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Jessie L. Carter

"They Say all Slytherins are the same, I say otherwise..."

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a character in “Hogwarts: Dark Secrets Of The Past”, originally authored by Wolf's Bane109, as played by RolePlayGateway



"Ghosts are real and so are monsters. They live inside us, and sometimes they win."x "When you look into the abyss long enough, it will look back into you."

| Rescue Me | Thirty Seconds To Mars |

Black Water | Of Monsters And Men |

Hate Me | Blue October |


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Jessica Liles Vasco Carter

N I C K N A M E (S)
Jessie, Jess, and Carter

February 10th



Pansexual- With a prefference for women

50% Irish, 40% Welsh, 10% German

Belfest, Ireland



She finds the most comfortable clothes to be loose fighting when she's hanging out in her room in the forms of graphic hoodies, tee shirts, long sleeves, and sweat pants, comfort over looks is her style. But while out of her dormitory and not in the school unifroms and robes, and among her peers, she'll wear anything from jackets and jeans, to sweaters and hoodies, to sweatpants and t-Shirts. And when it comes to the more formal clothing, she'll either go with formal clothes in the form of jackets and jeans, or on the occasion dresses. She tends to lean more towards darker colors such as dark blues, reds, dark purples, and blacks. If she finds certain clothing uncomfortable or not her style, she will find a way to personalize it best to her ability and preference as well as comfortability.

Aside from clothing, she has two small 8mm guages, one in each of her earlobes. She uses her magic as a way of covering them if she is too lazy to take them out, or she finds another way. Among her body markings, she has an arrrow tattoo on her left forearm.

H E I G H T & W E I G H T
5' 4'' or 163cm 128 pounds or 58kg

Jessie has piercing, jade green eyes, with light brown and dull golden flecks in them, beneath expressive and full eyebrows. Because of her scars, she abstains from wearing a lot of skin-revealing clothing and because of that, when she goes outside she wears layers of clothing, regardless of the weather. Because of this preference, her smooth pale skin is almost ivory and is extremely soft to the touch. She has a slim build that has been toned from private training with her friends and natural curves. She has soft, plump lips that are of a rosy shade. Long, dark blonde, hair cascades down her shoulders and back in natural, soft waves and is almost always seen down or in pony tails. But, that's just what's on the surface, Jessie has scars all over her body, that she tends to keep hidden by wearing long sleeve garments or loose fitting clothes. Some people have asked in the past why and where they came from, all she ever says was that they were caused by an accident years ago, and that is the most that she has to say. As well as a plethora of scars from other things, mainly Quidditch, no one ever did say that it was the safest of sports, did they?


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| Magic | Creatures, magical or not | Quidditch, as she is one of the best in Slytherin | Girls, need she say more? | Boys | Music | Respect | Helping Others | Sweets | Animals | Spells, combat spells to be specific | Equality among everyone | Most of Hufflepuff, as they're usually nice to her | Children, as she is often rather protective of them | Most of her family | Thestrals, even though she doesn't like being able to see them | Dragons and any other magical creature | Snakes, as they are the one true animal she can communicate with | Healthy Competition, she didn't become as good as she is at Quidditch for nothing |

| Smoking, she tried it once and since then hated it | Being mistaken for being like the others in Slytherin | Her father | Pain and harm coming to anyone | The majority of those in Slytherin | Pompous or self rightous people | Bigots and racists | Homophobes | Religion and anything of that nature | Aragoncy and stuck up people | The fact she can see Thestrals, even though they are almost entirely harmless | The fact that she can speak to snakes, and the scorn and disgust it brings to others, therefore she keeps that fact to herself a secret | The name Jessica, as she feels it is too pompous and not fitting for someone like her |


At first glance, she comes off as rude and thick headed. But once you gain her trust and break through the wall, you'll see that she is rather kind-hearted and undyingly loyal to those she sees fit, as well as those that are younger than her, as well as children. Jessie tends to use smooth talking and lying to her advantage, usually to get her way, but also if it means her and others survival. But in simplest terms, she is very, very guarded. She has built up walls as a way of not only as a means of self-preservation that has been groomed into her from a young age, but also as a way to see if someone is worth keeping around or just be on her way.

