't a single woman who won't go out with you, you can bet.'." The girl mimicked the other boy's accent with a smirk. "I'm Arielle by the way." She added. He felt slightly better about barging in on their conversation since they didn't look irritated at all, in fact they all seemed pretty friendly.

"I'm Brandon. I'm from Slytherin, as you can probably already tell." He said, offering her a small smile in return.

"It's nice to meet you, Brandon." Arielle said politely, though her grey eyes flickered up to his snowy white hair with thinly masked curiosity. "The one to my left is Fenris and to my right is Adrian. That's Aleksander, Leif, Thomas, Heri..." She rattled off several more names, a few of them he knew for a fact he'd have a hard time pronouncing on his own.

When she finally finished, a lanky guy with brown hair to her right - he was pretty sure his name was Adrian turned to him. "So, is it true the headmasters have taken extra precautions this year?" He asked. His english was good. Not as good as the blonde girl's, but good.

"From what I've heard, yes. It might have been rumor, but I don't think so. I wouldn't be surprised that they had stepped up security after last time." Brandon felt it kind of would make sense after the year Barty Crouch's son used a Confundus charm to enter Harry Potter into the tournament that they weren't going to take any chances with the goblet and students accidentally getting in - especially underage students. Not to mention the whole Cedric Diggory business.

Both Arielle and Adrian nodded at this, along with several others while Fenris seemed to consider that. Brandon got the sneaking suspicion that if given the opportunity that Fenris would try to wiggle his way around the rules.

A little ways off, a couple of the more rowdy Gryffindors were talking about how they weren't going to give Slytherin the chance to upstage them. Naturally, the Gryffindor and Slytherin rivalry has continued to endure. Brandon wasn't going to think much of it until he heard his name mentioned.

"Yeah, but I don't think he'd even enter. It'd mess up his hair." A stout young female Gryffindor jestingly said, causing several others to laugh. Brandon deliberately ignored them even though he really didn't want to - not that he knew what he would do if he didn't pretend not to hear it and instead turned back to the Durmstrang group. "So," He said, taking a breath. "Were you hoping to meet a lot of Hogwarts students?"

"Well, I certainly was. Hogwarts seems much more lively than Durmstrang." Arielle told him and several of her friends nodded their agreement.

Skya found herself nodding along with the other Beauxbatons at the arrival of the Goblet. Around her, she heard them begin to murmur about putting their name in the goblet, just for the chance to enter the tournament. While she did join the trip to Hogwarts, Skya never really did have an interest in joining the tournament. She would rather be one of the ones in the sidelines, cheering whoever got picked on.

A sharp poke on her ribs took her away from her musings and back to Hogwarts. She turned to the owner of the offending hand, lips turned down in a disapproving frown. Danielle, her best friend, simply shrugged saying, "You were up on cloud nine again. You have perfectly good food in front of you. Eat."

Skya stared at the feast held out before them and shook her head affectionately. "We came here for the tournament, but I'm beginning to think you only joined because of the food," Skya commented as Danielle sunk her teeth into a chicken drumstick. The blonde herself was a bit more refined, shoveling a healthy dollop of mashed potatoes onto her plate.

Danielle eyed the plate and attempted to sneak in her spoon for a bite, but found her plan foiled by a fork just inches away from the skin of her hand. Her hand cringed away, staying back to their own territory. "Food is awesome," Danielle continued nonchalantly, as if the whole spoon-fork incident hadn't happened at all. "Plus, I do plan on putting my name in the goblet."

"Eh?" Skya gasped. She hadn't expected for Danielle to want to put her name in the goblet, especially since there wasn't clear rules as to how the goblet chose the representative. Danielle usually never took chances, and that was the main reason she and Skya became such good friends so easily. But now... "Are you sure about that?"

Danielle shrugged, digging in to more of the food. "There's a 0.001% chance that I'll be chosen. Besides, we're here already." She paused her meal to observe a situation from another table. Skya followed her gaze and saw a Beauxbaton - someone named Nagi, if she thought correctly - eating by his lonesome amongst the Gryffindors. "Merde. Do you think we should go to him?"

