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Gemini Nymphadora Malfoy

"I could ruin you in half a day- don't try me,"

0 · 366 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Hogwarts: Adventures of the Next Generation”, as played by Possibility



"I'd much rather study at Beauxbatons,"


Nickname(s)- "No one would dare call me Gemi, but on occasion I will answer to Gem," Gem or just plain 'Malfoy'

Age- 14 "And a half, thank-you-very-much!"

House- "Do you think I would be a disrespect to the family name?!" Slytherin

Year- Fourth

Parents- Draco Malfoy and Astoria Malfoy (nÊe Greengrass)


Physical Description- Gemini is blonde, like much of her family, though her hair is a few shades darker than her fathers- she gets that from her mothers side. Gem is pretty in a conventional sort of way, with clear skin and pale, luminous skin and large eyes and lips. Gem has very good fashion sense (again, from her mother) and knows exactly what goes with what and why that is so.

Wand Type- Gemini's wand is made from Hawthorn wood, like her father's, making it difficult to handle and especially good for curses and healing spells, and has a core of Dragon Heartstring- making it very powerful as well. It is 11'' and is unyielding, and aside from curses and healing, it is especially good at charms


Personality- Gemini has always been, and if she can help it always will be, a "Queen Bee". She's catty- manipulative and spiteful, sneaky in every motion and every action. This isn't to say she can't be nice, but niceness is something she reserves for her family and her few true friends. At her core she's very appreciative of what she has and she's always been respectful of other people, but that isn't to say she isn't mean to them. She isn't hateful towards people for being mudbloods like her father did... she hates for much simpler reasons. Everyone (aside from maybe her brother and her parents) is simply below her. She lives in a 'control or be controlled' world, and she's the most controlling of them all. She doesn't believe she needs other people, though somewhere in her mind she knows she does and always will. Her insecurity is very overpowering, as she grew up in the shadow of a Malfoy male, and she's always been the lesser. Her insecurity, however, is matched only by her confrontational nature- she always wants to prove herself. This isn't to say she's all bad though- to her family and the people who put in enough time and effort into getting passed her icy exterior that she considers them friends she's simply a curious and courageous girl with a contagious laugh, a girl who is at least slightly intelligent, and a girl who is, at the heart, a loveable individual.

Quirks & Habits
  • Gem has a horrible habit of seeking out fights and arguments
  • Gem takes things apart the second she gets her hands on them- most of the time she's able to put them back, though.
  • She always has one spell book on her person- she loves to figure out new spells
  • Gem feels like she needs to surround herself with people who think the same because she has trouble making any tough choices without reassurance.

Likes & Dislikes
✔ Getting her way
✔ Reading/Learning new things
✔ Taking things apart
✔ Her family
✔ Winning
✔ The rush she gets from arguing/fighting

✘ Being proved wrong
✘ Goody-two-shoes types of people
✘ Feeling needy
✘ The smell of freshly cut grass
✘ Bugs- wasps and bees, more specifically
✘ Losing

*bugs, but bugs with stingers cause even more fear in her heart
*disappointing her family
*Losing, in any way shape or form


History-Gemini was born to two Pureblood parents, and if there was an award for the most stereotypical pureblood, Gemini would've won, hands down, from the second she came into the world. Her father didn't really like her that much, as she wasn't a male and wouldn't, eventually, carry on the Malfoy line, but for the first few years he showered her with attention. She was the center of the universe, as far as she was concerned. Then, she learned to walk and talk and her father decided her brother was a better use of his time. Her mother always favored her though, and showered her with attention- taking her shopping for whatever she wanted and making sure she lived in luxury normally reserved for queens. They taught her to respect muggle borns, though, so their parenting wasn't as bad as it could've been. They let her be friends with whomever she wished and always let her make her own decisions- even though she was very bad at making those decisions. Even with her mothers attention Gemini eventually grew to want a father as well, and she never got that. Sure, she loved her brother dearly, but she couldn't help but be a little sad that she had to live in his shadow.

When Gemini grew into blossoming young lady ready for her first year of education, her mother wanted to send her to France to study at Beauxbatons, and Gem agreed. She'd learned French at an early age (France does have the best shopping districts, after all) and Beuxbatons was an amazing school with the best education (and the best uniforms) possible. Her father, however, wanted her to attend Hogwarts, like him and her brother. Her mother eventually convinced her to go to Hogwarts. She was sorted into Slytherin (like she had expected to be) and soon made friends with many of the students and became a powerful force throughout the school- envied by girls, doted after by boys. Just the way she liked it.

Other- Gemini has a male Ural Owl named Hedylogos (after the god of sweet-talk and flattery). She calls him Hedy.


So begins...

Gemini Nymphadora Malfoy's Story