Her three most noticeable traits, are that she is very skeptical of others, defensive, and somewhat scared, tending to keep herself at a distance, making sure that if the other person were to make a sudden move, she could try to easily counter in a defensive manner, due to her upbringing by her father. Teaching her to always keep her defenses up, as someone could easily use her vulnerability against her. But the counterpart to that, meaning the harder to disypher traits, is that she is very caring, loyal, and even to a certain degree, very clingy. Meaning that if you manage to get past her defenses and gain her trust, she will be more vulnerable, but to a point. And that is due to her mother and sister, they always taught her that no matter how bad the world had gotten, that she always had to let herself be vulnerable, and let her emotions take control of her every now and then. That it was okay to smile and laugh, and even sometimes cry, and that is one of the things she always carries around with her, the memory of no matter what, you have to remain true to yourself.

Aside from her cold exterior, she is actually a very vulnerable, and caring person. Once you can somehow gain her trust and loyalty, as well as time, you'll see that she's really a sweet, kind, selfless, protective, determined, loyal, and good hearted person. She just can't bear to lose anyone else, so she chooses to keep to herself unless it's someone she has a close bond to, then you'll know who she really is if you're lucky enough to get the chance.

If you manage to get to spend alone time with her, after gaining her trust, the real her will come out a little. She will be kind, sarcastic, make jokes, and even occasionally smile. And if she does smile, consider yourself lucky, as she hasn't smiled since the day her sister left home. But while in the company of two or more, she will remain guarded, and somewhat distant, but will tend to make jokes to ease the awkwardness that she may feel, as she never felt truly comfortable in groups. And while she is alone, she tends to get lost in her thoughts, mainly when life was what you could consider 'good'. Mainly with her family, her sister in particular. She'll sometimes think of jokes that she and her sister had, and will occasionally crack a smile due to it.

With adults she will be respectful and courteous, even if she does not agree with how they may be dealing with situations. She is a free thinker and will look at things in a more logical side of things, more so than emotions and feelings. Some say she is above her years in soul and mind, but she has just been through a bit for someone her age. While using her magic, she is a very powerful and gifted witch for her age. She is able to perform simple spells with utmost ease, and for the more powerful spells such as casting a Patronus, it will take consideration, but with easy focus she can hold the spell for some time, unless distracted or so on.

She is also a very gifted flier, being able to be a very fast broom rider as well as user, as she has spent many hours outside practicing in her free time, which eventually lead into her skills at Quidditch. She also has a gift with animals and can understand them better than she can with humans, in a sense she relates to how animals feel than fellow humans, which is why you can usually find her with the animals on the grounds if not in her room nose deep in a book. When in good company, she will easily be a good friend and entertainer, of sorts.

She can have a range of positive emotions if she is feeling the mood or mindset is appropriate at the moment. She has many quirks, good and bad, as that has added to her notoriety in the school among the faculty as well as students, both good and bad. As well as her being known as the Seeker and best member of the Slytherin Quidditch Team in recent years, rarely ever losing a game.


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Carol Carter Mother | Alive | 34 |

Lucas Carter | Father | Alive | 35 |

Rachel Carter | Sister | Alive | 19 |

Matthew Carter| Brother | Alive | 18 |

Katie Carter | Sister | Alive | 4 |[/font]



She was born as a the third and youngest child to two Pure Blood parents, living among muggles in secrecy, as they thought it would be the easiest way for them to raise their children, until they had gotten older. As she had gotten older, five to be exact, is when her father began to drink, heavily. He was constantly drunk, and when he wasn't, he'd go out to get drunk. And while drunk he was always angry and quick to violence, more so than usual. She was seven when the abuse started, he started out only yelling and being more demanding, usually forcing her or her siblings to get him his beer, but as time when on it became emotional and physical abuse. Her father at least had the common decency to never sexually touch her. Then there was her mother, she and everyone pittied her. She was the doting housewife type, that did anything to try to keep the peace, but she was no saint. She started cheating on her husband by the time Jessica was ten, and she didn't hide the fact from her children.