Skya cocked her head, mulling over the situation. "Since when have you been the kind soul, Dani?"

"Shut up," Danielle muttered as she stood, carrying her plate with a mountainous heap of food with her. "He hits on people a lot with these pick-up lines that we've learned to ignore, but I'm not so sure about them." She lowered her voice so that only Skya could hear. "Besides, Joanne is being a bitch again."

The blonde rolled her eyes. Of course Danielle would have ulterior motives. Still, she mimicked her friend's actions and together, they made their way to the other table. They flanked Nagi, taking a seat on each of his sides. Danielle, who was the one to suggest they move, began to devour her meal and ignored the Beauxbaton boy. Skya just sighed and settled in herself. She nodded to Nagi, who was in a similar state to Danielle.

"Umm," Skya cleared her throat at her lousy attempt at conversation, but she tried again, hopefully better this time. "Are you going to place your name in the goblet?"

"Perhaps we should invite some of the other students to come join us if they'd like then." Arielle suggested, flicking a strand of wavy blonde hair back over her left shoulder. Not too many Durmstrang students had come to Hogwarts and so there was still room at their table. Several of her fellow members agreed, saying that they thought it would be fun. "Let's see if I can get any of their attention." She said and rose to her feet as though she were about to put on a show. Thus she began to search the room for the various Hogwarts houses, which thankfully were easy to find thanks to the massive banners displaying each house's sigil. Drawing a hand up as though ready to select a random volunteer when she stopped upon hearing a Gryffindor student insulting a very feminine looking Beauxbaton. Before she could even say anything, the other student didn't hesitate to reply back to it. Shortly after, two more Beaxubatons appeared, sitting on either side of the other student. She immediately decided on who to call on first. "Since the whole point of this tournament is international magical cooperation," She smiled a little, thinking perhaps a potato sack race or a hula hoop contest might be a less dangerous way to bring people together. But then again, where's the fun in not potentially getting eaten, drowned, burned or dying in any other way, shape or form? "You might like to sit with some people who are a little more...cooperative." She gestured toward the two Beaxubatons girls who so recently joined the Gryffindor table. "They can come too. We have plenty of room at the Durmstrang table." She said and then looked to the rest of the Gryffindor table. After a brief moment, she made a grand wave and pointed to none other than the Gryffindor seeker. Xavier Hudson was sitting on the complete opposite end of the table from them, talking animatedly with some of his peers, his bright red hair in a disarray. He was a talented Qudditch player and was usually considered a nice guy by most however the long running grudge between red and green was still alive and well today and during Quidditch that was only ever intensified, which made Brandon who was sitting just next to the Durmstrang table a little uneasy. "You with the messy red hair! I choose you for international magical cooperation!" Arielle called out, which earned her the attention of quite a bit of the great hall. While this might have embarrassed a lot of other people, it didn't bother her at all.

Was that a Pokemon reference? Brandon Arisu couldn't help but think, momentarily puzzled. He watched as Xavier Hudson looked up in surprise and then with a bright smile, shrugged, said something to his friends and then stood up and came walking over toward the table in a swish of black robes. Some of the Slytherins sighed or made faces as he passed them and made his way toward the Durmstrang table. He ignored them.

"Anndd...Hufflepuff." She turned toward Hufflepuff, for a moment taking note of the surprisingly quiet table before pointing to yet another redhead. This one, if Brandon wasn't mistaken was Dillon May. He didn't think he'd ever met her before either. "You, from Hufflepuff! Also with red hair. Magical cooperation?" This time she said it more like a suggestion and then turned toward Ravenclaw, without waiting to see if the girl was going to be joining them or even understood what was happening.

"Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw...Hmm." Arielle seemed to be contemplating this one, as though she wasn't sure even though it felt like she almost chose people at random. After a moment she shook her head. "Whoever wants to come join us! I would really like it if at least one person from Ravenclaw would join us though." She said and then sat back down, pleased with herself. If they could have at least one person from each house, that would be ideal, she thought as she smiled and looked to see who all had joined them. She would like to get to know all of the Hogwarts houses if possible, however that would likely take some time.

Nagi, having turned his attention toward his food, had just begun to daydream when there was a rather large amount of movement and two Beauxbaton girls sat on either side of him, startling him from his food-induced reverie. While one of the girls began to devour her meal with a degree of eagerness that rivaled much his own, the other seemed a lot more reposed. Not recognizing them, he figured they had just decided to sit at a different table than the rest of the school and that they hadn't wanted to sit by themselves in the middle of a sea of Hogwarts students. Of course, that was thrown out the window when the quieter girl beside him tried to start conversation.

"Umm. Are you going to place your name in the goblet?"
He raised an eyebrow. "Oui! Of course, isn't that why we came here? Though by the looks of it, it seems you fell from heaven rather than having come from our school." pausing to come up with a followup, his gaze was caught by a Durmstrang girl, who had stood up and was apparently inviting people to come sit with her.
Upon hearing that they in particular were invited, Nagi lightly nudged the girls on either side of him. "Shall we, mes amies? It would be an interesting opportunity to see what the Durmstrung students are like. And also if those fur cloaks are really as soft and warm as they seem." Assuming that his invitation was being accepted, he carefully escaped the bench seating whilst precariously carrying his heavily-laden plate on one hand and a still-steaming mug of heavily-sweetened tea in the other.

Approaching the nearby Slytherin table, where many of the Durmstrungs had seated themselves, he found himself rather lost as to which student exactly had been the one to invite everyone over to sit with her. Spotting a somehow-familiar swish of blonde hair over one particular shoulder, he recalled that the inviting girl had had one side of her head shaved, which immediately made her stand out among the few female Durmstrang students that had attended the tournament.

Seating himself at a spot between her and the effeminate Slytherin boy he had defended earlier, he smiled almost girlishly. "So what time do you two have to be back in heaven?"

"You with the messy red hair! I choose you for international magical cooperation!" Came a shout from across the Great Hall. Dillon glanced up, briefly, noticing Xavier Hudson apparently being selected for magical cooperation. She sniggered to herself over the reference to Pokemon, and looked over at where the shout had came from. A girl stood by the Durmstang table, in Durmstrang uniform, evidently picking people out for something. Dillon was pretty surprised to notice the girl had one side of her head shaved, she'd not seen a witch or wizard that wore their hair like that.
"Hullo, what's going on over there?" Paladin said curiously. Dillon shrugged.
"Durmstrang table looks pretty empty, maybe they're trying to fill it up?" Rose answered, still down the table a ways.

Dillon wasn't really surprised when she noticed Xavier Hudson had heeded the call. She'd not spoken to him personally, but the Hufflepuff Quidditch team usually described him as personable and easy going. She glanced back over at the girl with the shaved head to find her looking across the Hufflepuff table with a contemplative look. Suddenly, she caught Dillon's gaze and pointed directly at her.
"You, from Hufflepuff! Also with red hair." She called. Instinctively, Dillon started looking over her own shoulder, despite the fact that the other redheads in Hufflepuff were both on the other end of the table. She soon looked back however.
"Magical cooperation?" She suggested, without any other explanation. Without hesitation, Dillon grinned a farewell to Paladin and her other housemates, and moved over to the other girl and her small collection of Hogwarts students. As she approached she grinned at the blonde girl and gave a jaunty salute.
"Dillon May, reporting for magical cooperation." She smiled, before settling in with the other students.

Dillon nabbed the seat between a broad Durmstrang boy and Xavier Hudson with a wave to both, and looked around at the students gathered for this little pocket of international wizarding goodwill. She stood and leaned precariously over the table, and held one hand out to shake.
"Hi, I'm Dillon!" She smiled at the Slytherin and Beauxbatons boys.


Dirk sighed as Arielle went around the Hogwarts tables, hunting for students to add to Durmstrang table. Yes, the table was emptier than many would have liked, but surely grabbing people from their own friendship groups and asking them to sit there was going too far. He understood the reputation Durmstrang still, on some level, had with the other schools. Surely a blonde girl picking students out like puppies in a pet shop would alarm them. But lo, Dirk looked up and saw that the students Arielle had selected, or at least a number of them, were approaching the blonde.