Her father eventually found out, two years later when she was twelve, he found a used pregnancy test on the bathroom counter, and he confronted her, violently. He demanded to know who she was sleeping with, but her mother relented, resulting in her father beating her mother up infront of the children. As she stood there, trying to get him to stop, she screamed, the house shaking violently, causing her father to stop assaulting their mother. Her siblings were confused, as they didn't know that they were of magical decent. That was her first time that she was able to let out her anger and frustration, and it was on the person who made their life hell. Their parents kept their child's magical powers hidden from the world, as humans or "Muggles' were not so accepting of those with magical powers. But as time went on the children were separated as well as the parents separated, Jessie would start fights at school, mainly when older kids would pick on her for being the odd one, the loser, etc etc. the usual thing kids would do to bully fellow peers. When she turned twelve, she was enrolled into Hogwarts, allbeit her being sent there was considered a late student, as she was mostly considered 'too old' to be a first year. But as she proved to be powerful, almost too much for her own good, they accepted her, where she would reside every school year.

Ontop of that, she was also a unique student for not being a late enrollment, but as well as one of her hidden secrets and traits, the fact that she can talk to snakes. Something she had found out on accident when she was at a friend's house, and their pet snake had gotten loose, and wasn't found for three weeks, when Jessie was sitting down and waiting as her friend got a drink, the snake came out from hiding, and in her panic she had instinctively asked where it had been, and instead of hearing a hiss, she heard a voice from the snake. It had explained to her what had happened, she thought she was crazy, and talked with the snake and was told she wasn't crazy buy had a special gift and was to keep it a secret, and so she did. It was only when she was at Hogwarts the following few months that she looked at books to see if anything else explained of others being able to talk with snakes, when she came upon an old book that went into great detail about Parseltongues and how it is an inherited trait. She had practiced in private and in the woods surrounding the school talking with the wild and magical snakes, learning more of what she was able to do and how she could help them, furthering her love for animals, and finding that she could find friends with snakes, more than people.

But years had passed by, her secret hidden unknown to everyone besides herself, until she turned fourteen. She met someone that changed her life, for a while. It was a girl, a year older than her. She was kind-hearted and sweet to her when no one else was, and it was the first time she ever felt any sort of feelings for anyone, you could essentially call it love at first sight. They dated for two years and spent almost every day together, and she was the first person she told she could talk to snakes. She had thought she was crazy until she showed Sarah that she could, in fact, communicate with them. It helped show her that people, even Muggles could be trusted, as they didn't know that it was a magical trait. their lives were happy and nothing seemed to ruin it, even with the strange gift Jessie had, until a tragic event took place...

One day when they were casually driving with friends, when a truck driver came out of nowhere and caused the car to flip over several times. Thankfully they were both wearing their seat belts, or they would have both been killed. While Jessie only sustained a broken arm and fractured leg, her girlfriend Sarah had sustained much worse injuries, as she would soon find out. She had awoken inside a hospital room days later, to be told that her girlfriend was in a coma, and would most likely not wake up ever again, and if she did it was highly unlikely that she would be the same again. When Sarah eventually did awaken, months later, Jessie was one of the first to see her. To only come to the realization that Sarah couldn't remember who she was, never mind remembering who she herself was, or what had happened.

After many months of trying, Sarah told her to leave and stop trying. That she had no recollection of who she was, or feelings towards her anymore. That it would only continue to cause her pain and sadness to be around someone that couldn't even remember her own life and name, never mind someone else's. Jessie was broken-hearted by the fact that after everything she had been through, that everything she had done, she was told to leave. It has been only a few months since they have broken up, resulting to today. Where she has been attending Hogwarts for the past few years, resulting in her becoming a much stronger and skilled witch, as well as learning how to help others. Tapping into her healer abilities, and trying to figure out a way for her to try to help Sarah, if she can. As she does know using magic to make someone love you is forbidden, but now, it's for her to help Sarah remember who she herself is, and help lessen the pain and struggles in her life. While Jessie does still have feelings for Sarah, as she always will, she is possibly open to a new relationship, but just not anytime exactly soon. As her priorities are set, and she wants to become the best healer as well as witch as she can be, for not only Sarah or herself but for others like them. Now with things starting to happen at Hogwarts as best as the faculty tried to hide it from the students, Jessie as well as some longtime students have picked up on some odd occurrences and aren't sure on how to feel, for their safety as well as the safety of the new first years coming in, but what she does know is that she will do whatever she can to make sure the young students stay out of harms way, especially since The Battle Of Hogwarts was only a few years ago which happened to be her first year and was the loss of many older students and even some faculty. But now she is hoping that this year is different...


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Ten and a half inches

{Type of wood}
Black oak wood

{Core of her wand}
Dragon heartstring


{Patronus }

{ Patronus Memory }
When she and her past lover dated for three years
They were inseparable and went every where, and did everything together.
They were madly in-love and couldn't live without each other.

They were both always careful and made sure
that they were always each other's positive outlooks on life, and it's those memories that help make her Patronus be as strong as they are



Her father, seeing as how he made her life a living hell

Her male cat Fenrir, who she got on her first year at the school. And her female messenger owlGinger.

Primarily Defense Against The Dark Arts, but closely follows is her broom riding and Spell casting

Defense Against The Dark Arts

| Broom riding | Spell casting, especially her Patronus | Transfiguration | Her bond with animals | Smooth talking her way out of things | Swimming as she was part of the swim team when she was in Muggle schools before enrolling in Hogwarts | Potion Making | Quidditch, as she is one of the best in Slytherin |

| Quidditch, for obvious reasons | Dueling and casting spells | Reading | Transfiguration | Good with animals | Her determination to help others |

| Her physical strength is only limited | Fear of having her heart broken again | The fear of not being able to help Sarah | Not being able to fully protect others like she'd be able to | Her constant cases of getting into trouble | Her temper, as it can be set off all too easily | Lack of communication skills with large crowds of people


So begins...

Jessie L. Carter's Story


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September 1st

The smell of fresh smoke. The rumbling of voices echoed. The clatter of metal trollies scraping across the ancient station's stone brick floor, as well as the thudding of countless footsteps of first years. The old train station that secretly held the platform known as Nine and Three courters was alive once again. First year students were mixed among the older students that were simply saying goodbye to their loved ones and got onto the train, as the young ones shed a few tears as they'd be leaving their wizarding parents or guardians for the first time.

Where were they off to? No other place than Hogwarts, the School Of Witch Craft and Wizardry. It was once the most popular wizarding school in the world, secretly tucked away in Scotland. Hidden away from Muggle knowledge, as well as the rest of the world, that was until the year of May 2nd, 1999. A tragic event that shook the world by storm, The Batte Of Hogwarts. The Dark Lord, whatever else one may want to call him, Lord Voldermort who was once called Tom Riddle, and his band of Death Eaters and followers attacked the school simply for the last Horcrux, as well as Pure Blood Supremacy and to end all blood ties that weren't prior. But there was one thing that stood in his way, Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived and all the students that gave their lives to help defend the old school, and each other.

But with years passed, the death of Voldemort and few of his underlings still hiding in the shadows, Hogwarts has slowly come back to its former glory. It has been eight years since the Battle Of Hogwarts happened, and the reopening of the school. A handful of old professors returned to the school, as well as a few others. This would be a hopeful year for the students, as some are going for their last year, or their first year at the famous school. Students young and old said their goodbyes and slowly boarded onto the train.

Among the students that boarded the train, was a rather well known blonde haired, female Slytherin. She had shown promise in the past few years not only in Quidditch, but as a spell caster and a future healer as she had shown great interest in healing spells. The young Witch silently boarded the train with few supplies as she had come alone, as she always had years prior, even her first year she came by herself, only to have been greeted by Professor Slughorn. He had helped her with her things, picking out her wand and pet, and her books. But that was years ago, and now she was by herself.

She stepped onto the train and walked silently to the back of the train, and sat in an empty coach by herself, as the voices of countless students sounded throughout the small train. She sat by the window on the side and put down her book bag and removed a small book from the bag, it was one of her long time favorites and read silently as she resumed to go into the world of ALice In Wonderland, cutting out the outside world entirely as she read.