The Slytherin boy sitting directly across from Dirk was joined by another boy, one from BeauxBatons. Two red haired students appeared from Gryffindor and Hufflepuff and sat on Dirk's left. The red haired girl waved at the Gryffindor boy, then Dirk, with a cheerful smile. Dirk nodded back respectfully, at her and the boy. He wasn't expecting the girl to bounce up out of the seat she'd picked, practically throw herself over the table, all so she could greet the others. Dirk sighed deeply and shot a silent look at Arielle.

Brandon watched in surprise as several of the students the blonde Durmstrang had selected actually came and joined them. He cast a glance at the two male Durmstrang's who barely even looked up during the whole event. Upon noticing him looking at them, the brown haired one - Adrian - shrugged. "You get used to her." He told him. Brandon hadn't been sure what the reaction to her doing that would be, but he supposed maybe some of the other students were equally as interested in meeting new people as they were. Perhaps it was just him that found the whole idea rather intimidating. At least he wasn't the one who had been standing up trying to get everyone's attention. Xavier Hudson came and joined them, along with the Beauxbaton boy who promptly greeted them with...A pick up line. Brandon felt his cheeks warm at that. Xavier Hudson laughed. Brandon's lips parted slightly as he scrambled for something to say. Preferably something witty but anything really...

Arielle had a much easier time responding, apparently. She merely arched a brow at the Beauxbaton for a moment, as if trying to gauge the level of seriousness that was implied. "Around midnight, actually. Apparently being supernatural doesn't get you out of having curfews." She sighed, dramatically and then smiled at the Beauxbaton. "Glad to see you join us." She told them.

Brandon finally felt like his face wasn't on fire he nodded, politely. "Yes, it will be nice to have people from all the different schools interacting with each other so soon." He told them.

Arielle smiled brightly when the Hufflepuff girl arrived with a salute and introduced herself. "Pleasure to meet you, Dillon May." She said and then spared one last glance toward Ravenclaw before taking her seat beside Adrian and Fenris. She watched as the redhaired girl introduced herself, seeming to take Dirk a little off guard when she more or less jumped across to shake hands with everyone opposite to her.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Brandon Arisu." The Slytherin boy said, shyly leaning forward and shaking her hand. He seemed rather shy. Arielle hoped he wasn't going to be uncomfortable - while she loved to try to get people out of their comfort zones, she always wanted them to be happy.

"Xavier Hudson." The redhaired Gryffindor said. He had a round, sweet sort of face and wore what looked like some sort of a talon around his neck.

Since it seemed they were all introducing themselves again, Arielle decided to chime in. "Since I'm the one that basically dragged you all over here, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Arielle." She said and then promptly turned toward her friends. "Fenris is to my left and Adrian is on my right -" Both of the boys offered the new group a wave. "And Cyrus, next to him is Aleksander, Violette..." She rattled off a few more names before finally stopping on Dirk. When Dillon from Hufflepuff had spoken to him he had only nodded before and while he might not be the biggest conversationalist tonight, he still needed an introduction. "And the quiet one is Dirk." She said. She hadn't seen his face when she started calling on people but she hoped he hadn't been counting on being left alone tonight. Dirk usually spent a lot of time alone from what she knew of him at school and hoped her suddenly calling on people wasn't going to be an annoyance for him. She hadn't thought about it when she'd done it. He certainly didn't look happy, she thought a little guiltily. Arielle didn't know him exceptionally well, mostly just whenever they ended up getting paired in classes. She often thought that she'd like to try to befriend him because he seemed nice enough, however she wasn't so sure he would actually like that so much and since Arielle spent most of her time with a group of friends and Dirk seemed to spend most of his time flying solo that she didn't find herself in tons of situations where she got to talking with him a whole lot.

"So, what were we planning on talking about tonight? Who's entering their name? How long we think we'd last in the games?" Xavier Hudson asked as casually as someone wondering what your plans for the weekend were, taking a sip of his pumpkin juice and looking at everyone curiously.