Meanwhile on the platform outside, a small brown haired girl stood, gazing at the station that housed the old train she had been told about by the one that helped bring her here, none other than Rubeus Hagrid, the caretaker of magical creatures. He helped her find her wand at Olivander's, her pet which she chose a small, white ferret, and her books. He gave her goodbye as she would have to be on the train by herself, and that he'd see her when she arrived at the school. The young girl nervously gripped her small bag that was on her back, holding Lily closely to her body as she stepped onto the train.

She was accidentally slammed into the side of the train as a much larger student accidentally walked into her, "Sorry!" he yelled as he looked over his shoulder, which only caused her to give him an awkward smile and in almost a whisper spoke, "It's okay...M-My bad." she stuttered and continued walked down the aisle of the train, trying to find any spaces where she could sit. All had been full that she saw, and slowly made her way to the back of the train, where an almost entirely empty coach was open, as a blonde girl was sitting in one of the spots, reading a book.

The young girl smiled as she nervously spoke to the woman sitting in the seat, "I-is it okay if I take a seat? A-all the others are full..." she said with a timid voice.

The blonde woman looked up and smiled when she saw the young girl ask if it was alright to sit with her, "Of course, sit wherever you want." she said with a small nod, glancing at the girl, then back at the book.

The young girl smiled, and trolled into the room, and sat down on the opposite side of the room, placing her bag down and held Lily close to her, in her lap. "My name's Violet. Violet Marsden..A-and you?" she asked with a small tinge of nervousness in her voice, while she was outgoing, she couldn't help but be filled with immense anxiety that filled her.

The older girl gave a brief smile and nodded, putting her book in her lap, "It's nice to meet you, Violet. I'm Jessie Carter. Nervous? As I can tell it's your first year. You'll be fine, I'm sure of it." she gave her a gentle nod.

Violet gave her a cheery smile as the woman that introduced herself seemed nice enough, "Th-thank you, Miss Carter. I've just never been out of London before, never mind to a different country." she said with a nervous chuckle.

Jessie gave the girl a small chuckle, which was almost entirely undetectable, "Jessie will do just fine. But as I said, Hogwarts will be your new home, and you'll be fine. Nothing has happened aside from what happened on my first year. Besides, if anything does, you'll have plenty of stong Witches and Wizards by your side." she gave a small grin.

Violet's eyes widened at the mention of a terrible event, "Y-you mean you were there? At the Battle? I only heard small parts of it..I'm sorry about that.." she said with a tone of sadness.

Jessie shook her head, "H-how about we don't talk about that, huh? Everything will be fine. You'll be sorted into a House and everything will be just peachy, alright?" she said to the small girl, who only nodded and as they waited for the rest of the passengers to board they made small talk for a few more moments.


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"Hogwarts will always welcome you home."

Slytherin- #4abab4 - outfit
Time had passed by slowly as the other students finally said their goodbyes to their loved ones and guardians, and filed onto the train and took their seats. For the most part, Jessie was content with being in an almost empty compartment aside from the new girl, but a part of her was rather disappointed and felt a bit dejected that none of her friends from past years had come to look for her, maybe they would later. But for now she cared about getting to the school, this year was going to be good, she could tell.

As time passed, Jessie and the younger girl made conversation and small talk every now and then, and eventually, they arrived to the old school. When the train had come to a complete stop the students began to exit the train, taking whatever they brought with them. Meanwhile, Jessie had only the small book bag with her as she usually left her things at the school in her dormitory, as her family practically forbid her to take anything from school with her, aside from her cat and owl, and a few other small things that could fit in the bag. Jessie sighed and stood up, as Fenrir jumped off of the seat next to her and onto the floor and followed her out the door.

Eventually, she was lost among the crowd of students and slowly the crowd made their way into the castle, and took their seats in their respective spots depending on what houses they had been sorted into years ago, while the first year students remained standing and awaited being sorted into whatever house they would be put into for the remainder of their time at the school in the following years to come.

Jessie took her seat where the rest of the members of her house were, seeing some familiar faces among the Slytherin house, as well as some in Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and of course...Gryffindor. Patiently and silently she waited as the Headmistress stood up from where she was sitting at the center of the long table at the front and center of the Great Hall.

"Welcome, to new and old students. To those who are new, and to those that may be coming here for your final year, may the Sorting Ceramony begin." she spoke with viger and nastalgia, as she always loved seeing who would be sorted into what house.

Hufflepuff- Magenta - Dress
Meanwhile, for the young girl that sat with Jessie, time went by even slower for her. Anxiety rang high, and she couldn't help but have a large an slowly ever growing pit in her stomach as the train was finally filled with all the students, and the train began to be ready for departure. No turning back now, huh..?, she thought to herself as she held her small ferret close to her body as the train made its way to the school.

Thankfully, the girl she had been traveling with so far had been kind enough to her, and made her feel at slight more ease as they made small talk all the way there. From what their life was like outside school, allbeit the older girl was more reserved for what she said, to the life they'd be living at school, to how magic worked at the school, etc. Finally the train had made its way into the station, and slowly stopped, and eventually, the students began to disperse.

In the past, first years would be separated from the older students and would arrive at the school on small row boats, but with the events that had happened years ago, they couldn't risk something happening again and had since combined the means of transportation for the younger and older students. Violet watched as Jessie stood up and grabbed her things and left the small couch, leaving Violet alone, who only clambered her things together and quickly tried to follow Jessie. But she was lost amongst the crowd and was pushed back as she saw Jessie disappear into the crowd of older students.

Eventually, the large crowd had made its way to the castle, and eventually up to the long stairs cases and pathways, and eventually the long halls that lead into The Great Hall, where the Sorting Ceremony would be held. Violet could feel a tightening in her chest, as well as her palms beginning to sweat as she knew what was going to take place.

Soon, the older students took their seats where Violet guessed they had been sorted into, the four well-known houses. She wondered what house she would be put into, and what kind of friends she would make along the way, only time would soon tell. As she was lost in her thoughts, she was taken out of them as Violet heard her name be called from the crowd.

"Violet Marsden, please step forward!" Headmistress McGonagall exclaimed as she looked at the small group of remaining students. She had taken into account that this year had been the smallest group of first years in the past recent times. Odd happening to be sure, she thought to herself.

The young girl blinked and slowly felt her feet move forwards in the direction of the hat that who she assumed was the Headmistress she had been told about. Violet nervously moved forward until she was at the small, wooden seat that was before her, she took a deep breath and turned around, sitting down on the small wooden fixture beneath her. Violet closed her eyes as she felt a slight pressure on her head as the old leather hat was placed.

"Hhmm..." the article of what would be clothing began to mumble under its breath. "What do we have here...A Marsden...A bloodline I haven't had the pleasure of in some time. Tell me, Violet, what do you treasure most?" it questioned the young girl as it sat upon her head.

Violet's eyes widened as the hat spoke to her, and thought to herself. What did she treasure most? By that, did it mean what virtue did she treasure most? Bravery? Ambition? Cleverness? No...While she did treasure those, they weren't her strongest.

The hat made a small nod of what would be its head, if it had one. "I see. So...The House that best suits you is..."


"Hufflepuff!" the old hat exclaimed after a moment of silence.

Violet's eyes opened as the hat spoke, and felt her heartbeat speed up a bit as it was revealed what house she would be put into.

The hat was lifted off of her head by the Headmistress who gave her a kind smile and nod of her head as she spoke, "Hufflepuff it is, Miss Marsden." she gave the young girl a smile once more as she waved her on, and began to read the rest of the few names that were on the parchment paper.

Violet gathered her thoughts and nodded as she stood up, and walked to the crowd of Hufflepuffs that gladly welcomed the new addition to their House. Violet couldn't help but smile as the older and fellow younger students welcomed her with open arms and cheer and hugs.

As they all settled down they watched as the rest of the first years were sorted. Some more went to Hufflepuff, then to Ravenclaw, and the most were then evenly split into Gryffindor and Slytherin. And after all was said and done with the Sorting Ceremony, the Great Feast began as food was brought out and placed infront of the students. Who all began to dig in and chat amongst their fellow house members and friends.